Hundreds of bicyclists roll from Admiral on ‘Dead Baby Downhill’

We warned you about it in the morning preview – but it still caught some people by surprise (thanks for the texts!): Hundreds of bicyclists rolled eastward from the Admiral District this past hour on the annual “Dead Baby Downhill.” Yes, like the name, it’s meant to be an in-your-face, irreverent/offensive, at-times profane event – “the greatest party known to humankind,” declared the Facebook event page – and it rotates starting-point neighborhoods; it’s been a few years since the DBD took off from West Seattle. They’re headed for Georgetown and a whale of an afterparty. (added) Here’s the start:

8:39 PM: More photos, ahead:

People-watching and bike-watching was at a prime before the riders took off. There were tall bikes:

Small bikes:

And long bikes:

Bikes with decorations:

And bikes with … cargo:

And by the time the ride started, riders were lining all sides of the 42nd/Admiral building, all the way to the Admiral Benbow Room entrance on the west side of the Heartland Café:

The DBD’s last West Seattle starting-point gathering was at the then-Redline (35th south of Avalon) in 2007. P.S. As for where the name came from … it was explained in this Seattle P-I story from even further back.

79 Replies to "Hundreds of bicyclists roll from Admiral on 'Dead Baby Downhill'"

  • Cj August 5, 2011 (8:06 pm)

    Surprised no Officers to get them off.

  • Admiral935 August 5, 2011 (8:20 pm)

    A good time was had by all.

  • JN August 5, 2011 (8:31 pm)

    I can’t believe I missed it!! Gosh darn it…

  • rrk August 5, 2011 (8:33 pm)

    Any info on who is in charge of this or where we can voice our concerns/complaints? As a business owner in the area they were staging and having to deal with blocked sidewalks, drinking and smoking right in front of my door for 2 hours and then having to clean up all the empty beer cans after they left, I would atleast like to have been warned so I could notify my customers of the extreme inconvenience

    • WSB August 5, 2011 (9:44 pm)

      The event had long been advertised as taking off from the Shipwreck Tavern. However, that’s no guarantee it was planned with them or with their permission/participation, but you can ask.
      We didn’t receive this info as a news release or announcement – I just stumbled onto it during an online wandering, somewhere, a couple weeks back, or else we wouldn’t have known (though a couple folks spotted mentions on bike-related websites and sent us notes this morning to make sure we’d heard) – so I don’t have any direct organizer contacts. – TR

  • debbie August 5, 2011 (8:34 pm)

    well, I was coming up Admiral way —Fire medics and a bloody bicylist on the street going east.
    too rfkg bad.

    I saw one biker blood and all on his back while fire department was taking care of his injuries.
    A police car raced up Admiral to the scene.
    If bicyclists want attention — they got mine.
    And I’m not impressed with their methods on this event.
    I do not know how this enthusiast was injured.
    It looked very bad–I hope he is stable and will
    be o.k.

  • Dunno August 5, 2011 (9:14 pm)

    Yeah, it’s all fun and games til a couple get killed. Many with out head gear.

  • cmc August 5, 2011 (9:35 pm)

    This is a truly innocent question: is there a certain statement they are trying to make? Or is it just a “let’s come up with an offensive/hurtful name for an event where we can ride down the middle of the street at a random time of day” kind of thing? I looked at the facebook page and I couldn’t quite figure it out.

  • cmc August 5, 2011 (9:52 pm)

    Thanks WSB! That is exactly what I was curious about!!

  • bsmomma August 5, 2011 (9:54 pm)

    In no way am I a stick in the mud… all. But there are limits. This just seems absolutely ridiculous and a lame name to go with it! I hate to pull out the “if bikers want to share the road they need to follow the rules” card…… but ummmmmm, drinking and operating a fast moving bike down a hill with no helmet with a bunch of others is definitely a recipe for disaster. It doesn’t seem like the “organizer” is very organized if surrounding businesses were not made aware. I’m pretty confident this would not be an “event” if these were cars or motorcycles flying down a hill with an intoxicated idiot behind the wheel. Just stupid.

