West Seattle Crime Watch: Case of the self-illuminating flasher, and more

Three reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch – first, from a reader in Westwood:

Just to put people on alert, the noises around your garbage cans might not just be raccoons…

Flasher (freak sicko) sharing one source of his insecurities late Saturday night near intersection of Cloverdale & 34th Avenue SW.

Between 1 and 2 a.m. on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning, May 1) a half hour of what I thought were raccoons messing around the garbage cans in the pitch dark outside my window, turned out to be a flasher exposing himself, etc. The distinction between raccoons and pervert was ultimately revealed when said Freak climbed on a garbage can and illuminated the . . . proceedings with a flashlight. Police came, Flasher gone, People can be very weird. Per police: keep blinds and curtains closed at night, motion sensor lights are a good idea, call police, & don’t go outside to investigate on your own.

Also on Sunday … an attempted car prowl in North Admiral. This was sent on behalf of the victim by a neighbor:

(Sunday) morning at 7:30 am, she stopped a guy trying to break into her friend’s car on 45th Ave. SW (between Holgate and Massachusetts). The guy was in a silver car with black convertible top (maybe). Heavy built, possibly Samoan, mid to late 20s with a beard. Wearing a hat (not baseball cap). She could not see his license plate…

He was trying to access the trunk of her friend’s Toyota Corolla parked in front of her house.. she yelled at him and he casually sauntered back to his car. Nothing was stolen.

They’re wondering if anyone else saw this suspect.

And from Qiong:

Hi, we parked on 59th & Lander about 3 hours (Sunday, May 1st from 11 am to 2 pm). Our windshield wipers were stolen.

Also from that area of Alki, we’re still working on a followup to Saturday night’s shooting. SPD media relations was not able to get us the report narrative today. Once we have it, we will also be pursuing SW Precinct comment on staffing plan for future weekend nights.

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VIADUCT CLOSURE, DAY 4: Afternoon/ evening commute coverage for Monday

(SDOT MAP with camera/incident links; OFFICIAL #99CLOSURE INFOSITE; ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

4 PM: We’re launching afternoon/evening commute coverage, headed for West Seattle and vicinity, since it’s only the second weekday of the tunneling-related precautionary closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct and patterns are far from settled. We’re watching and listening for incidents and anything else of note. Special request: If you’re taking the Water Taxi home, let us know how things are looking, as we aren’t able to get to the downtown dock today – editor@westseattleblog.com, text or voice 206-293-6302, or Twitter @westseattleblog – thanks!

4:27 PM: First report from the Water Taxi dock downtown – big line – “get there early,” advises the texter. Photo (thanks!):


Also, KCDOT is making new A-boards to help point people to the added parking areas on the West Seattle waterfront in the morning (see our pictorial how-to if you’re confused or haven’t done it before). And we have an update from WSDOT – they’ll be adding another daily progress report: “We will update the Bertha tracker around 4:00 a.m. (this is newly added), 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.”

Incident: Crash at 4th and Royal Brougham (stadium zone).

4:45 PM: SFD has closed out of that incident. Now there’s an SFD response on 1st at Walker (added, “light smoke from a transformer”). Note that we have 1st/4th cameras up at the top.

5:12 PM: Scanner: “4th Avenue SB is now clear.”

5:30 PM: Two updates – multiple reports that 5:15 pm Water Taxi from downtown was a full house, some have to wait for next run. But meantime, if you’re thinking of Water Taxi’ing tomorrow, the Pier 2 parking lot is still underutilized – 32 vehicles today, room for 200. Across from 7-11. Look for new signage.


Second update – crash at 1st/Columbia in the heart of downtown, blocking southbound. So if you’re coming from there or north of there, find an alternate route until you’re further south.

5:40 PM: Not on the 911 log, so apparently no injuries, but SDOT’s Traffic Ops Center reports a crash at 4th/Lucile in SODO.

5:52 PM: Comments and tweets suggest a challenging bus commute again this afternoon. (Added) Also via Twitter – capacity sailing for 5:45 pm Water Taxi.

