CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: $700,000 bail for home-invasion suspect arrested near Fauntleroy/Hudson

We have more information tonight about the home-invasion suspect arrested by SWAT officers near Fauntleroy/Hudson on Wednesday. We’re identifying him because he’s being held on another case in which he’s charged, as well as this one in which charges are still pending. Total bail for 20-year-old Tyler L. Taylor is $700,000. A half-million of that is for the home-invasion robbery in which he’s accused, while most of the rest is for the case in which he’s charged. That case involves domestic-violence assault and unlawful gun possession, stemming from a January incident at his home in North Seattle, in which he allegedly threatened to pistol-whip family members. Though Taylor does not have a felony record, he was not supposed to have the gun under terms of a protection order against him. He was arrested after that incident; the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office wanted his bail set at $350,000, but the (unidentified) first-appearance judge set it at $75,000, and after a week, Taylor got out on bond.

According to probable-cause documents from his hearing today, that was almost two months after the home invasion for which he’s being held now. It happened in North Seattle on December 2nd; four men broke into a house and held a couple at gunpoint for more than an hour while stealing items including a car and forcing them to access their bank accounts online. (The narrative notes that the robbers at one point argued over how debit and credit cards work.) Taylor and other suspects were eventually found through use of the victims’ stolen cards at stores and ATMs from which security video was procured, plus cross-referenced cell phone records. The probable-cause documents also say Taylor used a stolen card to buy a $550 virtual-reality headset from a Best Buy store and linked his own account to the purchase.

None of the court documents in either case give any hints as to what Taylor was doing in West Seattle at the time of his arrest Wednesday, nor how police knew to find him there, but one document does say he threw a handgun over a fence before he was taken into custody. It was recovered, and found to have been illegally modified to automatic. Taylor was one of three suspects arrested yesterday; the other two arrests happened outside West Seattle. Potential charges Taylor faces in this case, according to prosecutors, are first-degree robbery, first-degree kidnapping, ID theft, motor-vehicle theft, and second-degree unlawful firearm possession.

22 Replies to "CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: $700,000 bail for home-invasion suspect arrested near Fauntleroy/Hudson"

  • Neighbor March 21, 2024 (10:44 pm)

    That is some seriously impressive detective work.

  • Alki resident March 21, 2024 (10:54 pm)

    He’s a menace to society. Lock him up or he’ll continue this journey of destruction and likely kill someone. Glad he’s been caught finally. Great police work too. 

  • Shawn March 21, 2024 (11:50 pm)

    Great work SPD. 

  • Jason Smith March 22, 2024 (1:20 am)

    Soft on crime judges in KC strike again with a low bail amount originally set leading to the criminal getting out of jail just as quickly as he was put in! SMH! I wonder why these judges don’t feel that criminals bail amounts should be as high as the prosecutors recommend? Why the judges feel sorry for criminals vs the innocent victims harmed and sometimes killed by these criminals ?  This is very concerning and continuously occurs even with most violent dangerous criminals many of which are repeat offenders and don’t care about laws and have no conscience of not terrorizing innocent citizens. Maybe the judges would feel differently if they or their own family members were the innocent civilians being victimized by these dangerous callous criminals in our communities! It’s time we all realize it’s not the police or prosecutors that’s our biggest issue, it’s these judges that keep letting criminals roam free and not holding them accountable aka hard jail time with high bail. 

    • John March 23, 2024 (3:20 pm)

      So true! Couldn’t have said to better myself 

  • WSea Connection March 22, 2024 (1:55 am)

    Stupid kid.  The degree of violence is terrifying. How likely will we learn of his connection to our community? Sadly I bet it’s one of the pistol-whipped family members. 

  • Pete March 22, 2024 (6:02 am)

    Suspect used his own best buy account with the stolen card… my word. I reckon that counts as an assist 😂

  • Wyatt March 22, 2024 (7:48 am)

    At 20 he is too young to own a handgun.  Which was modified with a switch to be able to go fully automatic. AKA as a machine gun. Nice work police. Let’s hope he at least gets a few years for this,

    • Brian March 23, 2024 (6:48 am)

      Too young from the perspective of opinion? Because it’s no problem for a 20 year old to get a firearm in this country. 

  • Seattlite March 22, 2024 (8:22 am)

    Excellent work by SPD.  The first judge who lowered his bail needs to be IDed.  Hopefully,  in the near future, SPD’s police officers will increase staffing and King County’s jails will increase correctional officer staffing which will help in charging, arresting, and jailing criminals who should not be out on the streets to reoffend.

    • Brian March 23, 2024 (6:49 am)

      I presume the context of “needs to be id’d” is in the spirit of voting them out but this just reads like a vague threat lol. Also: most judges run unopposed anyway. 

  • bill March 22, 2024 (8:58 am)

    linked his own account to the purchase,” wrote no crime novelist ever because fiction has to be believable.

  • Marty March 22, 2024 (9:03 am)

    Hooray! A judge finally administered a large amount of bail instead of kicking a violent offender out of jail.

  • T. Anderson March 22, 2024 (10:24 am)

    Hard to imagine how someone committing crimes like this at 20 years old can be rehabilitated. He needs to be sent away for a very long time which is the only thing that will protect society from him in the future.

  • WSRob March 22, 2024 (11:54 am)

    We all need to know the names of judges who are clearly activists. It’s more than our right to know who these people are as they are voted into their jobs.  “He was arrested after that incident; the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office wanted his bail set at $350,000, but the (unidentified) first-appearance judge set it at $75,000″

  • Cogburn March 22, 2024 (12:16 pm)

    Why any bail at all? He is dangerous and likely a flight risk and who is to beleive he will behave when out on bail. 

  • Josh March 22, 2024 (12:33 pm)

    I’m sure he linked the Best Buy purchase to his account because he so regretted his criminals actions he wanted to be able to access the extended warranty in case it broke so he didn’t have to go rob someone else to buy a new one. Stupid criminals, making life easy for detectives since Hammurabi. 

  • hbb March 22, 2024 (1:09 pm)

    Wait, he committed the recent home invasion robbery while out on bond for the January incident? 

    • WSB March 22, 2024 (2:47 pm)

      No. I tried to write this clearly. The home invasion was in December, a month before the January arrest, but he hadn’t been identified as a suspect in the December incident (so far as the narrative goes) so they didn’t know.

  • Scott March 22, 2024 (2:44 pm)

    When you’re way too stupid to be successful at crime  lol.  Used the credit card to buy crap at best buy but then entered his own rewards account.   What a moron 

    • 1994 March 22, 2024 (11:21 pm)

      “The narrative notes that the robbers at one point argued over how debit and credit cards work. ”  What a bunch of morons!

      • Alki resident March 23, 2024 (12:56 pm)

        Yes but the best part of the story undoubtedly. I envisioned Larry ,Curly and Moe. 

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