Still seeking summer activities in West Seattle? Four possibilities

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If your child(ren)’s summer isn’t already completely locked in, and you’re still considering summer camps/activities … four possibilities:

BASKETBALL/LIFE SKILLS CAMP @ CHIEF SEALTH: The 18th annual camp has two more weeklong sessions ahead, July 13-17 and August 3-7, both produced by Hoops4Life. It’s for girls and boys going into grades 2 through 9 this fall. For more info and registration:

LEARN TO PLAY TENNIS: The U.S. Tennis Association (WSB sponsor) is back this summer with a variety of options at West Seattle’s Solstice Park - not just for kids, but also whole-family, teen, and adult sessions. Click the park here in the category you’re interested in checking out.

ECO-ARTS CAMP WITH NATURE CONSORTIUM: Six 1-week sessions start July 20th, and there’s still time to sign up kids 5-12 years old for the camps offered by Nature Consortium (WSB sponsor). Read about them and register here.

CAMERA ACTING FOR KIDS: Playhouse Northwest Acting School here in West Seattle is offering this one-week camp August 18th-22nd, culminating in a short film production – more info, including how to register, here.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Alki police response; Belvidere vandalism

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Two notes in West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon:

(Added: WSB photo)
SUSPECTED STOLEN CAR: If you’re seeing a big police response in the Alki area, police were pulling over (or otherwise dealing with) a suspected stolen car, which usually calls for a “felony stop” response, guns drawn. Via the scanner, police report detaining two people, and searching for a passenger who got out of the car and “walked away” in the 56th/Alki area – only description so far, “18-year-old white male, white shirt, green stripes, Seattle Sonics hat.”

BELVIDERE VANDALISM: Here’s a reader report about an odd case of vandalism on 37th SW sometime during the day on the 4th of July:

Since this is a relatively unique act of vandalism, we thought we would reach out to the blog in case it has happened to others in West Seattle and as a precaution to other residents (although there is really no way to safeguard against this type of crime.)

On Sat we came home at 6:30 PM to a running hose that had been cut. The water was turned on and the hose was intentionally and cleanly cut causing the running water to seep into our foundation and eventually into our lower level where it has caused significant damage. We filed a police report and heard from the neighbor that he saw a 25-30 year old white male with a blue shirt and dirty blonde hair on our back deck around 1:00-3:00 that afternoon. (We weren’t home from 10:00-6:30 on the 4th.) There were no signs of a potential break-in and we have an alarm system which was armed and not triggered. Thankfully, this was the only damage that was done. However, it has caused significant damage to our property and it is highly likely that it was completely random.

Countdown to West Seattle Summer Fest 2015: Kid stuff!

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Only four days to Friday – the first of three days of West Seattle Summer Fest 2015. We’re counting down with daily previews. Today – free kids’ activities!

Yes, you’ll find rides and bouncy toys at Summer Fest, and those require tickets that you can buy from ride operator Clowns Unlimited, BUT the West Seattle Junction Association-presented festival also offers FREE fun for kids, including:

*>West Seattle Art Nest-organized activities – Theresa says, “We will be decorating homemade crowns and ‘fish sticks’ (paper plate fish glued to Popsicle sticks) and bracelet making! We are also going to have a community wall with a mural for everyone to color or draw or write a note; everything made is either wearable or easy to carry.”

*Facepainting with Lashanna, who’s at Summer Fest every year – as a Pathfinder K-8 parent, she helped establish the free kids’-activity area at Summer Fest eight years ago.

See the map for the kid-zone location. Also at Summer Fest, for families:

*Parents’ Rest StopCity Mouse is offering its space to families with young children again this year – on SW Alaska just east of California.

And if you missed it:

SUMMER FEST BASICS: All in one place, as published here last Friday.