6:14 PM: If you’re headed south on 99 before the closure zone – warning, there’s a “car fire” call described as Aurora to Denny, sounds like a bus.

West Seattle development: New 80-apartment proposal for 2222 SW Barton


A new development proposal has just turned up in the city files for a site southeast of the north side of Westwood Village: It’s an early-stage proposal to replace a fourplex at 2222 SW Barton with an 80-unit complex. This would require Design Review, according to an online notation. Last year, we reported an early-stage 32-unit proposal for what was in the system at the time as 2221 SW Barton Place, but that project seems to have vanished from the files, and the preliminary site plan for this project appears to encompass that adjacent site, under the name (or at least, working title) Barton Terrace Apartments. The project is proposed for four stories “with partial basement” and no offstreet parking (not required, given the nearby transit). The architect identified on the site plan is Playhouse Design Group.

‘Evidence of housing discrimination’ alleged in test results from 23 properties citywide, including 3 in West Seattle

Three West Seattle properties are among 23 citywide that are accused of having shown “evidence of housing discrimination” in testing conducted for the city. We asked for the list of accused properties after receiving this news release from the city Office for Civil Rights:

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR) has filed 23 director’s charges of illegal discrimination against 23 different property owners after a new round of fair housing testing showed evidence of housing discrimination.

“Housing discrimination is real in Seattle – not something that just happens in other places,” said Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. “These test results tell us that we still have work to do to achieve fair housing in Seattle.”

The testing revealed that prospective renters experienced different treatment from Seattle landlords across all three categories that were tested: familial status, disability, and use of a federal Section 8 voucher.

To address housing discrimination citywide, the Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR) will reach out to landlords and renters, including working with community partners to hold workshops for both landlords and the public.

Testing discovered evidence of different treatment

SOCR conducted a total of 97 tests, focusing on three different groups protected under fair housing laws.

Test findings revealed:

· Familial status (32 tests): 2 charges / 31% of all tests showed evidence of different treatment.

· Disability (33 tests): 6 charges / 64% of all tests showed evidence of different treatment.

· Section 8 voucher (32 tests): 13 charges / 63% of all tests showed evidence of different treatment.

SOCR also filed 2 additional charges (national origin and marital status) based on information that emerged from two of the tests.

SOCR contracted with the Northwest Fair Housing Alliance in Spokane to coordinate the testing, which was conducted by telephone and e-mail. To test for hearing disability, testers used Washington State’s free Telecommunication Relay Service. Testers posed as prospective renters, so the different treatment they experienced depended on the information they received from landlords and the questions they were asked.

For familial status, some landlords provided less information about rental units to testers who said they had children then they did to testers who indicated they did not have children. One manager advertised for “professional tenants only.” Testers found that some landlords’ occupancy standards (the number of people legally allowed to occupy units of specific sizes) were too restrictive: for example, requiring a maximum of two people for a 2-bedroom apartment.

In the disability tests, some landlords refused to allow a service animal, refused to waive pet fees, or hung up repeatedly when they received a call from the Washington State relay service.

Some landlords refused to respond to applicants who mentioned using a Section 8 voucher or simply turned away Section 8 applicants. Other landlords refused to consider adjusting their leasing policies to consider Section 8 applicants.

“We have filed 23 charges where the differences in treatment were undeniable,” said Patricia Lally, Director of the Seattle Office for Civil Rights. “These test results are not isolated incidents – they demonstrate patterns of behavior that have profound impacts on people’s lives.”

SOCR sent letters to all tested property owners and management companies informing them of their individual test results, and has offered to meet with managers whose test results showed some evidence of discrimination to evaluate their rental process and to help them improve their policies and procedures.

Fair housing outreach to address housing discrimination

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights will launch a new round of outreach and public engagement to address housing discrimination in Seattle, including free training to property management staff on request, and working with community partners to provide fair housing workshops for organizations and the general public.

“It is unfortunate that SOCR testing revealed that some renters face additional barriers to housing, but this also illustrates an opportunity for the City and rental housing industry to partner in offering fair housing education for landlords,” said Rental Housing Association of Washington (RHAWA) Executive Director, Melany Brown. “We believe that organizations such as RHAWA can be an asset to the city, and raise the standards for the entire industry.”

