West Seattle Crime Watch: Three quick notes

Three notes in West Seattle Crime Watch this morning. One is somewhat general – multiple reports of “metal scrappers” stealing items left out on parking strips or in alleys. Theft is theft, so if it happens to you, please be sure to report it.

Second, Dean reports interrupting car prowlers near 46th SW and Admiral Way, but not before they got away with T-shirts that say REPETE (with a pic of the Seahawks’ coach). A police report has been filed.

And third, an update from Rick in Gatewood:

Thank you, West Seattle Blog, for posting the information about my stolen work van. After driving around West Seattle for hours on Saturday, I located my stolen van. The locks & ignition were destroyed/missing & my tools stolen. Eye witness reports indicate that my van was stolen between 4:15 a.m and 5:30 a.m. and that individuals were car prowling w/ a dark colored van on Ida Street. Also, I learned that other individuals in the area have also reported their tools stolen.

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  • WSEA October 3, 2014 (10:53 am)

    I was also hit by the car prowlers spotted by Dean. They got into our car and stole tennis rackets and an ipod. The jokes on them (as well as bad karma) since the IPOD was old and the tennis rackets we not very good. They actually were hindering my game.

    Yes. It was reported for crime statistics.

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