  • VBD August 5, 2011 (9:56 pm)

    As tempting as it is to make this a “cyclist” issue, it isn’t. Bikes are a form of transportation, not a personality. These are no more “cyclists” than a car thief is a “driver”.

    Bad behavior is bad behavior, regardless of their preferred mode of transportation. Don’t make this yet another anti-bike issue.

    A cyclist.

  • BGJ August 5, 2011 (10:03 pm)

    Drunk hippy jerks. Stay out of WS.

  • JanS August 5, 2011 (10:04 pm)

    dunno..yes, quite a few without helmets. 4 right in front on the picture up above..silly kids…

  • kate August 5, 2011 (10:04 pm)

    I thought it was cool.

  • 2wheels a-go-go August 5, 2011 (10:05 pm)

    love it! the world needs more dead babies! uh, dead baby downhill events, that is.

  • Aman August 5, 2011 (10:06 pm)

    Maybe this is one of those “Flash Mob” type gatherings?

  • Weiss August 5, 2011 (10:10 pm)

    If you’ve never heard of this race before it’s because nothing horrible as ever become of it.

  • austin August 5, 2011 (10:24 pm)

    A lot of complainers this friday night. I hope you all feel so very high and mighty.

  • westseattleperson August 5, 2011 (10:36 pm)

    This makes me feel old. Silly kids.

  • Aman August 5, 2011 (10:42 pm)

    If it is a “flash mob” type of thing or another organized sort of gathering, from the photos there are MANY smiling people. My goodness, why would anyone tarnish an event regarding people who smile?

  • Mike August 5, 2011 (10:47 pm)

    Darwinism at it’s best.

  • debbie August 5, 2011 (10:49 pm)

    Over two hours since my post concerning injured bike rider on east side of Admiral Way. What happened?

    • WSB August 5, 2011 (10:56 pm)

      Don’t know, there was an aid response on the 911 log at Admiral/Olga at 7:15; that’s the lowest level of medic response, which means no life-threatening injuries … TR

  • Coach August 5, 2011 (10:57 pm)

    It’s an interesting and fun bit of culture. Get over yourselves.

  • Admiral935 August 5, 2011 (11:06 pm)

    I hope is okay too. after the incident he was administered to by E29 (Admiral F.D) about 5-8min after and taken to some hospital in no rush and in no hurry. The FD interviewedassessed him for some time. He was conscious and lucid while talking the F.D. The first good citizen lady on the scene (watched it happen maybe 10′ from) took calm control and did a super fine job of doing the right things for him until the FD arrived. Basically he hit the road facedown (rather dramatically) whilst cresting over down the hill at Belvedere Park. Ugs, and ah’s. Giant knot on head, some blood. No broken bones. Kinda like watching a belly=flop off a 10foot diving board but asphalt. Did you ever see the Evil Knievel “ragdoll” wipeout? It wasn’t that bad (unless your the guy). I’m guessing he’ll be good in a week ( or three?)
    Again, nice job to helper-girl. And the bike crew “medic” and the neighbor who ran out with quart of Hydrogen Peroxide! We have a cool neighborhood.

  • P-star August 5, 2011 (11:16 pm)

    They’re all smiles & giggles until a car cuts them off accidentally, then it’s a mob mentality to include tire slashing and kicking in doors. I’ve seen this tired hat before at Critical Mass. Ok we get it: you all like to ride bicycles. Let’s focus on taking showers, getting real jobs, and obeying the rules of the road.

  • Melissa August 5, 2011 (11:22 pm)

    +1 coach. Relax people. I’m sure they will move away from your precious West Seattle if you continue to kvetch.

  • Jim August 5, 2011 (11:34 pm)

    They will grow out of it.

  • I. Ponder August 5, 2011 (11:39 pm)

    What is Hi-Yu? Is it some secret cult term promoting drugs and prostitution? I think it’s what prostitutes used to call out to sailors. Who are the Seafair Pirates? They look like dirty motorcycle gang types to me. Who can I complain to about these dirty Seafair Pirates messing up Alki Beach and intentionally scaring children?

    Here’s a link to a great article with photos about last year’s Dead Baby Downhill.

