day : 28/06/2007 6 results

Someone to watch out for

According to this article (which includes a sketch of who police want to find), one particular guy has attacked one particular woman south of Admiral twice in the last seven months.

Somethin’s in the oven

Among the trio of food-related businesses-in-the-works on the north edge of The Junction, Shoofly Pie Company is first to put up its official sign …


Wanted: Temporary digs for dog

Craigslist we’re not, but every so often we don’t mind passing along requests for help. We got a note from a WSB reader wondering if anyone can take in his son’s dog for the summer. “Lady Bear” (photo below) is a 3-year-old, 90-pound Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler, described by the owner’s dad as “super-friendly, well-trained, loves everybody, loves to run and play, low-maintenance.” His son will be able to take “Lady Bear” back in September, to a new home with a fenced yard, when the new school year starts. He’ll provide food, leash, whatever else is necessary, just wants a “safe home” for his dog. If you are interested in finding out more, call Bob at (206) 484-7201.


Demo done

One of the teardown-to-townhome houses we’ve been watching along Cali south of Andover (between Belli Capelli and Moxie) is now all gone, 3 weeks after fire crews started the demolition by hacking up its roof as part of a training exercise. Below, the before (mid-May) and after (today) photos:


Return of the burglars

A WSB reader asked us to let everyone to know his neighborhood has just been hit again. Read on for details, in his own words:Read More