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Water-main improvements proposed for Arbor Heights, post-fire

As we reported previously, the City Council‘s Public Safety and Education Committee is scheduled to be briefed tomorrow on the big Arbor Heights fire from last August 27th.

(WSB video from 8/27/2011)
House fires don’t usually lead to council briefings, but in this case, multiple fire hydrants near the home were unable to adequately supply firefighters, who as a result could not get a handle on it quickly. Three documents are linked from the City Council agenda tonight, looking ahead to the briefing by Seattle Fire and Public Utilities leaders. While the first two focus on the fire response and what went wrong (as well as what went right), the third lays out a schedule for proposed water-main improvements to be built next year.

The tale of what went wrong at the fire scene is complex, going beyond the water-supply problems, though they are described in detail. The hydrants nearest the home were described as “dead” and “frozen” in the first document: “A sufficient water source had still not been located 12 minutes after the first unit arrived on scene.” And then: “32 minutes into the response, despite efforts to supply them from three different directions, E32 still didn’t have a viable water supply.” It wasn’t just the hydrants – they called for the “hose wagon,” but it turned out to be unavailable; they looked for the “hydrant main map book,” but discovered it was “no longer carried on the Chiefs’ apparatus.” Finally, after laying hose all the way to 35th SW – almost half a mile of hose, says the document – “35 minutes after the first rig arrived on scene, a positive water supply was established.” Ultimately, says the second document, “105 firefighters, officers and medics” were involved in the response.

The third document outlines the water-main-improvement plan; as we have reported in followups since August, in some cases SPU was able to put larger hydrants atop water mains that could provide better pressure with better equipment, but in some cases, the water mains themselves are too small – and have been since before the city annexed the area more than half a century ago. Per the briefing document, the process for the water-main improvements will begin with a community meeting next month. We will find out more when the council committee is briefed toward the end of its 9:30 am meeting tomorrow (if you can’t go, you can watch via the Seattle Channel, cable channel 21 or online – we’ll stream it here when this agenda item comes up).

High-school sports: Overtime win for Sealth boys’ basketball

December 6, 2011 9:30 pm
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9:30 PM: Thriller at Chief Sealth International High School tonight – the boys’ varsity basketball team beat Nathan Hale in overtime, 71-69.

12:38 AM: The full story:

Story and video by Randall G. Hauk
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

Chief Sealth junior point guard Bronte Corbray scored 21 points in his team’s 71-69 overtime victory over Nathan Hale, including two from a pull-up jumper with 7 seconds remaining in regulation to pull the Seahawks even with the visiting Raiders:

In overtime, it was senior Pepe Hernandez doing the honors with consecutive field goals in less than a minute late in the overtime to take his team from down 62-60 to a 64-62 lead.

Read More

West Seattle holidays: Tonight’s featured lights; painting in progress

Holiday scenes to share tonight:

First, our nightly featured Christmas lights – these are on 50th north of Hudson/south of Edmunds (map); we were out scouting last night and spotted them. We’ve added them to the ongoing list on the WSB West Seattle Holiday Events and Info page, where we’ll have a map soon with all the featured locations; let us know if you have a suggestion! Also tonight, seen in The Junction:

Tipster Joe says this scene on Puerto Vallarta‘s window is so fresh, the Sign Savant crew was still painting the one next to it:

(Last year, we showed you “Santa Extremoso” gracing the same windows.)

West Seattle Crime Watch: Casing/package-prowling alert

Just out of the WSB inbox, from Rene, who says it happened near the Fauntleroy ferry dock:

After dark 6:20 tonight while outside my house with my dog I noted a middle-aged Caucasian woman prowling around my neighbor’s house with headlamp, and trying out their doors. I called across to her, and she said she was trying to deliver a package. I asked to whom, and she quoted a different house number, and quickly took off on foot south on 48th. There was no delivery van in sight, nor was this person wearing a uniform. I walked over to the house and found a package labeled with another address, and clearly tampered with. Called neighbors (away at the time), met with their family on site, contacted police, etc.

Be careful when you leave your home to put on lamp timers, switch up your routine, and have your Good Samaritan friends and neighbors stop by and/or keep an eye on the place. In this holiday season, please be wary of “false delivery” prowlers!

You be the judge! West Seattle High School students need you

December 6, 2011 7:36 pm
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From West Seattle High School teacher Michelle Sloan:

The West Seattle High School Marketing Club and class needs your help judging the annual regional marketing competition.

Where: Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue, Washington, (Parking included for judges)
When: January 11th, 2012, 8:45am- 1:30 pm (Snacks and coffee included)

What exactly do I have to do?: You will be listening to Marketing students “pitch” their marketing plans to you. Students will have approximately 7 minutes to explain their Marketing Plan and then you will score their presentation based on the scoring rubrics we will provide you. You will have a 5 minute break between presentations to score their performances. You will also have a break in the morning and a snack break.