How fair housing testing works

Fair housing testing uses paired testers posing as prospective renters to measure differences in the services they received from leasing agents, as well as information about vacancies, rental rates, and other conditions. The matched pairs of testers have similar rental profiles in every respect except for the protected class being tested – that is, family status, disability and use of a Section 8 voucher. Test sites were selected at random from all geographic areas of the city, and were conducted from September to December, 2015.

The Office for Civil Rights receives $50,000 in City funding to conduct testing on an annual basis. In-person paired testing in 2014 revealed discriminatory housing practices based on race, national origin, sexual orientation and gender identity.

The three West Seattle properties on the list of 23 are Willow Court at 6901 Delridge Way SW, City Watch Apartments at 4744 41st SW, and a house at 5018 35th SW. We don’t yet have details of specific allegations against those properties; if you have something to report about them or any other properties, please get that information directly to the Office for Civil Rights, 206-684-4507.

P.S. The “director’s charges” process is explained starting on page 11 of this document.

VIADUCT CLOSURE, DAY 4: Almost twenty percent of the way


11:49 AM: We’re just off what will likely be a daily media conference call with WSDOT and others as the Highway 99 tunneling closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct continues. Topline: The tunneling machine has now made it through 78+ feet of the 380+ feet that it will take to get to the other side of the underside of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, and that’s getting close to twenty percent of the way, points out WSDOT’s deputy program administrator, Dave Sowers. Its cutterhead is indeed beneath The Viaduct, between columns 98 and 97, to be specific.

12:06 PM: WSDOT asked reporters to hold off on most technical tunneling questions until tomorrow’s conference call, when they expect to have contractor Seattle Tunnel Partners represented on the call. So that left traffic. They’ve made “a lot of little adjustments,” said a WSDOT traffic engineer, not only the ones mentioned in yesterday’s online progress report – more parking restrictions on 4th to keep more of the roadway open for traffic flow, and protected left-turn signals on 1st at Horton and Hanford – but also changes in signal timing today on 1st and 4th.

Aside from the Water Taxi numbers we’ve been reporting firsthand from Seacrest today, they don’t have any other data yet on how many more people are using transit, but, said Jon Layzer of SDOT, they are “trying to get information.” Overall, the assessment: “So far, progress is encouraging at the moment,” but they say it’s too soon to try to estimate or speculate whether the under-the-Viaduct tunneling will be done early, on time, or otherwise.

Turkey on the loose? West Seattle sightings

image1 (2)

10:53 AM: We usually feature bird photos with our daily calendar update – but this sighting is too unusual to time-share with other subject matter. We’ve received two reports, with photos, of a bird seen in West Seattle, with both readers describing it as a turkey! Above and below, photos that Jodi Steele took in Lincoln Park on Sunday, south of the north play area:


And before we could publish Jodi’s sighting, another one just arrived in the WSB inbox from George Capestany, south of Me-Kwa-Mooks, who wrote, “This is a rare sighting. This morning at 9:30. Just walking around the neighborhood”:


So is it really a turkey? BirdWeb doesn’t include King County in their habitat.

7:35 PM: Commenters have a variety of opinions on what exactly this bird is. Meantime, we have an even-closer photo courtesy of JoDean, who says her daughter took it at Lincoln Park on Sunday:


Let us know if you see it!

Today’s your last chance to comment on Sound Transit 3 draft plan. Here’s what the West Seattle Transportation Coalition heard

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

If you still haven’t told Sound Transit what you think about the draft ST3 plan – which includes a light-rail line to The Junction, in 2033 – today is your last chance: 5 pm tonight (Monday, May 2nd) is the (slightly extended) deadline.

Not sure what to say? Here’s what happened when Sound Transit reps talked with the West Seattle Transportation Coalition last Thursday night, two nights after their one-and-only draft-plan meeting in WS:

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VIADUCT CLOSURE, DAY 4: Monday morning traffic/transit watch

(SDOT MAP with camera/incident links; OFFICIAL #99CLOSURE INFOSITE; ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

5:03 AM: Good morning! We’re back on early traffic/transit watch for the second weekday of the Alaskan Way Viaduct closure. That includes the Water Taxi (which has its first run from Seacrest at 6:15 am) and low-bridge closures, if any (Friday morning’s commute had just one). No incidents so far. If you missed the weekend progress reports, after the expected slow start, the tunneling machine had gone a tenth of the under-Viaduct distance as of Sunday afternoon.

