WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: About the Fauntleroy/Hudson arrest

5:06 PM: At midday today, we got a tip about an apparent warrant arrest, with tactical officers, at (corrected) Fauntleroy/Hudson (and the security-camera image above). The operation was wrapping up and everyone was gone by the time we arrived, but officers had told dispatch they had one person in custody. There were also indications that other agencies were involved, so we’ve been following up to try to find out more. SPD just told us, in response to our inquiry, that the West Seattle arrest was one of the suspects mentioned in their newest post:

This morning, at various locations throughout the city, detectives arrested three suspects involved in a series of home invasion robberies.

During one of the robberies, in the Lake City neighborhood, the suspects were armed with handguns and rifles. They allegedly entered the victim’s home while they were sleeping, woke them up, and demanded the victims unlock electronic devices found inside the house.

Over the past several months, Seattle Police Robbery detectives and Mountlake Terrace Police Department detectives have been investigating similar robberies and were able to identify three of the involved suspects.

Today, in a joint arrest operation with Seattle SWAT, North Sound Metro SWAT, all three suspects were placed into custody. During one of the arrests a firearm was recovered.

A 21-year-old male was booked into King County Jail (KCJ) for investigation of robbery. A 20-year-old male was booked for robbery and unlawful possession of a firearm. A 27-year-old was booked into Snohomish County jail for robbery.

We’re now trying to find out which suspect was the one arrested here, and exactly which incident(s) he was wanted for.

6:06 PM: Seattle Police say the man arrested at Fauntleroy/Hudson was the 20-year-old they mentioned. He was just booked into King County Jail, where the docket shows other cases in which he is charged; we’ll be reviewing those documents soon as we can download them.

14 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: About the Fauntleroy/Hudson arrest"

  • SR March 20, 2024 (6:01 pm)

    Is the arrest cross-street correct? The image shows the alley between Hudson and Edmunds (not Dawson). 

    • WSB March 20, 2024 (6:05 pm)

      Yes, it was Fauntleroy/Hudson, fixing with update I’m adding.

  • Wondyshore March 20, 2024 (6:10 pm)


  • Alki resident March 20, 2024 (6:47 pm)

    Great police work. Looking forward to hearing their names. Thanks PD. 

  • Rhonda March 20, 2024 (6:51 pm)

    Good catch. 

  • West Seattle Mad Sci Guy March 20, 2024 (8:11 pm)

    There was a scary looking militaryish large box shaped SPD vehicle leaving around lunchtime on my way home from the gym. Now I know why it was probably here.

    • Grateful for SWAT March 21, 2024 (12:14 am)

      The guy they arrested is much scarier than the armored police vehicle.

    • WW Resident March 21, 2024 (3:16 pm)

      OMG!!! So scary. You should be more worried about the violent criminals they apprehended rather than a “scary” vehicle. Good Lord. The world ain’t Chips or Andy Griffith

  • T Rex March 21, 2024 (8:19 am)

    The next time you see a police officer (s) in Starbucks or a restaurant, but them a coffee or lunch and thank them for their service.  They put their lives on the line every single day in the name of law and order, FOR ALL OF US. Remember they will still help you or save you if you need it. Regardless of your opinions about them.  

    • Jeff March 21, 2024 (9:45 am)

      Police officers are not war veterans.  I will not “thank them for their service”.    They do a well paying job that they chose, and one I’m really glad people do.   I’m not anti police!   But come on, if it ever feels too dangerous they can quit that day if they want.   Try that in a trench.

      • Dog Whisperer March 21, 2024 (10:31 am)

        That’s exactly what police officers here did. They quit. And we all learned a valuable lesson about the importance of law enforcement and valuing the people we need to function adequately. There’s nothing civilized about the situation we find ourselves in.

      • Rhonda March 21, 2024 (11:24 pm)

        Jeff, many of the officers here on the force in Bellevue are war veterans but have actually seen more real, face-to-face combat on the job than in war zones.

    • Scarlett March 21, 2024 (11:47 am)

      From what I see, they are recipients of displays of fawning everywhere they go.   They get plenty of attention and recognition.  

    • K March 21, 2024 (7:32 pm)

      Lol, no.

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