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UPDATE: Police investigating suspected gunfire on Fauntleroy Way

9:33 PM SUNDAY: Police are looking for evidence after suspected gunfire on Fauntleroy Way near SW Raymond. We’ve heard about it from multiple readers, including two who shared security-camera video/audio – in this clip, you hear the suspected shots right after cars pass by on Fauntleroy, about 29 seconds into the video. No injuries reported, and no confirmation yet of evidence found.

MONDAY AFTERNOON: We followed up with SPD today. Officers did not find any evidence (casings, damage, eyewitnesses, injuries).

WEST SEATTLE SCHOOLS: Madison MS to pilot new laptop surveillance software before it goes district-wide

According to a message sent to families, starting tomorrow Madison Middle School will pilot a new surveillance feature that’s scheduled to be used district-wide starting this fall. Among other things, it notifies teachers if a student is doing something with their district-issued laptop during class other than the assigned classwork. First, from the district’s February announcement of the new software, called GoGuardian:

For the 2024-25 school year, Seattle Public Schools will be launching a tool to help teachers guide students in their lessons and keep them focused on the task at hand during class time. This system allows teachers to manage student devices and share content quickly and easily.

The new tool will be installed on SPS Devices and will enable our educators build positive learning environment during their classes.

The new tools will enable educators to do the following:

-View of student screens while in-person during class time.
-Help refocus students on classroom instruction, rather than digital distractions.
-Block or allow websites for each class session.
-Digitally interact with students through teacher-to-student messaging.

Important note regarding student privacy: This new tool supports student privacy by automatically deactivating features outside school hours and off school premises, respecting the balance between educational oversight and personal space.

This page on the GoGuardian website has a video showing how it works. The district website has details on the plan to use the software, GoGuardian, for 3rd through 12th graders, and a different Apple tool for younger students. Here’s how Madison MS principal Dr. Robert Gary told families in a message sent Friday about the pilot starting tomorrow:

Beginning next week and the week after vacation, Madison teachers will help Seattle Public Schools pilot a new technology tool called GoGuardian. The tool has already been installed on our students’ laptops, though it is not yet “live.” Teachers will be trained on how to use this tool efficiently and effectively. We will also be troubleshooting any problems that arise prior to SPS rolling this out to the entire district. We are excited to have a tool that will help us maximize student learning while helping students develop self-regulation.

Students have had many questions about this new tool. We’ve been reminding them that their laptop is the property of SPS and that they signed a “network use agreement” in the Fall, agreeing to only use their SPS laptop for academic purposes. SPS has always had the ability to track their usage. As GoGuardian is being installed, students may notice lagging and “oops” screens. Signing out and restarting the computer (sometimes multiple times) will likely help these issues.

We’ll be asking the district tomorrow if any other schools are involved in the early pilot.

WEEK AHEAD: West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2024 registration starts Monday

We are now just under six weeks away from this year’s West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day – hundreds of sales big and small on Saturday, May 11, 2024 (always the second Saturday in May). This year is the 18th WSCGSD (founded in 2005, with a two-year pandemic hiatus 2020-2021), and we here at WSB are coordinating it as we’ve done since taking over for its founders in 2008. We open registration early so everyone interested has plenty of time to get signed up, and tomorrow is when we plan to open it for this year – Monday, April 1. Time TBA – depends on the news flow of the day, but we’re hoping for noonish; when all is ready, you’ll see the announcement, and the registration link, here on WSB. No changes planned this year; official sale hours will be 9 am-3 pm, and if you plan to start earlier and/or end later, please say that in the description you submit on the sale-registration form. The description is both part of the clickable online map and the printable sale guide, so think of what you most want people to know, including any unusual item(s)! Registration will be open for about three and a half weeks; then we close it so we can get busy making the map and guide, which will be available one week before WSCGSD as always so prospective shoppers can plan.

WEST SEATTLE WILDLIFE: Bunnies and Bald Eagles

Four wildlife photos for a sunny Sunday. Advance warning, the last one – which might be described as a Bald Eagle with its Easter brunch – is a bit graphic. But first, two bunny views – first, from Jerry Simmons:

Second, an extreme close-up from Steve Bender:

We also have two views of local Bald Eagles. This juvenile was photographed by David Hutchinson at Alki:

And an anonymous reader saw this one on SW Raymond, dining on what they said was an Opossum:

As always, thanks for the memorable photos! We also include a photo every day with our event list – sometimes wildlife, sometimes simply neighborhood sightings, or sunrise/sunset scenes – is where to send them.

