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West Seattle holidays: More neighborhood caroling

First Delridge … then Seaview … tonight we got that video from Timothy in Fairmount Heights of “wassailing” – or maybe you’d call it caroling – in the neighborhood. Any other last-minute holiday haps, let us know … the WSB West Seattle Holidays page is still up and running, including a long list of Christmas Eve/Day church services (let us know if yours isn’t there yet), and we should be adding the Christmas Eve/Day restaurants/coffee “who’ll be open” info tomorrow.

West Seattle business news: 7-11, Locöl updates

Two quick West Seattle new-business notes tonight:

(Photo by Christopher Boffoli)
35TH/BARTON 7-11 UPDATE: After a note inquiring how soon the new 7-11 (former Exxon station/minimart) would be open – serious remodeling’s been under way about a month and a half – we checked with parent corporation Southland. The reply from Margaret in media relations: “We expect the store to be open for business by December 31 … maybe earlier.” It’s been more than 13 months since WSB commenters broke the news a 7-11 was in the works for the site.

LOCOL UPDATE: The year-in-the-works neighborhood beer/wine bar (with some food) at 35th/Kenyon could open as soon as next week, according to this update on the Locöl Facebook page. (That’s in line with what co-owner Kyle Duce had told us a week ago — that he hoped to be open by month’s end.)

West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 thefts – 1 car, 1 converter

Two more West Seattle Crime Watch reports this afternoon. First, longtime WSB’er JanS reports in the WSB Forums that her car’s been stolen. Details here.

Second, Todd at West Seattle Autoworks (WSB sponsor) shares the latest warning about catalytic-converter theft:

A customer just called [early this afternoon] and informed me that his catalytic converter was stolen off his Toyota 4-Runner.

There was a rash of this a couple of years ago, and it may be starting again. The thieves use battery-operated saws and just cut the pipes, preferring Toyota 4WD vehicles because of ground clearance (no jacking needed) and a large market for the item.

A catalytic-converter theft was part of this WS Crime Watch report eight days ago

Helping the Teachout family: Light-show donations

More help for the family of Brian Teachout: The day after 30 ornaments made by West Seattle glass artist Brad Burzynski sold out in less than an hour for almost $1,100 in donations, results are in from the weekend’s other donation drive. Here’s the report from Jim Winder from the Helmstetler Family Spectacular music-synched-lights show (our clip above is what we shot on “opening night” Nov. 27; Jim’s videos for this year aren’t up yet):

This weekend the attendance at the light show was just AMZING!! I apologize for those stuck in the traffic jams!! lol

And those who came to watch were also even MORE amazing with their generosity for the Teachout family…donating $462!!So I will be dropping off $500 in cash to the Wells Fargo Bank in the next few days.

Thanks again to the great folks of West Seattle that make this one of the best communities in the Seattle area!!!

Jim e-mailed shortly afterward with a postscript:

And I wanted to thank Brad Burzynski … he stopped by and watched the lights and presented the Helmstetlers with one of his glass ornaments for helping out the Teachouts…

Donations for the Teachout Family Fund are still being accepted at any Wells Fargo Bank. (P.S. The schedule for the Helmstetler/Winder lights, at 3908 SW Charlestown across from the water tower, is on their website at

West Seattle stairway explorers show up in Sunset

(Photo by Cathy Jaramillo)
That photo of the stairs to Solstice Park (site of tomorrow night’s winter-solstice-sunset watch) is courtesy of Jake and Cathy Jaramillo, who e-mailed to share the news that their Seattle Stairway Walks website just got a mention in Sunset Magazine. Though Jake and Cathy live on Genesee Hill, they have been writing about and photographing stairways all around the city (here are the West Seattle-specific entries), “discovering and exploring the neighborhoods of Seattle through its often-hidden, always-picturesque stairways.” Though the story’s not online (so far), Jake says their mention is “at the bottom of page 36 as part of a Sunset story on L.A. stairways.”

SIDE NOTE: If this story reminded you of a tale told here earlier this year – Bob Estep and his mission to map West Seattle’s staircases – this is the perfect opportunity for us to mention that WSB contributor Keri DeTore turned more than 30 of his entries into a clickable Google Map (with number of stairs per staircase) – you can see it here.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Fauntleroy prowler on the run

Out of the WSB inbox, from Eric:

This morning as I was leaving I spotted a guy prowling around a house (at the corner of 46th and Hemlock Way [map]).

I walked down and looked around the house but didn’t see him. I went back up and got in my car and drove down that way. I decided to take the hairpin turn onto 46th north of Rose to get a view of the back of the neighbor’s house. The frame of her electronic dog door was lying on the ground, which got me even more suspicious. Then as I pulled forward a bit farther I could see the guy hiding up against a wall of the other neighbor’s house. Called the cops. Three units showed up within five minutes. All this time I was thinking that the neighbor whose house was being prowled was out of town, but as it turns out she was there with her little boy. Her dog finally heard the guy trying to break in and she saw him as he went running down the street.

He was a Caucasian male, under 6 feet, thin, wearing a grey hoodie under a dark
jacket … spiky blonde hair sticking out from under the hoodie.

Keep your eyes peeled. And have a safe holiday, everybody.

West Seattle holidays: Christmas trees on sale

December 20, 2010 9:57 am
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treesgraphic.jpgStill need a Christmas tree? Holy Rosary just sent word that all its remaining trees are on sale as of today – half price, which means prices now range from $10 to $47.50 (with 15 percent of the price going to local charities). According to Holy Rosary Tree Lot chair Refawne Acarregui, “We have great inventory to choose from (that were just cut and delivered on 12/15). Lots of Doug Firs, Noble Firs and Grand Firs to choose from.” The lot is open 3:30-9 pm today and tomorrow, 11 am to 6 pm (or earlier if all trees are gone) on Wednesday. Remember it’s at 41st SW/SW Dakota (map) this year, between the north side of the school building and the south side of the playground, since their old site behind Admiral Safeway is now a construction zone.

West Seattle Monday: ‘Tuna Christmas,’ Scrabble, eclipse …

(Sightseer photo from last Friday, shared by West Seattle Water Taxi enthusiast “expatom“)
Welcome to the largely-devoid-of-official-events week before Christmas, when all through the peninsula, not a meeting was stirring … There are activities, of course. Like today’s Afternoon Book Group at Southwest Library, 2 pm … It’s the fifth-to-last performance of “A Tuna Christmas” at ArtsWest (WSB sponsor), 7:30 tonight (tickets available online) … Be at Skylark Café and Club (WSB sponsor) at 7 pm to sign up for the third weekly Scrabble tournament, this time raising money for Furry Faces Foundation … And the West Seattle See Dogs club meets tonight, welcoming everyone potentially interested in helping raise a guide puppy to become a guide dog (more info here). Last but not least, you never know, there could be enough of a break in the weather tonight to glimpse at least part of the total lunar eclipse – this (WSB partner) story has details.

Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association makes its case for your support

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

It’s the name behind some of the biggest nonprofit projects in West Seattle in the past decade:

*Transforming historic Cooper Elementary School into Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.

*Creating the only mixed-use building to house a Seattle Public Library branch.

*Co-developing the new home of the West Seattle Food Bank and other nonprofits adjacent to the residential units of One Community Commons.

Yet for all those high-profile projects, Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association executive director Derek Birnie admits DNDA may have a little bit of a community disconnect:

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