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Too hot in the house? West Seattle entertainment options ahead

THURSDAY NIGHT TUNES: The second show in the Admiral Neighborhood Association’s Summer Concerts at Hiawatha series (co-sponsored by WSB) is tomorrow night, 6:30 pm, east lawn outside Hiawatha Community Center. That spot gets shady hours earlier because of the building and the trees. Tomorrow’s performers: Tom Colwell and the Southbound Odyssey, a smash hit during the Pete Seeger 90th birthday event at Admiral Theater earlier this year. Speaking of The Admiral:

AIR-CONDITIONED MUSIC FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHT: Admiral Theater has live music both nights: Troupe de Ville with Steve Thoreson (“a voice more powerful than Pavarotti”), Eric Fridrich (“soulful”) and Segovia-trained Italian guitarist Andre Feriante at 9 pm Friday (tickets here), Billet-Deux “gypsy jazz” at 9 pm Saturday (tickets here). And outdoors, to the south, that very night, you can get “Footloose.”

SATURDAY NIGHT “MOVIE ON THE WALL”: Doesn’t seem right now like much chance that last Saturday night’s semi-freak rainburst will be replicated (although it’s great to have the backup indoor site nearby). So plan on being in the Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor) courtyard for the West Seattle Outdoor Movies on the Wall presentation of”Footloose” at dusk Saturday, with preshow activities (go-go dancers!) around 8:30 pm. Free, but bring a few dollars for concessions provided by West Seattle Christian and Coffee to a Tea with Sugar, and raffles for local merchant gift certificates, all benefiting local nonprofits. Gates open at 7:00 pm with pre-show fun starting at 8:30 pm. 4400 California Ave SW (map).

Update: Helicopter mystery over The Junction solved!

helicopterwatch.pngChecking now to see if we can find out what it’s doing. Let us know if you’re seeing police on the ground anywhere. 9:46 PM UPDATE: This one might remain a mystery. Lt. Ron Smith at the Southwest Precinct says law enforcers don’t have anything going on that he or dispatch is aware of. As for news choppers, unless there’s a prescheduled evening event (like 4th of July fireworks), they’re usually in for the night long before dark. 9:55 PM UPDATE: Justin from Capitol Hill Seattle says via Twitter that a mystery chopper, not police, is buzzing THAT neighborhood right now. Hmm. 11:35 PM UPDATE: Lt. Smith says police have checked with FAA and learned that it’s a private company doing infrared photography. We may have more on this momentarily. ADDED 11:43 PM: Talked to the FAA. BCRA is the company that had permission for two flyover periods “around Seattle” tonight (the other one was before dark) – and the work apparently involves infrared photography regarding “air barriers”; found out a little more here. As the old saying goes, you learn something new every day. And night!

West Seattle Little League 11-12s at state: 1st loss but still going

July 29, 2009 9:12 pm
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From the West Seattle Little League Twitter feed: The 11-12 All-Stars lost for the first time in the state tournament tonight, 12-0 to Pasco in Port Orchard. However, they’re still going, because it’s not a single-elimination tournament; the online bracket says they’ll play Richmond at 5 pm tomorrow, also at Port Orchard’s Art Mikelson Fields.

West Seattle scenes: Hot, hot, hot

Bill Bacon caught that reading at the First Mutual Bank sign north of The Junction this afternoon. Meantime, Minette sent a beautiful shot of last night’s moonset behind Vashon, seen from Lowman Beach. She says it’s looked like this the last three nights and you might see something similar if you look that way around 10:30 tonight:

We’re mulling a ferry ride as a late-night cooldown measure. Meantime, the temperatures are slithering downward .. but still in the 90s as of the official 9 pm readings at Sea-Tac and Boeing Field (closest “official” to us).

West Seattle Chamber to county: Don’t kill the Water Taxi

As ballots go out today, the King County Water Taxi has become more and more of a political football in the campaign for county executive, with at least three candidates saying they want to end funding for the King County Ferry District, which runs the West Seattle-Downtown and Seattle-Vashon routes, and a new proposal from County Executive Kurt Triplett last week to shelve funding for “demonstration routes.” The West Seattle Chamber of Commerce has just sent an open letter to county government, noting that anyone who wants to make sure the Water Taxi remains available to West Seattle might consider doing the same. Read on for the letter:Read More

Memorial planned Sunday for Arbor Heights teacher Lynn Barnicle

Family, friends and the Arbor Heights Elementary School community are mourning teacher Lynn Barnicle, who has lost her fight with leukemia. Read on for the invitation to a community memorial:Read More

Update: Boater overcome by the heat, treated near Seacrest

(photo by Christopher Boffoli as scene was wrapping up)
ORIGINAL 2:41 PM REPORT: Just found out at the fire scene about a water rescue dispatch to 1600 Harbor SW – we’re on our way – no other details yet. 2:56 PM UPDATE: Co-publisher Patrick Sand is at the scene and tells us firefighters say a kayaker was “overcome by the heat,” is being checked out at the scene but will not likely be transported to the hospital – the “water rescue” response here is wrapping up.

