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Video: Haggis Brothers start The Mount’s summer concerts

August 5, 2011 11:48 pm
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Last year, The Haggis Brothers wrapped up the Providence Mount St. Vincent (WSB sponsor) summer concert series; this year, they kicked it off, with “a song from the ’60s” – no, not THOSE ’60s, as they explain:

The music’s usually enough to get the crowd moving – but if kids’ attention wanders, there’s usually something special, like tonight’s balloon-twisting clown:

Next week: He ain’t nothin’ but a hound dawg … Danny Vernon’s “Illusion of Elvis.” And “Classic Car Night”! All out in the open air at 4831 35th SW:

Admission’s free; before the 6 pm shows, dinner/wine/beer are offered for sale.

Hundreds of bicyclists roll from Admiral on ‘Dead Baby Downhill’

We warned you about it in the morning preview – but it still caught some people by surprise (thanks for the texts!): Hundreds of bicyclists rolled eastward from the Admiral District this past hour on the annual “Dead Baby Downhill.” Yes, like the name, it’s meant to be an in-your-face, irreverent/offensive, at-times profane event – “the greatest party known to humankind,” declared the Facebook event page – and it rotates starting-point neighborhoods; it’s been a few years since the DBD took off from West Seattle. They’re headed for Georgetown and a whale of an afterparty. (added) Here’s the start:

8:39 PM: More photos, ahead:Read More

OutWest Bar update: Hoping to officially open within 2 weeks

Another followup on a place-in-progress that people have been asking us about: OutWest Bar at California/Brandon is getting close to opening its doors. WSB contributor Keri DeTore first reported in May about its plan to be LGBT-friendly, and she’s been checking back with its proprietors; tonight, she reports that co-owners Bob Lunke and Chad Gabelein are busily working to put the finishing touches on OutWest Bar in anticipation of a soft opening sometime next week. The walls are painted a deep red, the kitchen is nearly finished, and furniture is being delivered. The establishment described by Bob and Chad as “like a community center for the gay and lesbian community and their straight friends” will open to the public in the next two weeks.

Update: Garage fire in Arbor Heights, 2 cars damaged

4:39 PM: A garage is on fire in the 10000 block of 40th SW (map) in Arbor Heights, and SFD was sending a “full response” to protect adjoining home(s) – but just determined that wasn’t needed, so some units are being canceled. More when we get there in a few minutes.

4:50 PM UPDATE: Added a photo. We’re told there are two vehicles in the garage, damaged by the fire. No word yet on the cause; no report of injuries. The fire isn’t completely out yet, but it’s been reported “tapped”; smoke is still visible at the scene, but no flames.

5:20 PM UPDATE: SFD confirms, nobody hurt. They won’t know for at least a few hours how it started. The garage/cars’ owner was home at the time, we’re told, but neighbors were the ones who reported the fire. We’re adding a few more photos (including a substitution for our original cameraphone photo).

Memorial Saturday for Chris Holm, a ‘Rosie the Riveter’ (& more)

A memorial service is planned tomorrow for 86-year-old Chris Holm, one of West Seattle’s real-life “Rosie the Riveters.” (We featured her in Christopher Boffoli‘s report on one of the local “Rosie” gatherings in 2009.) Her family wrote this obituary:

Clarissa Elizabeth Holm (Sherbon)
September 23, 1924 – July 31, 2011

Chris Holm passed away unexpectedly while leading the social-hour discussion at her West Seattle Church on Sunday, July 31, 2011. Chris was a vibrant woman, still living life to its fullest and enjoying her many day-to-day activities with zest and utter enthusiasm. She was a beloved mother, grandmother, great grandmother, wife, sister and friend. Everyone was surprised by her death and feel deeply saddened to lose the cornerstone, centerpiece, rock and foundation for our family and her community of friends.

