‘In case you wondered too’ #2: Low-flying helicopter off Alki


This one, we haven’t solved yet. Lots of texts – a few with photos, including the one above – wondering about this: A low-flying helicopter was off Alki for a while this evening, near a yacht at one point, near an Argosy Cruises boat at another point. Neither the boat nor the helicopter showed on trackers, so we haven’t figured out yet who/what/why – from some past stories, looked to us like a possible photo shoot. Any info, we’d love to hear it, in comments or via e-mail – editor@westseattleblog.com – thanks!

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‘In case you wondered too’ #1: The smoke is from SeaTac

7:58 PM: Getting some questions about the dark smoke to the south – thanks to Aaron for being the first person to point it out, visible from the Southwest Athletic Complex where we’re still covering Band Jam: It’s a residential fire in SeaTac, in the 20400 block of International Boulevard.

8:19 PM: Now a 2-alarm fire, per fire agencies in the area. Reported to be at a mobile-home park.

VIDEO: Band Jam 2016 – music and marching, pre-parade!

6:46 PM: We’re at Southwest Athletic Complex (2801 SW Thistle, across from Chief Sealth International High School), where Band Jam 2016 is happening for at least the next hour and a half – more than half a dozen marching bands in a showcase originally organized in 2009 by All-City Band director (and new Denny International MS assistant principal) Marcus Pimpleton, meant as a tuneup for tomorrow night’s Seafair Torchlight Parade but having expanded into much more. As he said in opening remarks to the hundreds of spectators who are here for the free show, it’s also a chance for the participants to see other musicians, including adult bands like the Sounders’ Sound Wave, participating tonight. Above, the Junior All-City Band was the opening band; the 8- through 17-year-olds of Pacific Northwest Drumline are next:

7:04 PM: Kennedy Catholic High School‘s Summer Marching Band, from just a few miles away in Burien, is on the field now:

Sumner High School‘s massive marching band is up next.

8:07 PM: Sumner, the All-Star Drumline from Poulsbo (Band Jam debut!), and now Sounders FC‘s Sound Wave is rocking the stadium:

Up next: The hosts and stars of the show, All-City Band (who were the big winners at the West Seattle Grand Parade last Saturday):

8:33 PM: ACB is still wowing the crowd. More photos/video from Band Jam later.

ROAD-WORK ALERT: Repaving, new crossing, more ahead for lower Spokane St. east of ‘low bridge’

More road work you need to know about: Lower Spokane St., just east of the “low bridge,” is in for some major work starting soon. From the official project page.

Starting in early August, SDOT will repave and make other improvements along SW Spokane St from SW Klickitat St to East Marginal Way S. We expect the work will take approximately three months to complete.

Project Elements

Repave street surface

Add new pedestrian crossing (with pedestrian push button signal request) on the West Seattle Bridge Trail (west side of the intersection of SW Spokane St & Klickitat Ave SW/11th Ave SW)

Build new and upgraded curb bulbs and curb ramps

Replace 2 active railroad crossings

Remove an abandoned railroad crossing

Construct raised crosswalk on the north side of the 900 block of SW Spokane St, creating a speed bump to slow people driving as they cross the paths of people walking or biking on the West Seattle Bridge Trail

Repair sections of sidewalk and trail where tree roots have badly cracked the surface.

The project coordinator tells WSB that as of right now, this is scheduled to start on August 8th – one week from Monday.

Looking for preschool? Levy-funded city program has West Seattle space

The Seattle Preschool Program, funded by a levy voters approved two years ago, has room in West Seattle – 50 spots, to be precise. Outreach manager Rachel Schulkin e-mailed WSB to let us know, explaining, “The program is open to 3- and 4-year olds. There is no income limits on 4-year olds, ANYONE can apply for a 4-year old (And we do accept 3 year olds if they are under 300% [of the federal poverty level]. This is different from any other publicly funded preschool program in Seattle.)” Tuition is on a sliding scale – $1,070 a year if the student is from a family of 3 with $70,000 annual income; $3,096 for a student from a family of 5 with $125,000 annual income; no charge for a student from a family of 2 with $45,000 annual income. Citywide, the program will have 600 students this year, more than double what it served last year (though less than a third of its 2018 goal); the area locations with spaces are Arbor Heights, Boren, Concord, and Highland Park Elementary Schools. Apply via seattle.gov/education – ASAP.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Highland Park arrests; 2 reader reports

