As-it-happened coverage: Chief Sealth wins third consecutive Huling Bowl, 18-14 over WSHS

(Added: Video of Sealth players with trophy, post-game)
7:33 PM: We’re at Southwest Athletic Complex, where the rain has stopped and the first quarter of the big game has just ended. West Seattle High School has scored first in the annual Huling Bowl football battle of crosstown rivals, WSHS 7, Chief Sealth International High School (the home team, though both are sharing this field these days) 0. More to come.

7:38 PM: Wildcats score fast in the second quarter, now leading 14-0 with 10:14 left until halftime.

#22 Fynniecko Glover has scored both TDs for WSHS. And a few minutes later – the rain has returned.

8 PM: Halftime, still WSHS 14, Sealth 0. Marching bands take the field!

8:19 PM: First, it was West Seattle, under the direction of Ethan Thomas:

Then Sealth, directed by Marcus Pimpleton:

We’ll be adding longer clips, plus game photos, later, of course. And now the teams are back on the field, getting ready for the second half. It’s Senior Night for Sealth, so its players ran out through a “We (Heart) Our Seniors” banner held by the cheerleaders, wearing pink because it’s breast-cancer-awareness night. (Added: Photo of Sealth cheerleaders giving gift bags to their WSHS counterparts:)

P.S. Sealth won this game the past two years, after a long WSHS streak.

8:39 PM: There’s a medic call over on the street north of the stadium. Don’t know yet what it’s for; we’re checking.

8:50 PM: Third quarter over, still 14-0 WSHS.

Meantime, the emergency situation outside the stadium involves a 29-year-old man hit by a car. Does not sound like life-threatening injuries. Very busy on Thistle tonight, with the orchestra concert across the street at Sealth and the game here. (Added: Police tell us the man was crossing the street at 27th/Thistle with a child, who is OK. They hadn’t yet figured out which way they were crossing.)

8:52 PM: Touchdown Sealth.

By #11 Daron Camacho, who dedicated the game to his godmother, who’s fighting breast cancer:

With the point-after kick good, it’s now WSHS 14, Sealth 7.

9:26 PM: Dramatic few minutes with turnovers and a penalty just led to a Sealth touchdown by #12 Weston Reed, followed by 2-point conversion.

It’s now Sealth 15, WSHS 14 – the Seahawks’ first lead of the game – with 4:12 left in the game.

Shortly thereafter, Sealth intercepted the ball.

9:37 PM: Field goal Sealth with :16 left. Score 18 CSIHS, 14 WSHS.

9:39 PM: And that’s the final score. Sealth wins third consecutive Huling Bowl.

Carrying the trophy triumphantly aloft, the players ran off the track, then came back to gather by the end zone. It’s their third win this season, the first season for head coach Simon Iniguez.

6 Replies to "As-it-happened coverage: Chief Sealth wins third consecutive Huling Bowl, 18-14 over WSHS"

  • Bella Fron October 17, 2014 (10:08 pm)

    It was 16-14.

    • WSB October 17, 2014 (10:11 pm)

      Final score is 18-14. It was 15-14 after the TD plus 2-point conversion, then the field goal made it 18-14. I don’t get out to all the games – usually co-publisher Patrick Sand is there solo – but this one, I was there too and saw it firsthand. Also just tweeted by CSIHS: – thanks!

  • dsa October 18, 2014 (1:03 am)

    Go SeaHawks!

  • AlkiGirl October 18, 2014 (3:49 am)

    Any news about how the man is doing that got hit by a car right outside of the gate at last nights game?

    • WSB October 18, 2014 (3:53 am)

      Hi – assuming you mean the man hit crossing Thistle, we covered it in this story (might not even have heard about it if not for the people who came up to me in the stands and asked if I knew what happened), and I don’t have anything else. His injuries were not life-threatening; the medical communication over the radio said his main symptom was leg pain. Without his name, I won’t be able to get any other info. – TR

  • AJ October 18, 2014 (2:51 pm)

    I didn’t attend the game, but I really enjoyed listening to the marching band from my home in Sunrise Heights. It brought back memories of attending my high school’s football games, more years ago than I would care to admit. :-) Congrats to Sealth!

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