Chris was born in Sioux Falls, SD, moving immediately to Walnut Grove, MN. She lived the quintessential “Little House on the Prairie” life, growing up in the famous Olsen store, working hard on the farm, and spending any free time playing on the banks of Plum Creek. She moved to Seattle and in her early twenties during WWII and worked hard at Boeing as one of the famous Rosie the Riveters.

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Interim principal for Chief Sealth to be announced Monday

Though there was some talk that the district might announce Chief Sealth International High School‘s interim principal today, there’s word it won’t happen till Monday. The district’s executive director of schools for West Seattle, Aurora Lora, says that’s when interim Superintendent Dr. Susan Enfield will make the announcement then. Today is John Boyd‘s last official day as principal; he’s taking a high-level job in Highline Public Schools to the south.

Traffic alert: City Light work near Fauntleroy ferry terminal

Just in from Seattle City Light – electrical work in the Fauntleroy ferry terminal area starting Monday – details ahead:Read More

Blue Angels watch: Today, from the Museum of Flight media zone

12:27 PM: After years of watching/covering the Blue Angels from “the fence” just north of where they park at the Museum of Flight, this year we’re in the official media zone for the first time, so we can bring you a slightly different view (no chain link or barbed wire in the way this time). For everyone waiting to find out when they’re going up – if it’s the usual timetable, it’s still a half-hour or so away. We’ll have updates here, plus video of the pilots’ “walkdown” once they’re up. More to come!

12:56 PM: The support crew’s checking out the Angels’ jets now. Showtime nears. Watch the WSB Twitter account for further pre-takeoff updates.

2 PM: Airshow in progress, as you’ve probably heard or seen unless you’re nowhere near the metro area. Here’s our video of the “walkdown” as the pilots head to their jets, in formation:

Still cloudy out here, so they’re doing the “low show,” but Museum of Flight visitors are still glimpsing plenty of flybys. For those who follow the granular details, #7 is flying in place of #5, which landed yesterday shortly after going up for practice. There also was a brief flutter of activity with #6, just before they taxiied for takeoff (we’ll add the taxiing video later, that’s an interesting perspective too). And remember the I-90 bridge is closed until they’re done – the closure’s scheduled till 2:45 though they’ll be done sooner – we’ll make a note here when they are.

ADDED FRIDAY EVENING: Adding photos from David Hutchinson (thank you!) – above and below this line – if you look closely at this next one, you’ll see one of the spots (there are at least two) where something’s been added to the Blue Angels’ paint job this year, a tribute to the Centennial of Naval Aviation:

And last but not least, one more bit of our video. Once the jets were up, we left the “media zone” and went over to the Museum of Flight lawn, where you can catch sight of the planes now and then, most spectacularly just before they land, with the flyby in honor of everyone watching from Boeing Field:

Tomorrow, should be the same timeframe – performance after 1 pm.

Foreclosure fight brings state Attorney General to North Delridge

Drivers and residents along 25th SW in North Delridge were doing a bit of a head-swivel this past hour, as a knot of camera- and microphone-wielding media clustered around a group of people including state Attorney General (and Republican candidate for governor) Rob McKenna. He was here to announce a lawsuit (see it here) against ReconTrust, a branch of Bank of America, for allegedly violating state law regarding foreclosures. The bungalow that served as a backdrop was chosen because its foreclosure involved ReconTrust; it’s now owned by Fannie Mae and up for sale, and the couple who used to own it – who fell on tough times when the husband was diagnosed with cancer – lives nearby.

(They were unable to attend the media briefing, but two homeowners from other areas of Puget Sound were brought in to tell their stories.) Here’s McKenna explaining what the suit is about:

As he explained, ReconTrust is a foreclosure trustee. In our state, foreclosures do not involve judges – they are non-judicial, and trustees are involved, though they are supposed to act, as the Attorney General’s news release says, “as a neutral party on behalf of both the lender and the borrower while conducting foreclosure proceedings in good faith and in accordance with the law.” McKenna expressed hope that this would be resolved quickly, as he believes bringing suit will “get (the company and its parent corporation)’s attention.” If you are facing foreclosure, the Attorney General’s Office has resource information here. Their news release (we’ll add it here when we get it as a linkable doc) also points out that Recon Trust’s site for which properties it’s selling locally – go here.

