Ebb and flow

Our usual visitor volume was down by several hundred last night, so we rolled over to Alki to see if you were all at the Celtic Swell. The outdoor space was stuffed and the sidewalk too, almost as much of a backup as we saw outside Fado downtown as we approached the Viaduct from Columbia yesterday afternoon. However, the more interesting sight at Alki last night was the minus tide (new moon approaching); made for a nice flashlight-enhanced beach walk. Tide tables say no more minus tides at night for a while, but looks like some good ones at midafternoon next Thursday and Friday.

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  • herongrrrl March 18, 2007 (11:33 am)

    Camp Long and People For Puget Sound, among others, sometimes lead night beachwalks, with naturalists along to identify the critters. Our nighttime low tides are usually in the fall/winter, with the daytime lows in spring/summer. In the summer, Seattle Aquarium Beach Naturalists are stationed at Constellation Park on low tide weekends to answer visitor questions.

    If I may offer a public service announcement, please remember when you’re visiting the beaches to replace any rocks or other things you might move and to leave the cirrters where you find them. Our West Seattle beaches get loads of traffic, and leaving rocks flipped over or relocating animals outside of their natural territory can have a serious impact on the number of critters left for all of us to enjoy.

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