5:40 AM: The bridge is getting busier, as you can see in the camera views above. Still no problems. Forecast high today is 20+ degrees above normal – going into the 80s.

6 AM: SDOT notes that NB I-5 through downtown is getting busy. E-mail from Kristina reminds us of an update on some West Seattle road work – SW Yancy has reopened at Avalon as of Friday, but 30th SW was still closed on the south/east side of the intersection. We’re checking with SDOT today on how much longer work is expected to last.

6:15 AM: High-bridge backed up already, as John points out:

Taking the bus? Despite the Friday afternoon delays on Lander, Metro is not making changes so far. Today we will also again have an afternoon/evening traffic/transit watch with updates on how it goes. No sports in SODO tonight, though – the Mariners are on the road @ Oakland.

(Sunrise over early Water Taxi arrivals – photo by J. Leddy – thank you!)

6:28 AM: Our crew at Seacrest reports the Water Taxi’s first run was a little busier than last Friday – 87 passengers this morning, compared to 78. But there’s still room for MANY more (capacity 270+). We meantime asked what happens if the free shuttle runs late. During peak commute periods, WT reps tell us, the boat does not wait for the shuttle, though during off-peak periods it can wait a few minutes if it gets word of a delay.

6:51 AM: Bridge is backed up all the way to the 35th/Fauntleroy entrance, so allow tons of time if you have to use it any time soon. Meantime, 6:45 am Water Taxi passenger count was 142, up from Friday’s run at 124, but still lots of room, and remember the extra parking at Pier 2 (across from the 7/11) if you’re driving.

7:03 AM: Just getting going? Summary so far: No incidents. People leaving early – bridge already jammed. Water Taxi usage up a bit but lots of room remains, and it’s a beautiful day for a boat ride (see our crew’s 6:45 am photo here). Atop this report, we’ve added 1st Ave. S. and 4th Ave. S. cameras by request since those streets are carrying so much more traffic during the Viaduct closure.

7:31 AM: Definitely a busier commute than Friday, as many expected it would be. Water Taxi update from co-publisher Patrick Sand monitoring the situation at Seacrest – 221 for the 7:15 run, up from 180 on that run Friday. (Added: Carolyn Newman’s overview photo of those who lined up for it:)


And we have an update on the shuttle problems that some riders have reported. The county acknowledges “driver error” which included a “missed stop.”

7:45 AM: Texter reminds us that the 15th/Holden light for the Delridge-Highland Park Greenway is now activated, just a bit east of signalized 16th/Holden, and says backups have resulted.

8:02 AM: Thanks to everyone who’s reporting how their commute went. At the Water Taxi dock, we’ve learned that the 7:45 run had 212 passengers (was 180 on Friday). Via Twitter, we got a question about whether they’re maxing out on bicycles yet. No, the WT reps tell us, but if they did hit the full 26-bike capacity of the rack, they can still fit another half-dozen or so here or there around the boat. On the roads – still sloooooooooooow going.

8:20 AM: Try the bus! Josh tweeted this:

8:25 AM: First crash reported this morning in this general area – 1st Ave. S. and East Marginal Way. Haven’t heard yet on injuries or traffic effects.

8:33 AM: Almost capacity for 8:15 am Water Taxi sailing – 255 passengers. Spirit of Kingston (the old WT) has just come over for an unannounced extra run.


Meantime, if you’re at the dock and noticed the SFD emergency response going by – automatic fire alarm at Salty’s (WSB sponsor) nearby, BUT the arriving crews found NO problem so they’re being dismissed.

8:50 AM: More commute reports in the comments, and on Twitter, suggesting that the later going today was much faster than Friday.

This is a lot like what happened during 2011’s “Viadoom” – the real trick here in the days ahead will be, don’t go back to your old ways – keep up with the alternatives/changes, so everything gets spread around.

