Steve Bushaw murder trial might go to jury this week

gavel.jpgQuick toplines from the first day of the fourth week of testimony in the trial of two of the four men charged in the murder of 26-year-old Steve Bushaw in the middle of a West Seattle street on Super Bowl night in February 2009. Defendant Brandon Chaney spent the entire day on the witness stand, claiming he had no knowledge of a plan to shoot Bushaw until the two confessed shooters, John Sylve and Danny O’Neal, ran to the car he was driving that night and yelled “GO!” All three lawyers finished their questioning of him around 3:30, and then they spent some time talking with the judge about the instructions that will be given to the jury before they begin deliberating. Chaney’s lawyer Jim Roe indicated he has one more witness to call; prosecutor Jeff Baird says he has at least one “rebuttal witness”; defendant Bryce Huber’s lawyer Tony Savage appeared to indicate he would not call any witnesses – he had already said his client probably wouldn’t testify. Once the defense rests, both sides will get to present their closing arguments before the case goes to the jury. The contention has been that Huber and Chaney were in on the shooting plan, conceived as retribution on behalf of a friend of both men who was beaten up in a home-invasion robbery two weeks earlier, because that friend allegedly believed Bushaw had masterminded the robbery (but wasn’t present).

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  • Stevie's Cousin August 22, 2011 (8:36 pm)

    I just want to clarify that Stevie was not part of the home invasion robbery and that was clarified by the detectives and phone records. These four idiots killed an innocent man.

    If anything comes of this, it should be that Stevie’s name should be cleared of any home invasion. Where was Bryce during the home invasion? Maybe he was the “matermind” to it! Why was he so quick to blame Stevie?

    As for Brandon Chaney, he knew what they were planning to do. Even if he found out after they got in the car, he should of come forward with that information. If Cheney was innocent, he didn’t need to lie to the detectives. Thanks to these morons – one life is gone and 4 other lives/families are forever tainted!! All for retribution???

  • Agreed August 22, 2011 (9:26 pm)

    I couldn’t agree more with “stevies cousin”!!!
    Life is about choices… Right, wrong, good and bad choices to be exact. These animals made the CHOICE to seek Steve out that night for some home robbery he was never even apart of in any way..NOT ONE of these people (and I use that term VERY loosely) came forward with any truthful/helpful information until they had ALREADY lied multiple times to TRY and save themselves. I have never seen such ignorance and selfishness in my life, it is actually very sad…My heart is broken for the Bushaw family. I’m also sad for the other families as well but this does stop and make me think what happend to these guys along the way of life to make them the killers they are today??

  • bridge to somwhere August 23, 2011 (10:39 am)

    What happened to these guys along the way to make them killers? I’ll guess. Having parents with low expecations and standards for them. Having few boundaries and little parenting when they went astray as children. As adults, tending to take the easy way out. As adults, smoking pot and dealing drugs instead of going to school or putting in time on a job. As adults, not committing themselves to making the right choices. As adults, surrounding themselves with people who make bad decisions as well, and not distancing themselves from drama.
    I think our community certainly needs to be realistic about the societal factors that create these kinds of monsters–but also acknowledge that these folks know right from wrong and yet they (and many others around them) continue to hussle, deal, run with thugs, and avoid working hard and doing right by their families and communities.

  • Reader August 23, 2011 (6:12 pm)

    What I don’t understand is how could you attack their parents parenting skills and know what kind of expectations their parents had for them, as you just said life is about choices and the choices one makes has absolutely nothing to do with parents.I’m sure the parents feel bad enough about this whole situation without people like you making stupid statement like that! I dont know if you have been reading the story but no one in this case was a minor these are all grown men! And if I’m not mistaken didn’t it say o’neal was IT for Costco an Chaney owned a barbershop….

  • bridge to somwhere August 24, 2011 (9:47 am)

    @reader: well, some people (folks like educators, psychologists, social workers–umm, well, pretty much everyone) believe that who you are is defined in large part by how your parents raised you. But if you read my comments, I made the point that it wasn’t just the parents–I said we should also “acknowledge that these folks know right from wrong” and yet still made bad choices.
    In any event, if you truly don’t believe that criminals tend to be raised in environments where their parents don’t raise them well, I really hope you don’t have children or aren’t around any children.

  • bart August 24, 2011 (10:52 am)

    Why isnt the “home invasion robbery victim” being prosecuted?

  • Reader August 24, 2011 (12:57 pm)

    So what your saying is any wrong or bad decisions you have ever made can be blamed on your parents?your giving all criminals an excuse ” it’s my parents fault” I don’t care what all the educators, psycholgist and case workers have to say because not every situation is by the book. I wouldn’t expect anything more from somebody who clearly doesn’t have anything better to do than write on a blog all day everyday. You are mad at the 4 people involved not their parents! By the way I have 3 children so maybe you should call CPS!!!

  • micheal August 25, 2011 (9:14 pm)

    to all idiots i know all the accused personally and they all came from good homes and family do not blame parents the accused had choices like we all do they chose the wrong one is all bottom line will not stand for bashing on these men family the term is men all of em so blame them not education not parents not society them and them alone idiots……..

  • someone who cares August 26, 2011 (11:55 am)

    @Micheal well spoken I know the one of the accused as well and yes they all had choices.

  • K Prince September 3, 2011 (12:17 am)

    Steve was my x-boyfrends best buddy.During the time my x and I where together I saw him everyday,He was the kind of man that you would call a helper ,he always would lend a hand before he would do something for himself,he was well liked by alot of people.I could think up alot of bad word for the men whom killed him,but it will not bring him back! We hope that the justice system will give them what they deserve,but keep in mind that if they don’t the Lord will take them down when its time,and if you know Steve as well as I, he will be there to witness justice to truly be served.I will always remember Steve to value his family whom met so much to him,talked so proudly about his beautiful niece Ava and was a loyal friend.My heart goes out to everyone who knew him.When its our time believe this he will be the first one in line to greet you,thats just how he rolls,I choose to write something uplifting only because he was always so happy go lucky ,I feel he would appreciate it.~God Bless the Bushaw family~you are in my prayers.K.P

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