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West Seattle businesses: Super Supplements to Morgan Junction

Again today, news of a new location for another one of the businesses that will be displaced when work begins on the California/Alaska/42nd site just bought by megadeveloper Equity Residential. Today, we have confirmed that Super Supplements has chosen its new West Seattle location – the Morgan Junction storefront that Blockbuster Video is vacating, at 6451 Fauntleroy Way SW. Super Supplements says it’s expecting to make the move this summer, probably in July. It’s been on the southeast corner of California/Alaska for more than five years (we reported its impending arrival in April 2006). Just yesterday, we confirmed that Sound Advice, a few doors south of Super Supplements, will move to a new home a block north. Equity hasn’t set a date yet for starting construction on the two-building, 190+-apartment project approved for the site, but told WSB on Wednesday that they expect work to begin this year.

3 chances to talk with West Seattle School Board rep Marty McLaren

With the hot topic of “capacity management” – how to relieve school overcrowding – heading toward a decision for short-term action, West Seattle’s new representative on the Seattle Public Schools board, Marty McLaren, has just scheduled three community meetings to talk with anyone interested in this or other district matters:

*Tomorrow, Saturday, January 7th, Southwest Library, 10 am-noon
*Monday, January 9th, at West Seattle Library, 10 am-noon
*Saturday, January 14th, Delridge Library, 11 am-1 pm

As we reported here Wednesday night, McLaren says she will propose an amendment to the district’s short-term capacity-management proposal that would cancel the plan to open the former Louisa May Boren Junior High School on Delridge as an “option” elementary school focused on STEM (science/technology/engineering/math). District officials speaking at the Wednesday board meeting said they did not expect the new school to initially pull enough students to avoid plans for adding portables to the most-crowded elementaries.

Helping homeless families: Family Promise board not giving up

January 6, 2012 12:06 pm
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After a hiatus, a reopening, and then what was described as a permanent shutdown, the homeless-family-sheltering program Family Promise of Seattle may give it another go. So says board member Lynne Downs, announcing a gathering next Monday night for “former and present Board members, church coordinators, supporters, interested agency personnel and a representative from National Family Promise, Claas Ehlers.”

Lynne explains that she and four other board members, along with many members of local churches that took turns housing/feeding Family Promise clients, “don’t want to see this mission die … we just don’t want to ‘give up the ship’ yet.” The board members, she explains, “have been on a fact-finding quest with interested agencies in perhaps supporting, partnering or even ultimately continuing our program.” And that’s what they’ll talk about at 7 pm Monday, at Tibbetts United Methodist Church (WSB sponsor; 3940 41st SW); anyone interested in supporting the “quest” is welcome.

West Seattle Whale Watch: Orcas spotted off West Seattle

(Added — photo by Trileigh Tucker)
9:55 AM: Just got that word from Jeff Hogan of Killer Whale Tales – ferry-dock area. We’re off to check; let us know if you see ’em!

11:22 AM: Too far for photos but we were watching for a while with Jeff and with Donna Sandstrom from The Whale Trail, from south of Alki Point. They say it’s J-Pod – including the new baby. (Added – photo by Gary Jones, who thinks the smaller whale was likely the calf)

They were last seen headed back north, but Jeff also mentioned a short time ago that there was a secondhand report of more whales headed this way from the Three Tree Point area, so if you have a water view, keep checking!

(Photo by Gary Jones – note the orca’s fluke, at left)
1:21 PM: We’re adding photos received from WSB’ers who were out watching the whales.

2:22 PM: KING 5‘s aerial video – already linked in the comments – is now embedded above.

‘Southwest Community Center’ no more: Transition timetable

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

As of yesterday, the city-owned facility at 2800 SW Thistle that was Southwest Community Center is officially Southwest Teen Life Center and the future Southwest Neighborhood Service Center.

Four months after the planned change was announced by city leaders during a West Seattle media briefing, the new budget mandating the changeover is officially in effect, so we asked the city about the transition process.

We’ve subsequently learned the dates and plans for closing the Delridge Neighborhood Service Center and opening its replacement at Southwest, and also some things you need to know about what’s NOT changing at the Southwest building:

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Seattle Public Library’s future: What do you want to see?