    I went to the party and it was great fun. The race was won by a guy who I think may be around 60 years old.

    Bicycles are fun!

  • Please August 5, 2011 (11:52 pm)

    Live a little

  • newnative August 6, 2011 (12:19 am)

    I ponder, no joke. I moved here two years ago and was warned about the scary Pirates! God bless ’em. Sounds like these bike riders are no different. Good for them.

  • Spokes August 6, 2011 (12:20 am)

    Flying down Admiral with a thousand other cyclists and taking the roads and intersections back from the cars for one brief moment is a thrill not to be missed. The hill was fun but the reversal of roles was even more fun. Made it almost worth the thousands I pay in property taxes every year to build and maintain all those roads for you gas-burners.

  • see it clearly August 6, 2011 (12:33 am)

    sure .. fun … except for those of us forced out into the street while trying to walk home from doing our shopping or pushed and blocked from using the sidewalk while trying to get to a local business .. yeah fun.

  • Traci August 6, 2011 (2:03 am)

    Ope, I forgot my helmet! The ride was AMAZING. Scary and incredible. Sorry haters, this was a ride (and party) that I’ll tell my grandchildren about someday. I’m sure that we snarled traffic a good five minutes though.

  • SrslySharon August 6, 2011 (5:59 am)

    I hope they signed up to get their West Seattle in Motion credit.

  • blueemerald August 6, 2011 (6:41 am)

    Choosing possible injury/death instead of the simple safety of a bike helmet. I don’t get it. Why don’t you wear a bike helmet?

  • Kite August 6, 2011 (7:19 am)

    So what planet y’all come from. To assume these people don’t have real jobs , shower and that they are drunk hippies and then to compair hi-yu to calling prostitutes. Wow!

  • luke August 6, 2011 (7:51 am)

    I had a blast, and as a West Seattle resident I hope they do it here again next year!

    • WSB August 6, 2011 (8:34 am)

      Official moratorium now declared here on “bikers all suck” or for that matter “drivers all suck.” If you want to discuss specifics of this event, awesome. If not, lots of room to chat in the WSB Forums! Thanks all! – TR

  • debbie August 6, 2011 (8:18 am)

    @Admiral 935, Thanks for the report.
    I guess it looked worst than it actually was.
    Gudos to the Admiral neighbors for their help
    and assistance.

  • godofthebasement August 6, 2011 (8:25 am)

    Sorry I missed it! Maybe next time …

  • kate August 6, 2011 (8:29 am)

    I’m with you, Kite. I’ve read some harsh comments on this blog before but c’mon people! We’re all living in a densely populated area so expect the unexpected. Geez, why do you haters have to take everything so personally and get so angry? Good luck with that attitude…

  • NE G August 6, 2011 (8:29 am)

    “niceguy”…mature. Real mature. Might I suggest you change your username?

    For some…bikes are there only mode of transportation.

  • rw August 6, 2011 (8:50 am)

    I am a cyclist but want no part in rides such as this or Critical Mess. A mob is a mob, no matter what kind of environmental or social spin you put on it. I really wish police would ticket these knuckleheads for riding without helmets and the disruption they cause.

  • true courteous cyclist August 6, 2011 (9:32 am)

    I am also a cyclist who follows the rules of the road. I do agree with what this group did. They give true cyclists a bad name. Please make note these people do not represent the tens of thousands of cyclists in Seattle who correctly share the road with cars, etc.

  • Westgirl August 6, 2011 (9:41 am)

    @ SrslySharon- Lol!!

  • sam-c August 6, 2011 (9:52 am)

    speaking of cyclists without helmets, I saw a dad riding with a small son in a rear seat attachment, biking south on California near Morgan junction, in yesterday’s afternoon traffic. NEITHER were wearing helmets!

    I am not anti-bike but wear helmets for pete’s-sake!

