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Live from West Seattle Summer Fest: Friday night updates

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(The Full Tilt Ice Cream bicycle, staffed by Greg, roaming earlier)
The sun’s still up but it’s after 5:30 so we’re hereby declaring this Friday night. A nice breeze is blowing through the main crossroads of the West Seattle Summer Fest festival grounds. The much-awaited Mudhoney performance is a little more than two hours away. We’re still headquartered at the big tent at California/Alaska (look for Information/Junction/Survey signage). More to come!

Ladder 11 – based in Highland Park – is here as are firefighters collecting for the Muscular Dystrophy Association “Fill the Boot” drive – you might have seen the donation drive elsewhere in West Seattle earlier today (we passed them at California/Fauntleroy in Morgan Junction). They’ll be here throughout the evening, so if you’re coming down for Mudhoney, keep an eye out for them. Lots of other unique fundraisers here – like this one:

Michelle Joan is with the quilt that West Seattle Sound View Quilters are raffling in October – buy tickets here now! They’re in front of Stop n Shop on the ground level of the Senior Center of West Seattle. Thanks to Louise for e-mailing to make sure we came by for a photo – we’d love to hear from anybody else with fundraisers or cool deals here – we’re roaming for photos but there’s so much here, we won’t see it all, no matter how hard we try. And of course you’ll see so many great local businesses here, including more than a few WSB sponsors — such as the Dream Dinners crew:

The official end time for Summer Fest tonight is 8 pm, but that’s when the Mudhoney concert starts, so it’ll be rolling for a while past 8. We’ll be here in the central tent, too, since we’ll be covering what’s expected to be quite the crowd for the concert.

7:10 PM UPDATE: It’s been busy much of the day but this is the busiest yet. No trouble though, and just in case, there’s a sizable police contingent on hand — just feet away from us (and close to the “Alaska” stage where Mudhoney will be playing in an hour or so) — this photo gives you an idea of the sunshine we’re looking into (hey, we’re not complaining):

Reminder that in addition to the food vendors, many local restaurants have sidewalk cafes set up, expanding their capacity, like West 5:

7:56 PM UPDATE: Minutes till Mudhoney’s scheduled performance and we have answered the question “where’s the Alaska stage?” about a hundred times, as the last people remaining in the info tent. Of course we’re also staked out over by the stage in hopes of capturing some of the show on video too. Another big question here at this hour – restaurant recommendations. And we’ve had more than a few non-West Seattle visitors ask whether they could walk to Alki from here. (Well, you CAN, but it’ll take you a while.) Oh dear, a little boy who got separated from his parent/s just showed up – the police are chatting with him – remember that if (heaven forbid) you get separated from a child here at Summer Fest, come to the Information (etc.) Booth here at California/Alaska. Nearby, Fitness Together has an old-fashioned “test your strength” setup – here’s a bit of video:

8:15 PM UPDATE: Mudhoney’s playing now, after an introduction by King County Council Chair (and County Executive candidate) Dow Constantine. Video shortly. (By the way, the aforementioned lost child has been reunited with his family.)

9:06 PM: Here’s our crowd-shot video, and you can hear Mudhoney playing. We have a longer clip – their first song, and the Dow C intro – that we’ll upload upon arrival at WSB HQ (video via middle-of-the-street wi-fi tends to take a while):

Sounds like Mudhoney is wrapping up. Still a lot of people hanging out, and not just the crowd for the concert. The booths are shut down, though, and we’re rolling up our spot for the night – back in the morning. More coverage (and other news) to come, though, here on WSB — we’re just changing locales. Oh yeah – there’s the Mudhoney encore.

Live at West Seattle Summer Fest: Friday afternoon updates

July 10, 2009 12:18 pm
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(scroll down for frequently updated info and photos)

We’re here, facing KeyBank and the Food Court, and ready to cover the first afternoon of West Seattle’s biggest summer event. Come say hi and take the Summer Fest survey (only one page of questions and you’ll be entered for a $100 shopping-spree drawing). Above, a look down the Food Court. Much more to come! Full festival rundown here.

1:07 PM UPDATE: Time for more photos! GORGEOUS day out here. Lots of people but not too crowded, sunny but not too hot. Toward the north end of the Summer Fest zone, on California north of Oregon, near JF Henry, you’ll find Greg Whittaker from Alki Kayak Tours – modeling the rubber sunglasses he’s got on sale for $1 (down from $5!):

Not far from there is Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor) – thanks to Lora for sharing her phone so we could participate in KUOW’s “The Conversation” this afternoon, during another of their roundtables with neighborhood-news site editors (we were asked about the King County Water Taxi and the Conner Homes Junction project). Check out Hotwire this weekend for free samples of a frosty drink!

