And another eyebrow-raising pitch

Not to harp too long on a theme, but this one just hit the inbox and seemed sharable:

There seems to be a theme going around with suspicious door-to-door sales people but just wanted to make another mention of Icon Security. At about 7:30 or so we had a young woman come to the door saying that she was from Icon. My husband answered the door and she asked it he was the “man of the house.” He said that he was and she then looked him over and said “you’re looking really good, I hope that your wife isn’t here.” He was rather taken aback especially considering he was wearing flannel pants and ratty old T-shirt. She then started asking about our security system and if it was wireless saying that they could offer us a better deal. He told her we were happy with our service and started closing the door and she left. I remembered that Icon has been mentioned on the blog before so I just thought I would say that they were out again. If these people are legitimate they really need to work on their sales pitch, they seem really sleazy. We called the police and reported this. We live in Arbor Heights.

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  • k May 6, 2008 (9:23 am)

    Had a younger “Icon Security” woman at my house last evening (Arbor Heights). Also had an official-looking badge, and tried telling me how bad crime is around here, and then asked if my Brinks system was hard-wired. That’s when I told her I am not talking about it and slammed the door. Watched her for a bit and she seemed to be pretty selective in her next houses to visit before disappearing down the road.

  • helen fristrom May 6, 2008 (11:26 am)

    we are also Arbor Heights residences and the Comcast guy has been here twice at 7:00 pm????
    Told him we were not intersest and don’t bother us again…he was asking all sorts of questions and I asked him why he didn’t have our record if he was representing Comcast(??)
    Next time he shows up I will notify the police.

  • Alex G. May 6, 2008 (10:05 pm)

    Icon is a legit company. I bought a security system last summer from them and I am very satisfied. I switched over from ADT because I wasn’t at all happy with them. Their customer service was horrible and I had so many problems with my system. I pay $45 a month for Icon’s service and they never tried to screw me over or trick me into paying more. I know that the people who work for the company are young honest college students doing this during the summer. They are not trying to screw you out of money. I live in Arbor Heights as well and had a young Asian woman come to my door on Monday. She was very respectful and not at all “sleazy”. Icon is an excellent company and I am glad to be a customer.

    Icon’s website:

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