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West Seattle Crime Watch: Illegal dumping x 2; thieves; prowler

Just this morning, we were talking about illegal dumping. Since then, two cases to report:


RV DEBRIS: The RV in that photo, which Al says had been parked for weeks in the SW Marginal Place cul-de-sac under the West Seattle Bridge, is gone this afternoon. Al took the photo above last night, after noticing the sudden profusion of junk strewn outside it. He said it had been tagged and at one point even booted, though that, he said, was gone by last night. We went over for a look an hour and a half ago and discovered the RV was gone – but not the junk:

(WSB photo)

We have no idea whether the RV was towed, or moved by its owner. We can tell you the debris includes syringes and broken glass.

(WSB photo)

As our photo shows, the junk is nominally surrounded by a square of “POLICE LINE, DO NOT CROSS” tape, but it’s in the street, on the sidewalk, and blocking the end of a public stairway down from SW Charlestown on Pigeon Point, so we started making calls to find out what will be done to clean it up – it’s a health hazard at the very least. As noted in this morning’s (unrelated) story, Seattle Public Utilities is the city’s lead agency on illegal dumping. So our contact there is checking around to find out if this is on their radar. In the meantime, you’ll want to avoid the area – which is right along the bike path to and from the low bridge, among other things.

FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE: SPU told us this was scheduled for cleanup today – so we went by around 11:30 and found it was gone. Separate update to come.

(back to original Thursday story) Also this afternoon:

ILLEGAL DUMPING IN ARBOR HEIGHTS: Also this afternoon, Jeff shared the photo and report:

On Tuesday evening this week, this load of construction debris was illegally dumped in our alley in Arbor Heights. It is blocking our alley now and will need to be removed. I called the city’s illegal dumping line and reported this issue. This alley lies between the following streets: SW 102nd St, SW 104th St, 37th Pl SW, and 37th Av SW. It’s interesting how the people who did this used the utility pole to anchor the debris load while they drove off.

Jeff told us a short time ago that since he sent that note and photo earlier this afternoon, a city crew has shown up to clean it up, he said. But that still doesn’t answer the question of who did it.


Seems like we had a busy prowler on our street (40th Ave SW) yesterday as a package was stolen from our front porch (UPS said it was delivered around 10 am when we were at work) and my mother-in-law 4 houses down the street had two pricey lawn ornaments (a glass orb with stand and a glass birdbath) stolen from their yard overnight. My in-laws reported their issue to the police; we reported our stolen package to Nordstrom (where it came from). Also, if anyone sees a glass orb and its stand, we’d love it back – it’s got such huge sentimental value attached to it.

As we urged Steph, please also report package/mail theft to police, even if only via the online form – otherwise official records won’t show an accurate picture of what’s happening.

PROWLER: Karleen shared this alert from North Delridge:

4700 Block 22nd /23rd SW – At 7:15 a.m. we heard a car alarm in our neighborhood at 7:30 a.m. Someone was in our back yard! We have locks on all of our gates. The dogs were in bed with me so no one barked! but my mom is visiting and she saw the person! My mom said he/she appeared to be a female or male Native American/Hispanic/Black mix 5’4′ 135 pounds athletic build wearing a military gray cap with hair tucked up under it. A gray tweed style coat. By the time I reacted, they were gone. Called the cops, traced the tracks and they were already in persuit of a car prowler, could be related. Whoever it is is brazen and casing houses as well; they went through my neighbor’s tool shed and our donation boxes in front of my car. Let this be a good reason I am at home sick today. If my puppies would have been outside, who knows what would have happened. I hope they get caught!

Cameras for all Metro buses within five years?

Six years ago, the issue of Metro bus-driver safety was raised here when a 56-year-old Alki woman was attacked while on the job as a driver in Tukwila. (Her teenage attacker was arrested and convicted.) Metro has since installed cameras in almost half its buses, and says the number of driver assaults is down by more than half since 2008 – 77 last year – but now after another high-profile attack (yesterday in Auburn), County Executive Dow Constantine is calling for more cameras. He announced this afternoon that he “will request funding in the supplemental budget to install cameras in 80 percent of Metro’s bus fleet by early 2019 and 100 percent by early 2021.” More details here.