Tomorrow is the first of three regional public meetings about the future of the Seattle Public Library – from its programs to its funding, with a levy likely to go before voters later this year. Though none of the three meetings will be in West Seattle, library reps want to make sure you know about them and about other chances to have a say, as part of their planning process. For starters, the public meetings are at the Central Library downtown tomorrow, the Beacon Hill branch a week later, and in Ballard on January 18th. (That same night, a library presentation is planned at the Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting, 7 pm January 18th at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, public welcome.) Besides the funding issue, SPL wants your thoughts on four aspects of library operations: Hours, books and materials, computers and online resources, and building maintenance. You can comment on any of them, and see the currently proposed options, via this webpage on the SPL site. (Photos, clockwise from top left, are SPL website images of the branches in this area – West Seattle, Delridge, Southwest, High Point)

West Seattle Crime Watch: Can you solve this hit-and-run?

Concerned Neighbor” says a hit-run driver smacked into her car in the Admiral District last night, near California/Walker, leaving behind pieces like the one above. She’s telling her story in hopes you can help close the case:

I just wanted to write a note to share my unfortunate experience, I hope to maybe find the person who did this to me and hold them accountable for their actions and to make our neighborhood streets safer.

I’ve been a member of this community for nearly four years. I work at two local small businesses, and I own a small condo here. About eight months ago, I went to leave for work only to find that someone had attempted to steal my car, rendering it undrivable and valueless in the process. The car couldn’t be repaired and I couldn’t claim it on my insurance because due to numerous hit and run accidents over the years while my car was parked, I could no longer insure it for anything but liability. After a month of getting around without a vehicle, I withdrew my entire savings, secured a loan and purchased my first brand new car. A month later I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

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West Seattle Little League: 2012 registration about to begin

January 5, 2012 11:19 pm
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An early sign of spring! One week from tonight, it’s the first in-person registration session of the year for West Seattle Little League. 6-8:30 pm Thursday, January 12, at the West Seattle High School library. That’s also where you’ll find the second session, 6-8:30 pm Tuesday, January 24th. You’re asked to fill out the registration form ahead of time and bring it along; WSLL says you’ll find it online, here. What else to bring: A copy of the prospective player’s birth certificate; 3 proof-of-residence items (that same weblink will show you what qualifies); and registration-fee payment. This year’s fees are the same as last year, says WSLL, whose website has more on that and other info for families.

Followup: City explains change in approved number of units for DESC Delridge project

Next Monday, when the North Delridge Neighborhood Council meets (agenda/time/location here), the Downtown Emergency Service Center‘s proposed “supportive housing” project will be on the agenda again, as it’s been for most meetings since news of the plan broke at NDNC’s meeting last June. The group also is helping recruit members for the community advisory group about the project, the Delridge Alliance (here’s how to apply). And tonight, we have more information about the major development we first reported two days ago – the city’s decision to cut the number of units allowed in the project, from 75 to 66. We finally heard from DESC, which had no comment aside from confirming the new unit count that we found in documents filed with the Washington State Housing Finance Commission, which will review the agency’s application for key Low-Income Housing Tax Credits financing. DESC executive director Bill Hobson referred us to the city Office of Housing for the explanation. WSHFC provided us with a copy of the internal city memo that spells it out.

We don’t have a scanner handy, so we’re transcribing it. It’s dated December 12, to Office of Housing director Rick Hooper from staffer Maureen Kostyack, who attended the second of two private-home meetings where neighborhood concerns about the project were discussed. The subject is “Siting Policy Waiver for DESC Delridge Supportive Housing” and it’s on OH letterhead. (It also reveals that the roots of this project go back as early as 2010.):Read More

West Seattle businesses: Sound Advice finds a new home

Now that construction for the just-sold California/Alaska/42nd site seems inevitable, the business moves are coming fast and furious. Here’s the latest: mobile retailer Sound Advice is moving a block north next month. Thanks to Brian Presser from TouchTech Systems for spotting and photographing the flyer on the door. The listed street number listed for the new location didn’t look right, so we called Sound Advice, and though they’re checking on the new street number, they confirmed, it IS the space adjacent to (south of) West Seattle Coins, on the street level of the Senior Center of West Seattle building. As the sign says, they expect to open there next month. Just yesterday, we finally made contact with the California/Alaska/42nd site’s new owner, Chicago-based Equity Residential, whose spokesperson (as we reported here) said they expect to break ground before the year’s out on the same 190-plus-apartment project that previous owner Charlie Conner and partners got approved before selling the site (for $11.4 million, as we reported December 22nd). Other businesses that have recently moved from the site to new West Seattle locations include Classic Barber Shop, SIMA Martial Arts, and Limber Yoga (all of whom have new locations); The Beer Junction expects to move later this winter to its new spot in the California SW building where the liquor store and train store used to be, but remains open at its original location (4707 42nd SW) till then.

