Westwood transit hub: Lighting, sidewalk improvements promised by Metro, says WWRHAH

(WSB file photo: Roxhill Park-side ‘wall of buses’)
The Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Neighborhood Council has been working for more than a year to push Metro and the city for safety improvements in the area of the Westwood “transit hub.” One year ago, WWRHAH led a walking tour with Metro, county, and city reps. Progress on some of the issues was reported four months later; other changes have included SPD bicycle patrols. Today, WWRHAH co-chair Amanda Kay Helmick sent an update on more of what they’ve been working to get:

We are pleased to announce that Metro Transit will be upgrading the sidewalks along the bus stop from the Rapid Ride stop to 29th Ave SW this year. In addition to new ADA-compliant sidewalks, Metro will also be adding lighting in the same area.

Metro asked King County for additional funds for capital improvements to the Rapid Ride, and that includes $170,000 for sidewalks and lighting for the bus stop along Roxhill Park.

Design work has started, with implementation this year. No firm date has been given as of yet. We have asked Metro to come to our March 3rd WWRHAH meeting for further updates in regards to the Transit Hub. We will also be asking SDOT to be there as well to discuss Barton Street concrete panels that are sinking, and crosswalk improvements to critical intersections.

WWRHAH meets first Tuesdays (next one, February 3rd), 6:15 pm at Southwest Library.

2 Replies to "Westwood transit hub: Lighting, sidewalk improvements promised by Metro, says WWRHAH"

  • dsa January 16, 2015 (9:35 pm)

    The problem I’ve been reading about here is the two legged rubbish in the park which has ample places to stay concealed in the brush.

  • WSobserver January 17, 2015 (3:34 am)

    Another big problem at the Westwood transit mess is the traffic light at 26th/Barton which is confusing to pedestrians as to when they can pass on the sidewalk between Rite Aid and McDonalds.


    And the entry drive into Westwood center on 26th at that light, has no place for pedestrians at all. You’re on your own navigating between the bushes and the cars.


    Personally I hate the whole thing. And I have to transfer buses now to get the next mile to White Center. That adds half an hour travel each way.

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