How is this helpful?: Judges have a very important job of helping Marketing students take their presentation skill more seriously. It helps students to work harder knowing they will have to present their ideas to you. Working on presentation skill will help students in many areas of school and life.

Who is hosting this event: Washington DECA Marketing Club
Parking: We pay for your parking in the Meydenbauer

If you can help out please contact:
Michelle Sloan, West Seattle High School Ceramics/Marketing/Photography Teacher,

Seacrest Boathouse update: Alki Crab and Fish sends protest; Marination says, ‘We are not pushing (them) out of business’

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

A few notes today, following up on our reports the past two days about the city Parks and Recreation Department changing concessionaires at Seacrest Boathouse – awarding the contract to Marination, whose proposal, the city says, outscored the one submitted by longtime operator Alki Crab and Fish.

First: Information we’d been pursuing since yesterday, when we asked Parks what happens next, and whether there’s any place for public comment in the official process. Parks spokesperson Dewey Potter sent the official policy – see it here – and adds:

Parks followed the steps in our policy and went beyond that by meeting with both of the top two proposers. These meetings did not change the scores or the outcome.

In response to the protest letter, which Parks received late yesterday, Parks will take these steps:

• Respond to the protest letter.
• Develop criteria, based on the business objectives outlined in the request for proposals, for evaluating the protest.
• Create a review panel of people (different from the original proposal reviewers), comprised of a representative of the Department of Neighborhoods, a representative of the Board of Park Commissioners, and the Acting Parks and Recreation Superintendent.
• Set up time for the review panel to evaluate the protest based on the established criteria.
• Set up a meeting with Alki Fish and Crab to go over their findings and decision.
• Ensure the review panel has all of the input received up to the date of their meeting.

It’s important to note that this is a business process for Parks and Recreation based on business objectives (included in the Request for Proposals) designed to meet Parks’ business needs and based on City law and policy.

So bottom line, no. The contract does require final approval by the City Council, though.

If you are just catching up, Alki Crab and Fish’s contract with the city expired last summer. The city put out a “request for proposals” (RFP), and the result was a decision to award the contract to Marination, which came to fame two and a half years ago with its food truck, and has since also opened a bricks-and-mortar restaurant in Capitol Hill. We have numerous details in our report from yesterday, including links to both companies’ proposal documents. Supporters of both also have started online petitions – the one for Alki Crab and Fish fans is here, Marination fans here – and ACF supporters in the diving community, which uses Seacrest extensively, are planning a low-key rally this Saturday at noon between Seacrest and Salty’s, according to local diver Laura James, who says they are trying hard not to tie up traffic or cause trouble near the boathouse, so they are asking participants to park either south of Salty’s or up around Duwamish Head.

And a new development – just as we were finishing this story, we received e-mail from Marination, with whom we had exchanged notes previously for a short comment published in yesterday’s story. They sent a statement that follows, explaining their intent, and their surprise at how this has unfolded:Read More

‘Blowouts + Brows’ Transitional Resources fundraiser December 13 at Ola Salon

One week from tonight, you’re invited! Here’s the announcement sent by Ola; Transitional Resources is a neighbor of theirs, with its headquarters just a few blocks south on Avalon Way:

On Tuesday, December 13 from 5:00-8:00 pm, West Seattle-based Ola Salon is offering blowouts and brow waxes for a suggested donation of $20, with all proceeds benefiting Transitional Resources, a neighborhood mental health center. Ola is located at 2942 Avalon Way SW, 206-933-6702.

Considered the best hair salon in West Seattle, Ola Salon is famous city-wide for its impeccable service and creative environment. Ola’s medical esthetician and stylists will be available for consultations throughout the event, in addition to providing blowouts and brow waxes. Salon owner Rachel Karlin annually organizes salon events to benefit local non-profit organizations, and this month’s Blowouts + Brows event is especially festive: Avalon restaurant will provide complimentary hors d’oeuvres and mimosas, and other local businesses will provide an assortment of goodies to raffle off throughout the night. Proceeds from the salon service donations and raffle ticket sales will benefit Transitional Resources.

Transitional Resources has been providing innovative and respective mental health care to residents of King County for 35 years. With a specialization in serving individuals with the most serious and persistent forms of mental illness, Transitional Resources offers a continuum of care that includes case management, crisis intervention, affordable housing, and vocational services.

As winter settles in and the days get shorter and colder, it is especially important that Transitional Resources have the support of its community, ensuring that clients have shelter during the cold months, along with the support they need to be successful. The Blowouts + Brows benefit will help make it possible for Transitional Resources to continue providing respectful, optimistic, and highly personalized care to those most in need. Without these services, people living with severe mental illness frequently end up in jail, back in the hospital, or on the streets. Transitional Resources offers them hope, opportunity, and recovery.