ADDED 12:10 PM: The official news release is now out:Read More

West Seattle Friday: ‘Oliver!’, Haggis Brothers, Blue Angels…

(Paddleboarder and pooch, photographed by Eric Shalit off Alki)
Where’d the sun go? We hear it’ll be back. As for when … answers vary. So in the meantime, from the WSB West Seattle Events calendar:

BLUE ANGELS, FLEET TOURS, AND OTHER SEAFAIR NOTES: Obviously weather affects the Blue Angels‘ plans, and we’ll update you here (as well as via the WSB Facebook and Twitter channels) if this hasn’t lifted as noontime gets closer (the show usually starts close to 1). They have a “low show” that’s been done on cloudy days – but fog is another thing. Please see our story from last night re: watching them (and the fact this is the no-admission-charged day at Lake Washington). Also note, something the weather won’t affect – fleet tours continue (details here).

FIRST SUMMER CONCERT AT THE MOUNT: By most accounts, it should be nice at least by evening time, and that’s when you can bring your chair/blanket to Providence Mount St. Vincentfour free Friday night outdoor concerts. It’s on the south side of The Mount’s campus at 4831 35th SW. The Haggis Brothers play tonight, 6 pm (you’re welcome to come earlier and buy dinner/beer/wine if you want; free popcorn and snow cones).

DELRIDGE POTLUCK: Evening potluck – Free. (From the Adult section of the summer Seattle Parks and Rec guide.) An evening potluck followed by card playing, Scrabble, cribbage, and conversation. 6-9 pm

BIKE RACE: “Dead Baby Bikes Downhill” race leaves West Seattle this year – from Shipwreck Tavern. Registration 5 pm, race leaves 7 pm. Watch for bikes between the tavern and the bridge – possibly some congestion on Admiral too.

MUSIC AT C & P COFFEE: Tomorrow night, he’s the preshow entertainment at West Seattle Outdoor Movies; tonight, Bob “Bobcat Bob” Rice is live at C & P Coffee (WSB sponsor, 5612 California SW), 6-8 pm.

OLIVER! Opening night of Twelfth Night Productions (WSB sponsor) presentation of “Oliver!” (with part of the proceeds benefiting Treehouse, and a school supplies/clothing drive for foster kids too). 7:30 pm, West Seattle High School Theater. Prices are $18 for adults and $15 for students & seniors. Full WSB announcement here

MUSIC AT KENYON HALL: At Kenyon Hall (7904 35th Ave SW): Singer/songwriter Josh Harty, 7:30 pm.

West Seattle parks: Walt Hundley Playfield work under way

Yet another project in progress in West Seattle: While in the High Point area earlier this week, we noticed work is well under way at Walt Hundley Playfield south of HP Community Center. It’s set to get synthetic turf, with $1 million from the Parks and Green Spaces Levy. It wasn’t originally on the levy list, but Parks saved so much money from other projects, including the recent Delridge turf installation, they were able to add this one. The project webpage is here; one community meeting was held, back in April, and our coverage of that is here.

Steve Bushaw murder trial: Confessed killer testifies

By Katie Meyer
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

The King County Superior Court trial of Bryce Huber and Brandon Chaney, charged with first-degree murder in the February 2009 shooting death of lifelong West Seattleite Steve Bushaw, is in recess until Monday.

In the jury trial that could take as long as a month, three main witnesses were on the stand Thursday, including one of the admitted triggermen, John Sylve. But first:

Today’s proceedings began with a resumption of testimony from Detective Kevin O’Keefe of the Seattle Police Department’s Crime Scene Investigation Unit. Next, the state called Seattle Police Detective Mike Magan to the stand. Magan was the detective assigned to investigate a home-invasion robbery in Seattle – the aftermath of that robbery is alleged to have helped precipitate the murder.) Then, Sylve followed.

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