Why more cargo ships are anchored off Manchester – and why the Coast Guard says it’s a good thing

(WSB photo, early February)

More than a few people have asked us this: Why are multiple cargo ships visible at anchor across the Sound, off Manchester, almost continuously? It was a common sight during last year’s dispute at the Port of Seattle, but nothing like that is happening now. When we asked the Port, they pointed us to the U.S. Coast Guard, which manages the anchorages there. And with the help of the 13th District Public Affairs team, we have the answer.

Chief Petty Officer Randy Hale explains that the area is known as Yukon Harbor, and it was designated as an anchorage area in the 1970s; with Bainbridge to the north, Blake and Vashon Islands to the south, it has protection from our area’s sometimes-brutal windstorms. It wasn’t used much until the Port dispute a year-plus ago, but now, the reasons you’re seeing more ships there this winter are multiple: For one, CPO Hale says, “Smith Cove West anchorage [off Magnolia] is closed seasonally (winter months) – this reduced the amount of available anchorages in Elliott Bay.” That, CPO Hale says, is coupled with an increase in port activity overall (we’re checking back with the Port of Seattle about this – most of the anchored ships are waiting to get to Terminal 86). And finally, a side benefit: “On a good note, the utilization of Yukon Harbor Vessel Traffic Service Puget Sound has experienced a significant decrease in the amount of reported anchored vessels dragging anchor, reducing the risk of damage to our beautiful waters.” Overall, this is expected to continue: “It will likely be utilized more frequently than what residents are historically accustomed to seeing.”

When the Kitsap Sun answered a similar question in 2012, its story noted that it was rare to see more than one at a time. Lately, anecdotally, our checks have shown three there almost continuously – including right now, as shown on

If you’re looking across the Sound to this area, you might also see ships that are docked west of Yukon Harbor, at Manchester, which is a U.S. Navy fuel depot – such as this one we reported on in 2014.

UPDATE: 4 chickenpox cases at 1 local school

11:11 AM: New information today about cases of chickenpox reported at Arbor Heights Elementary School. Letters sent to families at AHES and at co-housed Louisa Boren K-8 STEM said five cases had been verified at AHES, but today Seattle Public Schools tells WSB the number is actually four.

The letter sent to families said that the cases appear to have stemmed from exposure “around February 11th” and notes that, “Chickenpox is usually not a serious illness, but it can be severe when complicated by bacterial skin infections and is especially acute for children and adults with compromised immune systems (for example, from cancer chemotherapy, high-dose steroid therapy for asthma or HIV). Adolescents, adults, the elderly, and pregnant women are more at risk for complications from chicken pox.” The district says the four cases include one vaccinated child and three unvaccinated children; 90 percent of AHES students are vaccinated, according to the letter from principal Christy Collins.

The letter advises:

Children 12 months of age and older, adolescents, and adults who have not had chicken pox disease and have not received chicken pox vaccine should contact their health care provider to get immunized as soon as possible. Those with compromised immune systems should talk to their healthcare provider to discuss the best ways to protect themselves from chicken pox.

The King County Public Health website shares this general information about the disease. We asked KCPH spokesperson James Apa for any information available about current trends; he says that individual cases are “not reportable” so they don’t have trend information. He does say the last chickenpox-related death in the county was in 2011.

ADDED 2:42 PM: More from Apa at KCPH: Four cases is considered a “cluster”; while he cautions that his agency might not always hear about clusters, they have heard about one other so far this year – a preschool – and also, three other reports of 1 or 2 cases of chickenpox in schools or daycares around King County.

West Seattle Thursday: Viaduct-closure plan; Genesee-Schmitz council; HCC Pathway; ‘Screenagers’ screening; more!

(Anna’s Hummingbird at Jack Block Park, photographed by Mark Wangerin)

Here are highlights of what’s ahead for today/tonight, from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

STORY TIMES: You can always consult our calendar for what’s ahead at local libraries. Today, it’s Preschool Story Time 10:30-11 am at Southwest Library (35th SW/SW Henderson) and Toddler Story Time 11:30 am-noon at High Point Library (35th SW/SW Raymond).