We start this West Seattle Crime Watch roundup with a report from SPD Blotter:

HIGHLAND PARK ARRESTS: Police arrested two men, ages 23 and 24, and got a stolen van back late last night. The SPD Blotter report says it started with “a report of a white van driving up and down the street in the area of 7th Avenue SW and SW Elmgrove Street. The call stated that the two males inside the van were yelling at people as they drove by. Officers found the van in an alley in the 700 block of SW Kenyon Street and discovered both the van and its license plates had been reported stolen. As officers were examining the vehicle, a man approached them and asked them if they were looking for a vehicle driving up and down the street. This is the point at which officers became aware that the purportedly helpful man was, in fact, the driver of the stolen van. After witnesses confirmed the man’s connection to the stolen van, officers began searching for his accomplice. They soon found a second suspect hiding in some bushes in a neighboring driveway. Police discovered the second man had several warrants for his arrest, and officers also found approximately 4 grams of methamphetamine and a collection of 18 unidentified pills in the van.

CAR THEFT AND VANDALISM: Via e-mail, “(4200 block of) Beach Dr SW, stolen car and second car vandalized.” We’ll add information on the car’s make/model/plate when we get it.


Just wanted to report a car prowl on the 3800 block of 33rd Ave SW sometime between 10 pm on 7/27 and 8:30 am on 7/28. Some women’s shoes were taken and middle console rifled through. This is the 2nd time in 8 months this has happened to my car. Although this time, they left this sweater behind.

FOLLOWUP: Camp Second Chance on Myers Way gets city eviction notice, told to be gone by Tuesday

vacate notice

Another development today in the saga of the encampment Camp Second Chance.

First, the backstory: Eleven days ago, after three months of being hosted by a church in Tukwila, the camp set up on what turned out to be private land next to the east side of the City of Seattle-owned Myers Way Parcels (WSB report, July 18th). The land’s owner asked them to leave, and they said they would.

That move last weekend took Camp Second Chance across the street (WSB report, July 24th) and just inside the Myers Way Parcels’ main gate on the west side of the street. This past Monday night, when the mayor and city department heads were in West Seattle for the Roxhill/Westwood Find It, Fix It Walk, we asked the city’s real-estate-handling department (Finance and Administrative Services) director Fred Podesta about the camp; he told us (WSB report, July 25th) it was unauthorized and would at some point be told to leave.

That point has already arrived. Polly Trout from Patacara Community Services, the nonprofit that has been working with the camp, just sent the photo atop this story, showing the eviction notice she says the city gave them yesterday, warning the area will be swept next Tuesday (August 2nd). From her e-mail:

On July 28, the City of Seattle gave official notice to Camp Second Chance that they must vacate the unused city lot that they are occupying by this coming Tuesday, August 2, or be swept. Please call Mayor Murray and ask him to give the camp three months on the site while they continue to look for a new host site.

Camp Second Chance is a sober and well managed homeless encampment. The camp is self-governing and receiving supportive services from my 501c3 nonprofit, Patacara Community Services. They have a code of conduct, 24 hour security, Honey Buckets, and trash removal. The community is clean, safe, and ethical.

Until July 18, the camp had a legal site at Riverton Park United Methodist Church in Tukwila. They were there for three months, as per their agreement with the church, and have been invited to move back there in January. However, they were unable to find another host site in time, and they wanted to honor their three month agreement with the church, so they have moved to a Seattle city owned lot that has been unused and vacant for several years. They are continuing to search for a new permitted site sponsored by a religious organization and plan to move as soon as they have located one.

The camp is home to 25 adults, one toddler, and two dogs. Most of the camp residents are working. I firmly believe that ALL people deserve a safe place to sleep, but believe me when I say: I know this community well and you will never meet a more decent and hardworking group of citizens and neighbors. Seattle has declared a state of emergency around homelessness; right now, there are probably 100 homeless encampments in Seattle. All of them are necessary, under the circumstances, because people have no place else to go.

The camp residents do more than just care for themselves and each other. They also give back to the neighborhood by doing voluntary outreach and resource referral to other homeless people in the area, and deter crime and illegal dumping on their block.