  • dbdhrider August 6, 2011 (9:55 am)

    I have a real job, take showers, wore a helmet, and abided all traffic regulations. The drinking isn’t sanctioned until the race AFTER-party. 1000+ cyclists participated in this race, from priests (yes, a priest), to families with children. Want to continue to generalize massive numbers of various individuals into one crotchety narrow definition based on a few bad apples? huh. Broaden your view.
    Oh, and “NICEGUY”: you do realize that you are protected by nearly a ton of metal & glass, that is going to “nudge” a completely unprotected flesh and bone human-being? I’d like to nudge my foot right up your you-know-where.
    My foot was nearly severed OFF several years ago when someone with your mentality, “nudged” me into the curb and didn’t even slow down, while I bled out on the sidewalk. (But, you know, I’m the jerk.)

  • I. Ponder August 6, 2011 (10:18 am)

    True Courteous Cyclist and rw: These people DO NOT represent cyclists. Also, YOU DO NOT represent me… or anyone for that matter. Nobody represents cyclists. Who represents drivers? I often have to be reminded that it’s SUMMER in Seattle. There are tons of festivals, parties, street fairs. This was one of them. Get over your solemn sanctimonious selves. I was obstructed in getting home last week by the Seafair Parade downtown. You won’t see me whining about how my precious time was forever lost and how my neighborhood was scarred. I went to Georgetown for the party and to take photos. It was very civilized, there were a fair number of children and families, and everyone was welcome, even if you had recently showered and gotten a job. Many of the 30-somethings that participate in this event have jobs at Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft, and likely a few tattoo parlors. These are your neighbors and your neighbor’s kids. Get over yourselves. This is a vibrant city. If you don’t like it you can always go to Bellevue.

  • Darkseid August 6, 2011 (10:36 am)

    Wow, a lot of bitter comments toward the bike riders. The status quo sure does get riled up. When did WS become so lame??

  • Snap2 August 6, 2011 (12:05 pm)

    NicePerson I am absolutely horrified by your “nudged” comment. Hitting or “nudging” a cyclist is considered assault. Cyclists are dying on our streets every week because of distracted drivers and nudgers like yourself. You should be ashamed of even thinking this is an ok practice. Whether someone is in a car or on a bike you never take it upon yourself to “teach them a lesson” by assaulting them with your car. A car is a deadly weapon as defined by the law – drive defensively and stay away from bad situations – it might just keep you out of jail for assault and a another person out of the hospital or morgue!

    • WSB August 6, 2011 (12:07 pm)

      Actually, I’ll be deleting the “nudging” comment. Our policies have evolved to generally not publishing/approving comments by someone suggesting or advocating harming someone else. Our front-line filters catch most such comments but I don’t think I’ve seen “nudge” used in a violence-advocating context before, so that one got through … TR

  • lil_gal August 6, 2011 (12:05 pm)

    It was a blast to watch and a cool big-city event.
    Since I do know the cyclist who was hit and run in South Seattle on Thursday, I liked thinking he was somehow honored. But I would have like to see EVERYONE wearing a helmet!

  • vincent August 6, 2011 (12:11 pm)

    @darkseid its not WS, its the WSB.

    The WSB is a haven for pearl clutchers and stay at home baby boomers with too much free time. Popular topics include kittens caught in trees, and the unfathomable crime of off leash dogs.

    Any middle of the road folks or people you could have a discourse with were chased off by group think long ago, leaving only the lovely jerks in these comments who talk about assault and murder with a auto ( unmoderated even! ) because they were inconvenienced.

    Despite the name the WSB doesn’t represent the neighborhood, its just a local commercial endeavor that happens to sell ads and be based in WS.

    Stay classy Tracy, Chris and CO…

    • WSB August 6, 2011 (12:25 pm)

      Nice to hear from you again, Vincent!

  • Mike August 6, 2011 (12:58 pm)

    I might not agree with everyone all the time on here, but I appreciate that WSB has an open and mildly moderated forum of discussion on topics reported here. Nobody forces anyone to visit this site. The Internet is a big place, if you feel WSB is hurting your feelings, there are millions of other sites out there for you to visit within seconds.

  • walker August 6, 2011 (3:13 pm)

    I loved it (really) when it was a fast 3 or 4 minute race from Capital Hill to the 2nd and Bell ending in our alley were Dead Baby Bikes had their shop. All the fastest, strongest people I knew were in it. Lovely.

