BIZNOTE: Wells Fargo closing one of its West Seattle branches

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1:08 PM: Thanks to the reader who texted us after receiving a letter from Wells Fargo Bank saying that it’s planning to close its Admiral Junction location. We’ve since confirmed the closure with a Wells Fargo spokesperson, who responded to our inquiry:

Yes, we’ll be closing the Admiral Junction branch at California and Admiral on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, at 11:00 a.m. Until then, customers can use this branch and bank with us as they always have. After that, they can visit us at our West Seattle branch, approximately 1.39 miles away.

That will leave two of the four corners at California/Admiral vacant unless a buyer/tenant emerges for the southwest corner, where Quality Cleaners closed 3 1/2 years ago. Wells Fargo owns the Admiral building, so we have a followup inquiry out as to whether they plan to sell it or to lease out this space.

2:20 PM: According to WF spokesperson Tony Timmons, “No decisions have been made yet” regarding the future of the 2358 California Avenue SW building.

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  • CarDriver December 21, 2023 (1:28 pm)

    WSB. The Quality Cleaners site had environmental concerns/ issues. Are those settled? Would a new owner/renter be on the hook for that? Could be why it has been available for so long? Also, any news on the space next to Gyros on Alki? That has been empty for quite a while.

    • HS December 21, 2023 (4:09 pm)

      I believe their previous stories answered all your questions about the cleaning business with links to additional information.

      • WSB December 21, 2023 (5:33 pm)

        Last time we mentioned remediation was in January, at which time the broker said they’d taken it off the market pending environmental test results. Several months later, it went back on the market. The listing brochure says environmental test results are available. Don’t know what they are. There are no city permit filings for work since the sidewalk borings we mentioned last January.

  • HTB December 21, 2023 (2:41 pm)

    WSB – what about the former Pho and Mexican restaurants in the Junction? And the Pizzeria Credo space. None of these have For Lease signs.

    • WSB December 21, 2023 (5:29 pm)

      As we reported some time back, the owners of Origins bought the Than Bros. space and license applications indicate they’re remodeling it as a new location. Ex-Mexican – you mean Taqueria Guaymas? No update on the owners’ plans for an Asian restaurant. Re: Credo, no permit filings hinting at new tenants so far. We have gone by several times in hopes of finding someone there to ask, no luck yet.

  • Chuck Jacobs December 21, 2023 (3:57 pm)

    The Admiral and Alaska Junction branches of Wells Fargo are  a similar distance from my home. The Alaska branch is always been warm and friendly. Admiral, let’s say I’ve found them to be curt at best. Parking is much easier anthem Alaska branch as well. 

    • M December 21, 2023 (6:33 pm)

      Ever since Covid hit, that branch has provided poor service. Typically you only see 2 people working. I went there yesterday for the first time in months, and still not great. The Alaska junction branch is much more welcoming.

  • wscommuter December 21, 2023 (4:27 pm)

    Would love to see the WF building re-purposed/preserved.  I understand that the cleaners kitty-corner will need big remediation and may not survive for that reason.  

    • Derek December 21, 2023 (7:06 pm)

      Would be a cool dive bar and/or music venue. Lacking a big performance spot since Parliament left us…

  • Kt December 21, 2023 (5:28 pm)

    It is amazing to me people still bank with Wells Fargo or any big bank when we have so many great credit unions in our community.

    • Amy T December 21, 2023 (7:01 pm)

      Yup ditched the big banks a long time ago love our credit unions also cut the cord on cable landlines etc I’m on a fixed income refuse to do it my air antennas and Netflix cover my needs and definitely refuse to pay a bank to make money off my money 

      • blackie December 24, 2023 (2:10 am)

        If you”pay a bank to make money off my money”. Something is wrong.

    • JP December 23, 2023 (8:18 am)

      It’s good to have a choice in whatever bank you want to use—big or small. I tried getting a refinance once from BECU and it was a nightmare. Applied with Chase and it was a pleasant process done in a fraction of the time at a better rate.Credit unions aren’t all that they great despite them telling you that. Sometimes they can offer a better rate on a loan but not always. Plus, credit unions don’t pay TAXES, yet get a free ride on the community. 

  • Craig Threlkeld December 21, 2023 (5:32 pm)

    There were STILL 2?

  • Ben December 22, 2023 (10:04 am)

    Bring back the Panther Tree!

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