I urge you to contact Mayor Murray and ask him: With so much suffering in the city, why is the city spending tax dollars to sweep an encampment that is sober and well managed, on public land that would not otherwise be in use? Please urge him to stop ALL sweeps until everyone has a safe and legal place to be, but especially not to prioritize sweeping a camp that is doing such a stellar job of providing safety, compassion, dignity, and hope to its members. …

Trout asks anyone with a site to offer to contact her at polly@patacara.org and asks supporters to contact FAS director Podesta, and/or Mayor Murray and/or City Councilmembers. Just last night, by the way, City Councilmember Lisa Herbold – whose district includes the Myers Way Parcels – included information on the encampment situation in her latest update to constituents. You can read it in full here; this excerpt seems to run contrary to what is happening now:

… Over the months that I have been on the City Council there has been much discussion of how the City should work with people living in encampments. We are a City with very long lines for shelter and years’ long waiting lists for affordable housing and rent assistance. Whether caused by a lack of access to housing or a reluctance to accept help when available, sometime it takes time for outreach workers to help campers. As part of these discussions I have urged the Executive not only to have its work guided by established public health and safety prioritization criteria, but I’ve asked whether outreach workers have the ability to ask for more time if – in their estimation – more time would help get campers access to services. I have been assured that the Executive’s administrative protocols do allow for a “go slow” approach in these instances. As it relates specifically to the Myers Way properties, I have told the Executive that:

I understand that complaints have been made about the encampment and that this obligates the City to accept those complaints;

As it relates to acting on these complaints, I believe health and safety prioritization criteria should be used in determining when to schedule action on this encampment;

I want a report on the outreach and services being provided to the campers with assurances that should outreach workers find that more time will result in better outcomes for the campers that more time will be given;

and I’d like the City, in the interim, to provide garbage services for the campers, consistent with the encampment garbage removal project I proposed in March.

We’ll be checking with her this afternoon during her local office hours as to what she knows about the planned sweep at the site. (Added 3:25 pm: We talked with Councilmember Herbold at SWNSC a short time ago. She said she is aware of the sweep plan but has yet to hear back on the requests she made prior to writing her update, which in turn was before word that the camp had received notice to clear out.)

(back to original report) Meantime, Polly Trout’s e-mail ended with this:

This crisis does not go away when we turn our heads. If we work together and act now, we can fix this. Please join me in doing everything we can to make sure every person has a safe place to sleep tonight. I don’t want to live in a county where this kind of suffering is normalized. I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking that when women are beaten to death under bridges because nobody cares enough to give them a safe place to sleep we just ignore it, because there is nothing we can do about it. This is NOT inevitable and we CAN end this. But not by chasing homeless people around and destroying their survival gear while public land goes unused behind locked gates. That is not working. If the camp needs to move, let’s all work together to find them a better and legal place to be and then move them there.

West Seattle Friday: Band Jam; Shakespeare; Elvis; movie; more…


Thanks to Melissa for the beautiful photo from Alki this morning. She says she was out swimming this morning when she spotted porpoises shortly after 6:30 am. Too far to be seen from the photo – but she wanted to share this view of our area’s glorious beauty anyway. (Photos always welcome – editor@westseattleblog.com is the best way to send, but texting to 206-293-6302 also works, especially if it’s breaking news.)

Now, highlights for the rest of today/tonight:

COUNCILMEMBER HERBOLD’S OFFICE HOURS: Noon-7 pm, you’ll find this area’s City Councilmember Lisa Herbold keeping office hours at Southwest Neighborhood Service Center. You’re welcome to drop in, she says, as long as you arrive by 6:30. (2801 SW Thistle)

BAND JAM: Gates open 5:30 pm, music starting around 6:30 pm at Southwest Athletic Complex for this marching-band extravaganza, held annually on the night before the Seafair Torchlight Parade, hosted by the All-City Band, which is among the performers (updated list is in our preview from earlier this week). Free but bring $ for fundraising concessions. (2801 SW Thistle)

DINNER WITH ELVIS: 5:30 pm happy hour, 6:30 pm show (Bret Wiggins as The King) at the Senior Center of West Seattle – check to see if there’s room left; info’s in our calendar listing! (California SW/SW Oregon)

34TH DISTRICT DEMOCRATS’ CASINO NIGHT: 6 pm at Duos Lounge – this area’s largest political organization is having a Casino Night instead of a Garden Party this year. Details in our calendar listing, including how to check if tickets are still available. (2940 SW Avalon Way)

SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK: 7 pm at Camp Long, it’s the next free Shakespeare in the Park production by GreenStage – “Merry Wives of Windsor.” Full details in our calendar listing. (5400 35th SW)

/MUSIC AT THE COFFEEHOUSE: Jan Mandryk plays original music and classic rock at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 7-9 pm. (5612 California SW)

MOVIE IN THE PARK: Another movie night in the “park” next to West Seattle Church of the Nazarene, showing “Iron Giant” tonight around 9 pm. Free hot dogs, soda, popcorn. (42nd SW/SW Juneau)

LOTS MORE on our calendar – see it all here!