    Now I’m just glad I didn’t have to compete with them for sidewalk space or get in their way. Funny what you can do to people when you’re righteous.

    (Oh Yeah, Critical Mass can eat my shorts, their CM ends were my righteous pedestrian feet start. “Hey, “I’M WALKIN’ HERE!” :)

  • Kcluvbzed August 6, 2011 (4:09 pm)

    I wouldnt have cared either way, but one of those “cyclists” flipped me off and screamed “GEORGETOWN”. after that i decided the event was stupid and annoying and thats the truth of the matter. if they were acting cool and respectful just doing their thing, i wouldnt have cared, but they were downright disrespectful. hopefully this wont happen next year. no kudos to the “dead babies”….seriously….wth kind of name is that? i would LOVE to support a group with such a tasteless name….NOT!

    for the record– theres nothing wrong with doing what you guys did but going out of your way to be disrespectful to (not just me) but everyone is really annoying and immature. if i can say one positive thing about you is that maybe your bike designs were cool, but it kinda got overlooked. sorry.

  • jeffmaxweed August 6, 2011 (5:28 pm)

    This is the most fascinating series of comments I’ve ever read – on any issue.

  • Wow August 6, 2011 (6:21 pm)

    Let’s consider closing down an entire interstate highway to fly our airplanes upside down and burn a lot of fuel and oh yes the fatalities are regular. Everyone say yeah!

  • rbjacobs August 6, 2011 (7:10 pm)

    bicyclists bad…blah blah blah… stupid kids…blah blah blah…i’m old and mean…blah blah blah…complain on comment sections…blah blah blah.

  • I. Ponder August 6, 2011 (7:11 pm)

    Please start the GROUP HEALTH WELL BABY BIKE RIDE. It will be 100% PC and boring.

    Dead Baby Bike Club is like a motorcycle gang, except on bicycles. Probably more like a drinking club, but on bicycles. For the record, no babies were harmed, threatened, or made to be dead. It’s just the name of a bike club.

    Whatever they are, they sure know how to throw a party.

    Does anyone remember how Seattle became famous for its grunge scene, which had bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana? This event is like that. Remember when Seattle wasn’t 100% corporate sponsored, in the days before Amazon and Microsoft and their ilk ruled the world. This event is like that. This event isn’t corporate sponsored.

    I don’t excuse truly obnoxious behavior. Unfortunately, it appears to be part of the human condition.

  • John Bennett August 6, 2011 (7:53 pm)

    Really? This is a great event! As a West Seattle business owner I encourage any non traditional events in our neighborhood. As a Georgetown property owner , I donate my property to the Dead Babys every year. In these days of red tape and political correctness, I find this event a breath of fresh air. These guys work hard on , in my opinion, the best party in Seattle. Additionally, the ride is exhilarating!!

  • Admiral935 August 6, 2011 (8:31 pm)

    Sure, some people burped and some even, um, (discreetly) farted. So many degenerates!

    • WSB August 6, 2011 (8:34 pm)

      You’ve flown a 747 upside down? Now there’s a story!

  • Admiral935 August 6, 2011 (8:38 pm)

    Yes, thnaks! I edited the post wherupon a conjecture was proferred about the upside-down 747 trick. (it was too unbelievable even to myself so I cut the post out ((within the 15 minute time limit)) limit – I CAN make it up again!). Well, actually its not a trick, flying upside down, it’s Science! Oops, look at the time….I gotta go

  • Dunno August 6, 2011 (9:54 pm)


    Means you made nothing from beer and food sales?
    Since the ride was in WS, why not finish in WS. Plenty of bars here that would have donated space. BTW, guess I’m jealous since SPD gave me a ticket for riding without a helmet years back.

  • miws August 6, 2011 (10:09 pm)


    You wouldn’t happen to be a descendant of Tex Johnston, would you? ;)



  • The HepCat August 7, 2011 (1:34 am)

    Wow. You people need to increase your dosages.
    As I understand it, the DBD is a once a year event.
    One person out of all the cyclists was injured.
    Is it really that big of an issue? A fun group ride that took a bit out of your day? I used to feel the same way when I got stuck behind the Duck boats downtown. Now I just laugh at them.

