UPDATE: Tree topples onto Seaview street

9:51 PM: Thanks to everybody who messaged us about that downed tree across 48th SW in Seaview, just before the stretch that leads to/from Lowman Beach. When we went over a little while ago to check it out, police were moving it aside:

One person wondered about the best way to report something like that. If it’s a road hazard, you can always call 911.

ADDED EARLY SUNDAY: Two people have mentioned another tree problem further north on 48th – near Brandon/Findlay – earlier in the evening.

8 Replies to "UPDATE: Tree topples onto Seaview street"

  • bolo June 27, 2021 (12:44 am)

    Lots of those trees there are strangled by ivy.

  • Jason June 27, 2021 (9:00 am)

    Trees fall in that stretch every year. When the snow weighs on them, during wind storms, and in drought apparently. I’d guess it’s a combination of loose soil and steep hills, plus leaning trees trying to get a little sun in the thick shade. Be safe out there!

  • Bean June 27, 2021 (9:34 am)

    Two trees on the same street about six blocks apart…coincidence?  Our poor vegetation and trees need some rain!!

  • JohnW June 27, 2021 (10:47 am)

    Seattle has a multi-million dollar backlog on tree maintenance.  
    \Many of these frequent  and dangerous tree falls often causing power outages reported by WSB are largely preventable with responsible management of our public lands.  
    Unfortunately, it is usually more attractive for Seattle Government to spend its moneys on new proposals that are more attractive and can be claimed for political  credit. 
    WSB photos with this report illustrate the un-addressed risk still present in the remaining leaning trees.  
    Let’s hope that we remain lucky and the  next toppling tree does not kill or injure anyone.
    Let’s hope that the City does not have to settle a large civil lawsuit over injuries or damages caused by obvious tree neglect.

    • zark00 June 28, 2021 (10:03 am)

      Seattle trees on streets are managed by SDOT and/or Seattle City light. The maintenance backlog is for urban forested areas. The trees that fall and take out power lines are City Light’s responsibility, they have no backlog in tree maintenance. They also don’t have esp so they don’t know what trees will fall when, and they rely partially on citizens to inform them of trees that look like they may pose a risk to power lines. If you see one, call City Light and let them know. If you think the trees in this pic are a danger to the roadway, call SDOT and let them know.

  • Flivver June 27, 2021 (1:15 pm)

    Johnw. Nothing new for the city. Friend got a concussion from a falling rotted tree on Queen Anne hill that was on city property. That was 1971.

  • bolo June 28, 2021 (12:12 am)

    Was this tree city responsibility? Or is it on private property?

    • zark00 June 28, 2021 (10:03 am)

      SDOT and/or City Light

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