Also on the north end, you’ll find the Art Dive tent just north of Oregon – on the south side of the tent, this metalcrafted mermaid is keeping watch:

2:07 PM UPDATE: Live music will be starting soon – remember there are two stages, the California stage at the north end of the festival, and the Alaska stage east of California, near the Junction Plaza Park site. We’ve talked to lots of great people already – the Hi-Yu Junior Court has come by, as they patrol the festival selling Hi-Yu buttons (help support what is arguably Seattle’s most robust summer festival – and the only one that still has a float that travels to represent its community). If you’re walking north, just look for the gingerbread house:

The steel-drum band, by the way, is The Toucans, and they just declared that they and Mudhoney are the only two bands at Summer Fest that started in 1988. (Mudhoney performs tonight after 8 pm, same stage that The Toucans are on right now.)

2:38 PM UPDATE: Alan Harrison from ArtsWest just dropped by with word of the deal they’re offering during Summer Fest – buy season tickets here, in person, during the festival, and you get $42 worth of goodies thrown in – a ticket to “Plaid Tidings” this holiday season and a $10 gift certificate. (Season tickets are $159 for six plays.) We’ve also gotten a visit from a multimedia class at the Delridge Community Center, youth 14-18 – you’ll be seeing some of their work here on WSB soon, and we’re really excited about that!

3:26 PM UPDATE: Lots of fun to be had on the fly – there’s been a cake-eating contest over by the Community Tent on the east-central side of the festival – tomorrow, we’re told, they’ll do it again with chocolate cake, so plan on that. Meantime, here’s video of the unicyclist who’s been doing stunts – and just keeping your balance on one of those contraptions seems like stunt enough – near our HQ:

5:19 PM UPDATE: We’re going to start a separate evening update with more photos – the live music is really rocking over here in the center of the festival – the Alaska stage (near the Junction Plaza Park beer garden, proceeds from which benefit the park construction fund) is just east of California.

West Seattle Summer Fest: Getting ready for Day 1

July 10, 2009 8:46 am
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On Alaska east of California, that’s the “Alaska Stage” where Mudhoney will headline tonight, and many others during the three days of West Seattle Summer Fest (sponsoring and co-sponsored by WSB), which starts at 10 this morning. It takes a village to put on a street festival – and the streets are abuzz this morning with people setting up – on California north of Oregon, here’s the Art Dive tent:

And at California/Alaska, this is the tent where you will find WSB, the festival-presenting West Seattle Junction Association, volunteers from the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce at Information HQ, and the Friends of Junction Plaza Park – we’ll be on the west side, the KeyBank/Easy Street/food court side:

Festival guides will be available on site – you can also use the vendor, music and entertainment lists and maps on the Summer Fest website to make a plan before you come down. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, The Junction’s the place to be — hours are 10 am-8 pm today and Saturday, 11 am-7 pm Sunday.

Video, photos: West Seattle Summer Fest eve, & Art Walk sights

That may be the most exciting sight in the pre-West Seattle Summer Fest hours: Posters at Easy Street for the live music that’s sparked regional buzz – Mudhoney headlining Friday night’s live music (part of a slate on the Alaska stage, east of California, that starts at 6; Mudhoney’s expected after 8). By early Thursday evening, with tents and road barricades up, The Junction already looked like Festival Central:

And the relocated kid-fun zone (in front of Curious Kidstuff) already sports its climbing wall:

That’s a key point to remember about this year’s Summer Fest: The kid zone’s now in the Alaska-Edmunds block; the stage that was at that end of the festival is now the “Alaska” stage by Junction Plaza Park and its fundraising beer garden. There’s still another stage and beer garden on the north end. Individual restaurants/bars are setting up sidewalk cafes, too, like this one:

Elliott Bay spilled out into the street tonight, and like last year, brought in The Bubbleman to enchant kids of all ages – here’s video of his “countdown to bubbles” (and then of course, the bubbles too):

Also happening in The Junction (and elsewhere) Thursday night – the West Seattle Art Walk – check out muralist Jimmy Gersen painting to the beat inside the former north-side-of-Capers space (which as shown here Wednesday will be a video arcade during Summer Fest):

We found live outdoor music too – here’s video of The Spoils playing outside West 5:

Now, to the art. Most of the Art Walk displays are also continuing at the venues through the month, so you can drop by even if you missed it. At Keller Williams Realty, work by Cara Granger Astorquia:

At Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor), artist Karol Sample‘s work:

South of The Junction, at Ventana Construction (WSB sponsor), it’s work by William Hass:

Endolyne Joe’s, another WSB sponsor, like Ventana, just joined the Art Walk starting this month – here’s info on its display:

Look for a separate feature later today on the exhibit at The Kenney. Of course, there’s art aplenty at Summer Fest Friday-Saturday-Sunday as well – look for the Art Dive, organized by Twilight Artist Collective, north of Oregon.