    Seems it’s just a drinking club with a bicycle problem. Oh well. Relax and breathe, people.

  • Grant-in-AZ August 8, 2011 (2:47 pm)

    I think this was a wonderful release and a damn good crowd for what it was! A bikeride put together by a small chapter bicycle club- The Dead Babies- They are no more of an insult or disgrace to their craft( building and riding bikes) than any other outfit i.e. Specialized, Nishiki, Giant, etc.. They all have their own organixed rides. They all have their accidents. This crew just does it alittle different and there is nothing wrong with different, right!! I will agree with the ‘little warning’ vs a good preparation though. Maybe the next one The ‘Babies’ could talk to the merchants and the medics. Maybe have some medical on hand?? or atleast at the bottom of the hill? Good time had by most and A good time is just that!! Evrybody else just needs to get over it!!
    Thanx for the drop, ARIZONA DAVE !!!

  • GreyGeezerOnKidsBike August 8, 2011 (8:49 pm)

    So, a few hundred people got together in one spot to indulge in a little fun for a couple hours, moved on to another location for a few more hours, which caused a slight temporary traffic snarl (kind of like what happens when a football or baseball stadium empties out). A person accidentally hurt himself at the start of the venue shift, and a few more had minor scrapes and bruises along the way because of railway tracks (not from drunkenness) and were attended to by on-site volunteer medics. A whole lot of people knew the after party would be so fun, that they drove there in their cars, egad, to join those who arrived by bicycle. (I hope these motorist-party-goers didn’t drive home inebriated, they might make a bad name for motorists. People might want to ban motorists from the roads! Why, those motorists might even crash and hit their heads. We need to protect these bad motorists from themselves by requiring all motorists and motor vehicle passengers to wear safety helmets. Just think of all the head injuries it would prevent and lives it would save. Look at the numbers of road deaths caused by head injuries. Clearly airbags are not enough!).

    And yeah, I am the guy with white hair riding a kids bike. I showered the morning of the race, travelled over 100 miles to attend this event, wore a full face downhill helmet, and exceeded the speed limit going down the hill (just like the motorists who decided 45mph was not fast enough when I made a practice run) and spent quite a bit of money all in the name of fun.

    Blue Angels, hydroplanes, parades. Not really my thing, but I came to Seattle anyway.

  • bornanraisedinthews August 8, 2011 (11:42 pm)

    I am a business owner here in the admiral district and I can assure you that 90% of the businesses up here knew and endorsed this race and even participated in the race. I don`t think its fair to slander the name of their club anymore then you would their 15 year old event itself. Sure, it’s a given that some of the safety issues hold some valid concerns but I was in the race and thought that it went rather well! It shut down the street for 15 minutes but every year I have to deal with the fireworks crowds shutting my hill down so I can`t go anywhere for hours. There’s also the silly hi-yu parade, the street fair, etc… All of these events started out rough and had their flaws which get worked out so we should give them the same respect!

    I think if you are a super human and have never broken a law and never will break a single law, then I suppose you get a pass to complain but I really don`t think there is such a thing. In summation, good luck finding one of those. This is West Seattle, relax and live your life as we will do the same… Good night and I love you West Seattle.

  • CRASHY August 9, 2011 (9:50 am)

    I’m the idiot who decided to ride bare foot with no helmet and proceeded to face dive into the concrete 3 blocks into the race. My bad for giving a bad rap to all the responsible bicyclists during the race. i’m paying for it now, body and pride. Needless to say I won’t be riding anytime soon/EVER!!!

  • Flabbergast August 9, 2011 (12:01 pm)

    RabbleRabbleRabble, The world is big RabbleRabbleRabble, People like different things than me, RabbleRabbleRabble, Well I Never! RabbleRabbleRabble, bike people are scary, RabbleRabbleRabble, Some people smoke cigarettes GASP! RabbleRabbleRabble, I’m old and frightened of stuff I don’t understand, RabbleRabbleRable, Get offa my lawn!

