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    Hi, I moved to West Seattle recently and just found out that I am 6 weeks pregnant! I am new to the state and not sure which doctor and hospital to choose for the delivery. Any recommendations would greatly help. (We are over-anxious parents with a first time pregnancy so it would help if the doctor is patient in answering all our questions). Thank you for your help!



    I had a really encouraging and supportive appointment at if you want to check them out. A good place to get questions answered.



    Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to West Seattle! I ended up going to Bellgrove OB-GYN in Bellevue for my appointments and delivering at Overlake, but that’s only because I grew up in Bellevue and decided to keep seeing my doctor over there. My sister and plenty of girlfriends have gone to Swedish on First Hill, Ballard or Issaquah to deliver, but I’m not sure about their obstetrics appointments. I think the most important thing is to check your health insurance plan for in-network providers to also aid in your decision. Good luck and I hope your pregnancy is going well!



    Congratulations! I highly recommend Dobrina Okorn at Swedish’s West Seattle clinic. She is a family practice physician who does OB, so she can deliver your baby and also maintain the physician relationship as your baby grows up. She’s been my daughter’s doctor for ten years now and we love her.



    Congrats! I gave birth twice at Highline in Burien. It was great! It’s also much closer than Swedish, no traffic problems, and free parking. It’s a smaller hospital so you get better attention. If you’re on Facebook, look up the West Seattle Moms group. Lots and lots of support there!



    Based on our experience, I recommend Swedish First Hill. Our daughter was born 7 weeks early so we had to spend a few weeks in the NICU after she was born. The nurses in the NICU were awesome. They put so much care and attention into helping us and the other families, it was really amazing. Even though our early birth was unexpected and scary, the staff there helped it go as well as it could have and gave us plenty of support along the way. They never acted like they didn’t have time to answer this very worried father’s many questions. Congratulations, and best of luck finding the right fit for your needs.



    We had wonderful experiences at Swedish when we had our kids, 15 and 12 years ago. The first birth was complex and the second was easy (and a VBAC). I would figure out what you value most (post-partum care, nursing staff, c-section rates, and so on) and research those factors. And here’s some super-dry data about c-sections:

    Best wishes!



    Agreed with the majority regarding Swedish. They are fantastic and I also highly recommend Kaiser Permanente for overall benefits. They are more of an HMO style service but the cost savings, convenience and level of care are incredible. They are also partnered w/ Swedish for all births.

    Just my two cents, best of luck finding the right docs for you! :)



    My little guy is just 3 months old. I can’t recommend a Doctor because I just found out that my Doc is leaving, but honestly, I felt like she was less important in the process than the nurses! I delivered at Swedish First Hill and had a PHENOMENAL delivery nurse. I was there for 4 days and generally found the nurses to all be wonderful.



    Thank you all for your recommendations. We are going with Swedish, fingers crossed!!

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