SHOREWOOD FUNDRAISER AT ZIPPY’S: A portion of proceeds today at Zippy’s Burgers in White Center will benefit the Shorewood Christian School yearbook fund. (9614 14th SW)

HCC PATHWAY AT MADISON MS: It started with Fairmount Park Elementary, and next year, Highly Capable Cohort students will also be served at Madison Middle School, creating an HCC Pathway in West Seattle. 7 pm tonight in the Madison library, families are invited to find out more about how this will work. (3429 45th SW)

‘SCREENAGERS’: In our glued-to-the-screens world, what should parents do about their kids’ screen time? This new film explores the issue. Come see it for free and talk with the filmmaker afterward, tonight at Fauntleroy Church‘s Fellowship Hall. Please RSVP if you haven’t already – our preview explains how. (9140 California SW)

WEST SEATTLE TRANSPORTATION COALITION: 6:30 pm at Neighborhood House’s High Point Center, WSTC gets briefed on the ~2-week Alaskan Way Viaduct closure that’s expected when the Highway 99 tunnel machine goes under the AWV, including how Metro is planning for it. (6400 Sylvan Way)

GENESEE-SCHMITZ NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL: 7 pm at West Side Presbyterian Church, the year’s first meeting of the Genesee-Schmitz NC – see agenda highlights in our calendar listing. (3602 California SW)

FIVE BUCK BAND: Relax with live music tonight at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 7-9 pm. (5612 California SW)

PUNDAMONIUM: 7 pm signup, 8 pm start for this “pun slam” at The Skylark – explained here. Want to compete? Just show up! First come, first served. Tickets $6. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

AS ALWAYS, THERE’S MORE … on our complete calendar.

City taking a new approach to illegal dumping, says councilmember

(File photo)

Illegal dumping is a big problem – our check of WSB archives underscores that, turning up a pile of reports. Just how big? District 1 City Councilmember Lisa Herbold has stats in her latest e-mail update, sent this morning – and reveals that Seattle Public Utilities has a new approach for handling the problem:

Since 2014, the number of illegal dumping service requests to SPU has jumped from about 5,000 to an astonishing 11,500 in 2015. As a result, unfortunately, the average response time went from 21 days to 28 days. To address this SPU decided they needed to find a way to both 1. Reduce the current service request backlog and 2. Improve future response times.

In order to do that, last week SPU assigned temporary staff to consolidate the backlog of service requests. As of February 18th they had 100% of the backlogged requests reviewed and found that approximately 25% were duplicate requests. This clearly demonstrated a need to address the issue of illegal dumping differently. In other words, SPU shifted from an enforcement model that only responded to complaints, to an enforcement model that also includes proactively clean up illegal dumping in areas where it happens frequently.

SPU is now preparing “clean sweep” maps and routes for cleanup crews where they will drive each street to pick up both reported and unreported items – especially in those locations that have frequent illegal dumping activity, so that pick-up opportunities are maximized, the complaint backlog reduced, and response time improved.

Your options for reporting illegal dumping are listed here – and of course, there’s also the city’s Find It Fix It app.


February 25, 2016 6:43 am
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(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

6:43 AM: Another morning off to a relatively quiet start – no incidents in or from West Seattle.

Two reminders:

TRANSPORTATION COALITION TALKS VIADUCT CLOSURE TONIGHT: Now that Highway 99 tunneling has resumed, planning continues for an Alaskan Way Viaduct closure once the tunnel machine goes beneath that structure. The West Seattle Transportation Coalition gets briefed tonight – all welcome; bring your questions. 6:30 pm at Neighborhood House’s High Point Center (6400 Sylvan Way).

SATURDAY NIGHT/SUNDAY MORNING I-5 LANE CLOSURES: Repair work will close up to 4 lanes of NB I-5 between Highway 599 and I-90, 10:30 pm Saturday to 5 am Sunday.

8:24 AM: Seattle Fire units have just been dispatched to a crash on northbound I-5 at I-90, so that could affect the exit from the eastbound bridge to I-5.

8:36 AM: This crash is now reported to be blocking three lanes. So if you’re headed northbound, you’ll want to either wait, or plan an alternative to I-5 for now.

8:50 AM: The lanes have reopened, but the NB I-5 backup is reported to be five miles – which will take a while to clear.