BIZNOTE: Fauntleroy Chiropractic moving to new location

Front Landscape black back
(Photos courtesy Dr. Bryan Wiebe)

Starting next week, you’ll find longtime WSB sponsor Dr. Bryan Wiebe and his Fauntleroy Chiropractic team in a brand-new location. Here’s the announcement:

After 18 years on Fauntleroy Way, Fauntleroy Chiropractic (Dr. Bryan Wiebe and team) is moving to 4154 California Ave SW as of August 1st!

Fauntleroy Chiropractic was established in the early ’80s by Dr. Greg Tindal (now passed) and taken over by Dr. Wiebe in 1998. In that time, thousands of patients have seen Dr. Wiebe and his team of massage therapists.

This move will continue to allow us to serve the West Seattle community, in a space that is contemporary and congruent. The space was originally a dental office, and recently remodeled by the last tenant, an online advertising company.

Wall Sconce

The interior has been entirely updated with a remodel that nods to its mid-century history. The original atrium/light bays allow natural light in while maintaining privacy.

“It’s a special place,” says Dr. Wiebe, “with a good degree of WOW factor. Besides stable and classy, it really feels like a healthy space.”

As of August 1st, Dr. Wiebe will be seeing patients at the new location on the regular Monday to Friday schedule. Massage is available daily, including weekends.

Phone number’s the same – 206.932.6605. The new location is on the north edge of The Junction – here’s a map.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday updates; weekend previews

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

7:02 AM: Good morning and happy Friday! No major incidents in or from West Seattle.

WEEKEND ALERTS: Here’s the SDOT roundup of what’s happening around the city this weekend, most notably the Seafair Torchlight Parade downtown on Saturday night, which brings road closures and bus reroutes. … If you’re headed for South King County or points southward via I-5, another weekend of lane closures for road work is ahead.

7:27 AM: Just texted and tweeted by Metro:

8:10 AM: We’re expecting highs in the 80s again today and tomorrow and a concerned West Seattleite asked us to remind you PLEASE don’t leave your pet in your vehicle, even with a window cracked open. The temperatures can rise dramatically and dangerously. Yesterday there was apparently a bit of a scene in The Junction when a dog was locked in a car, windows up; concerned passersby tried to find its person, who eventually showed up and was quoted as saying something like, it hasn’t even been half an hour. That would have been more than enough time for the animal’s life to be in danger. Even if you “think” it will be OK – don’t run the risk.

8:28 AM: WSDOT is clearing a stall on northbound I-5 at a spot that appears to be just north of the West Seattle Bridge.

8:30 AM: And now there’s word of a crash at 8th/Roxbury. Heading off for a look.

8:52 AM: No photo because we were driving, but it’s a 2-vehicle crash in westbound lanes, affecting the entire intersection. Eastbound was at a near-standstill for a while. Private ambulance called for someone

9:35 AM: Just checked back – 8th/Roxbury crash scene is now completely clear.

1 week until 35th SW meeting: What Councilmember Herbold wants SDOT to do


As we’ve been reporting for more than three weeks, the next community open-house meeting about the 35th Avenue SW Corridor Safety Project – what’s been done so far, and what’s planned for Phase 2, north of SW Morgan – is coming up on August 4th. First we reported the date; then additional information from SDOT Blog; and then yet more information from the mailer that was sent to a wide area of West Seattle (including news of an August 9th walking tour planned in addition to next Thursday’s meeting) and our subsequent exchange with the project manager.

Tonight, our area’s City Councilmember Lisa Herbold mentions the upcoming 35th SW discussions in her periodic e-mail update (read it in full here), including what she’s heard from residents and what she’s asking SDOT to do:

… SDOT has indicated they will be doing a 1-year review of the project later this year (scheduled for October), similar to this one done for a rechannelization street project in North Seattle on NE 75th.

