West Seattle traffic alert: 21st/Henderson crash

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Thanks to the texter (206-293-6302 any time) who reports Henderson is blocked right now at 21st because of a crash. No medic unit was called out, per the 911 log, so it’s likely no one was seriously hurt, but you’re advised to avoid that generally busy South Delridge intersection (map) for a while.

Duwamish River: You don’t have to be an ‘artist’ to answer this local ‘call for artists’

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(2011 photo by Danny McMillin)
The project is called Duwamish Revealed, “a large program of temporary, site-specific public art, music, performance and other creative activities and events that will bring people to the river and celebrate its unique culture, communities and history.” It will unfold along, near, and on the Duwamish River next year, thanks to a $300,000 grant the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle (ECOSS) received from ArtPlace America (whose funding is explained here). Now that we have the basics out of the way, here’s what artistic directors Sarah Kavage and Nicole Kistler want you to know about why they’re not just seeking people who already consider themselves artists:

You don’t have to be an artist to apply. Are you a scientist? Do you have serious computer skills? Are you a passionate gardener, a wood or metal worker longing to build something really big, or a backyard tinkerer? Is your grandmother full of stories about what the Duwamish used to be like? We want you to contribute your skills and ideas. Please tell us about yourself and your vision for a project on the river.

The deadline to answer the initial call is just a month away – September 29th. This page on the Duwamish Revealed website explains how to do that, and stresses that they’re not looking for extensive details for starters – just get them your idea.

P.S. As originally announced back in June, Duwamish Revealed was one of just “55 projects selected out of 1300 applicants nationally” to receive one of these grants – so help them make the most of it!

10+ ways to spend your West Seattle Saturday, morning to night

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Summer’s last big weekend is here. So’s our list of highlights, mostly from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

(Photo courtesy Caylen Storm)
TAI CHI ON THE BEACH: Haven’t done it yet? 9 am, join Caylen Storm at Alki, as detailed in our calendar listing. Free. (West of Alki Bathhouse)

NEED YOUR CAR WASHED? 10 am-1 pm at West Seattle Autoworks (WSB sponsor), it’s a Hope Lutheran School fundraiser for next spring’s trip to Washington, D.C. – you donate, they wash! (35th/Webster)

ASTRONOMY STORYTIME: 11 am at Barnes & Noble/Westwood Village, join West Seattle’s own Solar System Ambassador (and WSB contributor, and more) Alice Enevoldsen, for Astronomy Storytime – geared toward toddlers, but kids of all ages are welcome. Free! (2600 SW Barton)

ADOPTION EVENTS: 11:30-3:30, Friends of the Animals Foundation at Next to Nature in The Junction; noon-5 pm at Kitty Harbor, with details in this WSB Forums post.

TOUR ALKI LIGHTHOUSE: Second-to-last day this season to take a free tour of historic Alki Point Lighthouse with US Coast Guard Auxiliary volunteers, 1-4 pm. (3201 Alki SW)

SALSA ON ALKI: 5:30 pm lesson, then music for dancing until 10; it’s all included in $10 cover. Details in our calendar listing. Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza. (61st/Alki)

RUNWAY SHOW!Urban Hollywood Meets Seattle,” 6-9 pm at West Seattle Christian Activity Center. Here’s our calendar listing. (4400 42nd SW)

THE POSIES AT EASY STREET: Live in-store at 6 pm at Easy Street Records in The Junction. (California/Alaska)

WATCH THE HUSKIES AT THE CASK: 7:30 pm is gametime vs. Hawaii; The Cask (WSB sponsor) invites you to watch the game there. (2350 California SW)

MORE WEST SEATTLE NIGHTLIFE: Live music, karaoke, more … see the listings by going to our calendar!

Update: Helicopter flybys along the shore

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Thanks to everyone who’s reported a helicopter seeming to be searching for something off the west-facing West Seattle shore. Don’t know yet what it’s up to, but wanted to let you know we’re trying to find out.

1:12 AM: No info so far.

