Which West Seattle school(s) will reopen? Decision pushed back

ORIGINAL 9:45 AM REPORT: The timetable for deciding which schools will reopen to deal with West Seattle (and elsewhere) school overcrowding has been changed. When Seattle Public Schools hosted a “capacity management” meeting in West Seattle last month, as noted in our report, there was a projected timetable of decisionmaking for next school year: District officials’ slide presentation at the meeting said a proposal would be introduced at tomorrow’s School Board meeting, and voted on as soon as November 16th. However, we noticed that “capacity management” is NOT on tomorrow night’s agenda – though the board is having a workshop session on that topic today this week – and subsequently asked the district about the new timetable. SPS spokesperson Lesley Rogers tells WSB this morning, “Board action is expected in December/January for the fall 2012 plan, because we are going to do more community engagement, meeting dates to be announced soon. Also, the capacity management team wants more time for feedback from the newly formed Facilities and Capacity Management Advisory Committee.” It has been widely expected that the plan for next year will include reopening the former Boren Junior High on Delridge; beyond that, it’s still in flux.

7:53 PM UPDATE: The newest timetable is reported on the Save Seattle Schools website, suggesting the next round of meetings will be in the first half of December, and a board vote in January.

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  • Mel November 1, 2011 (11:56 am)

    Hey, Boren Junior High?
    Won’t that be right next door to the new DESC project and its acknowledged “at-risk” (alcoholic/drug-user) tenants?
    Is the City re-thinking either the school opening or the DESC project siting? And if not, why not?
    There’s some potential journalism right there…

    • WSB November 1, 2011 (12:24 pm)

      It’s approximately a block and a half from the proposed DESC site to the closest side of Boren. I don’t think there is a law saying this type of project can’t be within X of a school. But I will look in the SMC.

  • raincity November 1, 2011 (12:40 pm)

    I feel Boren is a poor choice for a temporary elementary school – everything is sized for big kids/adults. Being practical here – toilet heights, numbers of toilets, sinks, water fountains. Think how small a kindergarten aged child is… I have a feeling they would not be making a popular decision and wonder if putting this off until AFTER the election is related.

  • tk November 1, 2011 (1:36 pm)

    Raincity- Interesting point about waiting until after the election.
    Ironically, Boren was used years ago for two elementary schools, housed together: Cooper Elementary & Pathfinder. I hear it was not a very successful co-housing project. Cooper was at Boren for 10 years waiting for their new school up on the hill to be built.
    If I were a parent of an elementary child I would be concerned also about having that proposed DESC facitility just 1-1/2 blocks away, with very young kids walking right past it on their way to/from school.

  • Which is Worse? November 1, 2011 (5:59 pm)

    If you have followed the posts of negative reaction to the DESC project, you would wonder if the new DESC building and tenants (mentally ill, drug and alcohol disabilities) might actually be better than the neighborhood is now.

    -“Been There’s” post, “I challenge any of the armchair compassionate people who have posted here who think that this is a good location for this type of facility to actually get out of that chair of yours and walk the alley and street behind 5434>5444 Delridge Way and tell me if you think this is still such a great spot. Walk up to the houses on 23rd Ave SW, some of which are in very tough shape, and tell the residents this project is good for their souls and spiritual life. Walk further south on these same alleys and streets and see the housing/apartment/rental stock in dire need of repair. Cross over and do the same on the west side of Delridge Way. Walk westward on Brandon to the creek and the woods. Spend time wandering about the empty Boren School. Go behind it. Feeling a bit geographically landlocked in the four block wide dell yet?”

    -And “highland park,” “Delridge is a neighborhood ALREADY filled with low-income households AND a higher crime rate than you would see in other parts of Seattle. I’d like to hear about the last time there was a SWAT team standoff in Ballard.”

    -And “Bridge to Somewhere, ” the area is already struggling with crime and drugs and homelessnes.”

    -And “North Delridge OG,” ” It’s a matter of facts. I live directly accrosd the street from a heavily frequented bus stop & have seen countless drug deals. Frankly, that’s tollerable compared to having the destructive burglary and violent crime I see far too often.”

    -And “Iggy,” “I also mentioned all the drug activity in front of the Delridge Library at the bus stop and similar at the convenience stores.”

    Those that have been making such statements (drug sales/use, Swat Teams, homelessness, destructive burglary and violent crimes) might find their new DESC neighbors better. At least the DESC folks would be registered, supervised and attempting to get their lives in order, not the active criminals and violent offenders that are there currently.

  • Mel November 1, 2011 (6:09 pm)

    Not sure about a law, but common sense sure says don’t put addict housing a block away from an open school…

  • Bonnie November 1, 2011 (7:26 pm)

    I would not want my young child to go to Boren with the DESC project so close by.

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