Rambo Total Pest Control: New West Seattle Blog sponsor

Today we welcome a new WSB sponsor, Rambo Total Pest Control, whose owner Luke Rambo is a fourth-generation West Seattleite and a 1999 graduate of West Seattle High. (While his business is based in Puyallup, they serve his hometown, and he spends so much time here that when he walks into Sub Shop #9 in Morgan Junction, they know his order on sight.) Here’s what he wants you to know about how Rambo does its job:

Rambo Total Pest Control knows the area, climate, styles of construction, conducive conditions and biological requirements of our local pest species. Rambo can offer you a secure and targeted approach toward living pest-free while protecting your family, pets, homes, and businesses.

Luke explains, “Our clients enjoy the personal commitment we display toward resolving their complicated pest-control problems. They want a problem fixed right the first time, not excuses. We promise to provide a customized ‘shelter’ from the unwanted, disease-carrying, wood-destroying pests that threaten our clients’ peace of mind. If our clients feel that control has not been achieved, we will return free of charge until the problem is resolved. Another compliment we hear frequently is that our communication is excellent. We do our best to educate our clients on what our strategy will be, when to expect initial control to be established, what things they can do to help, etc. It is also company policy to call a day or two before scheduling our preventive-maintenance services. This adds a considerable amount of time to our days, but it truly sets us apart from our competition.”

Rambo Total Pest Control has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star rating on; we are members of the Washington State Pest Management Association and National Pest Management Association (Quality Pro-certified), as well as the Entomological Society of America, through which Luke Rambo earned the title “Associate Certified Entomologist.” Rambo Total Pest Control is online at, or call 253-848-6000; get a deal on your first service by using the coupon on the WSB Coupons page.

We thank Rambo Total Pest Control for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news on WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

Election 2011: How West Seattle voted on liquor initiative

Our partners at the Seattle Times have just made maps breaking out the vote around the region on the two most-discussed statewide initiatives in last month’s elections, liquor privatization (I-1183) and tolling (I-1125). The graphic above is taken from one of the maps published by the Times – green areas supported I-1183 (the darker the green, the stronger the support), red/pink areas did not. See both initiative breakouts here. P.S. The transition to privatized liquor sales gets into high gear this Thursday, when 1183 becomes law and would-be sellers can start applying.

West Seattle Reservoir Park design resumes after $ snag solved

More money is being moved to the West Seattle Reservoir Park project, which is creating new park space adjacent to Westcrest Park in Highland Park after the formerly open-air WS Reservoir was covered (top photo). But that does NOT mean more features – in fact, it means fewer feature reductions than the project had been facing because of an expensive, unanticipated twist, and it means, as Parks’ senior capital-projects coordinator Virginia Hassinger puts it, they now can “get back going on the park design” since they figured out how to cover the costs for street improvements:Read More

Where’s the ferry? WSF offers new ETA feature online

If you use Washington State Ferries, from Fauntleroy or anyplace else, you probably know about Vessel Watch – the GPS-enabled online feature that shows you where any given ferry is at any time. WSF just announced it’s added a feature to Vessel Watch: The estimated time of arrival (ETA) for whatever ferry you’re keeping an eye on. Read on for the details:Read More

Followup: Merrill Gardens-Admiral bus ‘stuffed’ for Nickelsville

Followup from Nichole at Merrill Gardens-Admiral Heights (WSB sponsor) – residents and other community members succeeded in “stuffing the bus” with donations for Nickelsville residents of all ages last Saturday. We brought you an in-progress update here; Nichole sent followup photos today, including the “stuffed bus” above and this next pic of someone who also deserves a nod – resident council leader Richard Matteo, who played a big organization role too and was out that cold morning collecting cash donations at the coffee/cocoa/cookies table:

Right after they finished collecting at 4 pm, as it was already getting dark, they drove the bus down to the encampment (West Marginal Way SW/Highland Park Way) and unloaded everything that had been donated:

(P.S. The neighborhood closest to Nickelsville will be talking about it tomorrow night – Highland Park Action Committee has Nickelsville on the agenda again, 7 pm Wednesday at the Highland Park Improvement Club building, 12th/Holden.) Meantime – tons of holiday giving going on all over West Seattle this season – hooray for everyone’s generosity! We’ve listed some of the opportunities on the Holidays page, and there’s more in the pipeline – please let us know if you have a drive going on, or a request to share.

