Saturday scenes: Cookies, trees, rainbow and hail, signs


We found those two Girl Scouts selling cookies outside Thriftway this afternoon – second day of local Scouts’ sales – their West Seattle cookie-selling locations are listed here. (We got Thin Mints, $4/box, yum.) More West Seattle Saturday scenes ahead, including the rainbow-and-hail video link:

First, go here to see that video shot during a squall today, courtesy of Jerry at JetCityOrange – the sound’s as important as the sights.

Next, the pastoral setting of Sanislo Elementary School on the east uphill edge of the North Delridge area – we dropped in for the book/bake sale but rather than photograph that scene inside, we were taken with Sanislo’s wooded exterior:



Not far from there, Neil attended the Seattle Public Schools surplus-property auction at Boren, and while there, happened onto and photographed (thank you!) signs for the ex-junior high’s future high-school tenants:


Last week, in fact, during our interview with Sealth principal John Boyd, he mentioned his staff had been scoping out the Boren rooms already, for the move this fall.

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  • picklemom March 1, 2008 (11:39 pm)

    Awesome rainbow and cute kids! When you’re buying a box for yourselves, also buy a box for our soldiers overseas. I’m pretty sure the Girl Scouts have a drop-off program.

  • DAS March 2, 2008 (6:55 am)

    There is a drop off program, called Operation Cookie Drop. Girl Scouts of Western Washington has partnered with KOMO TV to deliver cookies to toops. All site sales should have a drop box available. The goal this year is to send 100,000 boxes of girl scout cookies to troops.

  • Sue March 2, 2008 (6:38 pm)

    I don’t know if the troop these kids are involved in does this, but i bought GS cookies from someone at work who had the option of donating them to Northwest Harvest.

  • Indaknow March 3, 2008 (7:11 am)

    When I was a cookie mom for my daughter’s troop several years ago we offered a “Gift of Caring” option to people who wanted to buy a box of cookies (but not eat them!). Every year the girls would choose a cause to donate to. One year it was a West Seattle fire-station, one year it was a West Seattle senior center, another they chose King County Search and Rescue. My understanding is the “cookies for troops” is organized through KOMO TV and not all troops might choose their gifts of caring to go to them. The girls selling should be able to tell you where their donated cookies are going to.

  • ABC123 March 3, 2008 (8:12 am)

    What’s with the price differences – is it a regional thing?? The cookies are only $3.50/box in CA.

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