New Highland Park Action Committee leaders


Five years after becoming co-chairs of the Highland Park Action Committee, Carolyn and Billy Stauffer have stepped down, and their successors were chosen at Wednesday night’s meeting. Afterward, they sent the photo and announcement:

Pleased to introduce our new leaders! Shown left to right in the attached photo are:

Craig Rankin – vice-chair
Beth Andrisevic – secretary
Michelle Glassley – treasurer
Michele Witzki – speaker liaison
Gunner Scott – chair

Thank you to Highland Park and Riverview for these new awesome voices for our community!

HPAC meets on fourth Wednesdays, 7 pm, at the historic Highland Park Improvement Club building at 12th and Holden – watch for updates.

VIDEO: Sealth, WSHS orchestras shine as opening acts for West Seattle visit by Seattle Symphony

This was a big night of orchestral music at Chief Sealth International High School – four orchestras in all!

The main event was the Seattle Symphony, side by side with the West Seattle Community Orchestra. Video recording wasn’t allowed for that, but we did get the opening acts on video – above, the Sealth orchestra, directed by Jorge Morales, introduced by Denny International Middle School principal Jeff Clark. They performed works by Holst and Vivaldi. Next, the West Seattle High School Orchestra, directed by Ethan Thomas:

The WSHS musicians performed selections from the score of “Jurassic Park.”

The student musicians were the opening act for the Symphony and Community Orchestra – we caught a photo of musicians from the latter, who joined the Symphony for “Finlandia” (Op. 26) by Sibelius.


The Symphony’s program included works by Mozart.

Also taking a turn on stage, District 1 City Councilmember Lisa Herbold:


She thanked the Symphony for coming to West Seattle, mentioning that they were the only musical group from Seattle to win a Grammy this year. The concert was free, part of the Symphony’s community programs, and supported by local volunteers including members of the Kiwanis Club of West Seattle.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Moped stolen; bicycle found

February 24, 2016 8:47 pm
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Two-wheeled West Seattle Crime Watch news:


STOLEN MOPED: From Tim – “I wanted to reach out and report my stolen moped in hopes someone has seen it around the neighborhood. It’s a vintage 70’s green Sachs Balboa, taken from my backyard on 21st Ave SW between Barton and Cambridge near Westwood Village. … It has a long seat, lime green grips on the handle bars, and a large aftermarket exhaust tied to the frame with leather cord.”

FOUND BICYCLE: Jen photographed this bike apparently dumped in Sunrise Heights:


If it was stolen from you, let us know the # of the report you filed so we can pass on the location.

West Seattle scene: Sunset rainbow


Thanks to Martha Kongsgaard for the rainbow photo from The Junction, right around this evening’s sunset.

West Seattle wildlife: Whale, coyote sightings

Two wildlife sightings just in via text (206-293-6302 any time):

-Whale spotted off Alki about an hour ago – not an orca – the texter thought it might have been a gray whale; Orca Network had word of a humpback off Manchester (right across the Sound) early today. Here’s a handy guide to species ID, from The Whale Trail.

-Coyote strolling the sidewalk “on 48th between the intersection of Beach Drive and Lincoln Park Way and Graham.”

West Seattle restaurants: Peek inside Kizuki Ramen and Izakaya as it gets closer to opening

EDITOR’S NOTE: The in-the-works West Seattle restaurant we’re getting the most questions about right now is Kizuki Ramen, previously Kukai when we first reported its Junction plan last August. So if you’re wondering when it will open (etc.), here’s what we have found out:

IMG_1899 (1)

By Randall Hauk
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

Ramen fans of West Seattle can look forward to late April, the current target for the opening of Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya in The Junction.

The West Seattle outlet of Kizuki will be the fourth Seattle-area location for the Japan-based ramen chain that’s currently undergoing a name change from Kukai. When the company opened its Bellevue location late in 2012, that was its first outside Japan. Now, after successful openings in Northgate, Capitol Hill, and Beaverton, Oregon, Kizuki’s management is excited to come to the peninsula.

“Kizuki recognized the opportunity to be a part of an ever-growing destination and diverse neighborhood in West Seattle,” says Kizuki District Manager and 17-year West Seattle resident Patrick Haight. “We are excited about offering a unique and different dining experience in The Junction.”