SATURDAY MORNING: Commenter FM says they were searching for overdue paddleboarders. (Here’s hoping they turned up, safe.)

Seal Sitters updates: ‘Now in the throes of pupping season’

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(Photo by David Hutchinson)
Banners are up along Alki to ensure you know that, as Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding Network‘s Robin Lindsey reminds us, “We are now in the throes of harbor seal pupping season.” And with that, Robin shares four updates/reminders, including the banners’ installation, but beginning with the loss of a pup last weekend:

****Area rookeries are bustling with seal pups, a good majority of them now weaned. These pups are striking out on their own and Seal Sitters has responded to 5 pups in the past week in 5 different locations here in West Seattle.

(Photo by Robin Lindsey)
As usual, the pups have been thin. Sadly, seal pup “H2Otis” (above), who spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning at Emma Schmitz Viewpoint, had to be taken to PAWS Wildlife Center but died en route. The pup had multiple bite wounds to the head and flippers, but the species of animal that inflicted the bites could not be determined in the necropsy. The wounds were not the cause of death. He was much thinner than we realized due to difficulty of a visual assessment.

We cannot stress enough that each year, seal pups are mauled and killed by off-leash dogs in Puget Sound. Off-leash dogs were on the beach just before “H2Otis” came ashore (we do not believe he was bitten at Emma Schmitz on Saturday night) and have been there each day since. We ask dog owners to please respect wildlife and understand that even the most well-behaved dog can be unpredictable and cause terrible harm.

****Seal Sitters MMSN, as a member in good standing of NOAA’s West Coast Marine Mammal Stranding Network, has just renewed our contract with NOAA to respond to live and dead marine mammals from Brace Point through the Duwamish River (including Harbor Island). This contract gives us the authority to close off public access and establish necessary perimeters to protect both marine mammals and the public at large. All marine mammals are protected from harassment by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Violations will be documented and reported to NOAA’s Office for Law Enforcement (OLE) and WA Department of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement for prosecution.

We would like to note as well that boarders, kayakers and boaters need to stay an appropriate distance (100 yards) from the mid-channel Elliott Bay buoys when sea lions are present. In addition to the California sea lions that are now returning to the area, these haul-out sites are occasionally used by Steller sea lions, both protected by the MMPA. Violations are being documented and turned over to NOAA’s OLE.

Included as a requirement of this contract is to examine dead marine mammals and enter documentation into NOAA’s national database. We ask residents to please call Seal Sitters’ hotline @ 206-905-SEAL (7325) if there is a live or dead marine mammal on public or private beaches.

****Thursday, Seattle Parks employees hung 10 “Share the Shore” banners (top photo), featuring an illustration of a harbor-seal pup, along Alki Beach. The banners are displayed annually on light poles stretching from the Bathhouse to Duke’s Chowder House. The graphics are intended to raise awareness that September and October are the high season months for harbor seal pups to seek refuge on our shores. Read more here.

****Lastly, our usual reminder that if you see a harbor seal on the beach, stay back, keep people and dogs away and call our hotline at 206-905-SEAL (7325). Undisrupted rest is critical to a seal pup’s survival – and, as proven by the unexpected demise of “H2Otis,” it is a fragile existence at best.

Video: Ice Bucket Challenge at Holy Rosary, and who they’re passing it on to

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That’s the first “Ice Bucket Challenge” clip called to our attention by a local school. This one features the staff of Holy Rosary School and the parish’s pastor, Father John Madigan. HR principal George Hofbauer starts with challenges to other local Catholic schools, and Fr. Madigan adds a challenge to Seattle’s Archbishop Peter Sartain. (In case you’ve missed it somehow, the IBC has been making the rounds for weeks to raise awareness and money for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.) P.S. First day of school at HRS is next Tuesday.

