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    We have squirrels in our attic. Does anyone know of someone who does humane squirrel removal in West Seattle ?



    John from Adept Pest, or Sean from: http://www.seattlepestanimalcontrol.com/

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    We had one or two several years ago. We bought a small Hav-a-hart trap, which worked, and then released the squirrel in a park several miles from our house.



    One more thing I just thought of–unless there are already baby squirrels (have they built a drey?) then they probably will leave the attic during the day–so if you can find the entry point you might be able to catch them when they’re out and lock the door, as it were. Regardless-Good luck!!



    You might be able to take care of this yourself using the techniques mentioned, but the important thing is to make sure you’ve found the entry point so that is can be permanently sealed. I just had a roof rat removed from my attic by John with Adept Pest. He found that the rat had chewed through the screening on a roof vent. He installed a one way exit on the hole, then sealed all of the other vents with heavy-duty wire. However, clever Mr. Rat chewed a new hole in a very hidden location – which John quickly found and sealed. I’ve used John several times in the past and he is simply the BEST. John knows every trick, employs IPM methods, takes requests for humane removals without judgment, is great to work with, AND is very reasonably priced. He will not try to sell you unnecessary and toxic poisoning programs like so many pest companies do. Just a great guy. Give him a call, (sometimes you have to be persistent – he’s super busy).



    @donnlmp– I like your trap idea, by chance do you still have the trap that I can borrow?

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