8:55 AM: 120 on that run with the Spirit of Kingston, which basically became the 8:45 Water Taxi, our crew says, since the near-capacity crowd on the 8:15 run pushed its departure back. (Added: KCDOT clarified in e-mail: “The Doc Maynard had 255 riders on the 815am sailing, which left late at 828am. To help serve customers, we did this: Our Spirit of Kingston boat was done with the extra 99Closure trips to Vashon, so it was brought over to make sure the scheduled 845am departure from West Seattle left on time, and left carrying 131 riders (capacity is 147). It operated kind of like a standby bus does for Metro, maintaining the published schedule. It was not providing an added trip, just a reliable one. It is a back-up plan we can use when we need to help service stay on schedule, but only works when the boat is available. It had the capacity for the riders who needed it.”)

9:17 AM: Earlier, we mentioned the 30th/Yancy/Avalon project, and that we were checking its status with SDOT. The reply:

SW Yancy St is now permanently open. The crews will return to stripe the crosswalk across SW Avalon Way, which will require very short-term lane closures. We will send out an email update to our listserv later today with these details, once the schedule is confirmed.

VIADUCT CLOSURE: West Seattle Water Taxi usage so far, by the numbers

(WSB photos from Friday morning)

As we get ready for the second weekday of the Alaskan Way Viaduct closure, the West Seattle Water Taxi usage numbers so far are just in from the King County Department of Transportation:

West Seattle Water Taxi estimated ridership highlights (seven-day service)

April 29, 2016: 3,018 total riders vs. 963 riders on April 22, 2016.

Fullest trips: 236 and 219 passengers at 5:15 p.m. and 5:45 p.m.


Friday AM Peak (6:15-9:15 a.m.): 922 riders vs. 301 riders on April 22, 2016.

Friday PM Peak (3:45-7 p.m.): 1,471 riders vs. 423 riders on April 22, 2016.

April 30, 2016: 3,075 total riders, including one sold-out trip at 3:30 p.m. after the Sounders game, compared to 871 riders on Saturday, April 23, 2016.

May 1, 2016: 1,656 total riders, compared to 240 riders Sunday, April 24, 2016.

The WS boat Doc Maynard was NOT sold out for any of the Friday commute runs – it holds more than 270 passengers – so there’s room for more people to try it out. If you’re riding your bicycle, the boat’s rack holds 26 bikes:


If you’re parking a motor vehicle the added lot at Pier 2 (across from the 7-11 at Harbor/Florida) was significantly underutilized – park there about 20 minutes before your sailing, and catch a free added shuttle to the dock. Just remember the lot is locked between am and pm commute periods. Get complete info on the West Seattle Water Taxi and its Viaduct-closure-related changes by going here.

YOU CAN HELP! Path cleanup next Saturday

(2013 WSB photo)

The path under the west end of the West Seattle Bridge needs some TLC, so Swedish Automotive (WSB sponsor) is organizing another cleanup. Our photo is from one led by Swedish proprietor Dave Winters in fall 2013. They’re hoping you’ll be interested in helping out next Saturday, 9 am-noon, along the path from the bus stop to Chelan Café. This time, the city will provide all the equipment, so all you have to bring is yourself – and please RSVP to say you’re planning to help – call 206-938-8685 or e-mail swedishautomotive@msn.com.

UPDATE: May Day protesters, police under east end of West Seattle Bridge

8:24 PM: Thanks for the tips – the May Day protest downtown has made its way toward SODO and police are reported to be taking action to keep protesters off the West Seattle Bridge. We headed toward the bridge to try to see what’s up and we are seeing Guardian One and media helicopters over 4th and Spokane, lots of police beneath it.


There may be some effects on access to the bridge – we are seeing police at intersections on lower Spokane beneath it. More to come.