West Seattle Summer Fest tomorrow! More previews, more parking

10 am tomorrow, West Seattle Summer Fest kicks off, with three days of celebration in the heart of The Junction. Just in — Steve Huling is opening up his site along Fauntleroy, south of the Shell station, for extra Summer Fest parking. Meantime: The beer gardens are in the works, including the one by Junction Plaza Park that’ll raise money to finish its construction (photo above). And tonight at 6, the street closures kick in, which means a fun time to walk in the middle of the street – during the monthly West Seattle Art Walk (6-9 pm) and afterward – but also means detours (and Jonathan French tells us parking-enforcement officers are on the prowl already). A few more notes: When you stop by to say hi at WSB Summer Fest HQ at the northwest corner (facing Easy Street) of the big tent in the center of California/Alaska, take a minute to fill out a survey (just one page, on a laptop!) about your Summer Fest experience, and that’ll get you entered in a drawing for a $100 Junction shopping spree. … See the T-shirt at right? You’ll be able to buy it from the Delridge Playground project volunteers at Summer Fest, $15. They’ll be in the “community tent” near Super Supplements, raising money to feed volunteers during the big playground-building day July 17 (a week from tomorrow!), also raising money by selling $1 lemonade and $2 raffle tickets (prizes including a sunset sail cruise and a walk-on role for a child in the national show “BizKid$”). You can stop by and see the playground design, too … Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor) will be down from the Admiral District to have a Summer Fest presence. From the Click! website: “You can come to the Click! booth and get 20% off Smersh Design Jewelry and Orla Kiely Handbags, and take home a coupon for 15% off your next purchase at Click! Design That Fits.” … Junction retailer Capers sent word of Summer Fest deals too: Owner Lisa says, “Capers encourages everyone to ‘represent’ the neighborhood with their new shipment of West Seattle hats and t-shirts. They are featuring outdoor furniture at 50% off list, selected pillows $9.99, and ‘Mary’s Deals’ all weekend. Hope to see y’all at the Festival.” Hmm, there’s two T-shirt mentions so far. Ready for a third? We may have a T-shirt announcement of our own tomorrow. Stand by. Meantime, if you’re at Summer Fest late Saturday, hang around to check out the Home Alive! benefit at Rocksport (more details on Facebook). Keep sending the Summer Fest scoop – we’ll write more tonight and we will start previewing when the sun rises tomorrow, as well as packing up to be based on site from the moment it opens at 10 am Friday. Official Summer Fest website – with vendors, music, entertainers, maps, more — is here. P.S. Just as we were finishing this, we got a note about these folks:

Jessica sent the note, saying:

I wanted to send you a quick heads up about a unique West Seattle group that will be performing at Summerfest tomorrow on the California Stage at 3 pm. They’re called Pillow Army, and they are an avant chamber-pop group that includes cello, violin, and flute. They have unusual, complicated musical parts that would be of interest to anyone curious about the merger of classical and pop sensibilities. They also have somewhat daring and unconventional lyrical content, such as the song “Chicken Wants Her Beak Back”‘ which is a fun, upbeat song with a sneaky message decrying factory farming. They also do a mean cover of the Walrus, by the Beatles (which has beautiful string parts).

“Chicken Wants Her Beak Back” is the song in the video. Pillow Army’s MySpace site is here. Live music starts 2 pm tomorrow – all listed here (including Mudhoney headlining tomorrow night at 8:10!).

West Seattle Summer Fest countdown: Yet more sneak peeks

Yet more from the West Seattle Summer Fest preview files tonight, with the three-day festival less than two days from kickoff (10 am Friday) … At left is West Seattle’s most fashionable designer/barista, Blayne, photographed at Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor) this afternoon and also among the amazing artists, merchants, performers, vendors and others you’ll find at Summer Fest. … Erin at Edie’s Shoes, which also happens to be one of four local stores in the new City Stimulus promotion, says that for Summer Fest, “We will be having a promotion for the festival. Buy one pair of full-priced shoes, get a second pair half off, of equal or lesser value (excludes sale) …” Pete Spalding from the West Seattle Food Bank board of directors sent a reminder that the always-popular WS Food Bank raffle tickets will be on sale at Summer Fest – $5 each. We mentioned the tickets when they went on sale last month – grand prize, 2 unrestricted Alaska Airlines tickets! (More in the second half of this WSB report) … Also another note about the beer garden raising money to complete the construction fund for Junction Plaza Park — it’s the beer garden AT the park site — not only is Elliott Bay Brewery making a special beer for the occasion (which Washington Beer Blog writes about here), but we’re also reminded that sales of the other beers available at that garden will chip 25% into the park fund too. And the beer cups will be compostable! … We’ve also heard from Sorensen Orthodontics in Burien, which will have a booth near the kids’ area, and says, “We will be handing out information regarding the Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment and signing up prospective new patients for our Burien and coming soon to West Seattle offices. Summer Fest patrons can also take a guess on how many retainers we have on display with a chance to win a I-Pod Nano!” Free lip balms, too … The full lineup of Summer Fest participants is here – with live music here and other entertainment here. We’ll be publishing more previews so if you’re part of Summer Fest, please e-mail to let us know what you’ll be doing/offering! We’ll be reporting live from WSSF the whole time, too, so we’ll see you there …

2 West Seattle sightings: Summer Fest games; “bold” coyote

(photo added 2:20 pm – note, they’re still early in the set-up phase)
Two quick notes re: e-mail we just received – First, Steve wrote to ask why video-game machines are being moved into the space that’s been open since Capers consolidated. Answer: West Seattle Summer Fest! Blinky’s Time Warp Video Arcade will occupy that space during the festival (Friday-Saturday-Sunday – read about it here). Second, a coyote alert – Michael just saw one on Genesee Hill near the now-closed school: “Bold as brass, trotting slowly up our driveway … sorry I was too slow to get a pic. Small pet warning!!” (All WSB coyote reports – some with pix and/or video – are archived here, newest to oldest.) ADDED EARLY THURSDAY: Going through e-mail from the incredibly busy holiday weekend, we realize that last Friday night we failed to add this (suspected) coyote report:

At 3:00 AM on July 3, a probable coyote (according to Animal Control, who said it was definitely not a raccoon) killed an orange cat between Walker and Hill on 48th AVE SW.

