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Different type of Top Ten list

August 31, 2007 11:20 pm
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 |   West Seattle religion

The weekly religion column just posted on the P-I site features Alki Congregational UCC minister Diane Darling and her “Ten Essentials” list.

Three more reader recommendation requests

First, a reminder that our “reader recommendation” posts (with all the incredibly helpful replies attached) have their own category now — use the link on the WSB CATEGORIES list on the right side of this page (you can also bookmark it or subscribe to just that category via RSS). Now, the latest requests:

–A request for opinions — good, bad, neutral — about bathtub refinishers (even if they’re not in WS, as long as they have done work for you here).

–A request for licensed/bonded arborist recommendations, to do what the reader describes as “pruning/storm damage prevention on (a willow tree).” The reader hopes to use someone who could said to be of the “‘plant amnesty’ mindset.”

–Last but not least, a reader is looking for a home-based child-care provider who would consider watching a 7-year-old with a nontraditional school schedule during certain months of the year when the child is out of school. (Responses to this one can be posted here or e-mailed to us and we will forward to that reader.)

Special shelter will be back soon

August 31, 2007 6:52 pm
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 |   Transportation | WS culture/arts

WSB reader Luckie asked us sometime back about the mysterious disappearance of the California & Admiral bus shelter that had been decorated with art tile. King County Councilmember Dow Constantine‘s office checked into it and got word from Metro that the tiled shelter is being “refurbished” and should be back within a few weeks. The generic shelter that’s there now is just temporary.

Pickup theft trend?

A comment just in on an old post a couple pages into the site seems to merit a brighter spotlight — this is from Roger:

My old 97 Nissan pickup truck was stolen from 35th and Avalon in WS on Monday 8/27. Why anyone would steal it is beyond me. Being so old, I only had liability insurance on it. I’m really bummed out – it wasn’t much, but it was paid for and it was mine. Are stolen cars really found sometimes? I’ve sort of written it off as gone.

Roger made that comment today on our 3-week-old post 3 about someone who blogged about the theft of a different pickup. (Checking back on that blogger — turns out he got his truck back this week, and police arrested someone.) Overall, though, we thought thieves mostly targeted sedans … guess any vehicle could be at risk.

Condo conversion fallout

watermarke.jpg4 days after we reported on another big Morgan Junction apartment building going condo, we have two updates. First, one of the outgoing (not by choice) tenants has been blogging about her experiences. Second, we heard from Michele Thomas, a West Seattle resident who works for the Tenants’ Union and has taken at least one call from someone caught up in this conversion; since this is far from the only building where tenants are getting/have gotten/will get the boot, she wanted to share some info…
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WS weekend lineup: Bumberwho?

You don’t need to go hang out in the shadow of the Space Needle to enjoy yourself this weekend. We’ve found 21 ways to have a blast here in WS (and environs), including the West Seattle Art Dive!Read More