One West Seattle classroom for 1st year of city preschool program

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When the levy-funded Seattle Preschool Program launches this fall, one of its first 12 classrooms will be in West Seattle. That’s according to a city announcement sent to media outlets today, listing the locations at which the program will begin this September. The announcement says the Community Day School Association, including a location described as “Delridge,” will be among the first providers. For specifics, we followed up with Jason Kelly from Mayor Murray’s office, which sent the announcement; he says the CDSA site at Highland Park Elementary will have one classroom for the SPP. If you’re interested in applying for a spot in the program – which the city says will expand year by year, find the application here.

Survey updates: WSTC ‘Move Seattle’ results; ST3 nudge

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Two quick notes about transportation surveys:

WEST SEATTLE TRANPORTATION COALITION ‘MOVE SEATTLE’ SURVEY RESULTS: WSTC has just announced the results of its latest survey, asking people’s thoughts about the city’s “Move Seattle” transportation levy that’s headed for the November ballot. WSTC says it received 476 responses – see the results, pie charts and all, by going here.

LIGHT RAIL TO WEST SEATTLE? OR? SOUND TRANSIT 3 SURVEY NUDGE: As mentioned here again last Wednesday, time is running out for the Sound Transit survey that represents your best chance right now to let ST know you want light rail to West Seattle – or, if you don’t, to otherwise express what you’d like to see on the Sound Transit 3 ballot measure next year. Go here, ASAP, because ST says the poll ends in two days.

West Seattle Monday: Ways to keep cool, morning to night

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As Anne pointed out while sharing that photo via the WSB Facebook page this morning, the haze these past few days is attributed to the forest fires up in British Columbia (have you seen the plume photo yet?). Meantime, though the National Weather Service‘s “heat advisory” is lifted, it’ll be hot again today – possibly 90 again – so here’s the keeping-cool info:

WADING POOLS & SPRAYPARK SCHEDULE: Today, Highland Park Spraypark (1100 SW Cloverdale) is open 11 am-8 pm, as is the Lincoln Park wading pool (8011 Fauntleroy Way SW); also open, the Delridge wading pool (4501 Delridge Way SW), noon-6:30 pm. See the full citywide schedule here.

COLMAN POOL SCHEDULE: Get your outdoor swimming in early this week – Colman Pool on the shore at Lincoln Park has swim-meet closures Thursday-Saturday (July 9-11). Today, however, it’s the regular schedule – lap swims noon-1:30 pm and 5-7 pm, public swim 1:45-4:45 pm.

AIR-CONDITIONED LIBRARIES: Here are the hours today at the two fully-air-conditioned local Seattle Public Library branches: At Delridge (5423 Delridge Way SW), 1 pm-8 pm; at High Point (35th/Raymond), also 1 pm-8 pm.

COCKTAIL CINEMA: The air-conditioned Feedback Lounge shows movies at 9 pm Mondays. Tonight – “The Avengers.” (6451 California SW)

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Post-holiday Monday updates; looking ahead to West Seattle Summer Fest

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(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Good morning! Welcome to back-to-work Monday. Transit services are back to normal schedules, since the holiday observances and changes were on Friday and Saturday, but we suspect traffic will be a little lighter, with some people taking an extra day off.

LOOKING AHEAD: West Seattle Summer Fest (co-sponsored by WSB) takes over the heart of The Junction this coming Friday-Saturday-Sunday (July 10-11-12), with street closures starting at 6 pm Thursday for setup – California between Genesee and Edmunds (Oregon will stay open to through traffic), Alaska between 42nd and 44th – so we’re sounding the alert early. Watch for our countdown reports resuming later today, and “live” festival coverage.

UPDATE: More West Seattle ‘brush fires’ – fireworks, cigarettes…

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ORIGINAL REPORT, 9:49 PM SUNDAY: Just before our side trip to investigate the no-longer-a-mystery music, we stopped by the latest West Seattle “brush fire” call, 5000 block of Erskine Way, just southwest of The Junction. The top photo was sent by Janet, who said neighbors attacked it even before firefighters could get there. Engine 32 was there and already wrapping up by the time we arrived:

(WSB photo)
While firefighters couldn’t find the source, neighbors believe fireworks were to blame for starting it (around 7:40 pm). The flames swept across a grassy embankment just north of the Erskine roadside. No structures damaged, nobody hurt. But this one brought in several tips – thanks as always (206-293-6302 text/voice any time).