I have heard a variety of concerns about the impacts of the project, including from people who live on side streets near signals who have struggled to merge onto 35thduring rush hour, or even get out of their driveway onto the street, and rush hour travel times.

I’ve asked SDOT to expand the parameters of what they study in the 1-year review. The NE 75th study mostly looked at speed, collisions, and traffic volumes. SDOT indicated they could ask for feedback to inform the study as they do outreach for Phase 2; I’d like any decision about whether to revisit the project, or alter plans moving forward, be informed by community suggestions about what to include in this study, to ensure it assesses the full range of impacts. So, what additional impacts do you think SDOT should study? …

One way you can answer her question: Stop by during Councilmember Herbold’s next in-district office hours, tomorrow (Friday) at Southwest Neighborhood Service Center (2801 SW Thistle), noon-7 pm.

West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Suspect in Junction bank-robbery attempt now out of jail

Tonight we know what police say happened inside the Junction Bank of America before they circulated a photo of, and arrested, a man they described as a bank-robbery suspect. That 61-year-old man has just been released from jail tonight on his own recognizance, as ordered at his bail hearing this afternoon, despite prosecutors’ request to set bail at $75,000. Here’s what the documents from that hearing say police were told happened just before 911 was called at 11:13 am Wednesday:

(A teller told police) the suspect entered the bank and approached his window. (The teller) noted the suspect’s appearance and the fact he was wearing a backpack which was placed in front of his chest, which caught his attention. He greeted the suspect and asked how he could assist. At this point the suspect reached in front of the backpack and handed a small bag and a note to the teller. The note handed to the teller read something to the effect, “Put large bills in the bag, quickly”.

(The teller) has been employed with Bank of America for approximately five years and has been a victim/witness in two prior bank robberies. Based on his knowledge and experience he quickly grabbed the bag and note. (The teller) stated he felt safety behind the bullet-proof teller window aka “Bandit Barrier.” (He) looked at the suspect and said, “Are you sure about this?” and the suspect replied, “Yes, put it in the bag”. At this point (the teller) activated the silent alarm and stepped away to inform co-workers of the situation.

(He) returned to the suspect to engage him in conversation to stall him leaving the bank. He felt the suspect caught on to his tactic and fled the bank without obtaining any money, also leaving the note and bag.

The documents have no mention of a weapon being shown or implied.

Responding officers quickly obtained the surveillance photo that SPD tweeted a short time later and circulated around SPD. Less than an hour after the robbery attempt, two Southwest Precinct officers who saw the photos spotted a man matching the description at Fauntleroy and Alaska, not far from the bank, and stopped him. The teller was brought to the scene and confirmed he recognized the man as the would-be robber. Police read him his Miranda rights and asked his name; he would not identify himself, the court documents say; officers took him to SPD headquarters downtown, fingerprinted him, and learned his name that way, just before 3 pm. The court documents do not mention any criminal record; we haven’t found one for the suspect in this state, just a Seattle traffic citation last year. He is due back in court Monday afternoon.

VIDEO: The Banner Days play Summer Concerts at Hiawatha

6:42 PM: We’re on the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center (Walnut/Lander), where you can come enjoy a free concert on this warm, clear night until ~8 pm. The Banner Days are performing the second of this year’s six Summer Concerts at Hiawatha, presented by the Admiral Neighborhood Association. See the full season lineup here!

8:47 PM: Photos added. The band:


And the crowd:


Next week (6:30 pm Thursday, August 4th), Vicci Martinez!

‘We need all the help we can get’: Urban Homestead Foundation working to make dream come true at ex-substation site

(Animation courtesy MyPad3D)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

The Urban Homestead Foundation‘s dream for the former Dakota Substation on Genesee Hill is starting to take shape and take wing.

We first reported on this back in May, when the group discussed its plan at a meeting of the Admiral Neighborhood Association.

That was five months after the City Council passed an ordinance addressing the future of local surplus ex-substations, including the one at 50th and Dakota (map), agreeing to give community members until fall of next year to buy it, before they list it on the open market.

So the Urban Homestead Foundation has a deadline. And it has a 3-D animation version of its vision for the site, produced and donated by West Seattle-headquartered MyPad3D, at the top of this story.


We sat down recently with UHF president Katie Stemp (above), under the shady trees out front of the site she and other volunteers hope to transform.

Here’s where they’re at: Read More

WSB EXTRA: Sign up before next one goes out!