West Seattle Hi-Yu picks 2012 float theme: ‘Secret Garden’

For the second consecutive year, Riley Fredericks has the winning idea for the next West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival traveling parade float. Last year, while she was still a reigning Junior Court Princess, Riley’s “Sparkling Seattle” idea won the vote at the December Hi-Yu meeting – and last night, her proposal for the theme “Secret Garden” did the same. That’s Riley above with the concept model she brought to the Hi-Yu meeting/holiday potluck at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church Hall; here’s a closer look at the model:

Other suggestions included “Sunlight Seattle” from current Junior Court Queen Thea, “The West Seattle Beach Party,” “Picnic in the Park,” and “Through the Emerald Looking Glass.” Next step: Riley’s concept will be turned into the official float design, and there’ll be a community-wide button-design contest too. Meantime, Hi-Yu’s new Senior Court royalty joined her Junior Court counterparts (Queen Thea, Princess Elena, Princess Amanda) at the meeting:

Kayli Schulz is a Holy Names student, looking ahead to studying biology in college, and takes lessons at Kathy’s School of Dance in The Junction. Hi-Yu, which has a new president – James Kline – plans more extensive outreach this year to businesses and the rest of the West Seattle community; WS is the last community in the city to have a traveling float, which represents our area all around the region, including the big Seafair Torchlight Parade every summer (by the way, the West Seattle Grand Parade date is set for next year – you’ll see Hi-Yu there too – mark your calendar for July 21, 2012). Hi-Yu’s online presence has changed, too; for now, find them at

Latest speeding-ticket roundup: West Marginal (Free)way?

This morning, Seattle Police are out with another of their periodic reports on what the Aggressive Drivers Response Team is up to. More West Seattle enforcement this time – including multiple citations for 50+ mph on West Marginal Way SW. See the latest list here.

ADDED 7:08 PM: And yet another round posted on SPD Blotter tonight – though it’s not all West Seattle this time, it does include a few local school zones.

West Seattle Tuesday: WSCO/Endolyne concert; Madison bookfair; bubbly holiday tasting; more

Check out student musicians James, Kelli, and Emma from Madison Middle School performing “The Time of Your Life” during their Bookfair kickoff last Friday! Thanks to librarian Stacia Bell for pointing it out. It’s continuing through this Friday and it’s atop today’s highlights from the WSB West Seattle Events calendar

MADISON MIDDLE SCHOOL BOOK FAIR: The official announcement:

Madison Middle School is hosting its first Book Fair of the year at Barnes & Noble in Westwood Village until December 9th. If you would like to support Madison Middle School students and the purchase of new books for their library, you can shop at any Barnes & Noble store or online at between now and this Friday, December 9th, and a percentage of everything you buy — books, movies, CDs, Nooks, lattes in the cafe–will benefit Madison students. Just be sure you mention Madison Middle School’s book fair at the register and use the bookfair voucher code 10619799 when shopping online. You can also email the Bookfair code to family and friends across the country and they can benefit Madison with their purchases as well. Thank you for supporting reading at Madison Middle School!

Speaking of reading … and music …

AT THE LIBRARIES: From the Seattle Public Library calendar of events – Toddler Story Time at the West Seattle Branch, 10:30 am; Baby Story Time at the Southwest Branch, 11:30 am; Citizenship Class at the Southwest Branch, 6 pm; Family Story Time at the Delridge Branch, 7 pm.

HOLIDAY CONCERT: They’re the local music organization so big, its annual holiday concert happens in two installments! Tonight, the second concert by West Seattle Community Orchestras‘ Debut and Intermediate orchestras, also featuring Endolyne Children’s Choir (as seen last Saturday night at the West Seattle Junction Tree Lighting), 6:30 pm in the auditorium at Chief Sealth International High School – details here; $5 suggested donation.

CHAMPAGNE TASTING: Super Deli Mart (35th/Barton) is presenting a holiday Champagne/sparkling wine tasting tonight, 6-8 pm: The announcement says its lineup includes: Louis Roederer Cristal, Dom Perignon, Vue Clicquot, Moet & Chandon Imperial, Louis Roederer Brut Premier, GH Mumm, Taittinger, Alma Negra & 8 others, and that they’ll offer orange juice for mimosa fans.

NIGHTLIFE: Open mike at Skylark Café and Club hosted by Tekla and Brian, all-acoustic, 7 pm … Rock music/pop culture trivia at Feedback Lounge (WSB sponsor), 8 pm … The Starlight showcase at Shadowland (home to the All-Stars who rocked the Junction Tree Lighting), 9 pm. (Always happy to mention live entertainment – but you have to let us know about it – – if your venue has a calendar of events that is regularly updated, that works too; send us the link)

HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS AND INFORMATION: We’re continuing to update our all-season page – which includes lists of Christmas-tree lots, bright holiday lights to see, tree lightings ahead, Christmas Ship schedule, and a lot more (including solstice, Hanukkah, and New Year’s info as we get/find it) – it’s on the WSB West Seattle Holidays page.