ADDED MONDAY MORNING: We also received this photo from Brandon:

That Sunday fire near 34th/Juneau is blamed on a cigarette. And as we were writing this, a comment came in about a similar situation within the past hour in Morgan Junction. It gets drier by the minute out there, so please be extra-extra-safe.

If you heard the music but couldn’t figure out the source…

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In the past couple hours, we started getting questions about music/beats audible in north West Seattle for hours – maybe from the beach. Nothing on the calendar; we finally went down to look, nothing in view, but from the Seacrest vicinity, we could hear the beats in the distance. The answer finally came when we put out the open question on Twitter: @SDOT and @romabit pointed out the Dirtybird BBQ concert event in SODO, which had been under way since early afternoon. Just in case you wondered too … now you know.

West Seattle 4th of July aftermath: The mess left behind

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ORIGINAL REPORT, 7:06 PM SUNDAY: Still a few hours of light left … so if you haven’t been out patroling your neighborhood, and/or your nearest park, consider this:

Karen Allan made sent that, explaining:

When my kiddo was little, I used to say “In this town, what’s on the ground is swept into the Sound.” So if you see bits and pieces of the things that went bang, pop, and KABOOM on your block, please consider sweeping them up. Grab a bucket, broom and perhaps a neighbor and make a little outing out of it.

Here’s some of what Karen found near 29th and Othello:

She added, “Unfortunately, there is a lot more fireworks debris in the storm drains that I can’t
get to. It will all end up in the Sound with the next big rainfall.”

Some of the holiday-leftover trash and debris was already near the Sound in the first place: . We also heard from Chris Porter, who lives near Lincoln Park and spent time there this morning to help clean up. It wasn’t just fireworks debris he found:

The spectacular fireworks last night are only secondary to the enormous disaster of trash left behind the next day. I spent this morning picking up as much fireworks debris and trash as I could. I have forgotten about what happens to parks after summer holidays.

East to west, north to south, many other West Seattle neighbors were also out today, cleaning up the mess somebody else left behind. Travis Houston sent photos from Riverview Playfield:

We also stopped by Riverview before neighbors were done with their herculean cleanup:

Crossing the peninsula over to Alki, Kim sent the next photo, saying this was what just one small part of Bar-S Playfields looked like before she got to it with her broom:

Even in the unincorporated area where fireworks are legal on the 4th of July, the “legal” time period expired 18+ hours ago … but we’re still hearing dispatches on the scanner, including a fireworks call at Highland Park Elementary a short time ago and “brush fire” calls around the city (see photos in earlier reports here, here, and here).

ADDED MONDAY MORNING: Just sent by Chris:

I picked up a box full of spent fireworks debris on the playground at Gatewood Elementary this morning. The haul included one live mortar. Glad I found it and not some kids.

2 weeks until West Seattle Garden Tour 2015. Get ticketed!

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(Photo by Clay Swidler)
Exactly two weeks from today, nine local gardens will be open to ticketholders who can wander all they want during the all-day self-guided West Seattle Garden Tour (with co-sponsors including WSB), 9 am-5 pm on Sunday, July 19th. You can take care of the ticketing right now so you’ll be ready to go when tour day arrives. In West Seattle, buy yours at West Seattle Nursery (California/Brandon) or Junction True Value Hardware (44th/Edmunds); online, you can get ticketed at Brown Paper Tickets. Along with admission to all nine gardens, your ticket includes award-winning spotlight lecturer Phil Wood‘s talk about residential-garden design at 12:30 pm on tour day at The Kenney (WSB sponsor). Bonus: As always, the tour’s net proceeds help local nonprofits (see this year’s list here).