The Wash Dog: Welcoming a new West Seattle Blog sponsor

In 2012, we’re continuing the WSB tradition of welcoming new sponsors by offering them the chance to introduce themselves. Today, meet one of our newest sponsors – The Wash Dog. Here’s what they’d like you to know:

The Wash Dog has been a business fixture in West Seattle for more than 10 years, providing canine bathing and grooming services. New owners, longtime West Seattle residents Thyra DeHaven and Merry Myers, have been hard at work this past year, upgrading the staff and facility to meet the bathing and grooming needs of West Seattle’s dogs. Two examples: An on-demand hot water system was installed to lessen power usage and insure an endless supply of warm water; and the self-service shampoo was upgraded to a top-notch, environmentally friendly oatmeal shampoo produced by a local Seattle company.

At The Wash Dog there’s a grooming service for every need:
*Self-Service Dog Wash Rooms – just walk in
*Professional Bathing Service – by appointment
*Professional Grooming – by appointment
Customers can also walk in for a quick nail trim or drop by with their dog just to say “hi” and pick up a treat. We love interacting with dogs of all sorts and sizes and take great pride in providing an exceptionally friendly, clean and healthy facility. We have three professional, skilled dog groomers/stylists on staff at The Wash Dog: Laura, Kayla, and Tammy, who you might know from other West Seattle establishments. We also have two part-time experienced bathers. The combined experience of our staff exceeds 35 years, so customers can rest assured their pets are being cared for by professionals who really know and love dogs.

The Wash Dog is located at 6400 California SW, on the north side of Morgan Street Junction. Hours are Monday–Friday, 10 am to 7:30 pm, and Saturday – Sunday, 9 am to 5:30 pm. Holiday hours are always posted online at or on The Wash Dog’s Facebook page.

We thank The Wash Dog for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news on WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

Street trees, bridge project, more @ Southwest District Council

January 5, 2012 3:15 pm
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Toplines from last night’s Southwest District Council meeting – with a wide-ranging agenda from street trees to bridge work to development, and beyond:

STREET-TREE ORDINANCE: Lots of discussion after we covered last month’s West Seattle community meeting about proposed changes to the city rules, which haven’t changed in half a century. City arborist Nolan Rundquist stressed that they are looking for as much comment and opinion as possible – here’s how – before this gets to the City Council. His summary: The proposed rule will better define who’s responsible for which trees, public or private, and a “no-fee permit process” will be put into place to deal with removal, pruning, replacement, etc., as well as who is allowed to handle such tasks. But he says “small work” – such as pruning branches that aren’t bigger than two inches in diameter – won’t require a permit.

FAUNTLEROY EXPRESSWAY: The council had invited project communications consultant Josh Stepherson back to provide an update once the intensive phase of the earthquake-safety work, with some overnight closures (next ones Jan. 9-12), got under way on the west end of the West Seattle Bridge. Morgan Community Association rep Chas Redmond asked about an anomaly he’d spotted (which we have noticed too, in late-night drives):Read More

West Seattle biznotes: Freebies, biscuits, and new locations

(Photo courtesy Mountain to Sound Outfitters)
FREEBIE #1 – FOR SKIERS AND SNOWBOARDERS: Mountain to Sound Outfitters in The Triangle is offering a free clinic this Sunday “to help you learn the basics of ski maintenance, as well as some of the finer points of waxing and in home tuning. Come down to learn about caring for your edges, creating a the best side and edge bevel, basics on structure, and how to hotwax your gear. Experienced ski and snowboard technicians will be providing this free workshop and will be on hand to answer specific questions after the presentation.” It’s at 5 pm at M2SO, 3602 SW Alaska, but you can’t just show up – space is limited, so they’re asking for an RSVP ASAP – e-mail info@m2soutfitters or call 206-935-7669.

FREEBIE #2 – YOGA: Longtime WSB sponsor SoundYoga (5639 California SW) has just announced the date for its next Free Yoga session. This time it’s on January 28th, 10:30 am.

NEW FARMERS’ MARKET VENDOR: Starting this Sunday, Honest Biscuits joins the lineup at West Seattle Farmers’ Market (yes, it’s back, 10 am-2 pm, 44th/Alaska, after Christmas/New Year’s off), after a stint at the Broadway Farmers’ Market on Capitol Hill.