West Seattle schools: Building demolition begins at Arbor Heights Elementary

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Thanks to Scott for the top photo and the tip that building demolition has begun at Arbor Heights Elementary, a milestone for the project to replace the dilapidated old buildings with a brand-new school. We went over and got there just in time to photograph the backhoe doing a little more work on the north side of the southern building before parking for the day:

As reported here on August 20th, the city Hearing Examiner rejected an appeal of the demolition-permit granting. Another appeal was rejected in May; that one involved the ruling that the project didn’t need a full environmental review. Following that first decision, a meeting was held to update the community on the construction plan (WSB coverage here). The timetable shared at that meeting called for demolition to begin in August, which now, technically, it has; it also noted that there would be a pause from November to February, when the second phase of the project would begin, by which time the district would decide if the school would be built to hold up to 500 students, or up to 650. The new school is supposed to open in two years; in the meantime, AHES is sharing the Boren building in North Delridge with the school permanently housed there, K-5 STEM.

West Seattle Water Taxi sets monthly-ridership record: 50,000+ boardings in August as of midmorning

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(Mid-August Seacrest panorama by Robert Spears)
Recordsetting month for the West Seattle Water Taxi, and it’s not over yet. Just shared by County Councilmember Joe McDermott, who is also chair of the Ferry District Board, which oversees West Seattle and Vashon Water Taxi operations, an announcement sent by Marine Division shoreside operations/customer-service manager Greg Lerner:

I wanted to let you know that today, on the 10:30 am sailing, our 50,000th rider for the month of August boarded our West Seattle boat, setting a new all-time record for the route. From a person who spent 10 years working with the West Seattle route at Argosy thinking we were doing well, I’m particularly proud of all of you for taking this route to the next level!

You can see month-by-month ridership for the past year and a half by going here and clicking the “West Seattle ridership” line to open it – last year’s biggest month was July, with 47,588. This year’s July ridership isn’t posted yet but June was the biggest month of the year posted to date, with 32,484.

P.S. The West Seattle Water Taxi will be in service on Labor Day, but using the Sunday schedule.

West Seattle development: 2nd Design Review preview for 7520 35th SW clinic; five demolition sites

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West Seattle development notes to share this afternoon:

‘PACKET’ FOR NEXT DESIGN REVIEW MEETING: Hasn’t been much for the Southwest Design Review Board to consider these past few months, but they do have a one-project meeting coming up next week, and the “packet” is available – see it here. The project is a medical/commercial building, the Clearview Eye Clinic at 7520 35th SW, and the meeting at 6:30 pm Thursday, September 4th, at the Senior Center of West Seattle, is its second “early design guidance” meeting. (Here’s our coverage of the first one back in July.)

RECENT DEMOLITION-PERMIT APPLICATIONS: Here’s what’s appeared on the city website in the past two weeks. (We haven’t gone by these sites yet, so some might already have been torn down – sometimes the permit filings appear same-day or close to it.)

*3024 61st SW – House/shed to be demolished, replaced by 3 houses

*8150 32nd SW – House to be demolished, replaced by one new house

*4757 Delridge Way SW – House to be demolished, replaced by 3 new houses

*4535 44th SW: This one is for a bigger project, the four-story, ~36-unit building that got key land-use approvals back in May.

*2749 57th SW: House to be demolished, replaced by one new house

Five notes for your West Seattle Friday afternoon/evening

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Busy day so far, but we don’t want to wait any longer to nudge you about four possibilities for this afternoon/evening, primarily from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar, plus one heads-up:

FREE CANNING CLASS: West Seattle-based and nationally renowned food writer/educator Kim O’Donnel is leading a free canning demonstration with The Little Red Hen Project at 4 pm today, Delridge Community Center. Kim says, “We will cover the basics of water-bath canning & make some mixed-berry jam.” (4501 Delridge Way SW)

DELRIDGE GROCERY’S FRIDAY FARMSTAND: Delridge Grocery‘s weekly farmstand is happening again from 4:30-7:30 pm today – fresh-from-the-farms fruit and vegetables for sale. (5435 Delridge Way SW)