Haight says the company already employs several West Seattle residents at other locations, including a general manager, which should help bring some local feel to a restaurant dealing in one of the world’s great comfort foods. Here, by the way, are two Kizuki interior photos shared with us to give you an idea of what you’ll find inside the 42nd/Alaska location:

Read More

Help launch Nerdy 30s and 40s of West Seattle

Just out of the WSB inbox, the most attention-grabbing calendar-event title we’ve seen all day: Nerdy 30s and 40s of West Seattle: Inaugural Drinks. Kati says this 7 pm event on March 11th, at The Bridge (California/Graham), is to: “Meet new friends and have fun in West Seattle! We are a group of sociable nerds in our 30s and 40s interested in meeting other sociable nerds for fun times on the peninsula.” You can RSVP and join the Meetup group by going here. And it’ll be in the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar soon – thanks again to EVERYONE who sends info to share there (, at least a week in advance).

West Seattle schools: Global Reading Challenge!

February 24, 2016 2:12 pm
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GRC 2016 Winners Collage

Thanks to Elise Olson for sharing the photo collage from Global Reading Challenge competition at Arbor Heights Elementary, one of a dozen West Seattle schools on the list of this year’s participants. The Exploding Platypi won the AH in-school challenge with a perfect score of 120 and move on to the semifinals downtown on March 8th. GRC is described by the Seattle Public Library as a “battle of the books” competition for 4th and 5th graders; here are the books they’re reading this year. The teams that emerge from the semi-finals citywide will compete in the finals at the downtown library on March 22nd.

VIDEO: Housing Levy briefing, Q&A in West Seattle

As you’ll hear the city Office of Housing director Steve Walker explain toward the start of our video, last night’s second West Seattle briefing on the proposed Housing Levy expansion/renewal was scheduled for a variety of reasons – because it was requested, because the first one was in a small room, and because on that previous night the slide projector didn’t work. So if you couldn’t be there last night, but have questions about the levy, which is expected to go to a vote this August or November – watch and/or listen. Many of the questions/concerns focused on whether this is doing enough to help, given the cost, and also on how increasing property taxes are affecting payers. You’ll find lots of info about the levy here.

West Seattle Crime Watch: More car prowls

11:39 AM: He’s said it before, and last night at the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting (full story to come), Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis said it again: Car prowling remains our area’s biggest crime problem. This morning, we have two reader reports:


36TH SW NORTH OF FAUNTLEROY: Mike sent the photo and reports, “Someone smashed our car’s tinted rear window early this morning. SPD officer stated this is happening more frequently. Thieves are only breaking tinted glass to check for valuables. Nothing taken.”

WESTCREST PARK: Janet reports, “My passenger window was smashed and bag grabbed in main parking lot (by community garden) at Westcrest Dog Park around 5:30 p.m. yesterday, 2/23. Bag stolen. Reported to police, but be careful!”

ADDED 1:59 PM: We’ve heard from Taren about a Sunrise Heights car prowl mentioned in comments:

We had an auto break-in last night on 35th Avenue SW in front of Trinity Church near Holden. The burglar/vandal broke the passenger side window with a rock. The key items stolen were a medium (18×10) grey metal toolbox containing primarily craftsman screwdrivers and pliers, a red back-pack style auto emergency kit (purchased pre-filled) and a large new-in-box Star Wars toy (black box… Star Wars The Black Series Jabba’s Rancor Pit Set).

West Seattle Wednesday: Seattle Symphony, parenting advice, Civic Poet, open mic, more…

(By Flickr member Charge, shared via WSB Flickr group)

Our daily look at what’s up for the rest of the day/night, from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

HIGHLINE PREMIER FC SOCCER TRYOUTS: They start tonight at Highline Stadium, 6 pm for boys born 2000-2001, 7:30 pm for boys born 1998-1999 – see the full tryout calendar, and register, by going here. (430 S. 156th, Burien)

SEATTLE SYMPHONY AND STUDENT ORCHESTRAS: 6:15 pm, as previewed here, the music starts at Chief Sealth International High School‘s auditorium, with CSIHS and WSHS orchestras before the Seattle Symphony takes the stage at 7; the program also spotlights West Seattle Community Orchestra musicians. Free! Bring $ for Denny-Sealth Performing Arts benefit bake sale. (2600 SW Thistle)