(Photo courtesy Honest Biscuits)
Proprietor Art Stone has worked as a lawyer and judge but says his heart “belongs to biscuits now.” He says they’re “made fresh from local ingredients, the primary ingredient being Washington’s Shepherd’s Grain flour,” with added ingredients “such as Theo Chocolate, Beecher’s Cheese, and Tonnemaker apples.” More on his website.

SKIN BUTIK MOVES: Aesthetician Sara Lowe sent word that she has moved her business from Harbor Avenue to new digs at California/Graham – the one, she says with a “dazzling chandelier hanging in the entryway” – and is having an open house 5-7:30 pm on January 26th.

IN THE SAME BUILDING – NORTHWEST INSURANCE: That same new live/work building is also home now to longtime WSB sponsor John Moore‘s Northwest Insurance Group (6055 California SW), which represents more than a dozen insurance providers. Online, you’ll also now find NW Insurance Group on Facebook.

The Atlantic profiles Super Deli Mart: ‘Postmodern Elks Club’

Thanks to Forest for the tip on this: Readers across America (and likely beyond) who check out The Atlantic‘s website today have the opportunity to read about West Seattle’s Super Deli Mart. The article by Christopher Solomon is headlined “A Postmodern Elks Club Serving Some of the World’s Best Beer” but talks about the 35th/Barton store as a community gathering place as well as a beverage retailer. Read the story here. (Added 1:13 pm – The Atlantic’s story didn’t include a photo of proprietor Min Chung, so we dropped by to get one to add here!)

West Seattle coyotes: 1st report of the year, and a holdover

The first coyote report of the New Year – at least, the first one we’ve heard about. From Cara about an hour ago:

My husband just reported that there was a coyote in our yard (40th between Hanford and Hinds) [map]. The coyote walked down the street (south on 40th) and is heading that way.

We are asked on occasion why we publish these reports, and our response is usually “until we stop hearing from people who weren’t previously aware that coyotes are IN the city.” Latest example ahead:Read More

West Seattle Thursday: Stories, drinks, tunes, and revolution

(Seen from Luna/Anchor Park this past Tuesday)
From the WSB West Seattle Events calendar:

ALASKAN WAY S. DETOUR: 1st of 2 traffic alerts for today. If you use Alaskan Way, read this – it starts this morning.

PRESCHOOL STORY TIME: 11:15 am at Delridge Library – more story-time info on the full list, here.

CURIOUS ABOUT ‘OCCUPY’?: 6 pm meeting at West Seattle (Admiral) Library with info for those curious about Occupy Seattledetails here.

FEEDBACK LOUNGE’S NEW COCKTAIL MENU: When you’ve won “Best of Western Washington” two years in a row, runner-up another year, and that’s every year you’ve been around – your cocktails are hot stuff. And so tonight, it’s An Event as Feedback Lounge (WSB sponsor) debuts Matt Johnson’s latest drink creations, 6 pm.

READ THE KORAN IN FOUR WEEKS: At the First Lutheran Church of West Seattle, 935-6530, the first of four sessions is scheduled for the course Pastor Ron Marshall has led four times a year since 2003. The official announcement asks: “Have you wanted to know for yourself what the Koran says in a world where Islam is mentioned nearly every day in the news?” and adds, “The $50 registration fee includes an authorized translation of the Koran for your keeping. Worksheets and other background handouts from Islamic scholars will be provided for each class session the week before.” Call ASAP to see if there’s room.

LIVE MUSIC: At Skylark Café and Club featuring: Arkansas and the River Bandits, Relentless Rhythm Machine, Lights From Space. $5 cover, 9 pm, Facebook event page here.

ANOTHER SCHEDULED FAUNTLEROY EXPRESSWAY CLOSURE: The seismic work continues, and another overnight closure of the west end of the West Seattle Bridge is scheduled.

ADDED – MEMORIAL FOR MARCELYN SHADOW: Thanks to those who e-mailed with mention of this: A memorial for West Seattle resident Marcelyn Shadow, who taught students in Seattle Public Schools‘ APP program for more than 30 years (mostly at Washington Middle School), is planned for 3:30 pm today at Peace Lutheran Church (39th/Thistle). There’s more information on the Hamilton website.

Board members question ‘option school at Boren’ plan

At Seattle Public Schools HQ downtown: The district proposal to reopen Boren as an “option” elementary school drew fire from 3 board members, including West Seattle’s newly elected rep Marty McLaren. She says she will propose an amendment to remove that from the plan. Two other board members said they had been ‘flooded’ with mail from West Seattleites saying they want a new neighborhood school instead.