ALKI FUN FEST AND NEIGHBORHOOD-APPRECIATION BARBECUE: 5-7 pm at Alki Community Center, games for kids, food for all, more info in our calendar listing. (5817 SW Stevens)

AUSTRALIAN WINEMAKER AT THE CASK: Tonight at The Cask (WSB sponsor), 7-9 pm, acclaimed Australian winemaker Daniel Binet from Ballabourneen Winery is on hand for a “Meet the Winemaker” event. Ballabourneen says Binet is more than a winemaker – he’s also “entertainer, bon vivant and inspiration behind the wines, creativity and culture of the company.” (His bio is here.) The Cask is at 2350 California SW.

MUCH MUSIC! Double-digit listing lineup of venues/performers for tonight – see them all on our calendar.

And just in case you hear them from across the bay …

FIREWORKS … are on the Safeco Field schedule after tonight’s Mariners’ game (third and final time this season).

West Seattle traffic alert: Crash at 35th SW entrance to eastbound bridge

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11:40 AM: A vehicle has gone into the bushes off the side of the eastbound entrance to the bridge just past 35th/Fauntleroy. No serious injuries reported but one person in the vehicle was having trouble getting out; there’s a sizable police/fire response there right now.

11:59 AM: The SFD response has closed, so the traffic situation should ease soon.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Vandal smashes window at nonprofit Discovery Shop, which has to raise repair money

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After questions about why the front window is boarded up at the nonprofit Discovery Shop in The Junction, we contacted volunteer Suzanne Rowe (who had just e-mailed us about some new features there), and she has just responded with the photo and report:

As the Discovery Shop was preparing to close at 4:30 on Wednesday afternoon, a person passing by on the street intentionally smashed our front window either with his foot or with his backpack. The police were called and they did take a report and interviewed witnesses. Luckily, no one in the store or other pedestrians was hurt when the giant sheet of glass broke. Those in the store said it sounded like gunfire when it happened.

What makes this event even more unfortunate is our insurance will not cover the costs of replacing the window. The Discovery Shop has to pay the entire cost and that means less money going to the American Cancer Society. We hope the community will still stop by and support our store as we work to replace the window. Again, according to witness accounts, this was done intentionally in broad daylight with people standing nearby, making for a potentially dangerous situation.

The shop at 4535 California SW is open today until 4:30 pm. According to its website, one way they’re hoping to raise window-repair money is via a special sale on pants tomorrow and Sunday.

Tickets now on sale for West Seattle Rotary’s first Oktoberfest

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The Rotary Club of West Seattle is now selling tickets for its first-ever Oktoberfest. Everyone (21 and up) is invited to the celebration, 6 pm Saturday, October 11th, at Alki Masonic Center in The Junction – from the announcement: “Come enjoy a Bavarian evening complete with German and local microbrew beer, authentic German food, Oompah band, and a raffle. Bavarian dress encouraged. … Oktoberfest is a fundraiser to support the West Seattle Rotary Club’s community projects: Annual Children’s Shopping Spree; Rotary First Harvest; Pencil Me In For Kids.” Go here to get your ticket(s)!

West Seattle creator of ‘Time Wars’ debuting groundbreaking card game at PAX

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By Kezia Willingham
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

As the sold-out PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) gaming convention starts today downtown, West Seattleite Bijhan Valibeigi will be there, launching a new product in her multimedia “Time Wars” franchise: A strategy card game.

She e-mailed WSB about the launch, explaining that “Time Wars: Supreme Command” is “the world’s first deck-stacking game, where you actively try to stack your own deck in your favor, while also trying to control the flow of your opponent’s deck.”

The format isn’t all that’s groundbreaking about “Time Wars: Supreme Command.”

Bijhan and I met at Meeples Games, the new business at California/Charlestown that not only sells games, but is also a place where you can sit down and play them in a relaxed atmosphere, with a café and a library where you can try out games before purchasing them.