West Seattle Summer Fest countdown: More sneak peeks

If you haven’t been to The Junction within the past week or so, you’ll notice something new when you go for West Seattle Summer Fest this Friday-Saturday-Sunday: More of the free-parking spaces converted to diagonal spaces. (Photo at left, the stripers in action last week.) That means more parking spots. One more transportation-related note – remember the streets close on Thursday night for setup in the general Summer Fest zone, Oregon to Edmunds on California, 44th to 42nd on Alaska. Also note that the music lineup – first announced here way back in May — is now in chronological order on the revamped Summer Fest website. … On the WSB Facebook page, Dawn notes that the Alki Wildlife Habitat Project (whose big celebration we covered last month) will be at Summer Fest, in a booth she says will be the place for “lots of info and to see how YOU can help out!” … Business/vendor notes: Clementine has a sidewalk sale during Summer Fest and is previewing it on Thursday (p.s. you can become a fan of Clementine on Facebook) … Donna Ryan Photography (booth 17 – you can use the zoomable Summer Fest map to find vendors and organizations) e-mailed to share the news that they’ll be selling “kitschy cool photostrip” style photos, custom-processed and sent to you, $15 for 2 (here’s the flyer). Donna adds, “Everyone who participates in this promotion will automatically be entered into a raffle for a portrait session and package with me – valued at $300.” … Speaking of raffles, when you come see us in the central tent at Alaska/California, take a minute to take a quick survey on one of two laptops that’ll be in our area, and get an entry in the West Seattle Junction Association‘s raffle for a $100 shopping spree … One more merchant note: Kathy from Authentic Home says, “We are offering our Buy 2 Get 1 Free Promotion for any gallon of Authentic Home COLOR Paint. We will also have 3 color-coordinated samples of COLOR Cups on sale for $10 plus tax. 3 COLOR Cups normally sell for $13.50 plus tax. bellydancers.jpgAuthentic Home COLOR Cups are 2 oz of paint in our Buffed or Eggshell finish.” … And another note on the Junction Plaza Park fundraising beer garden we re-mentioned this morning — in its newest e-newsletter, Elliott Bay Brewery notes that it’s brewing a special beer for the event! … Also heard from Troupe Hipnotica, which is one of the groups listed on the “Other Entertainment” rundown (2008 photo at right courtesy Donnelly Images) – check out the page for some surprises (like the video arcade)! … Are YOU selling, performing, informing, or ??? at Summer Fest? Please let us know so we can mention it ahead of time AND stop by for pix while we’re covering it live, wall to wall – see you there!

West Seattle Summer Fest starts Friday: More sneak-peek tidbits

July 6, 2009 5:50 pm
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Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it’s the peninsula’s biggest party of the year – West Seattle Summer Fest in The Junction (sponsoring, and co-sponsored by, WSB). For the duration, we’ll be there reporting “live” from the big tent at California/Alaska; till then, we’ll be sharing more tidbits about the highlights. (If you have something to share about what your business/group will be doing at Summer Fest, let us know ASAP!) A few miscellaneous items for starters: Artist Glenn Case – whom we caught up with for a quick photo op [left] as he worked outside Craze in The Junction late today – will be painting a mural during Summer Fest (you have seen his work all over West Seattle, including the Easy Street wall and “Zetta” on the south side of Cafe Revo [WSB sponsor]). … The kids’ area in front of Curious Kidstuff not only will include all sorts of family activities, but on Saturday, you’ll even find mini-martial-arts classes for kids, taught by Angel Kimball. … West Seattle Helpline is getting the word out that if you bring clothes to donate, you’ll find a dropoff bin at its location in the Community Tent, which will be home to a variety of other nonprofit groups along Alaska east of California … Among the many Summer Fest food choices will be Pagliacci Pizza, which e-mailed to note that its new West Seattle general manager Mine Niznik will be out meeting people and helping his team sell $2 slices, right in front of their location on California north of Oregon. … Plus, if you missed the earlier reports on this, remember that the Summer Fest music slate is getting buzz around the city, especially with headliner Mudhoney at 8:10 Friday night … Though West Seattle Summer Fest officially begins at 10 am Friday, fun in The Junction starts when the street closes on Thursday night, just before the West Seattle Art Walk (6-9 at more than 50 venues around West Seattle; get the new map here).