Congratulations! West Seattle Little League’s 13-year-old All-Stars win District 7; state tournament is next

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Thanks to West Seattle Little League president Michael Grienauer for sharing the photo and the big news:

The 13-year-old team from West Seattle Little League (WSLL) won the District 7 championship. The WSLL team went undefeated in regular-season play and in the All Star tournament as well. They beat the team from South Highline National Little League 6-4 to take the crown. With the win, they earned their place in the Washington State All-Star tournament, which starts next week in Port Orchard.

Players and coaches in the photo above:

(Left to right) Ben Trigg, Coach Mike Messinger, Eli Markham, Konrad Gerhardt, Manager Rick Southall, Dylan Pool, Jackson Grienauer, Isaac Patchen, Dominic Taylor, Will Holmes, Adam Chin, Justin Murphy, Coach Mike Murphy, Cole Stephenson

You can check on the tournament bracket here.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Classic rainbow bike stolen by grab-and-go thief

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Be on the lookout for that stolen bike – maybe tossed aside somewhere by now:

July 4th, 11:55 pm. Corner of alley at 59th & Stevens. Devastating theft of 1-of-a-kind 1977 Free Spirit bike. Distinct rainbow colors and banana seat. Male, early 20s, snatched it and took off toward beach. Owner heartbroken, offering reward.

Here’s what’s up for your post-holiday West Seattle Sunday

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(July 3rd Alki low-tide photo by Laura Goodrich, shared via the WSB Flickr group)

From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

KITTEN ADOPTIONS: Until about noon, Friends of the Animals Foundation is at Next to Nature in The Junction. (4543 California SW)

FARMERS’ MARKET IN THE STREET: 10 am-2 pm, shop the West Seattle Farmers’ Market on California SW between Oregon and Alaska. Today’s market includes music 10 am-noon (north end) with West Seattleite Brigid Blume of West by Midwest. Also – King County Master Gardeners are there to answer your questions. And of course, fresh, local food. P.S. **Next** week (July 12th), the market will be back in its old 44th/Alaska spot because of West Seattle Summer Fest; then it returns to the street July 19th and beyond.

WADING POOLS & SPRAYPARK OPEN TODAY: Delridge (12-6:30 pm) and Lincoln Park (11 am-8 pm) wading pools, Highland Park Spraypark (11 am-8 pm) – addresses and full citywide schedule here.

ALKI POINT LIGHTHOUSE TOURS: Open again today, 1 pm-4 pm, with U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary volunteers to show you around; be there by 3:40 pm for last tour. (3201 Alki SW)

LOW TIDE, WITH BEACH NATURALISTS: Just before 2 pm, the tide’s out to -1.6 feet, and it’s the last chance until mid-month for you to find Seattle Aquarium volunteer beach naturalists out at Constellation Park and Lincoln Park beaches – 12:45-3:15 pm today.

MUSIC & COFFEE: Becky Shepard performs at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 3-5 pm. (5612 California SW)

West Seattle 4th of July 2015: Night notes

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(Video sent Saturday night by Bradi, with the sound of fireworks in Roxhill area)
11:23 PM: Throughout the day, we’ve published standalone reports on incidents including “brush fires” blamed on fireworks. For the rest of the night, barring a major incident, we’re going to do what we did last year – keep a rolling log of what we’re hearing on the scanner and/or from reader reports. Earlier links, for starters:

*Sylvan Way brush fire, blamed on fireworks thrown from car
*Gatewood tree burned, blamed on fireworks

And remember, if you find or lose a pet, the WSB Lost/Found Pets page is the place to check first – if there’s no match, e-mail us info (and a photo if available), – it’s been a very busy night there already.

11:55 PM: Shortly after this comment about traffic on Admiral leaving Alki, we’re hearing police trying to catch a hit-run suspect described as driving erratically on eastbound Admiral (didn’t catch the cross-street).

12:14 AM: In the Alki area, police are checking out a report that someone was being yelled at about their fireworks by a neighbor, with an implied threat of a weapon.

12:54 AM: Just heard Engine 37 go by – the 911 log says it’s en route to a “dumpster fire” at Lincoln Park.

