Update: West Seattle Water Taxi now BACK ON for tonight

5:12 PM: Just in from King County: The West Seattle Water Taxi is canceled for the rest of this evening.

5:32 PM UPDATE: Now the county says never mind, they’re putting the Rachel Marie into service and the WS WT will resume as of 5:45.

9 Replies to "Update: West Seattle Water Taxi now BACK ON for tonight"

  • Cheryl August 22, 2013 (5:19 pm)

    Crap! Thanks for letting us know. Hoofing it to the bus. :(

  • vbmart August 22, 2013 (5:31 pm)


  • b August 22, 2013 (5:32 pm)

    Just got an email saying they are back on @ 545 sailing…

    • WSB August 22, 2013 (5:33 pm)

      Yes, I just finished updating that here and in our social-media channels. Odd of them to call it off for the night and then say “never mind” but well, I hope it’s good news for commuters.

  • Cheryl August 22, 2013 (5:35 pm)

    Oh swell. I am on a bus now. Lol. Thanks KC Metro!

    • WSB August 22, 2013 (5:43 pm)

      It seemed a little odd to us because literally five minutes before the alert came in, we had driven by Seacrest and saw the Spirit of Kingston coming in to dock. I almost suggested we pull in because I’ve been working on a story updating the WT’s big picture (new boats, etc.) and thought “we can get a new photo,” but then we got a text about something else and had to keep driving …

  • sam-c August 22, 2013 (8:39 pm)

    was the ‘text about something else’ related to whatever it was that had all of Harbor ave blocked off near Salty’s this afternoon? lots of police cars, big back up, etc?

    • WSB August 22, 2013 (8:44 pm)

      No. Heard from absolutely no one on any sort of Harbor blockage and it’s not on the 911 log so nothing with injuries, but there is a mention in the SPD auto-tweets, only “accident investigation.” Pretty much zero chances of finding out about that after the fact if it wasn’t major, unfortunately.

  • Trevor August 23, 2013 (1:55 pm)

    I was out sailing at the time when the Spirit of Kingston was emitting significant smoke out of the exhaust in the middle of Elliott Bay. She slowed down but eventually the smoke cleared and she continued her run to West Seattle… my guess is they had an engine problem and called off the subsequent run, then managed to fix the problem. Pure speculation on my part.

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