11 days till West Seattle Summer Fest: New web site, more info

Counting down now till the summer’s biggest West Seattle event, Summer Fest in The Junction (WSB sponsor) July 10-11-12, and we just got word its brand-new website is up, with even more details on the music, art, vendors, family fun, food, and other features we’ve been telling you about. Here’s the home page; vendors (with maps to their individual locations) here; music here; other entertainment here – and even more to explore.

Westwood Village Street Fair, report #2: Showtime

That’s the magician who drew a crowd of kids here at the Westwood Village Street Fair with tricks including that bit of doll levitation earlier this afternoon – live entertainment is about to rev up in a big way with Theatre Sports comedy improv onstage at 4 (a taste of what they’re doing at the Admiral Theater tonight at 9) followed by three bands: Nekkid Frankie, Reckon Yard, Morris Can Fly. If you haven’t been here yet, the stage is right in front of Bed Bath Beyond – booths are in the same parking lot as well as down the Wyatt’s Jewelers (WSB sponsor – and giving away a gold/diamond pendant at 6:15 pm if you enter the center-wide drawing) and 24 Hour Fitness breezeway, as well as over in front of QFC and the neighboring restaurants. The fair continues till 7 pm; more photos/video to come – and you can see our first report here.

4:17 PM UPDATE: Here’s that Clifford the Big Red Dog photo we promised earlier:

Nekkid Frankie – a teen-girl band – is on stage right now (video added 5:36 pm) – turns out they swapped spots with TheatreSports, which will do its improv comedy afterward, followed by more bands.

5:03 PM UPDATE: The bouncy houses are being deflated – so looks like the kids’ activities are done for the day. Music continues, with band #2 playing now.

5:46 PM UPDATE: More of the other booths are folding up. Just got a chance to talk to someone else who dropped by the WSB table (we’ll be here till at least 6:15) – guide dog-trainer Ruth, whose event last Tuesday was publicized here on WSB. She visited with puppy-in-training Amos, whose photo we will add later – he even has his own training card. They’re working to get the word out that Guide Dogs for the Blind are provided free of charge to the visually impaired, but they don’t have guaranteed funding forever, so they need support, as well as volunteers. ADDED 8:01 PM: A snippet of Morris Can Fly, the third and final band of the night:

Happening now: Westwood Village Street Fair, report #1

The bouncy toys are up and the Westwood Village Street Fair is officially under way, with giveaways, freebies, food, entertainment and more continuing till 7 pm tonight. We’re there too and will be adding more photos and video as the afternoon goes on – drop by to say hi! 12:01 PM UPDATE: We are here in the gorgeous sunshine right outside Dress Barn – and discovered another fun feature that’s taking kids on rides around the Westwood Village site – this train:

A workout demonstration is happening on the stage by Bed Bath and Beyond right now – video shortly. 12:17 PM: Here’s the clip:

Chico’s fashion show followed the fitness demo. By the way, there’s quite the variety of bouncy toys, including one with a Sesame Street theme over by Pier 1:

Great to meet the fine folks who’ve stopped by so far – some we’ve met before, some we haven’t. We’re about to check out what’s happening on the QFC side – food, and also pet adoptions by All the Best Pet Care – stand by for those pix! ADDED 1:12 PM: Just talked with Nancy Woodland from WestSide Baby and Audrey Zemke from White Center Food Bank – both are here – two major agencies helping local families – here’s a photo of Audrey at her table, which is over on the Pier 1 end of the parking lot:

At the QFC food booth, the sausage they’re dishing out as free samples, along with the salmon bake:

Near QFC, you can check out adoptable pets:

Then up in the breezeway across from 24 Hour Fitness, our newest WSB sponsor Wyatt’s Jewelers is joining in the fun too –

You can enter a drawing for a gold/diamond pendant that Wyatt’s is giving away – the drawing’s not till 6:15 so there’s plenty of time to get here – you can get a drawing ticket with any WV purchase (be sure to drop it by the stage by BBB). And next to Wyatt’s, John L. Scott offers the chance to plant sunflowers – appropriate for this spectacularly sunny day:

Just saw Clifford the Big Red Dog still circulating, much to kids’ delight – we’ll see if we can snag a pic. We also have video of the magic show that was onstage a short time ago. (3 pm) That’ll be in the next update – going to post a bit more news first – less than an hour away from comedy and music onstage here, and the free kids’ fun (bouncy toys) continues too.

Happening today: Westwood Village Street Fair (and more)

June 27, 2009 9:15 am
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11 am-7 pm today, Westwood Village transforms into more than a shopping center – community groups and entertainers join its merchants for a daylong Street Fair. QFC‘s offering a free Salmon Bake, Wyatt’s Jewelers (a new WSB sponsor) is among the merchants offering raffles, live music starts in the late afternoon, family fun goes all day including Clifford the Big Red Dog at 11 am, free child-protection kits are available … see more on the schedule here. You can help other families, too, by donating diapers to WestSide Baby, which will be on site too (a prelude to next month’s huge annual Stuff the Bus diaper drive July 19th at West Seattle Farmers’ Market). Much of today’s activity will be in the parking lot area bounded by Bed Bath and Beyond to the north and businesses from Eats Market Cafe to Pier 1 Imports on the east; that’s where we’ll be too, reporting “live” from the WSB table all day – hope to see you there. A full slate of events around the rest of the peninsula too – the West Seattle Weekend Lineup lists all the highlights.