  • J242 August 9, 2011 (1:13 pm)

    As someone who lives in the Admiral district I have some thoughts on this that include some criticisms as well as some positive impressions.

    First off the criticisms:
    This event didn’t seem to be managed well. I am working on a project in the neighborhood yet I had NO knowledge it was going to be happening and the huge (for this neighborhood) crowd made it impossible for me to get in and check equipment for my purchasing needs. No big deal, I just walked back over a few hours later and got it done. No biggie at all. I just feel it could have been handled a little bit better and more awareness of the event could have been raised.

    I was surprised and somewhat concerned that there was no police presence in order to help redirect auto traffic to arterial routes to accommodate the bikers and ensure the event was safer. This seemed to tick off a lot of the locals driving around as they were stuck at green lights waiting for “tattoo’ed hooligans” to get out of the road (up to an hour before the actual race) which was apparent by the looks on their faces. We here in WS generally have pretty good manners so I only heard vehicles honking at the pedestrians involved every once in a rare while.

    With no “leadership” apparently on hand specifically directing folks to areas there was a huge amount of bleed over which DID interfere with local business and when you combine that with the lack of information regarding the event it made a problematic scenario. Granted, it was only for a very brief period of time but it DID interfere because there was no organization of the people. People were randomly running across the road blocking cars (Sorry, but that’s just stupid. It doesn’t matter what you feel you rights are, you have to be an idiot to step in front of a half ton of metal traveling at 30mph and expect THEM to be able to stop, it’s simply astounding how stupid that is) and being a nuisance. If they had organized the event better, this would not have been an issue. That’s my primary “complaint” regarding this.

    Now for the positive notes:

    This event brought together a LOT of people from all around the state and even brought in some folks (that I met there while trying to figure out what was going on) from Canada who were here for a great time. This event highlighted our wonderful neighborhood and I hope it comes back to us next year! (So long as they get things put in place so there’s public awareness, police support, traffic redirections for the safety of the bikers, etc)

    A LOT of the local business got a HUGE influx of business on what would otherwise have been a generic day and that helps the whole neighborhood!

    With the hundreds of people participating, there was only ONE injury. That’s impressive and the person injured has even posted on here that they made a mistake and took full credit for their faults! That is impressive and it says a lot about the quality of person here. They didn’t immediately go out and contact a lawyer as so many do, they owned up to their own faults and are dealing with it. Good for them and bravo!

    All in all, I think this was a very cool event and I hope they come back to the Admiral Junction for next year’s event! I just hope we’re able to work together to make it known that the event will be taking place and set up alternate routes for motorists as well as specific areas in local businesses for all of the participants to relax and have fun before the race begins. Everyone wins!

  • Dead Baby Peter August 9, 2011 (1:49 pm)

    The comments on this post go from “no clue at all” to “spot on”.
    Thanks John Bennett and I. Ponder for your support and comments.

    To the residents and businesses of WS, sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. For arguments sake though, I think the comparison in a previous post likening the temporary inconvenience of the DBDH to that of the Seafair Parade or the Blue Angels was accurate and you can rest easy knowing no Tax Payer money was used to fund it. For anyone who takes offense to the name of the club, Dead Baby Bikes, you can rest easy here as well knowing that no actual babies were harmed in the making of this club. …don’t be so uptight, live a little, die with a smile on your face.

    Side Notes:
    -no beer was sold at the after party.
    -Participants ride at their own risk (they know what they’re getting into), helmet or not.
    -Dead Baby Bikes is not a Bicyclist advocacy group. We have no agenda, we just like party and have a good time.

  • lucky chick August 9, 2011 (3:57 pm)

    As a bike communter, racer, and serious recreationist, I wish this group wasn’t associated with bikes. You should realize that the average dimwit driver sees a person on a bike do something stupid or illegal and they start raving about how ALL cyclists behave that way. Thanks for making our quest to stay alive among the road-ragers that much harder. Can’t you ride skateboards or something>

  • WS person August 16, 2011 (5:58 pm)

    Wow, what a bunch of sniveling, exclusionist whiners. Live and let live

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