ROAD-WORK ALERT: Second 35th SW closure in Arbor Heights now in place

A few days later than originally announced, the second closure of 35th SW for the Arbor Heights Safe Routes to School sidewalk project is now in effect – we just went over to verify that 35th is closed between 102nd and 104th. This closure is expected to last about two weeks before crews move to the final stretch, 35th SW between 100th and 102nd.

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  • AHNeighbor July 10, 2018 (9:22 pm)

    Weird – that stretch of road was open again later today. Does anyone know if the bus stop on 35th at 106th will be open? I noticed the 21X still doing the construction detour today (heading NB, turning left at 106th off of 35th) even though 35th was clearly open (and has been for days).

    • WSB July 10, 2018 (9:35 pm)

      Wow. I went by shortly before writing this blurb and the ROAD CLOSED sign was up right at 102nd, with a worker guarding it. We’ve been going by every single day to check since the SDOT announcements have consistently been off. Well, we’ll check again in the morning!

  • 1994 July 10, 2018 (10:25 pm)

    The city put in curb ramps at 104th and 35th not that long ago and they seemed in fine condition. I don’t understand why SDOT  had to remove the existing ramps and install curb bulb ramps. The curb bulbs will force  traffic, especially longer vehicles like school buses and garbage trucks, turning from 104th  into both lanes of 35th and may even force them to drive over the curb bulb. Hope no one will be standing on the curb bulb! as that seems like an unsafe place to wait to cross 35th.

  • anonyme July 11, 2018 (6:40 am)

    It looks like the closures are spotty, but construction is heating up as of yesterday.  Buses have been running normally, but the 21 Express doesn’t run during construction hours anyway.  35th is completely open right now, as it was overnight.   The SDOT guard is allowing local traffic through.  I’ve been impressed so far with the communication and cooperation of the workers.  They seem to be trying very hard to accommodate property owners.As far as safety goes, the school is on 104th with a crossing guard at 35th.  It’s the most logical place for kids to cross, and this is the “Safe Routes to School” project.  Buses and garbage trucks already turn into oncoming lanes and across pedestrian right-of-ways and corners when they make turns.  The curbs should force them to do so in a slower and safer manner.

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