Updates: House fire @ 45th/Erskine; firefighters battle heat too

(scroll down for newest info; adding fire cause/damage, 4:54 pm update)

(photo substituted 2:06 pm – courtesy Tony Bradley)
ORIGINAL 1:15 PM REPORT: WSB photojournalist Christopher Boffoli is on the scene and reports lots of smoke. The callout’s in the 5200 block of 45th SW (map). 1:31 PM UPDATE: This fire isn’t out yet. It’s a single-family house, according to property records. Our second person has just arrived at the scene and is reporting lots of smoke, still. Police are stopping westbound traffic in that direction from California or 44th. Sounds like cross-street will be Dawson. 1:38 PM UPDATE: Big story at the scene – firefighters working in this record heat. Paramedics are checking them out; co-publisher Patrick Sand reports there’s ice and water everywhere, some firefighters are being hosed down as they rotate through the scene. House has a big hole in the roof now, cut by firefighters to ventilate the fire, and smoke is still coming out. Patrick just talked to one of the two people who were home at the time – the resident says nobody in the house was hurt, both got out OK, and they have no idea how the fire started. Meantime, here’s a photo sent to us by the folks at the Coast Guard station on the downtown waterfront – at one point you could see the smoke from all the way over there:

1:53 PM UPDATE: Crews on the scene tell us this is all part of the special hot-weather procedure, including extra crews brought in so the first crews on the scene can be relieved before working too long in the heavy suits and high temperatures. Also, the fire is not yet tapped – smoke still visible and firefighters are still in the house in full gear. Here’s a cameraphone photo of one getting checked out outside:

Listening to the scanner from WSB HQ, we can also hear the logistical planning that SFD leaders are doing to rotate crews in and out because of the weather. 2:07 PM UPDATE: Adding photos from Tony Bradley, who was on the scene moments after firefighters. We also have spoken with an incident commander who tells us that while a police officer and firefighter were both checked out for possible dehydration earlier, both are OK. The fire is still not completely “tapped.”

We’ve also talked again with one of the residents, who says they’re trying to figure out where they’re going to go, but they have to stay at the scene for now to wait to talk with fire investigators. 2:24 PM UPDATE: Adding photos from Christopher Boffoli, including the firefighters coping with the heat:

2:41 PM UPDATE: One update from Fire Department spokesperson Helen Fitzpatrick – one of the house’s occupants has decided to go to the hospital for treatment, after discovering some burns. Adding more of Christopher’s photos:

And also this video by co-publisher Patrick:

4:54 PM UPDATE: According to SFD’s Fitzpatrick, the fire was accidental – ashes from a barbecue ignited the deck, and spread to the house. Damage is estimated at $150,000. The resident who went to the hospital for burn treatment is the only official injury related to the fire.

“This is huge”: West Seattle neighborhoods talk present, future

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

As a member of the citywide Neighborhood Plan Advisory Council, Sharonn Meeks facilitated several groups during the series of plan-status meetings that ended in Delridge last night.

The turnout along the way had been spotty. For First Hill’s discussion, for example, Meeks says she facilitated a table of one.

Last night, however, a different story. By the time late arrivals had found their seats in the air-conditioned Youngstown Arts Center auditorium — a last-minute substitution for the non-air-conditioned Delridge Community Center across the street — more than 100 people had arrived. Asked after the event how that compared to the others she’d facilitated, Meeks enthused, “This is huge!”