‘TELL ME WHAT TO SAY’: Free parenting seminar, plus wine tasting and appetizers, starting at 6:30 pm at Northwest Wine Academy on the north side of the South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) campus. Details in our preview – including the e-mail address for registering. (6000 16th SW)

HIGHLAND PARK ACTION COMMITTEE: 7 pm, monthly meeting at Highland Park Improvement Club. Spotlight topic: New leadership for HPAC. (12th SW/SW Holden)

POEMS AND STORIES: Claudia Castro Luna, Seattle’s Civic Poet (and a West Seattleite), is a featured reader, along with Janet Yoder, at Poetrybridge‘s monthly Poems and Stories event at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), including a community microphone. 7-9 pm. (5612 California SW)

TREEHOUSE OPEN MIC: Signups at 7:15 pm, event starts at 7:30 pm – music, poetry, comedy, whatever you bring to the Treehouse Lounge. (2206 California SW)

YOU CAN HELP! What you give West Seattle Helpline right now is up for matching $

February 24, 2016 9:20 am
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Your dollar(s), donated to the West Seattle Helpline right now, will go farther thanks to matching funds, as the Helpline’s Chris Langeler explains:

In November 2015, Nucor Steel Seattle paired with one of their suppliers, Graymont, to provide $10,000 in community matching funds to the West Seattle Helpline. These funds were used to match donations made at the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Dinner & Auction. Their matching support helped make that night the most successful fundraising event in the history of the West Seattle Helpline!

We recently learned that Nucor and Graymont have now allocated $2,414.77 in additional matching funds, specifically for utility assistance through our One-Time Assistance Program. By working with Seattle City Light, Seattle Public Utilities, and Puget Sound Energy, this program helps prevent electricity, water, and gas shutoffs for families recovering from an unexpected hardship.

We ask our neighbors to help us access these funds to keep the lights and heat on and the water running for local families through the rest of the cold weather season. All donations made online to the West Seattle Helpline before March 4th will be matched up to a total of $2,414.77. If we meet our goal, we will be able to help up to 100 additional members of our West Seattle community stay safe and warm in their homes while they get back on their feet!

To help West Seattle Helpline acquire these funds and be there for our neighbors in need, please make a contribution online by Friday, March 4th at:

Our sincere thanks to Nucor and Graymont for their generous donations and to the West Seattle community for their wonderful, ongoing support. The West Seattle Helpline’s motto is “Neighbors Helping Neighbors since 1989.” We are grateful every day to have the best neighbors anyone could ask for!

Helpline is a nonprofit that provides emergency assistance to “help prevent evictions and utility shutoffs (and) provide transportation assistance” and also hosts the West Seattle Clothesline, “a volunteer-run clothing donation and distribution center for low-income families.”


February 24, 2016 6:47 am
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(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

6:47 AM: Good morning! No incidents in or from West Seattle so far.

9:01 AM: After a quiet commute, we do have a look ahead to Thursday night, when the West Seattle Transportation Coalition returns to its regular meeting space, 6:30 pm at Neighborhood House’s High Point Center (6400 Sylvan Way), and the agenda includes planning for the Alaskan Way Viaduct closure once the Highway 99 tunneling machine goes beneath it – timely since tunneling just resumed yesterday. From the agenda:

I. Membership Business – Vote for newest Board Member. Board positions open for May!

II. Vision Zero / 20mph: Gordon Padelford

III. Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program – Molly Freed; Brief presentation on the Viaduct replacement and closure information plus Q&A

IV. King County Metro – Chris Arkills; Update on Metro’s role during viaduct shut down.

V. Discussion on WSTC’s Sound Transit 3 Survey and Next Steps

All are welcome.

9:46 AM: Two problems to mention: A stalled vehicle blocking the left lane on northbound I-5 just north of the West Seattle Bridge, and a car fire at 16th/Roxbury.

9:50 AM: Advance alert for northbound I-5 in our area on Saturday night/Sunday morning:

Drivers heading into downtown Seattle on northbound Interstate 5 should prepare for possible delays overnight Saturday, Feb. 27-28. Washington State Department of Transportation maintenance crews will close multiple lanes of the freeway to repair overhead lane control signs.

