Fauntleroy Schoolhouse deal updates: Close to closing; more land


(2008 WSB photo of Fauntleroy Schoolhouse)
The future of one of West Seattle’s long-closed schools is not a done deal yet but it’s very close. The Fauntleroy Community Service Agency‘s purchase of the old Fauntleroy Schoolhouse has been more than a year in the making, and FCSA’s Kevin Wooley tells WSB today that the deal should finally close within a month or two – the legal challenge that had posed a problem earlier in the year has ended, and some of the public financing that’s helping with the deal is close to finalization. The schoolhouse is used right now for a mix of community and business activities, from Fauntleroy Children’s Center to Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering, and while its usage is not expected to change post-purchase, Wooley says they are still planning to explore the possibility of a capital campaign to raise what’s needed for repairs and upgrades, adding that FCSA is currenly “modifying the organization to run the building … It’s pretty exciting that we’re finally getting close to the finish.” They’ll soon be recruiting members for a “building advisory board,” too, and Wooley promises there’ll be a celebration once the purchase officially closes. FCSA and Seattle Public Schools reached agreement on terms of the $1.8 million deal last October.

4:45 PM UPDATE: And in fact there’s more news about the schoolhouse deal today – Kim Sheridan called with word that $1.1 million in additional state funding has been “set aside for purchase of additional playground space,” according to a community e-mail update she just said, adding, “This means that we can purchase all of the climber area on the lower playground, as well as the hill and a bit more!” That’s part of the rear section of the site that had not originally been in the deal.

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  • junctionhobo September 10, 2009 (8:56 pm)

    What about use it for as a homeless shelter.

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