2:37 AM: Since last we wrote, another “brush fire” call – 4800 block of 45th SW at 1:30 am.

8:55 AM POSTSCRIPT: If you were one of the many caring neighbors out cleaning up debris this morning and took any photos, please consider sending: – thanks.

1:16 PM: We’re still collecting debris photos for a followup later today. Meantime, we just received this photo of the aftermath from the aforementioned 1:30 am brush-fire call:

The photo was sent by the homeowner’s parent. “Hard to believe it wasn’t intentional as it was a large fountain-type device thrown into the bushes next to her van, and there were no other fireworks in the area.”

REPORT #2: See the 2015 West Seattle 4th of July Kids’ Parade, start to finish!

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(WSB video/photos unless otherwise credited)
Every year we record the West Seattle 4th of July Kids’ Parade, start to finish – and this year was the longest! The hotter-than-normal temperature didn’t dissuade hundreds of kids and their families from walking and rolling along the route – as you can see above. Before the half-mile stroll through North Admiral, paraders were treated to the national anthem as sung again this year by Leilani Nitkey:

At the end, that’s this year’s parade emcee Josh Sutton from the West Seattle YMCA and parade coordinator Jackie Clough from Alki Party Treasures (APT and the Y are both WSB sponsors). Hi-Yu royalty spoke briefly – mentioning upcoming events including the Concert in the Park at Hiawatha with the West Seattle Big Band (7 pm Tuesday, July 14th) – and then carried the banner as the parade began:

The goal for many: Be as red, white, and blue as you can!

This also was definitely an occasion for shades:

Even better, a parade in which it was cool to have your OWN shade:

Helmets were fashionable as well:

(Thanks to Marilyn for that photo)
For some, the parade was so relaxing, a nap was in order:

Others bravely marched along:

You could get a sense of the parade’s scale, looking along the final leg of the route leading to Hamilton Viewpoint Park:

A cooling view of Elliott Bay awaited:

(Thanks to Laura Frampton for that photo)
In the park, the classic sack races awaited:

Fun even for some of those who took a tumble:

Coordinator Jackie had guest emcees for the races – we showed you two in our first report. Another community leader who helped out, Merica Whitehead from Nature Consortium (WSB sponsor):

Seattle Fire‘s Engine 29 was there for mini-tours, after helping lead the parade:

And so were Seattle Police officers:

Concessions were provided by the Admiral Neighborhood Association, which did a booming business:

We’ll mention it one more time – this is a community-presented parade, and the costs for insurance, among other things, are considerable; if you can chip in to help cover the costs (including helping make sure the parade returns next year), you can do it online.

(And if your family had fun being part of the parade – you might consider joining in the West Seattle Rotary-presented Kiddie Parade before the West Seattle Grand Parade in two weeks; meet at California/Genesee at 11 am Saturday, July 18th.)

UPDATE: Report of shooting at Delridge Playfield, but no victim or evidence found

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9:34 PM: Police and fire are rushing to the Delridge Playfield/Community Center park area to investigate a report of a possible shooting. They haven’t yet found the reported victim, though. We’ll update as we get information.

9:39 PM: Still no evidence of a shooting or victim, so the SFD response has been canceled.

West Seattle 4th of July fire watch: Roadside fire blamed on thrown fireworks

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Since our last report on “brush fires” this kindling-dry 4th of July, another call, this time just east of High Point. Bryce sent the photo and reports, “Small brush fire on Sylvan Way by Forest Lawn Cemetery. Car threw fireworks out the window. Couple people stamped it out before fire crew arrived.”

2 weeks before West Seattle Grand Parade, Hi-Yu float shown off in Burien

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This morning, West Seattle Hi-Yu royalty led the 4th of July Kids’ Parade in North Admiral; hours later, they rode on this year’s Hi-Yu float in Burien’s Independence Day parade. The photo is from Jim Edwards, who co-coordinates the West Seattle Grand Parade, in which you’ll see the float (and others!) two weeks from today. As we reported back in January, this year’s float/theme “Around the Sound” incorporates elements of designs proposed by then-Senior Court Queen Lorelei McFadden (who competes for the Miss Seafair title later this month) and Junior Court Queen Emily Cain.

