Sunday morning updates

-If you need to travel Alki Avenue/Harbor Avenue near the crash zone (see post below), beware — might be closed for a while — we were just down there a bit to the west side of the bend in the road, and yellow tape still stretched across the road, requiring drivers to turn around and head back toward the beach. Didn’t get to check where the shutdown was on the Harbor Ave side. Meantime, more updates are posted now: P-I story, also channel 5, also channel 7, nothing on the Times site as of 11:45 am … Consensus seems to be the SUV was speeding big-time before careening off the road.

-Speaking of traffic, we also cruised past Chief Sealth HS to see how jampacked the parking areas were for the Mars Hill/WS test run. Lots and lots of signs for “church parking,” including over on the Southwest Community Center side. Hope they are paying the city and school district a bundle of bucks for the privilege of tying all that up …

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  • guest September 24, 2006 (7:49 pm)

    It’s a community parking lot right? Aren’t people attending the church part of the West Seattle community?

    Just wondering what else it would be used for on a Sunday morning that you would be so uptight about them paying for the parking lot.

  • Administrator September 24, 2006 (8:37 pm)

    No problem if some spillover just happens to wander over there. But when they put up signs marking the entrances as CHURCH PARKING and have badge-wearing attendants patrolling the driveways, it has the potential of discouraging people from using the community facilities. And yes, other events were under way at the time we drove by: a swimming session @ the pool inside SW Community Center, some sort of athletic game or practice on the field next door, and who knows what else inside the center.

  • guest no2 September 25, 2006 (12:00 pm)

    Where do I park?
    Parking is available all around Chief Sealth High School. There are several parking lots on site in addtion to the parking lot across Thistle Street at the community center, which we have rented for Sunday use. Famlies with small children and the elderly may park in the front parking lot closest to the auditorium.

    So it would appear they paid for the use of the lot.

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