West Seattle Summer Fest: Money-making opportunity

June 23, 2009 11:03 am
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(2008 Summer Fest photo by Christopher Boffoli)
Just two and a half weeks till West Seattle Summer Fest (WSB sponsor), the July 10-11-12 three-day street festival in The Junction (almost a 4-day event, with the West Seattle Art Walk happening after the streets shut down the night before) – and Susan Melrose at the West Seattle Junction Association has just sent word of a money-making opportunity that might interest you:

The Junction Association is offering community groups an opportunity to earn some money while providing a public safety service at West Seattle Summer Fest. Your group can earn a stipend of $300 for a half day of work at the festival. Groups can sign up for multiple shifts to earn more money. This is a great opportunity for youth teams and booster clubs.

What: Act as cross walk guards at intersections at Summer Fest. Festivalgoers might accidentally walk into the street and the guards will remind people to stop at lights.

When: Shifts are: Friday 10-3, Friday 3-8, Sunday 11-3, or Sunday 3-7

How Many: Each shift requires 8-10 volunteers at all times. Your group must be able to fill the entire shift.

Who: Must be 16 years old to volunteer. Safety vests provided.

Shifts are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact Liz Schroeder with the Junction Association at liz@wsjunction.org.

As noted here previously, this year’s music lineup is all set (see it here); more online info about the festival’s offerings is in the works but we’ve also had a sneak peek (WSB story from 6/8) at some of this year’s improvements, including the “kid zone” moving to California SW by Curious Kidstuff and one of the music stages moving to SW Alaska near Junction Plaza Park (where you’ll find a park-fundraiser beer garden) from its old location at the south end of the festival zone.

Westwood Village Street Fair update: Another addition

The next festival in West Seattle is the Westwood Village Street Fair, coming up this Saturday. Here’s the latest official flyer; we also got word from Stuart Crandall in WV management about an addition to the lineup: “We just added CHIPS (Child Identification Program) to come in with 500 free child-identity kits, which will include video, audio, DNA, and dental records of your child just in case kidnapping or other such incident occurs.” The festival is scheduled to run 11 am-7 pm; as with this summer’s other big events in West Seattle, we’ll be reporting “live,” so hope to see you there!

Good times=good deeds: Admiral Theater, Summer Fest updates

June 18, 2009 5:19 pm
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admiral.jpgADMIRAL THEATER: This Saturday night’s “Listening Room” show is also a benefit for the West Seattle Food Bank and White Center Food Bank (which serves West Seattle from SW Myrtle southward) — Admiral entertainment director Dinah Brein McClellan says one thing the WCFB really needs, for example, is bathroom tissue! More on what to bring, who’s performing and how to get tickets here. The show’s at 9 pm and includes live painting as well as music – full details here.

WEST SEATTLE SUMMER FEST: We’ve been updating you on all the plans for West Seattle’s huge three-day summer street festival (a WSB sponsor), coming up July 10-11-12 (most recent update here – another big-name addition to the music slate), including the fact that the beer garden at the Junction Plaza Park site will help raise money to finish the park project. Now Susan Melrose from the West Seattle Junction Association sends an update on that – the percentage has been finalized: 25 percent of the beer garden’s proceeds will go to the park. She’s also looking for volunteers to help staff the park’s booth at Summer Fest – susan@wsjunction.org if you can help.

Festival followup: Morgan Junction thanks the “Bite” participants

Of all the photos we didn’t get around to using during our coverage of the Morgan Junction Community Festival last weekend, that’s our favorite – one of the many festival-going families stopping by to see Anne from Ventana Construction (WSB sponsor), though the youngest member of the family turned her attention elsewhere. This was the fourth time the Morgan Community Association (MoCA) has presented the festival, but the first time for the free food feature “Bite of Morgan” – get a coupon book and walk to area eateries to swap coupons for freebies including pizza and coffee. “Bite” organizer Kate Stineback wanted to share this message of thanks to the participating businesses:

Thank You “Bite of Morgan” Businesses!

Last Saturday the Morgan Junction Community Festival coordinated the first ever “Bite of Morgan Junction”. As part of the annual Festival, the “Bite” was intended to not only feed festival-goers, but to encourage attendees to walk around the Morgan Junction, patronize businesses and get to know their neighborhood.

This year we had eight businesses participate in the event, each donating a substantial amount of food or beverage. Kokoras Greek Grill; Feedback Lounge; Zeeks Pizza; Tully’s Coffee; Abbondanza Pizzeria; Domino’s; Caffe Ladro; and Thriftway.