8:29 PM: We’re in Beacon Hill at the east end of the bridge and turning around to head back westbound from Columbian. We have one texted report that access might be, or was, blocked from I-5. (update) We’re on the westbound bridge now and it looks like all the regular onramps are open now. Still a police presence under the bridge in the 4th/6th Avenue vicinity:


This appears to have been the tail end of what police described as a violent protest downtown. Here’s the latest SPD tweet, as the stragglers made it further south on 4th Avenue S:

8:41 PM: SPD just tweeted that the seventh arrest of this protest was made in the Costco parking lot. Also, an update from WSDOT confirms the ramp to the bridge from southbound I-5 is open again. The protest had been unfolding downtown/Capitol Hill and vicinity so we hadn’t been covering it but suddenly texts and tweets started telling us about restricted bridge access as protesters approached SODO, and that’s why we jumped in.

8:48 PM: SPD tweets that the protesters were “contained” outside Costco and are dispersing in small groups.

10:03 PM: Final tally for the pm protest that ended in SODO, nine arrests, five officers hurt. Here’s a statement just issued by the mayor and police chief.

UPDATE: Kayaker rescued near Fauntleroy ferry dock

(Added: WSB photos of rescue response @ Cove Park – first three photos)

6:07 PM: Big “saltwater rescue” response headed for the Fauntleroy Ferry terminal right now. According to the scanner, the report is a possible kayaker in trouble about 200 yards offshore. More to come.


6:12 PM: Per the scanner, the person is OK – “just needs help coming to shore.”


6:15 PM: “Patient is out of the water.” Another kayaker is being towed to shore.

(Added: Reader photo, texted – thank you)

A rescue boat from a state ferry helped in the rescue.

(Added: Reader video, texted – thank you)

6:25 PM: Shore-side rescuers are at Cove Park north of the ferry dock. They tell our crew at the scene that the kayaker who got into trouble was a man in his 20s, out kayaking with a friend when his kayak took on water. He’s indeed on shore and doing OK, alert and conscious.

6:40 PM: Medics are taking the rescued kayaker to Harborview. According to their communication with the hospital, the kayaker was not underwater at any point, but had been hanging onto the kayak until rescued, so much of what they’re doing right now is getting him warmed up.

VIADUCT CLOSURE, DAY 3: Tunneling machine picks up speed; changes made for Monday traffic

Just in from WSDOT, the update for Alaskan Way Viaduct Closure, Day 3, with tunneling-machine progress and traffic-flow changes:

(Updated map from tunneling-progress page on 99closure.org)

Tunneling progress

Welcome to day three of the #99closure. After a slow and deliberate departure from the planned maintenance stop near Yesler Way, Seattle Tunnel Partners’ tunneling crews picked up speed in accordance with their plan for tunneling under the viaduct. As of 2 p.m. Sunday, Bertha, the SR 99 tunneling machine, had mined 39 feet of the approximately 385 feet of tunnel that must be completed before the viaduct reopens to traffic. STP determines the appropriate rate to mine safely and mining rates will vary as the machine passes underneath the viaduct.

Visit our tracking page to see a map showing Bertha’s progress.

Traffic overview

Expect a more challenging commute Monday since Mondays are a traditionally heavier traffic day than Fridays. Go to our maps and resources page or see our travel alternatives handout to explore options other than driving. WSDOT continues to run a 24-hour-per-day command center with constant, real-time communication taking place with other agencies. And WSDOT’s Transportation Management Center also has extended hours with up to 12 additional Incident Response Teams ready to clear state roads of incidents as quickly as possible.

The Seattle Traffic Operations Center examined Friday’s commute and is adjusting by extending parking restrictions on Fourth Avenue South from peak periods only to all-day restrictions to help transit and traffic flow. In addition, the Seattle Department of Transportation added protected left turn signals at First Avenue South and South Hanford Street as well as First Avenue South and South Holgate Street to improve traffic flow.

SDOT will continue to work with the Seattle Police Department to monitor and adjust signals as necessary to maximize flow.

4th was a major trouble spot on Friday, according to commute reports from commenters during our morning and afternoon/evening coverage. We’ll be starting traffic/transit coverage early again tomorrow, 5 am.

HAPPENING NOW: Westside Garden Fair, day 2!


