Environmental Slam @ Youngstown: Students take the stage to change the world

Environmental Slam, held last night at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in North Delridge. Above is the Madison Middle School team that won the People’s Choice Award for their presentation “Save the Buzz”; below, Avery Berg from Explorer West Middle School (WSB sponsor), whose presentation was titled “More Bees, Please.”

Other local students who participated included, also from Explorer West, Cece Pyfer and Faye Turcotte on “Wolves on the West Coast”:

MC was former County Executive (among other distinguished roles) Ron Sims, below with Isabel Moorhead from Westside School (WSB sponsor), who presented “Stay Wild, Stay Free”:

Sims urged the young advocates to nurture their passion as well as their faith in science, telling them that the use of the scientific method, of scientific inquiry, is a key factor in what has made our nation so great. He congratulated them all and noted that even though he’s the owner of a few bee hives, he learned more about bees at the Environmental Slam than in the entire time he’s had those hives. Award recipients included the “Save the Buzz” team (Tim Deppe, Ethan Murray, Lila Kellison-Miller, Lauren Anderson) for the People’s Choice Award and two judges’ awards, the “Wolves” team plus Juniper Copland from The Northwest School, for her presentation “With Love, Water”:

With Juniper above is Explorer West teacher Tim Owens, who coordinates the Environmental Slam, which is presented by the Washington Foundation for the Environment. Prizes go to the causes for which participants advocate.

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  • marco April 21, 2019 (3:11 pm)

    Thank you for your coverage, WSB! :)

  • Kristin April 21, 2019 (10:28 pm)

    Thank you Tim and  all the participants for your hard work and advocacy!!!    

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