Closure details
-10:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 27, to 5 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 28
-Up to four left lanes of northbound I-5 from State Route 599 to Interstate 90 will be closed.
-The northbound I-5 off-ramp to Corson Avenue South/South Michigan Street will be closed.
-All northbound I-5 traffic will be rerouted to the collector-distributor lanes at the I-90 off-ramp and back on the mainline just before the Cherry Street on-ramp from 2 to 2:30 a.m.

FOLLOWUP: Chief Sealth Ethics Bowl teams visit Olympia

February 23, 2016 11:56 pm
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Tuesday was the big day that Chief Sealth International High School‘s Ethics Bowl teams had been anticipating for three weeks – their trip to Olympia as one of the trophy-winning schools in the competition. Thanks to teacher Noah Zeichner for the photos and report:

Nine students from CSIHS spent the day in Olympia today getting an close-up view of state government.The trip was a reward for placing 3rd in the High School Ethics Bowl in January.

The first stop was the Supreme Court where they listened to oral arguments. The Chief Justice welcomed the group, which also included students from Rainier Beach, Lakeside, and Seattle Academy.

After lunch, the students had a chance to meet all 9 Supreme Court Justices. The students shook their hands and had a chance to ask questions.

They also talked with Nick Brown, the Governor’s Legal Counsel and with Representatives Hunt and Zeiger, the winners of the first-ever Gabrielle Giffords Award for Civility in State Government. Other highlights of the day included tours of the Governor’s Mansion and the Capitol Building.

Read more about this year’s Ethics Bowl competition here.

West Seattle’s second licensed marijuana store will likely be the first to open

(WSB photo: 1416 SW Roxbury, in which Origins will open)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

The second recreational-marijuana store licensed in West Seattle will likely be the first one to open.

A week and a half ago, we reported on the first store license, for 5440 California SW. That building is set to undergo some remodeling and proprietor Maryam Mirnateghi didn’t expect to be open for up to two months.

Now, the second West Seattle license has been granted, for Origins at 1416 SW Roxbury, #D – and its proprietor told us today that he expects Origins will be open within two weeks, as soon as the city grants a permit to change the use from a medical office.

Sean Miller explains that they formerly operated a medical-marijuana outlet in the same building, as well as one in South Park, both now closed. Origins will be licensed for medical marijuana as well as recreational, but Miller says that component doesn’t go into effect until July.

His company, he says, is being evaluated for two other licenses, including a location over the city/county line but just blocks away in White Center, at 9823 15th SW, and one on the Eastside.

Asked what will set his store apart, Miller said, “The biggest thing that we’re trying to do with Origins is, bring a better name and a better feel to the industry. Right now you walk into a recreational store and you feel kind of dirty and like you’ve done something wrong before you’ve done anything … We’re trying to create an atmosphere like a Starbucks, you walk in and feel really welcome.” He says that includes a “very high-end build … with slates and cork floors. When people look at it, they think it’s a jewelry store because of the level of finish. We want to do that with multiple locations and legitimize the industry,” for customers of all income levels.

He’s expecting to be open along the lines of 10 am-8 pm Mondays-Fridays, 10 am-6 pm Saturdays and Sundays. No website yet, he says.

P.S. As mentioned in our previous story, you can look for other application locations on Mark’s map – one still pending in West Seattle is the site of longtime medical provider Northwest Patient Resource Center at 35th/Roxbury.

‘SCREENAGERS’: See it for free Thursday

February 23, 2016 5:47 pm
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That’s the trailer for “Screenagers,” which you can see for free this Thursday night in West Seattle, with a bonus – a chance to talk with filmmaker Dr. Delaney Ruston afterward. Local entrepreneur and mom Jackie Clough is organizing it in connection with the upcoming launch of It’s a subject right at the heart of 21st-century parenting:

This documentary explores how learning, playing, and socializing online affects teens’ developing attention span, self-esteem and moral instincts. SCREENAGERS examines the risks of failing in school, social isolation and digital addiction. The film explores solutions to handle screen time and provides parents with tools to help young people develop self-control and find balance in their digital lives.

It’s at 7 pm Thursday (February 25th) at Fauntleroy Church’s Fellowship Hall (9140 California SW). No ticket required, but please RSVP so they know how many seats to set up – you can do that here. (Jackie advises arriving a few minutes early.)