The second and final day of the first-ever Westside Plant and Garden Art Fair is on! We stopped in just as the gate opened at 11 am and were pointed to the sign you see above, celebrating what a huge success Day 1 was. If you get there soon, you’ll still find some plants:


But there’s lots else to see and do, including kids’ activities. This is all happening in the lot outside Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation at 7141 California SW in Gatewood.


Before you go, browse the official website!

West Seattle weekend scene: Highland Park community cleanup


Some of your West Seattle neighbors have been out doing awesome things this weekend. Thanks to Highland Park Action Committee chair Gunner Scott for the photos and report on Saturday’s HP Community Cleanup:


Thanks to the 15 neighbors who came out to pick up trash at Highland Park Playground; on SW Holden from Highland Parkway to 16th Ave SW; down Highland Parkway to Othello and the 3 traffic circles on 12th Ave SW at Thistle, Cloverdale, and Trenton.


A few more areas of West Seattle have cleanups in the works for this month – stand by for news on those!

VIDEO: ‘Style ’16’ a ‘smashing success,’ helping cancer patients via NW Hope and Healing

Northwest Hope and Healing presents Style '16 Fashion Show Benefit from Captive Eye Media on Vimeo.

Lots of West Seattle involvement again this year with the annual fashion show raising money to help breast- and gynecologic-cancer patients via Northwest Hope and Healing. For starters, NWHH’s executive director Kristina Dahl is from WS (as is NWHH’s founder Christine Smith), as is videographer Edgar Riebe, whose Captive Eye Media created the highlight video above. From Kristina:

Style ’16 was a smashing success this year, and we are so grateful to this community! Local boutiques Carmilia’s, Coastal Surf Boutique and West Seattle Runner (as well as other area boutiques) showcased fabulous fashions, and Ola Salon & Spa glammed up our inspirational models. The female models were all cancer survivors (several of whom are from West Seattle), some of whom are currently in treatment, and this year we were joined by the Bellevue Fire Department to model the men’s clothing (and they were a big hit!).

(Photo by Matt Browning)

Thanks to the incredible support of our community, the event raised an astounding, record breaking $205,000 to support women undergoing breast or gynecologic cancer treatment at Swedish Cancer Institute who need help with groceries, rent, utilities, and more, and we couldn’t be happier that NW Hope & Healing is growing so that we can help more women than ever in 2016.

NWHH’s next big fundraiser is the Alki Beach 5K on August 28th. Meantime, Kristina adds, “The need for our grants has risen dramatically, and we are determined to rise up and meet that need. Anyone wanting to get involved is welcome to contact me at kristina@nwhopeandhealing.org.” Find out more about NWHH via this video, also produced by Captive Eye Media.

West Seattle Sunday: What’s up as May begins

(Saturday photo by Chris Frankovich)

Compared to Saturday … the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar is relatively quiet for this first day of May. With a few exceptions:

BICYCLE PRACTICE RUNS: Viaduct Closure, day 3. Want to try out bicycling from West Seattle before the next weekday commute? West Seattle Bike Connections members are leading rides at 9 am, from the High Point Library (info here), from Lowman Beach (info here), and from Morgan Junction (info here).

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: 10 am-2 pm in the street, in The Junction. (On California SW between SW Oregon and SW Alaska)

WESTSIDE PLANT AND GARDEN ART FAIR, DAY 2: 11 am-3 pm, second and final day of this brand-new event in the lot at Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Gatewood. See the official website for info on the vendors, kids’ activities, and more, including Jane the Goat from noon-2 pm! (7141 California SW)

WEST SEATTLE 5K REGISTRATION PARTY: Noon-4 pm today at West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor): “Not registered for the West Seattle 5K Run/Walk yet? Join us from 12:00 – 4:00 for an in-store registration party. Special early registration prices will be offered for the last time. Stop by, get yourself and family registered for the race, then take a look at the great products offered at WS Runner.” The WS5K (with WSB among the sponsors) is three weeks from today, on May 22nd. (2743 California SW)

RADIATOR CHARLIE’S MORTGAGE LIFTERS: “Fun mix of ’20s, ’30s, ’40s swing music” at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 3-5 pm. (5612 California SW)