Westside Neighbors Shelter gets new help, from the sky to the stage

A nearby resident noticed crews installing solar panels recently atop the building in The Triangle that holds Westside Neighbors Shelter, the West Seattle Veteran Center, and American Legion Post 160. We asked shelter manager/post commander Keith Hughes about it; he said the building now has a “14.6 KW Solar Array on the roof. It was all completed with donated equipment and donated labor. By my calculations, it will provide about 65% of our current electrical use, saving us an average of about $450 per month.” We asked about the donors: “This was a joint effort of West Seattle Electric and Solar, Platt Electric Supply, and Mad Energy Solar of Puyallup.” (WS Electric and Solar is Keith’s own company.) Meantime, two other notes about West Seattle’s only emergency shelter, itself operated with donations and volunteers: First, also on the subject of utility bills, the shelter has new help to cover theirs, thanks to a church group from Capitol Hill – read about that here. Second, one week from today you’re invited to support the shelter while enjoying great music – the West Seattle-based Boeing Employees Choir is performing a benefit concert at 4 pm Sunday, April 7th. No tickets needed; donations will be accepted at the door, at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church (3050 California SW).

UPDATE: Crash on northbound 99

12:25 PM: Thanks to Gill for the tip. Northbound Highway 99 near Cloverdale is blocked right now because of the response for a multiple-car crash. Traffic will be diverted off the highway and into South Park (via 14th) until this is cleared. No major injuries reported.

12:36 PM: They’re reopening one northbound lane but keeping the ramp from Cloverdale closed – check this camera to see if that’s changed.

ORCAS: Sunday whale-watching

Just texted by Kersti Muul – orcas are southbound off Restoration Point (which is on Bainbridge Island directly across the Sound from the mouth of Elliott Bay). Let us know if you see them!

From sunrise services to preparedness party, here’s the list for your West Seattle Sunday

(Photo by Troy Sterk)

Good morning! Here’s our list of what’s happening, mostly from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

EASTER SUNDAY SERVICES & ACTIVITIES: 15 local churches answered our open call to send info on their Easter Sunday (and Holy Week) services; this list is the result. It includes 6:30 am sunrise services at Alki Beach, Forest Lawn, and Westcrest Park, as well as churches with breakfast/brunch and churches with egg hunts.

EASTER CLOSURES: A few readers asked us this week if we were making a list, and we replied that we usually don’t make an Easter list, as we haven’t historically found many closures. However, a walk around The Junction last night suggested otherwise. So, in The Junction and otherwise, here are some places we know will be closed for Easter: (updated) Circa, City Mouse, Discovery Shop, Husky Deli, Junction True Value, Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery, Northwest Art and Frame, Talarico’s, Target, Three Little Birds. Add to the list by commenting below!

MINI-POLAR PLUNGE: 9 am every Sunday, you’re welcome to join a group plunge into Puget Sound off Alki – meet at Statue of Liberty Plaza (61st/Alki).

WESTIES RUN CLUB: Meet at 9 am at rotating locations – today it’s Olympia Coffee (3840 California SW).

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: The market is open today, 10 am-2 pm as usual, on California SW between SW Alaska and SW Oregon, offering early-spring vegetables and fruit, plus cheese, fish, meat, baked goods, condiments, fresh-cooked food, beverages (from cider to kombucha to beer/wine), nuts, candy, more! Here’s today’s vendor list.

ALKI KAYAK TOURS: Open again today to get you out on the water!

Hop on Over to Alki Kayak Tours for an Egg-citing Easter Weekend! Join us this Easter weekend from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM for a unique and unforgettable experience. Bring your friends and family to Alki Kayak Tours and enjoy our popular Sunset or Elliott Bay tours. We will also have hourly rentals available.

(1660 Harbor SW)

VENUS DEMILO AT EASY STREET: Acoustic set at 5 pm, all ages, no cover. (4559 California SW)

READY FREDDY PREP PARTY: Get started on the path to preparedness in just half an hour with Alice Kuder of Just in Case Disaster Preparedness Services (a new WSB sponsor), 7-7:30 pm at West Seattle Coworking (9030 35th SW), free – our calendar listing explains!

LIVE MUSIC AT THE ALLEY: Wrap up your weekend with music by the Triangular Jazztet at The Alley (4509 California SW), 8-10 pm.

Are you planning something that should be on our community event calendar – one-time or recurring? Please email us the basics – – thank you!