BIZNOTE FOLLOWUP: Portage Bay Café in, Agave Cocina out

Back in August, we reported that Portage Bay Café was expanding to West Seattle. At the time, Portage Bay’s owners weren’t ready to disclose where. Now, it’s out. Last night (thanks to David for the tip) was closing night for Agave Cocina, in Mural at 4725 42nd SW, and today this sign is on the door:

When last we spoke to the proprietors of Portage Bay – famed for its breakfast/brunch offerings at 4 locations elsewhere in the city – they were still finalizing plans, but hoping to be open in West Seattle by year’s end. Agave had been in the space since May 2019, a year after the closure of its original tenant, Fresh Bistro.

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  • Michael October 1, 2022 (12:43 pm)

    Great news! We loved Portage Bay when we lived in that neighborhood!

  • TZ October 1, 2022 (2:33 pm)

    The first time I went to Agave, I thought the food was mediocre but the drinks were okay and aesthetics of the place were nice. It wasn’t a 10/10 but I’d go back and when I did, I was told they took enchiladas off the menu..a Mexican restaurant! I found that equally parts amusing and borderline shameful so haven’t gone back. All jokes aside, I’m looking forward to Portage Bay here.

    • Peter October 1, 2022 (3:53 pm)

      Yeah, they pared back their menu early in the pandemic and never brought it back. I think Agave had a lot of potential but they didn’t seem to have the will to make it better. 

      • sw October 1, 2022 (4:24 pm)

        Had high hopes when they went in as their QA location is awesome. But it never lived up to expectations. Expansion is really hard.

    • Zen October 1, 2022 (6:54 pm)

      One trip to Agave was all it took for us. The one in Issaquah equally bad. Better food at Taquitos Feliz.  

  • Katrina October 1, 2022 (3:03 pm)

    HOORAY!! Can’t wait to walk down the street instead of having to drive and park in South Lake Union or farther!

  • hcm October 1, 2022 (3:21 pm)

    And what’s the latest hold up on the poke place that’s supposed to be next door?

    • Alison October 1, 2022 (4:14 pm)

      Construction delays, per their response to me (about opening), on instagram. They said they hope to be open by end of year.

    • Lina October 1, 2022 (4:42 pm)

      Yeah, I’ve been wondering that too, our family is so psyched for poke!

  • Orb October 1, 2022 (4:29 pm)

    Nice! We love the one in SLU for brunch. This is going to do so well here in WS. 

  • Matt October 1, 2022 (4:44 pm)

    You guys all understand that the reason restaurants are paring back menus is because of supply, labor, and cost issues, right? They’re not doing it just to annoy you.

    • TZ October 1, 2022 (8:42 pm)


  • Melo October 1, 2022 (6:05 pm)

    Honestly I’m going to miss Agave! I liked some of their tacos but recently started getting their steak salad and loved that! My 1.5 & 3.5 year old love their quesadillas, and corn with crema & cotija. We just got that order delivered a couple days ago.. plus churros – bummer we didn’t know it was the last order! The 3.5 year old will be sad to lose her favorite quesadillas <3Portage Bay menu does look delicious though! Sad to lose Agave but looking forward to the new restaurant opening :)

  • Ookaninam2000 October 1, 2022 (8:28 pm)

    I’m going to miss their happy hours! 😭

  • WSEARES October 2, 2022 (6:26 am)

    Did Agave give a reason for their closure of this location? Happy to see another great breakfast/brunch option added to the W Seattle area! Now if only West Seattle could add a decent Tex-mex restaurant (sorry Puerto Vallarta doesn’t cut it for me but on another note Taquira Los Potrillos #4 in White Center was great!) & West Seattle also needs a decent Chinese restaurant (to replace Lee’s) as well! 

  • CeeJay October 2, 2022 (5:50 pm)

    To me, the WS Agave location wasn’t good. The food was bland/tasteless and for the price I would just rather go to Matador. So after trying Agave 3 times, that’s what I did. Haven’t looked back. Location was cool though. 

  • JP October 2, 2022 (10:31 pm)

    Noooo! I’m surprised at the tepid sentiment towards Agave, but I guess that explains why it was never all that busy. I actually found most of the food to be quite flavorful. Loved that they had both red and green salsa, guac was solid, carnitas Benedict, chilequiles and beef brisket tacos all outstanding. I find it depressing that three Mexican restaurants have closed in the junction in as many years yet somehow Puerto Vallarta is still in business. You will be missed, Agave! 

  • GeeBee October 3, 2022 (6:54 am)

    Agave has been one of our regular dinner spots, so we were surprised to arrive Saturday night and find it closed. So sorry to see them go! It’ll be great to have Portage Bay here, tho’.

  • West Seattle Lite October 3, 2022 (2:53 pm)

    I really enjoyed Agave when they first opened but it’s gone steadily downhill since. Mission Cantina (near Admiral Theater) continues to be great food, drinks, AND is all ages. Check it out if you haven’t. 

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