This came after district managers admitted a new option school next year likely wouldn’t draw enough from any single school to avoid having to plan for adding portables, saying they thought they would still need the same projected amount of homerooms at the existing elementaries, so they are proceeding with planning for portables and then waiting to check numbers after “open enrollment.” They said they hadn’t proposed a new neighborhood school in the short run because they want to hold off on boundary redrawing as much as possible until the BEX IV levy – to raise more than half a billion dollars to build new schools, among other things – is mapped out.

Board president Michael DeBell warned the other members that trying to appease any one group of constituents creates issues for others. “More to come on this,” as DeBell put it. A vote is scheduled in two weeks – amended or not. We’ll be following up before then. (Our previous report on a staff briefing about the originally proposed Boren-plus-portables-elsewhere is here.)

ADDED: The issue of overcrowding at Chief Sealth International High School came up too; while not part of the “Short-Term Capacity Management Plan,” it surfaced as Sealth staffers spoke during the public-comment period at the start of the meeting, discussing their petition asking the district for more portables (previously reported here). We recorded their remarks on video:

With the remodel a few years back, they lost nine portables and gained five classrooms, but with the student population rising by 400 in the past few years, that wasn’t enough, they said. (As we reported earlier in the day, district administrators say they are considering one portable for Sealth for next year, but won’t make a decision till later this winter.)

ALSO OF NOTE FROM THE MEETING: A lot of hot topics, which is why it didn’t adjourn till 10:45 pm. Transportation guidelines for next school year were approved in the late going; the presentation included a chart of “civil twilight,” so the district can figure out how to make sure its youngest students aren’t walking to or from bus stops in the dark. The only West Seattle mention was the fact that Denny and Sealth are legally required to stagger their start times, so any forthcoming bell-time adjustments would have to work around that fact. … Then there was the issue of rules for schools to get waivers if they want to use instructional material that is not standard-issue, with notable examples including Schmitz Park Elementary‘s use of “Singapore math” (and the resulting achievements). … The board authorized a superintendent search, though some members told interim Supt. Dr. Susan Enfield they are hoping she reconsiders her decision not to seek the permanent job. And one more item:

SURVEY ON ‘SCHOOL DISTRICT LEADERSHIP AND PRIORITIES’: We attended a briefing on this right after the capacity-management-plan briefing this morning. The PowerPoint with toplines is here. Among the research findings – Dr. Enfield had a 65 percent favorable rating from staff, 56 percent from teachers. In other groups, views were more “neutral” – they didn’t know her well enough – than unfavorable. The survey showed an almost-universally positive level of “satisfaction with quality of education” – 73 percent among families, 66 percent among the general public. In terms of “essential qualities of the superintendent” – now that the district is launching a search – “local knowledge” rated the lowest. The highest, after “leadership to staff,” was “education background” – notable since the district has had two superintendents in the not-too-distant past whose backgrounds were elsewhere.

Video: West Seattle HS girls start year with big home-court win

ORIGINAL 8:59 PM REPORT: Last night, the West Seattle High School and Rainier Beach HS boys-varsity basketball teams faced off (WSB coverage here) – tonight, the girls’ teams took their turn. Final score is in from WSB contributor Randall G. Hauk, who says WSHS won, 48-13. We’ll add his full report here later. FOLLOWING WAS ADDED EARLY THURSDAY:

By Randall G. Hauk
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

Though the weather outside was frightful, the basketball inside was so delightful.

The fans who braved the cold, wind, and rain to take in the first West Seattle High School girls basketball game of the new year were treated to a dominant performance by the Wildcats, who easily handled the visiting Rainier Beach Vikings, winning 48-13.

Although ten different Wildcats scored in the game, defense was the key to victory. West Seattle blanked their guests in the first quarter, resulting in a 14-0 margin and all the points needed to win the game. After yielding 11 points in the second quarter, the West Seattle defense would pitch another shutout in the third quarter, while not allowing another field goal the rest of the night, leaving Rainier Beach to score only two more points after halftime, both on free throws in the fourth.
The victory was West Seattle’s first in Metro Conference play, moving them into third in the Sound Division at 1-3 in conference play and improves their overall record to 3-6. The loss dropped the Vikings to 0-9 on the year.