The Morgan Community Association (MoCA) is happy to report that the “Bite” was a huge success. After tallying up the coupons from all participating establishments, we nearly hit 50% coupon usage – pretty good for a new event! (Caffe Ladro handed out their own coupons at the Park Opening and Thiftway donated proceeds from their BBQ to the Festival!)

MoCA would like to extend our sincerest thanks to these businesses for participating in the “Bite”. In particular, we want to thank them for donating during such a precarious time in the economy. It says a lot about our little business district that eight establishments, both large and small, as well as local and corporate, would come together to serve our community in this way.

As a big neighborhood thank you, MoCA would like to encourage anyone who attended the “Bite” to patronize these restaurants in the coming months. Let’s make sure they know how much we appreciate them!

Click ahead to see Kate’s photos of the friendly folks at six of the venues:Read More

Another big-name addition to West Seattle Summer Fest music

Just got word that one of the final TBA slots on the music slate at West Seattle Summer Fest (WSB sponsor), the three-day festival in The Junction that starts three weeks from Friday: Caspar Babypants, the family-music act launched by Chris Ballew, who you probably know best as lead singer of The Presidents of the United States of America. They’ll perform at 2:15 pm Saturday 7/11 (currently listed as “TBA” on the official Summer Fest music-lineup page). They also have a new CD out (more info here; more videos here) and we’re told that this is yet another West Seattle link to the Summer Fest slate – because Ballew has just bought a house in West Seattle. Read on for the list of Summer Fest bands with West Seattle ties (besides Caspar Babypants):Read More

You’ve been warned: Seafair Pirates Landing banners are up

June 15, 2009 12:53 pm
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Light poles along Alki Avenue are now festooned with promotional, er, we mean warning signs that a pirate invasion is near. The annual Seafair Pirates Landing is July 11th – and according to the Pirates’ website (yes, they sail the digital seven seas too), they’ll hit the beach around noon, with a variety of other events before and after turning it into an all-day party. Usually quite the turnout – here’s a pan of the crowd awaiting their landing last year:

This is happening on Day 2 of West Seattle Summer Fest (WSB sponsor), which will continue into the evening, so once you’ve snagged your treasure at the beach (the Kiwanis Club of West Seattle sponsors a kids’ pirate lookalike contest, for example), you can sail up the hill to the fun in The Junction.

Morgan Junction Community Festival, report #2

The West Seattle Teeter Tots (with kids born in – or “around” – 2007) are among the dozens of groups and businesses we’ve spent the day with here at the Morgan Junction Community Festival. Still an hour left before everybody packs up from the park and the booth area behind Zeeks/Feedback, where it’s been a perfect day – brilliant sunshine but not too hot, lots of people but not too crowded. Also here – the Lazy Locavores – edible-garden consultants (also known as the Shibaguyz) — that’s Shannon in the background:

We’ll be adding a few more pics and some video to one last report here; this is the first time in about two years that the Morgan Community Association has presented this festival, and it’s been a smash hit – particularly the “Bite of Morgan” food sampling, with 400 coupon books handed out (the entire stock) by midway through the festival – and the slate of local musicians, spanning a wide variety of genres, assembled by MoCA’s Chas Redmond. Here’s video of Soul Machinery:

(next clip added 7:54 pm) And here, a minute of The Slags:

(next clip added 8:30 pm) Last but not least, the cover band 4 outta 5, with the disco classic “I Will Survive”:

Special thanks to everybody who dropped by the WSB table to say hi – those we’d met before, those we knew only through e-mail, and those we hadn’t met yet either way but have been out there in WSB-land … thank YOU for being part of WSB. (Including MargL, who sent us this pic from Engine 37’s visit to the festival — Engine 29 was here earlier too – and apologies if we’re omitting any other fire teams who visited, but they were over by the park area and we’ve spent most of the day in the booth area.)

If we didn’t see you today, we’ll see you at the Westwood Village street festival in two weeks, and West Seattle Summer Fest in The Junction July 10-11-12.

Happening now: Morgan Junction Community Festival, report #1

That’s Sheila Brown from Camp Long, wearing coffee-filter art as a hat – in the newly dedicated Morgan Junction Park itself, you’ll find the Parks Department booth where you can make some too – and the park is also where the legendary Bubbleman put on a show as the festival began – here’s a snippet of video:

(Note: The Bubbleman will be in The Junction the night before West Seattle Summer Fest – Thursday 7/9, 7 pm, after the streets close for festival prep, right in front of Elliott Bay Brewery.) But MJ Park’s not the only place you’ll find things to do and people to meet (like us!) – right behind the Feedback Lounge/Zeeks building is where more than two dozen booths are set up. Just walk southwest from the back of the park, behind Beveridge Place. Good turnout so far, and we’ve had some great conversations – chatted with Larry Carpenter and Ron Richardson from the Southwest Seattle Historical Society/Log House Museum – just finished talking to the first campaigning candidate sighted today, City Council hopeful Jessie Israel (who is running against incumbent Councilmember Nick Licata) — the primary election is just a little more than two months away. Remember to stop by the Morgan Community Association booth in front of the park to get your coupons for the “Bite of Morgan” freebies – and if you want even more, you can cross California SW to West Seattle Thriftway, with $7 for a barbecue lunch till 4 pm (proceeds going to MoCA for future festivals):

You can enter the festival from the park on California north of Fauntleroy, or through the booth area on Fauntleroy just west of California – it continues till 6 pm.