The fifth weekly edition of our new e-mail WSB EXTRA goes out at the end of the week … are you on the list? If not, consider subscribing – here’s the link. So far it’s been what we hoped it would be – a little bit behind-the-scenes, a little bit “here’s what we didn’t get to tell you about,” a little bit “did you know …”, a little bit sneak peek – and it’s still evolving. Thanks to everyone who’s on the list already!

Wondering when the Blue Angels arrive in Seattle for Seafair 2016?

(August 2015 photo by Steve Jensen)

The first questions have landed in the WSB inbox and we have the answer, from Seafair spokesperson Emily Cantrell: The Blue Angels are expected to arrive in Seattle on Monday (August 1st) afternoon, around 1 pm, but she warns that could change – a bit earlier, a bit later. It’s been an unusual season for the Blue Angels overall, with the team’s first fatal crash in nine years killing U.S. Marine Corps Capt. Jeff Kuss during a practice flight for a Tennessee airshow almost two months ago. The demonstration team resumed its 2016 schedule a month later, flying with a modified five-jet routine.

This week, they’re in Anchorage for Arctic Thunder 2016, the Blue Angels’ first appearance at that airshow in six years. Next week, after their expected Monday arrival, you’ll see them in the sky around town for scouting and media flights, and then Thursday (August 4th) through Sunday (August 7th) are the big days. While they’re here, they’re based by the Museum of Flight toward the south side of Boeing Field, and that’s where you can watch them take off and land (in our opinion, a don’t-miss, unless you’re in the Blue Angels-disliking camp); the MoF is planning a bigger-than-ever festival in conjunction with the visit. More as this all gets closer.

West Seattle development: From The Junction to Pigeon Point, comment time for 4 projects & more

Development updates from today’s edition of the city’s twice-weekly Land Use Information Bulletin:

4437-4439 41ST SW: Back in December, we mentioned the latest scaled-down plan for this Junction site once proposed for a 40-unit apartment building. According to today’s notices, the 7-unit plan remains; you can comment on the land-use-permit applications through August 10th. The notices are here and here.

These next projects, also announced via today’s Land Use Information Bulletin, are going through the no-meeting versions of Design Review – so your comment period starts now:

4 TOWNHOUSES AT 3032 CHARLESTOWN SW: Here’s the official notice of “administrative design review” for this proposal. It explains how you can comment, through August 10th.

5 TOWNHOUSES, 1 SINGLE-FAMILY HOUSE AT 3710 21ST SW: Here’s the official notice of “streamlined design review” for this proposal. It also explains how you can comment, through August 10th.

5 TOWNHOUSES, 1 SINGLE-FAMILY HOUSE AT 3722 21ST SW: This too is proposed for “streamlined design review”; here’s the official notice, which also has information on how to comment, through August 10th.

Also in today’s bulletin, two matters of land-use policy that you might want to take a closer look at, because they’re expected to lead to zoning changes; comment periods are now open:

POTENTIAL AMENDMENTS TO ‘MANDATORY HOUSING AFFORDABILITY’ PROPOSAL, RESIDENTIAL VERSION: Read about them here, and if you have something to say, August 15th is the deadline.

WHAT SHOULD ‘MANDATORY HOUSING AFFORDABILITY’ MULTI-FAMILY/COMMERCIAL REVIEW INCLUDE? Before the city’s environmental review of this part of the plan gets going, the city is asking what it should include. Here’s how to have a say.

West Seattle Thursday: Summer Concerts @ Hiawatha, week 2, and more…


Thanks to Mark Wangerin for the osprey view from Duwamish Head; might well have been the same one that flew over us while we were photographing the canoe departures earlier this morning. On now to the rest of today/tonight!

ZIPPY’S FUNDRAISER FOR CONCORD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: Dine at Zippy’s Giant Burgers in White Center between now and 10 pm, and part of the proceeds will go to the Concord International PTA. (9614 14th SW)

LOG HOUSE MUSEUM: We can verify it’s a beautiful day at the beach. While you’re there, visit the home of West Seattle’s history, the Southwest Seattle Historical Society‘s Log House Museum, noon-4 pm. (61st SW/SW Stevens)

LUNCH AT THE LIBRARY: Youth 18 and under can get a free lunch, no questions asked, at Delridge Library, 12:30-1:30 pm, continuing Tuesdays-Wednesdays-Thursdays all summer. (5423 Delridge Way SW)

DELRIDGE GROCERY FARM STAND: 4-7 pm next to the Delridge P-Patch. (Delridge Way/Puget Boulevard)

SUMMER CONCERTS AT HIAWATHA, WEEK 2: Free concert on the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center with The Banner Days, 6:30 pm. It’s the second of six Thursday-night shows presented by the Admiral Neighborhood Association (with co-sponsors including WSB). Bring your own chair/blanket. (Walnut/Lander)

PUNDAMONIUM! Pun slam at The Skylark – sign in at 7, puns start at 8, details in our listing. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

MORE FOR TODAY/TONIGHT/TOMORROW/BEYOND … on our complete calendar.

