UPDATE: ‘Scenes of violence’ response in West Seattle

1:17 AM: Seattle Fire has a ‘scenes of violence” response headed to a report of possible shooting victims at a home in the 7200 block of Dumar. Updates to come.

1:27 AM: Per radio communication, no one has been found at the house but one victim turned up at Harborview Medical Center. The SFD response has been dismissed. No info yet on that person’s condition, nor on the circumstances.

2:28 AM: As police continue to investigate, there’s word they’ve found at least one shell casing in the street.

3 Replies to "UPDATE: 'Scenes of violence' response in West Seattle"

  • Matt October 4, 2020 (1:31 am)

    I live on 18th right near by.Heard a series of shots and people yelling for several minutes. Called 911 and saw both fire and police show up but not until most people had seemed to clear out.Sounded like someone had been shot, but that’s as much as I can surmise, and as always all my observations may be clouded by unconscious bias.

  • AM_WS October 4, 2020 (1:53 am)

    I live on Dumar Way. There was a party in the neighborhood. I presume it was the subject house. Three cars were parked across the street and several young women from those cars presumably attended the party. Two of the cars sped off after the shooting.  

  • WM October 4, 2020 (1:50 pm)

    Heard 5 rapid shots and a car (maybe more?) pull always followed by hysterical screaming – both men and women screaming for help. This was around 1:10. Then heard a motorcycle drive off fast. The commotion seemed to quiet down. A few minutes later, heard sirens. “Seattle police, come out with your hands up!” Twice. Then nothing. I have no idea if the group left before the police arrived or if they were away but I didn’t hear any sirens afterwards. 

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