‘Nostalgia’ opens at Mind Unwind

June 7, 2012 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Mind Unwind
2206 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116


June 7-June 30 2012
Gallery hours: Daily, noon-5:00 pm
Mind Unwind, 2206A California Ave SW, Seattle (206-849-7222)

Nostalgia is a vintage mixed media collection on stretched fabric that incorporates glimpses of old-school cartoon imagery, pinup memorabilia, decorative motifs and print media alongside charcoal, acrylic paint and spray paint. This layering technique creates paintings that have depth, interest and entertain the viewer. The vibrant collection includes neon pink as a true classic retro color.

Nostalgia is fine art that suits your modern interior. Watch Fraser’s artwork come to life on 6′ by 6′ canvas as he takes the stage at the opening reception on Thursday June 7th from 6:30-11:30pm. This isn’t just an artist at work; Fraser has truly mastered the art of performing art.

“Inspired by my home and my passion for collecting everything from vintage candy, lava lamps and pinup magazines, this collection is really a way for me to share the things that I love through art” says Fraser, whose paintings have been collected by ‘A list’ celebrities. Fraser is no stranger to fame; he was scouted by Louis Vuitton in 2008 to caricature shoes at private events across Canada.

Nostalgia transforms the Mind Unwind Gallery into a 50’s magazine from June 7-June 30.

For more information about Nostalgia, please call (206) 849-7222 or visit http://www.brentrayfraser.com

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