The highlights:

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Home makeover, anybody? TV-production company’s recruiting

Quick note from Seattle-based Screaming Flea Productions, a Georgetown-based company with more than a few West Seattleites on staff. Your house might be just what they’re looking for. Screaming Flea says it is …

… looking for a home on the market to make over for a national cable home-design show … listings that are challenged, dated, or in need of serious cash. This show involves a complete renovation of a kitchen or a bathroom, and work on 2-3 other rooms as well. Homeowner personality a plus! Filming and makeover will occur beginning of March. Contact Kim Nyhous at

Know a winner? Make ’em one! Westside Award nomination time

January 4, 2012 6:50 pm
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(WSB photo of Mountain to Sound Outfitters team @ April 2011 West Seattle Chamber awards event)
One year after honoring Mountain to Sound Outfitters (above) as Emerging Business of the Year, Salty’s as Business of the Year, White Center Food Bank executive director Rick Jump as Westsider of the Year, and the West Seattle Farmers’ Market as Nonprofit of the Year – it’s time for the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce to choose its next round of honorees. But they can’t do it without nominations from you! From Shannon Felix:

Who was outstanding on the Westside in 2011? Honor those in our community who make West Seattle a great place to live and work by nominating a business or individual for a Westside Award!

The West Seattle Chamber of Commerce sponsors this annual program to celebrate West Seattle’s entrepreneurial spirit and personal commitment to the Westside. Four categories include Westside Business of the Year, Westside Emerging Business, Westside Not-For-Profit Business of the Year, and Westsider of the Year. Award information and nomination forms are available online at You may e-mail nominations with your name and phone number to: or via fax: 206-938-7437.

Nominations are open to any West Seattle business or individual and due by January 31, 2012, at 5 pm to The West Seattle Chamber of Commerce, 3614-A California Ave SW. Seattle, WA 98116. Award recipients will be honored at the Westside Annual Awards Breakfast at Salty’s on Alki on April 18, 2012. For more information, contact the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce, 206-932-5685.

New owners of ex-Conner Junction site: Groundbreaking this year

(Sketch of California-facing view taken from project renderings last year)
We’ve just heard from Chicago-based megadeveloper Equity Residential for the first time since the company closed the deal to buy the California/Alaska/42nd site long owned by Charlie Conner. The day the deal was finalized, we’d sent an inquiry looking for comment – no response, but we renewed the request today, and just heard back from Equity spokesperson Marty McKenna.

He says Equity expects to break ground “within the next year.” He also confirms they are going ahead with the project as per the plans already approved by the city, two buildings totaling almost 200 apartments, and says they will honor the agreement made with community members regarding external elements of the project.

The remaining business tenants are renting month-by-month, he says, adding that since the new development “will have a retail aspect,” they’re also open to the possibility that all or some of them might want to be part of it. (Some have already found new locations, as most recently mentioned here just yesterday.) Though the site has its land-use approvals, a demolition permit would have to be sought before any construction could start; you can watch the project’s city webpages for signs of that as the year goes on.

Update: Authorities say autistic teen not missing after all

UPDATE: The autistic Burien teenager reported as missing in White Center turns out to have been safe after all, at Harborview Medical Center. King County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. John Urquhart tells WSB that the 15-year-old was found on a roadside by someone late this morning, and was actually at Harborview Medical Center long before everyone realized he was the boy that KCSO asked the public to help find. So bottom line, he’s OK. Our original story is after the jump:

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West Seattle school overflow: Briefing today, meeting tonight

As noted in this morning’s preview, Seattle Public Schools‘ proposal for relieving overcrowding next year – just *next* year; proposals for other years are yet to come – officially goes before the School Board tonight. We’re just back of a media briefing at district HQ, offered as a chance for media reps to ask questions about the plan (see it here), crafted as the district deals with 1,500 more students this year than last, and another 1,000+ jump next year. (Added – video of the briefing, unedited, including the media Q/A:)

For West Seattle, the key component of the plan is spending $3 million to fix up and reopen the former Boren Junior High School (5915 Delridge Way SW) as temporary home of a new “option” elementary school – meaning you have to apply to attend, there is no automatic assignment zone – focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). We asked what happened to the possible Montessori component mentioned at the second community meeting on the topic in West Seattle (late November; here’s our story). While that remains a possibility for West Seattle at some point after next school year, district officials said, they decided they couldn’t ramp up for it in 2012-2013 – particularly because some Montessori teachers elsewhere in the district who at one point were going to have to be moved, no longer need to be.

Boren has been empty for two school years, since serving as the interim home of Chief Sealth International High School during its two-year renovation project (completed in 2010). We asked how many students the district hopes it will serve in its first year; they didn’t have that number handy but promise to get it to us shortly.

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