Read More

West Seattle Weather Watch: “Hottest day ever” updates

Barring big news on the weather, we’ll keep this item for a while and add to it as needed – photos, vignettes, whatever comes up. First tidbit: WSB’er “D” says a truckload of fans just arrived at McLendon Hardware in White Center – but “almost sold out in minutes.” P.S. The WSB Forums‘ running thread on the heat and “where to stay cool” can be found here. 11:46 AM UPDATE: Youngstown Arts Center is having a “cooling-off activity” in the theater (where we covered that air-conditioned meeting last night), noon-4 pm. (Here’s the flyer.) 3:05 PM UPDATE: The official National Weather Service 3 pm readings are in. Boeing Field is at 102 degrees. Sea-Tac has hit 102 (though right now it shows 101). The previous all-time Seattle record was 100. 5 PM UPDATE: Added a photo shared by South Seattle Community College, showing what is now officially the coolest school in West Seattle, explaining: “Inventor and Campus Services staffer Murray Fye has setup a cooling station by the campus Clock Tower. It is a mist/fog type that uses very low flow misting heads. It’s being enjoyed by one and all!” Another note: Metro has issued an advisory to passengers, warning that it may be just too hot to ride buses. 6:09 PM UPDATE: Thanks to Diane for sharing a couple of updates. West Seattle (Admiral) library branch – NOT air-conditioned, nor is Southwest – closed at 5 pm. The Senior Center of West Seattle, which IS air-conditioned, is open till 8. Wading pool hours are extended – Delridge and Hiawatha to 7:30, EC Hughes to 8, Lincoln Park till 8:30. And there’s a mysterious stream of cool air coming from the Chase ATM at the north end of The Junction, according to this photo Keith Bacon sent of Corianton Hale:

ADDED EARLY THURSDAY: We’ll check this out later today – Tom A reports:

Rode my bicycle home from work downtown (more pleasant than riding Metro today) and noticed sidewalks buckled (pushed up more than 18 inches) in front of Salty’s on Alki and again along the Don Armeni parking lot. I don’t think we had an earthquake, so it must be due to the heat expanding the concrete.

South Park murder: Prosecutor files aggravated-murder charge

Five days after the arrest of Isaiah Kalebu for the murder of Teresa Butz (right) in the South Park home she shared with her partner, who survived the stabbing attack, King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg has just announced his decision on what charges to pursue: According to first word from, the charges include aggravated murder, which could bring the death penalty. We will add the news release/charging-document info here when we get it. ADDED WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Kalebu is due in court August 12 to answer the charges. The court documents detail an especially brutal ordeal that lasted almost two hours. It also details what has been described as the action that Butz took, saving her partner’s life:

(Butz) eventually was able to kick the man off the bed, and she and (her partner) attempted to defend themselves. Enraged, the man punched (Butz) in the face with either his fist or the butt of the knife, knocking her across the room. He then began to stab her, striking her in the chest and upper arm. (Butz) was able to grab a nightstand and throw it through the bedroom window. She then dove out of the window herself. (Her partner) ran from the room and out the front door, where she saw that (Butz) had collapsed in the street. (Her partner) pounded on the door of neighbors across the street, screaming for help. The man apparently collected his clothes and fled out of the residence.

Butz died before aid crews arrived. The documents also detail the DNA and fingerprint evidence investigators used to identify Kalebu as the suspect, and note that he remains under suspicion in the fire earlier this year that killed two people including his aunt, as well as facing trial next month in a harassment/malicious mischief case in which the victim is his own mother.

Today/tonight: What’s happening, from big heat to big game

NEWEST FORECAST: As usual, the National Weather Service issued a forecast update overnight – no reprieve, though, it still calls for a potential 100-plus-degree high today.

PROSECUTOR’S DECISION IN SOUTH PARK MURDER: At 10 this morning, King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg is scheduled to announce his decision on charges against Isaiah Kalebu, jailed in connection with the attack that killed 39-year-old Teresa Butz at her South Park home a week and a half ago. After Kalebu’s arrest last Friday night, a deputy prosecutor had said they would consider seeking the death penalty.

BALLOTS IN THE MAIL: Also from your county government – today’s the day ballots will be mailed for the August 18 primary, the first major election King County is conducting entirely by mail. Who’s running – along with links to their websites and other info – is listed here; the city Voters’ Guide, including video links and information on Proposition 1 (the bag fee) as well as the mayor/council races, is here.

WEST SEATTLE LITTLE LEAGUE 11-12 ALL-STARS GO FOR WIN #3: The state tournament continues for the WSLL 11-12 All-Stars; tonight at 7:30, they face Pasco in their third game of the tourney, which is happening at Art Mikelson Field in Port Orchard (just a Fauntleroy-to-Southworth ferry ride away, and think of those cool breezes on the water!).

YOUTH OUTDOOR SOCCER REGISTRATION: Today is Day 2 of signups for the West Seattle Family YMCA (WSB sponsor)’s Youth Outdoor Soccer teams, for ages 3-10. Register – and find out more – online.