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Canoes leave Alki for next stop on Paddle to Nisqually

(WSB photos/video unless otherwise credited)

8:28 AM: If you want to watch the tribal canoes’ departure for the next stop on the Paddle to Nisqually journey, get down to Alki fast. The first canoe has just departed, after its skipper called out thanks to the Muckleshoots for hosting them here while they travel to the Nisqually Nation. They’re headed to Tacoma, so you should be able to see them off Beach Drive and points south, too.


8:48 AM: The pace of the departures is picking up.

9:35 AM: Most of the canoes have headed out, and the flotilla of motorized spectator/support boats is departing too. More photos after we get back to HQ.

10:48 AM: Thanks to Harley Broe for this view from Beach Drive:


1:55 PM: And David Hutchinson shares these views from Alki Point:




image002 (1)


Yes, that’s a real buoy in the background of the photo immediately above. The usually-annual canoe journey, as explained on the Paddle to Nisqually site’s “about” page (where you’ll also find the history), is for “… bringing together natives and non-natives with a common goal of providing a drug and alcohol free event and offering pullers a personal journey towards healing and recovery of culture, traditional knowledge and spirituality. … Canoe Journey gatherings are rich in meaning and cultural significance. Canoe families travel great distances as their ancestors did and participating in the journey requires physical and spiritual discipline. At each stop, canoe families follow certain protocols, they ask for permission to come ashore, often in their native languages. At night in longhouses there is gifting, honoring and the sharing of traditional prayers, drumming, songs and dances. Meals, including evening dinners of traditional foods, are provided by the host nations.”

This year’s journey will end in southernmost Puget Sound on Saturday, where tens of thousands of people are expected to welcome the canoe families as they land. One week of ceremonies and celebrations will follow.


(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

7:15 AM: Good morning! Nothing out of the ordinary on West Seattle and vicinity routes so far.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen car; stolen mail

In West Seattle Crime Watch:

STOLEN CAR & NEARBY PROWL: Lonnie just reported this in a comment – we confirmed it via @getyourcarback (which does not include car-theft locations, so we don’t know which ones are West Seattle cases unless you tell us): “Sometime after midnight Sunday night and by early Monday morning, my friend Todd had his black locked VW Passat (Lic. #ARG9180)stolen from in front of his residence at the s/w corner of 46th and Juneau St. and his neighbor had their car broken into also during the same time.”

STOLEN MAIL: Cary reports this happened in Arbor Heights last night:

We’re on 44th Ave SW just south of 100th and at 8:20ish (pm) a black (large) SUV pulled up and took a piece of outgoing mail from our mailbox (bill to PSE). The police have been called but please be on the lookout for this car – it might be a 4Runner/Pathfinder. The kid who got out to take the piece of mail was young (18-20s), caucasian or hispanic, and wearing a dark shirt. The car also left behind a diaper in the middle of the street!

Reminder that Night Out is next Tuesday, and it’s not too late to register your neighborhood party with SPD.

UPDATE: Crash leaves car atop jersey barrier on West Seattle Bridge


9:20 PM: Thanks for the tips, and thanks to BW for the photo- a crash has left a car atop the jersey barrier on the West Seattle Bridge near the Luna Park curve.

9:25 PM: No word on injuries so far, but scanner reports indicate multiple parts of the jersey barrier have been pushed into the westbound lanes.

9:40 PM: SDOT says this is blocking the eastbound bridge completely near its westbound end – right now the live video on the “West Seattle Bridge @ Delridge view” (find link from lower right of that page) is verifying that. One westbound lane is getting by (this is west of the Admiral exit, so you can get off there and avoid it entirely). Looks like a tow truck has arrived.

10:36 PM: The eastbound side has reopened at the crash scene on the curve over Avalon. Looks like one lane each way.

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