Just announced: 2 places to ‘escape the smoke’

(WSB photo: Smoky Monday afternoon @ Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza)

First announcements of this type that we’ve received – and likely not the last – both just out of the WSB inbox. First, from West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor) executive director Shalimar Gonzales:

With more fires cropping up in BC and surrounding areas, the smoke may be here for a while longer. The West Seattle Y is offering a respite for community members at our location on Snoqualmie Street. Our center is air-conditioned and offers free Wi-Fi.

This is an opportunity for us to pay back this special community. We are happy to open our doors to our neighbors to protect their health.

The use of these facilities is free to the public. YMCA lot parking regulations still apply. A government issued photo ID is required to enter the facility. If you are interested in getting a workout in, feel free to stop by our welcome center to get a free pass to use our facility.

And from St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church rector Rev. Kate Wesch:

Tuesday and Wednesday, August 21 and 22 from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Escape the smoke with children ages 0-5 who need to move at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church

Do you have cabin fever with your little ones? Looking for some space to run around where the kids can play indoors away from the smoke? St. John’s is opening the Parish Hall, a large carpeted room, and will have a few large motor toys and blocks out. Come for an hour or stay all three. We’ll have coffee for the grown ups. St. John’s is located on the corner of California Ave SW and SW Hanford St. next door to WS High School. (3050 California Ave SW) Questions? 206-937-4545

Anybody else with something special to announce? westseattleblog@gmail.com – thanks!

10 Replies to "Just announced: 2 places to 'escape the smoke'"

  • Kadoo August 21, 2018 (6:32 am)

    I spend a lot of time at both of these places. So happy they’ve opened their doors to the public to get a respite from the smoke. Thank you!

  • Sandy Hanson August 21, 2018 (8:54 am)

    Great idea!!Thank you so much for your offer. 

  • Mj August 21, 2018 (9:09 am)

    I’ve been wanting to check out the YMCA for quite some time, maybe I’ll get my chance today.  They are a great organization!  

  • Vanessa August 21, 2018 (12:36 pm)

    YMCA (Young Man’s Christian Association)…so if someone didn’t have a Government issued Identification card, you Christians wouldn’t let them in?Sorry, I’ve been thinking about this most of the morning and find this statement very UN-Christian.

    • Jethro Marx August 21, 2018 (5:29 pm)

      Yet women and elderly are welcome; go figure! Life is funny like that; St. John welcomes all, so perhaps they are closer to what you’d like in a Christian, what?

    • Shalimar at the Y August 23, 2018 (2:50 pm)

      Hi Vanessa, The Y welcome all and as others have stated, folks looking for respite from smoke are welcome to rest in our lobby or our community room.  We ask for photo ID for any person interested in taking advantage of our facility offerings (workout spaces, child watch, pool, etc.). This allows us to know who is in our facility. We ask all visitors and all new members to present photo ID.  If you have more questions about our ID policy, please visit seattleymca.org

      • sam-c August 24, 2018 (10:53 am)

        I’m really thankful that the Y opened up to support the community when it was smokey this past week.  Also, as a parent of a child whose out-door based camp was relocated to the Y for most of the week, I appreciate their efforts to know who was using their facilities during the week.   thank you!

  • Kadoo August 21, 2018 (6:12 pm)

    FYI the Y calls itself the Y now and nothing more. People who are not men and not Christian are welcome. 

  • momosmom August 21, 2018 (7:51 pm)

    @Vanessa…WOW you really need to find something to distract yourself if you’ve been thinking about this most of the day! 

  • Mj August 21, 2018 (10:36 pm)

    VanessaI’m sure everyone was welcome to sit in the lobby, no ID needed.  The ID was for people wanting to check out the weight room, swimming pool et al.  It’s called attorneyites!BTW the facility is very nice!MJ

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