‘LOVE, LOSS, AND WHAT I WORE’ MATINEE: 3 pm at Kenyon Hall, last chance to catch this spring show by Twelfth Night Productions. (7904 35th SW)

‘DEATH OF A SALESMAN’ MATINEE: 3 pm at ArtsWest Playhouse. (4711 California SW)

MORE FOR TODAY AND BEYOND … on our complete calendar.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Brazen burglary at Emerald Water Anglers


A particularly brazen business burglary tonight: Just as we were heading to Alki to find out more about tonight’s shooting, we heard from Dave McCoy, proprietor of Emerald Water Anglers (WSB sponsor) in The Junction, that someone had broken into his shop (42nd SW/SW Oregon). On our way back from Alki, we went by the shop to find out more. Dave told us the burglar(s) broke off the door handle and forced their way in, making off with 11 rods (that’s his photo above, showing where they had been). Though the alarm was set, that wasn’t enough to stop what apparently was akin to a smash-and-grab. The door and lock are already being repaired, as shown in our photo:


This comes just two weeks after thieves hit EWA while it was open on a Saturday afternoon, distracting an employee and stealing three reels. And it comes hours after EWA participated in the Junction Day of Giving, earmarking 10 percent of today’s proceeds for charity.

UPDATE: Gunfire on Alki, man shot in the hand

(WSB photos)

ORIGINAL REPORT, 9:29 PM: Big response heading to 57th and Alki for a reported shooting – a man is reported to have been shot in the hand. More to come.

9:35 PM: Crews arriving on scene confirm that the injury is not major. A silver vehicle might have been associated with the shooting.


9:53 PM: We’ve arrived in the area. Searching is centered by the Alki Playfield tennis courts/Whale Tail Park (Lander/59th SW). Heard on the scanner while en route, the victim was to go to the hospital via private ambulance, but was described as “uncooperative.”

9:59 PM: Police tell us at the scene that the victim is in his 20s.


They’re still looking for shell casings in the search area we mentioned above. We’re adding photos.

10:54 PM: Nothing additional from SPD so far. About 45 minutes after our first report, they tweeted
“(Officers) responded to shots fired call on Alki, found one man with non life-threatening injury to hand. Investigation ongoing” and that’s the only info they’ve published. See the comments below for multiple reports of what people in the area heard and saw.

Car fire on West Marginal Place, no one hurt


Thanks to Jerry for sending the photo from a car fire about an hour ago on West Marginal Place just north of West Marginal Way SW, under the bridge and by the bicycle trail. We just talked with the car’s owners, as they await a tow truck; they said they were driving when suddenly the car started filling with smoke, so they got off the road (this area is a cul-de-sac), called for help, and got out safely before SFD arrived.

PHOTOS: International TableTop Day @ Meeples Games


It’s International TableTop Day and that means it’s a day … and night … just made for the gaming that’s at the heart of Meeples Games (3727 California SW; WSB sponsor). We dropped in to see what was up; above, players were in the middle of a game of Here, Kitty, Kitty!. The full schedule for today/tonight is here – including Meeples Bucks giveaways for activities including posing with Captain America and mini-Wil Wheaton (who has a show called Tabletop):


If you don’t make it to Meeples before this big day/night ends (open until midnight!) – there’s always something going on, proprietors Brian Taylor and Laura Schneider remind you:


The schedule’s on the right side of the Meeples homepage.

VIADUCT CLOSURE, DAY 2: Saturday’s tunneling update

(WSDOT photo – crews monitoring The Viaduct during the closure)

On the second full day of the two-weeks-or-so Alaskan Way Viaduct closure, a “precaution” until the Highway 99 tunneling machine finishes going beneath the AWV, here’s the brief update WSDOT just published:

After completing the first ring, STP crews have been preparing the machine to move out of the concrete of the maintenance stop. The transition from concrete into soil is an important part of tunneling under the viaduct and STP crews have been working to ensure that the transition goes smoothly. Once the machine is fully prepared to mine through this transition, crews will advance slowly and deliberately.

So as of this update, no additional distance has been added to the first-day 6.5-foot tally. Next update is expected about this time tomorrow; still almost 380 feet left to go to get all the way beneath The Viaduct.

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