West Seattle Crime Watch: Mail-theft reader report

Reader report from “Drahcir61“:

Approx 1:20 pm, Tuesday, Feb 11th – intersection of 16th Ave SW & SW Orchard (1/2 mile south of the community college) & 1/4 mile north of SW Holden … west side of 16th Ave SW.

I witnessed 2 men walk past my house on 16th Ave SW across from Orchard … 1 black & 1 hispanic. Probably mid-20s, 5’8″ to 5’10”, slim build, dark clothes. I watched the hispanic man open my neighbor’s mailbox & physically remove all of the mail … he walked away.

The hispanic male is wearing a teal & black checkered hoodie … the teal is very bright, like a chess board … teal & black … his hoodie is covering his face. The other male, black, was wearing dark clothes, nothing special … appeared to be clean cut in appearance.

If you see them “wandering” your streets call 911 … these guys are “working this afternoon.”

6 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Mail-theft reader report"

  • G February 11, 2014 (7:08 pm)

    I would love the cops to take these type of guys into an alley and administer some street justice. Some people are waiting for desperately needed checks, and other valuable info.

    No mercy for this scum. None.

  • Laura February 11, 2014 (8:41 pm)

    I would like to let a nice big dog out just when the hand is reaching into the box. Ok, a not so nice fast dog :)

  • anonyme February 12, 2014 (7:12 am)

    Criminals were seemingly out in force in West Seattle yesterday. Felons from the U.S. Mission in Greenlake were doing door-to-door panhandling as well.

  • C February 12, 2014 (12:33 pm)

    I’m not positive but for some reason those descriptions are ringing a bell that I saw them as landscaper’s that day somewhere near that area ? I wish I could say more but I just don’t remember…

  • drahcir61 February 12, 2014 (1:52 pm)

    They did not resemble landscapers unless they were the water boys. Neither was dirty, their clothes were clean, & they appeared to be moving from point A to point B with an obvious purpose of scoping out homes & stopping at mailboxes along the way.

    My guess is they got dropped off by car or hopped off the 128 or 125 on 16th & began their “work” (likely to hop back on further up the street).

    As I described to the police, the teal & black hoodie is VERY obvious (think chess board but swapping the tan/white squares for bright teal).

    Lastly, a word of warning to the would be’s in my area … if you prowl along 16th Ave SW, the bus line, I WILL SEE YOU! I’m home daily, my office window looks out on 16th, & there is nothing more satisfying than calling 911 to ruin your day.

  • anonyme February 12, 2014 (3:29 pm)

    drahcir61, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the checkerboard hoodie at Roxhill Park/Westwood Village. Perfect locations, teeming with thieves.

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