Bijhan created “Time Wars” based on her experience as a game lover who missed seeing accurate representations of both her ethnicity and gender orientation – she describes herself as a “queer genderless Persian-American nerd” – in the games she loved. She wanted to see more diversity in the characters and their experiences.

Click to read the rest of West Seattle creator of ‘Time Wars’ debuting groundbreaking card game at PAX…

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday edition, heading into Labor Day weekend; water commuters spot yacht

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
With some already beginning a long holiday weekend, traffic is quieter this morning. Unless you happen to be heading back this way, southbound on I-5 through downtown, in which case you should note that a crash is blocking all but one lane at Denny.

HOLIDAY WEEKEND NOTES: No transit changes until Monday (Labor Day), when Metro and the West Seattle Water Taxi will both be on Sunday schedules. For a citywide look at events that might affect traffic from now through Monday, here’s the SDOT roundup.

IF YOU’RE RIDING THE WATER TAXI TODAY … look toward Harbor Island as you pass and you might see this:

ADDED 8:57 PM: Jonathan tweeted this photo:

11:07 AM: More about the yacht via PSBJ. And here’s a report on its previous port call up in Ketchikan.

1:35 PM: Back to traffic info – just spotted this lane-closure alert for Highway 99 next week:

Tuesday, Sept. 2 to Friday, Sept. 5

· Crews will reduce southbound SR 99 to one lane between South Atlantic Street and South Spokane Street from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. each night.

Tuesday, Sept. 2; Thursday, Sept. 4 – Friday, Sept. 5

· Crews will reduce northbound SR 99 to one lane between South Spokane Street and South Atlantic Street from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. each night.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglary suspect in custody

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If you heard/saw the big police response in southeast West Seattle, it was for a report of someone breaking into an occupied home (added: near 21st/Barton) … and police are reported to have a suspect in custody. More when we get it.

You can help! Be a tutor in West Seattle, just 1 hour a week

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Can you spare an hour a week – a small amount of time that can make a big difference? Invest in Youth is signing up volunteers now:

Your investment of one hour a week can lead to a lifetime of dividends for a child…

Invest in Youth is a Seattle-based non-profit organization that provides free tutoring to local elementary students across the city, including two West Seattle elementary schools (Roxhill and the new Fairmount Park). Our program is unique in that we don’t charge families or schools to provide our quality tutoring services. We are able to do this because of the support of our volunteers who commit to tutoring a 3rd through 5th grade student once a week. Will you join us this fall?

The program is pretty straightforward:

Click to read the rest of You can help! Be a tutor in West Seattle, just 1 hour a week…

Video: Summer Concerts at Hiawatha’s 2014 finale

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7:02 PM: Onstage on the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center for another hour, that’s Funky 2 Death, the final band to play the Admiral Neighborhood Association‘s Summer Concerts at Hiawatha series. Nice night, music’s free – take a chair, your dinner, your family – it’s on until 8 pm. As a series sponsor, we share in saying thanks to everyone who’s attended, performed, volunteered, and otherwise been part of it this year!

P.S. ANA, of course, does more than present concerts. It’s the community council for the Admiral area and you can check out its next meeting at 7 pm Tuesday, September 9th, at The Sanctuary at Admiral (right across from the north side of Hiawatha, 42nd/Lander).

ADDED 8:17 PM: A few more photos – first, a reminder that kids are welcome at the Hiawatha concerts. Including babies. King County Executive Dow Constantine and wife Shirley Carlson were there tonight with three-and-a-half-month-old daughter Sabrina:

Back to the band:

Oops, our photographer was spotted:

If you enjoyed Funky 2 Death and want to see them again – catch the band Fridays at the Seamonster Lounge in Wallingford.

New SDOT director booked for Southwest District Council meeting next week

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The full schedule of community-group meetings gets going again next month, and the first one has a high-profile guest: New SDOT director (pending confirmation) Scott Kubly is booked for Q/A at the Southwest District Council meeting next Wednesday (September 3rd). All are welcome to the 6:30 pm meeting at the Senior Center of West Seattle (California/Oregon in The Junction);

West Seattle traffic alert: Fauntleroy/Edmunds crash

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Avoid Fauntleroy/Edmunds for a while. The northbound side is blocked by emergency response for a two-car crash right in front of the pawn shop. No major injuries; an ambulance has arrived for one person.

