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Two more flood footnotes

December 5, 2007 11:55 pm
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This P-I article has a cool map at the end showing that West Seattle got more rain in the big storm than most other parts of the city.

-One more update on the “Allstar car” — Ty Hammond caught it “on the move” tonight, hours after its owner told WSB about its impending tow:


Reader Recommendation Request: New arrivals need doctors

From Jo B:

Looking for doctors … We just moved to West Seattle from Minnesota and I need to find a local doc (preferrably West Seattle but downtown is ok too) who understands fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome and my hubby needs a good old fashioned family doc. Preferably one with Saturday hours or downtown near the train dept. We are United Health customers.

As always, please add your recommendation as a comment on the post; previous RRRs and their respective responses are archived here. Thanks to everyone who joins in the RRRs to help fellow West Seattleites find what they’re looking for!

West Seattle Christmas lights, 12/05/07: Menashe video

We featured the famous Beach Drive Christmas house with a photo on 11/28 … then this week, the Menashe family graciously allowed us to stop by and get a narrated tour, including answers to some of the questions everybody asks (such as, “how many lights?” — the big tree alone has 100,000!). The display’s on 4:30-11:30 pm every night through New Year’s, and its location is one of many on our special West Seattle Christmas lights map (you’ll find it on our new WSB Holidays page). First clip: Josh Menashe shows us what’s new, and talks about what it takes to put this together:

Here are 3 more clips, starting with a longer walk-through:Read More

“Lake Alaska,” the video

We linked yesterday to a photo of the water buildup in the 41st/42nd/Alaska megaproject construction … today, WSB contributing photographer Christopher Boffoli went by for some video of what’s being done about it:

From the owner of the Delridge Deluge icon

(photo by Lea Kuchan) In case you don’t go back to comments on day-old posts – we wanted to highlight this comment just left on our followup about the now-famous car swamped in the Allstar Fitness parking lot during Monday’s megadownpour:

I am the somewhat sad and soon to be past owner of this car. It is indeed being totaled by my insurance – they say that they are liable if they fix it and something happens. Happily, I am aware of the folks who get ripped off by having totaled cars get reconditioned and sold. I have arranged for it to be towed to a salvage yard, and scrapped out for body parts. The bad karma will end with me.

Thanks for your support, though. I feel privileged to have such supportive neighbors.


Another megaproject on the brink of beginning to build


The lot behind Petco in The Junction isn’t closed to parking yet but it’s apparently on the brink (the folks in the store are also waiting to hear when) – so suggests the sign on the fence, shown in our photo above; it discusses other parking options, and advises Petco shoppers to get store workers to help them with big items, and of course it also talks about the project coming to that site: Mural, which is the second project on this page at the site of its developers, Harbor Properties (side note, a power permit for the construction project was just granted). Petco, you may recall, wants to move to a new future building at the Charlestown Cafe site; things on that front have been publicly quiet (city project page here) since the last Design Review Board meeting four months ago (our detailed report is here, and it includes links to all the background).

If you go to “Gifts,” bring a gift

December 5, 2007 11:29 am
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magiphototwo.jpgTonight is opening night for WSB sponsor ArtsWest‘s holiday production, “O. Henry’s The Gifts of the Magi.” And ArtsWest is asking audience members — and anyone who stops by ArtsWest while the play is running now through December 23 (checking out the art gallery, visiting the box office, whatever) — to bring their own “gifts”: ArtsWest is collecting donations of new books, new toys, new clothing, and diaper packages, all to be donated to WestSide Baby. As ArtsWest executive director Alan Harrison says in an AW press release: “‘Love thy neighbor’ is the credo of the season. O. Henry’s story about Della with the gorgeous hair and Jim with his grandfather’s priceless pocket watch is most famous for its ironic twist, but more than that, it tells us that love is the greatest gift of all. If we can help our neighbors at WestSide Baby by finding a way to supply their children with clothing, a book, or even a new toy, then we’ll all have a loving holiday indeed.” (ArtsWest photo by Matt Durham)

Reader question: Anyone need flood-cleanup help?

December 5, 2007 9:22 am
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(Monday photo near 26th/Andover by Chris Monsos) The water has receded, but in some places it’s bound to have left damage behind. So Kaydee is wondering:

With all the flooding this week, I feel very fortunate to have not experienced any flood damage but I would like to help neighbors in need. Are there any groups of volunteers organizing this weekend to help neighbors or restore damage to parks caused by this flood?

P.S. To make it easier to find WSB coverage of the flooding and aftermath, we have retagged our reports in a new “December 2007 flooding” category (much like the “December ’06 windstorm” archive).

The frame that followed the flames

December 5, 2007 6:16 am
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(above photo by WSB contributing photographer Christopher Boffoli) North of The Junction, reconstruction is back in high gear at 4132 California, the live/work units (city project page here; developers’ project page here) that were under construction when a huge early-morning fire (below photo by Garrett Burke) destroyed the project August 17th. Investigators declared it arson but so far as we know have never made an arrest (hotline for tips: 800-55-ARSON).