UPDATE: Police, helicopter response in Alki/West Admiral area

(Added: WSB photo by Christopher Boffoli)

3:22 PM: The Guardian One law-enforcement helicopter has been over Alki/West Admiral while police have been responding on the ground to what sounds to have started as a suspected package theft – they had been tracking possible suspects along SW Lander. Now Seattle Fire is responding to a possibly related medical call at 56th/Lander. We’re still gathering information as we send a crew that way. More to come.

3:47 PM: Our crew has arrived and here’s what they have been told by police: No crime committed, after all. The people who were reported as suspected package thieves were carrying a package of firewood. The person who was hurt was the person who reported them, who slipped and fell and hit his head. Guardian One just happened to be up and around and that’s how they got involved, police said.

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  • JA June 23, 2016 (3:27 pm)

    I love how I can look out the window, see a helicopter circling, and turn to the West Seattle Blog to find out what’s going on.  Thanks you guys!  

    • sam-c June 24, 2016 (9:28 am)

      Thanks for being so on top of things WSB. (WSB is seemingly un-matched in this city!)

      (One more than one occasion, I’ve turned to ‘real time 911’ when sirens go past me at work. I check the 911 log to make sure that the truck’s not going to my house or child’s day care, eg.  After confirming my house is NOT on fire, another incident will catch my eye. Say, a ‘fire in building’ call in wallingford, or a major heavy rescue call in beacon hill (turned out to be an rv hanging over a small drop off), or a ‘major gas leak’ with 20+ units responding)  Most of the time, I will check other Seattle hyper local news sites or blogs to see what is happening, and usually, there’s no mention anywhere, no clue what is going on anywhere else in seattle most of the time….)

  • D June 23, 2016 (3:30 pm)

    Drove by this at base of Lander where it turns into 56th near Alki. Several police units, one young man being escorted by police, another bleeding from the head and very dazed, and a third trying to assist the bleeding man.

    If it did start as a package theft–my wild speculation is that the homeowner caught up to at least one of the thieves and pummeled him heavily (again, a wild speculation).

    • Saw this situation June 23, 2016 (4:22 pm)

      I saw these 3 guys and they did NOT have a box of firewood in their hands at first. I am wondering if the guys with the medical situation were them. 

      • WSB June 23, 2016 (4:34 pm)

        Tangled situation to be certain – and Christopher Boffoli, who also headed over to check it out, says one of the people questioned happened to have an arrest warrant. I won’t be able to ask about the report – whatever they finally sort it out to have been/not been – until tomorrow – besides the fact it’s probably still being written, police public affairs is currently dealing with a gunshot situation elsewhere in the city and I am in SODO about to rush out of the car (passenger, of course) and into SPS headquarters to check out the budget hearing…

  • Danielle June 23, 2016 (3:36 pm)

    I just drove by the response on 59th. There are 2 young men on the north side of the street, one with a huge bloody contusion on his temple. Looks bad.

    • WSB June 23, 2016 (3:41 pm)

      I didn’t hear anything about how the injured person got hurt – but so far, they have only dispatched a fire crew and I believe a private ambulance, so it’s not life-threatening. Unfortunately our crew was at the absolute opposite end of WS at the time, checking out a collision at 4th/Olson, so it’s taking a while to get to this (and raining too, so extra care on the road is required). I first picked up on the scanner traffic about this when the helicopter crew started mentioning 5300 block of Lander, then 5500 block of Lander … and they confirmed via tweet that the call involved suspected package theft.

      • WSB June 23, 2016 (3:46 pm)

        … and this turns out to be a really bizarre case, with no crime committed, so please watch the story above in a minute for the update from our crew on the scene.

  • Anna June 23, 2016 (4:01 pm)

    I was just out dog-walking at about 2:30 on 64th and Hinds off Beach Drive and I saw two young men, one walking with 2 bags, like his luggage, and another in a car waving him on.  The guy walking was talking on the phone and pretended not to know the guy in the car.  It all seemed strange and now I wish that I would have followed them cause I bet they were stealing packages.  Always trust your instincts.

    • WSB June 23, 2016 (4:03 pm)

      Or as my mother always put it, better safe than sorry. Still sorting this one out.

  • JanS June 23, 2016 (4:09 pm)

    interesting, interesting. I belong to a private Facebook group that is all about recycling those things we no longer want, gifting, as it were….and sometimes  we use “porch pick up”, where whatever it is is left on the porch to be picked up  sometime during the day. We have talked in the group about how this could possibly not look all that kosher to someone…pull up to a house, walk to the porch, grab a package or a bag, in the car, and off we go. No one has been reported yet, thank goodness.

    So sorry someone got hurt in all of this “no crime committed” incidence. Hope it’s minor :)

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