Followup: Bail set at $500,000 for SUV theft/kidnap suspect

August 28, 2014 at 3:34 pm | In Crime, Highland Park, West Seattle news | 10 Comments

Just in from the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office: Bail is set at $500,000 for the 25-year-old man accused of stealing an SUV from outside Seamart in Highland Park, with a 10-month-old baby girl in the back seat, abandoning it (and her) in White Center. As added to our coverage last night after he was booked into jail, he also has warrants in connection with three domestic-violence-related cases, one of which also involved taking a vehicle; court documents list his address as less than a block away from the scene of yesterday’s crime. The documents include a short police narrative of how it unfolded; adding that in a moment.

ADDED: Transcribed from the “probable cause” section of the document:
Click to read the rest of Followup: Bail set at $500,000 for SUV theft/kidnap suspect…

Followup: Fauntleroy Schoolhouse crowdlending goal reached!

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Update from the Fauntleroy Community Service Agency: The crowdlending campaign to raise money for remaining work at the historic Fauntleroy Schoolhouse has just passed its $500,000 goal! This is for the second phase of repair work, involving roof, painting, gutter/downspouts, and earthquake-resistance retrofitting. As reported here last month, the campaign launched in connection with Semble hit the halfway mark within its first week; by the start of this week, it was three-quarters of the way to goal; and today, it passed the half-million mark. FCSA hopes to get the work done before fall rainy season arrives.

The WSBeat: Four police-report summaries, starting with fruit theft

August 28, 2014 at 12:33 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle police, WSBeat | 27 Comments

By Megan Sheppard
On the WSBeat, for West Seattle Blog

This edition of our periodic feature The WSBeat contains summaries written from reports on cases handled recently by Southwest Precinct officers – generally cases that (usually) have not already appeared here in breaking-news coverage or West Seattle Crime Watch reports, but that might at least answer the question “what WERE all those police doing on my block?” Or on the bridge, or the beach, or …

*A Fauntleroy resident went out to his planting strip to harvest his organic pear crop and was dismayed to discover that all of the ripe fruit had been taken. He estimates that at least 50 pounds of fruit — worth $200 — was missing. A nearby citizen said she saw a man and woman in a white van picking the fruit. The van is registered to a Georgetown address.

Three more summaries ahead, including the case that began with a naked man and a tree:

Click to read the rest of The WSBeat: Four police-report summaries, starting with fruit theft…

Two special spotlights previewed for Southwest Seattle Historical Society’s 2014 Gala Champagne Brunch

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Fall is approaching, and that means fundraising-gala season. So again this year, the Southwest Seattle Historical Society gathered board members and longtime backers at The Pacific Institute across from Seacrest Park for a preview of this year’s Gala Champagne Brunch. At last night’s gathering, SWSHS executive director Clay Eals announced that the gala, 11:30 am November 8th at Salty’s on Alki (WSB sponsor), will feature two special spotlights.

As Eals mentions in our brief clip, one relates to the gala’s theme, celebrating the renovated Admiral Way totem pole unveiled in June at SWSHS’s Log House Museum:

The totem pole was carved from a log cut in Schmitz Park, one of the West Seattle treasures donated by the Schmitz family, whose Vicki and Dietrich Schmitz will discuss the family’s unique historical legacy.

Also in the spotlight at the SWSHS gala brunch: A panel spotlighting West Seattleites’ roles in the world-renowned Northwest music scene – “Why West Seattle?” Marty Riemer and Jodi Brothers will host panelists including Chris Ballew, Tim Bierman, Gary Crow, Megan Jasper, Nicole Vandenberg, and Matt Vaughan. Here’s Marty’s video invitation:

Postal-mail invitations are going out soon, but even if you don’t get one, you’re very much welcome at the event (sponsors, by the way, include WSB). Reservations will be available via the SWSHS website in about a week. If you reserve your seat by October 8th, you’ll get a $10 discount – we’ll publish an update as soon as we get word the page is live.