2:56 PM UPDATE: Adding a few more photos. And candidate sighting #2 – David Ginsberg, High Point resident running for City Council. And by all indications, the festival’s a smash hit – 400 coupon books gone already, with three hours left to go … right now we’re talking with Jeff Gilbert from Feedback Lounge about those pulled-pork sliders that folks have mentioned in comments on this post – he says lots of folks who’ve never been in FL before have stopped by because of the “Bite.” A couple quick photos from the booths closest to us:

That’s where you can find out about the Communication Hubs around West Seattle – the places you can go just in case of disaster, to get information. (More info at westseattle.bepreparedseattle.info) Right next to the Hubs, more info about Orchard Street Ravine, a natural area just about half a mile southeast of here:

And next to that, the Friends of Lincoln Park P-Patch are having a fundraising bake sale:

More to come – we’re here till 6.

Morgan Community Festival today: What’s happening when

Just hopped down the hill to Morgan Junction Park and vicinity to check on setup for the Morgan Junction Community Festival, 11 am-6 pm today (that’s MoCA’s Cindi Barker in pink, checking on things in the booth area, right behind Zeeks/Feedback/Beveridge). It kicks off (after the park dedication) with the legendary Bubbleman 11-11:30 am, a family fave. And there will be music – lots of music, coordinated by MoCA’s Chas Redmond – here’s a look at this morning’s stage setup:

And here’s the full music slate, from a preview we published earlier this week:

11:30 am-12:15 pm
Seattle’s Own High Country
4-piece band playing Up-tempo Classic Country and Country-inspired originals

12:45-1:30 pm
Primo and Friends
4-piece band playing Rock and Blues originals
website: http://primorosario.com/ or http://www.myspace.com/primoandthetranzzplantz

2-2:45 pm
Soul Machinery
4-piece band playing New Orleans Funk
website: http://myspace.com/soulmachinery

3:15-4 pm
The Slags
4-piece band playing Punk, Rock and Reggae originals
website: http://slagsband.com or http://www.myspace.com/theslagsband

4:30-5:30 pm
4 outta 5
4-piece band playing Rock covers
website: http://www.4outta5.com/ or http://www.myspace.com/4outta5

Here are the food/beverage outlets participating in the Bite of Morgan – free samples, just pick up a coupon book first at the Morgan Community Association booth:

Kokoras Greek Grill
Feedback Lounge
Zeeks Pizza
Tully’s Coffee
Abbondanza Pizzeria
(after 4:30pm)
Caffe Ladro
(handing out coupons at the park opening)

And even more festival information is here. Among the dozens of businesses and community groups you’ll find there (including WSB!) you’ll find the West Seattle Teeter Tots with a bake sale to raise money “to keep the group free to join” – organizers asked if we’d share a little info about them:

Our group is for parents and their children born in 2007(or close to it) and their younger siblings. We are a group that likes to have a good time, enjoys getting out and about with our kids to enjoy all that Seattle has to offer. We often meet at each other’s houses, play at parks, take field trips, and go out once a month for a much deserved Mom’s Night Out. We are an open-minded, casual group with not a lot of rules that is free to join. If you are looking to get out of the house, meet other local moms and kids to socialize and have fun, come join us!

We’ll report live all day – so check back for a look at what’s going on – and no matter what part of West Seattle you’re in, come on over to check out Morgan Junction — just head about a mile south of The (Alaska) Junction on California and you’re there.

“Bite of Morgan” at Saturday’s Morgan Junction Festival: Freebies!

June 11, 2009 1:30 pm
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Just two days till the next big West Seattle festival, the Morgan Junction Community Festival this Saturday, in and around the new Morgan Junction Park (which will be dedicated at 10 am, right before the 11 am-6 pm festival), and we have more details now about one brand-new component of the festival, the “Bite of Morgan” — from Kate Stineback:

Several restaurants have agreed to participate in the first annual “Bite” by donating bite-sized goodies for festival attendees throughout the day…the restaurants participating are:

Kokoras Greek Grill
Feedback Lounge
Zeeks Pizza
Tully’s Coffee
Abbondanza Pizzeria
(after 4:30pm)
Caffe Ladro
(handing out coupons at the park opening)

We are so excited about this and hope that people will come on down, grab a coupon book and travel around the (Morgan) Junction to these businesses to pick up a yummy “bite” of something inside each establishment. It should be great! And it says a lot about our businesses that they would be willing to do this at such a precarious time in the economy. Let’s show them our love and come out to the festival to celebrate our great little commercial business district!

You’ll be able to get the coupon book for the free “bites” at the Morgan Community Association booth. We’ll be there reporting live throughout the day too – hope to see you there! Earlier in the week, we mentioned the music lineup – read on for a few more details on the bands, courtesy of Chas Redmond:Read More