UPDATE, 10:30 AM: Metro says some buses have returned to regular routes … Washington State Ferries remains on its “severe weather schedule” today, which means Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth is on the two-boat schedule with one boat, skipping everything that is scheduled for boat #2.


6:34 AM: Good morning. The melt continues – with a rainy forecast – but still a lot of snow out there. Major streets are bare and wet.

ROAD MAP: While this map is primarily for showing recently treated (plowed when it’s actively snowing) roads, it also shows closed roads, including a few steep stretches in West Seattle.

TRANSIT: Check for Metro route status here. … Here’s the ST 560 express bus reroute … The Water Taxi is not running because of the Presidents Day holiday.

Now, our usual checks:


Low Bridge: Sixth week for automated enforcement cameras, while restrictions are in effect 5 am-9 pm daily. Here’s a bridge view:

West Marginal Way at Highland Park Way:

Highland Park Way/Holden – with a new left-turn signal for northbound HP Way, turning to westbound Holden:

The 5-way intersection (Spokane/West Marginal/Delridge/Chelan):

The 1st Avenue South Bridge (map):

For the South Park Bridge (map), here’s the nearest camera:

To check for bridges’ marine-traffic openings, see the @SDOTBridges Twitter feed.

You can view all local traffic cams here; locally relevant cameras are also shown on this WSB page.

Trouble on the roads/paths/water? Let us know – text (but not if you’re driving!) 206-293-6302.

11 Replies to "WEATHER, TRAFFIC, TRANSIT: Melting Monday"

  • John February 15, 2021 (8:14 am)

    Any word on trash collection today?

    • John February 15, 2021 (8:25 am)

      Oops just saw earlier post! Nmd. 

    • WSB February 15, 2021 (8:33 am)

      WM finally announced ‘not today’ a few mins before 8. Assuming they can do it tomorrow, that means a delay for everyone this week.

  • helpermonkey February 15, 2021 (8:26 am)

    side streets are an absolute mess. If you’re on an arterial, keep an eye out for people coming off of side streets, because they may not be able to stop. (looking at you, Arbor Heights) 

  • Derek February 15, 2021 (8:44 am)

    People cannot drive in this town at all in the snow. I cannot even believe how many slides and wrecks I saw in my walk to Safeway yesterday. Stay home and stop driving! You got nowhere to go!

  • JTinWS February 15, 2021 (10:18 am)

    Ferry remains on a ONE-boat schedule, meaning some crazy gaps like a 2.5-hour wait to leave Fauntleroy for Southworth if you miss the 7:55 sailing. Might have thought going to 2-boat reduced service would mean they had some redundancy built in by no longer stretching for the 3 boats, but seems like no. 

    • WSB February 15, 2021 (10:25 am)

      Thank you. Had that in coverage over the weekend but should have added here this morning, adding now.

      • JTinWS February 15, 2021 (11:04 am)

        Thank you! I was keeping an eye on it since I have to do an evening crossing today for errands, and watched as they updated to extend the weekend cutbacks to today. I bet some crew members on the triangle  route live in the super-snowed-in parts of Kitsap or South King, so it sounds like they couldn’t safely get to work. 

  • Lisa February 15, 2021 (12:34 pm)

    Be careful on the sidewalks! Thank you SDOT and WSB for keeping us updated. I’m ever thankful for the metro bus drivers in getting me to work on Saturday!

  • Jim February 15, 2021 (3:10 pm)

    Most sidewalks are pretty good — neighbors did a good job cleaning/shoveling.Very disappointed in Lady Jaye and Supreme in Alaska Junction — both open yesterday and still have not cleared snow and ice from in front of their businesses.  Glad to see most other businesses did clear snow, even a few that haven’t been open

  • EC February 15, 2021 (7:41 pm)

    Can anyone speak to bike routes being plowed? I’m wondering how feasible/safe it is to bike to first hill tomorrow? 

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