West Seattle Thursday: Final Summer Concerts at Hiawatha show; pre-back-to-school events; more!

August 28, 2014 at 9:00 am | In West Seattle news, WS miscellaneous | 2 Comments

(Added: WSB photo tweeted during Fairmount Park visit early today – full story later!)
With less than a week until school starts for most local students, it’s prime time for pre-back-to-school events, and several are in our highlights for today/tonight, from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

K-5 STEM OPEN HOUSE FOR NEW STUDENTS: Two start times for an open house welcoming new students to K-5 STEM – 4 pm for 1st-5th graders who are new to the school, 5 pm for incoming kindergarteners. Details in our previously published announcement. (5950 Delridge Way SW)

PATHFINDER BACK-TO-SCHOOL BARBECUE: 5-7 pm, neighbors welcome as well as Pathfinder K-8 families; here’s the previously published announcement. (1901 SW Genesee)

GATEWOOD ELEMENTARY 3-IN-1 EVENT: This year’s Meet and Greet, Volunteer Fair, and Ice Cream Social for Gatewood Elementary are combined into one event tonight, with three staggered starting times by grade, starting at 5:30 pm – details in our previously published announcement. (4320 SW Myrtle)

(Photos tweeted by Denny assistant principal Patricia Rangel on Wednesday)
NEW-FAMILY ORIENTATION AT DENNY: **Updated time** 6:30-8 pm at Denny International Middle School. (2601 SW Kenyon)

ROXHILL BACK-TO-SCHOOL BARBECUE: As previewed here Wednesday, 6-8 pm, families are invited to Roxhill Elementary to get ready for the new school year. School supplies will be available to those who need them – but first come, first served, so don’t be late. (30th/Roxbury)

COMMUNITY KAYAK TOUR ON THE DUWAMISH: 6 pm, see anbd learn about the river with the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition and Alki Kayak Tours, departing this time from Duwamish Waterway Park in South Park. See our calendar listing for details. (7900 10th Avenue S.)

LITTLE PILGRIM PARENT ORIENTATION: Starting at 7 pm, parents/guardians are welcome to Room 2 at Little Pilgrim School in Fauntleroy: “Current morning or afternoon openings are for children 3 or 4 years old. Come see the school spaces, meet the teachers, pick up enrollment materials, ask questions …” (9140 California SW)

SUMMER CONCERTS AT HIAWATHA’S 2014 FINALE: Funky 2 Death performs tonight at 6:30 pm on the lawn east of Hiawatha Community Center for the sixth and final of this summer’s six concerts presented by the Admiral Neighborhood Association. Free! (2700 block of Walnut)

JON AUER AT C & P COFFEE: 7 pm – see our calendar listing for RSVP details, so you can check if there’s still room. *10:49 am update: Still room – $21, cash only, at the door.* (5612 California SW)

MORE MUSIC/NIGHTLIFE … see the listings by going directly to our calendar!

P.S. Any school events for tonight that aren’t listed above? Please let us know ASAP! (Or for other days ahead, too, if you don’t see them on our calendar – thank you!)

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Pre-holiday-weekend Thursday

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
With summer’s last big weekend on the way, and major road-work projects now in the past, traffic just might ease a bit today; we’ll see how it goes. Just one reminder from here – again today, school buses will be trying out their routes.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Hit-run crash leaves one hurt

August 28, 2014 at 3:23 am | In Crime, Delridge, West Seattle news | No Comments

Police are looking for the driver who walked away from a car that crashed into parked cars at Delridge and Juneau (map) this past hour. Left behind: An injured passenger, who’s been taken to the hospital. Tipster Sage says traffic is being directed around the wreckage on the southbound side of Delridge.

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