West Seattle 4th of July scene: ‘This Place Still Matters’

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With the first phase of the Alki Homestead‘s restoration under way, the years of uncertainty about its future are receding further into memory. But today, there was a tribute to one moment along the way: Five years ago on the 4th of July, a big group photo outside the landmark log building proclaimed “This Place Matters” and to underscore their belief that its future eventually would brighten. Today, during the Southwest Seattle Historical Society‘s annual picnic at the Log House Museum – the Homestead’s old carriage house – there was a break to take an anniversary photo, with participants of all ages affirming that “This Place Still Matters.”

Today’s group was not big in size but was certainly big in heart. The top photo is our take from the sidewalk; an official photo from across the street was taken by Jean Sherrard, who was also the photographer five years ago, as well as four weeks ago when a thousand students came to the Homestead for the photo dubbed a “group hug” (WSB coverage here). A copy of that was part of today’s photo too:

The Homestead also was feted today in the choice of main dishes for the SWSHS picnic – fried chicken!

P.S. Another step in its path to restoration will come next Friday, when the Architectural Review Committee of the city Landmarks Board will look at the newest plans during its 8:30 am meeting on the 40th floor of the city Municipal Tower downtown.

West Seattle 4th of July fire watch: Gatewood tree burns

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Since midnight, the Seattle Fire Department 911 log shows two “brush fire” calls in West Seattle (out of a total of six citywide today). Above, the aftermath of one of them, shared by Dennis, who wrote, “Someone with fireworks didn’t like our tree. 12:35 last night. Be careful, folks, it is REAL DRY out there … this is what can happen.” He’s in the 3600 block of SW Othello in Gatewood; the other “brush fire” call so far, about 12 hours later, was in the 8100 block of 14th SW in Highland Park.

West Seattle 4th of July scene: Fireworks-viewing stakeout

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If you’re planning to watch the Lake Union fireworks from Harbor Avenue and haven’t already staked out a spot, don’t wait too much longer – this creative setup was just one of dozens of viewing stations we noticed while driving from Alki along Duwamish Head and past Don Armeni and Seacrest a little earlier this afternoon, some along the street like this, others on the grass in the parks, with and without tents. As noted on our 4th of July info page, the Seafair-presented show at Lake Union is scheduled to start at 10:20 pm.

3rd annual ‘Little STP’ bicycle ride in West Seattle: You’re invited!

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(2013 photo courtesy Don Brubeck)
One week from tomorrow, you’re invited to ride Seattle to Portland … without even leaving West Seattle. It’s the third year for the “Little STP,” and Don Brubeck from West Seattle Bike Connections shares the invitation:

Sunday, July 12, 9:30 am
Start at Hamilton Viewpoint Park, California Way SW at Palm Ave SW

Have you ever wanted to do the Seattle to Portland bike ride? Or even wanted to do the 1-day STP? And never trained for it? Or remembered to sign up in time? Here is your big fat chance!

Do it in 2 hours easy, and end up at a huge finish line party! Same day as Sunday of the big STP.

West Seattle Bike Connections / WS Spokespeople will be riding again from SW Seattle Street in the Admiral neighborhood to SW Portland St in Gatewood, and back north to Summer Fest at the West Seattle Junction, for a fabulous finish-line party. After an hour or two there, participants can ride home independently, or ride with a group back to Hamilton Viewpoint.

Family-friendly! Easy pace. Cascade Bicycle Club-trained ride leaders.

7 miles south to SW Portland and back north to Summer Fest and GreenLife at the Junction. (10.3 full round trip if you go back to the Hamilton Viewpoint start.) Route is mostly on quieter residential streets along the ridge parallel to California Avenue SW. Some hills but less than most West Seattle routes.

More details on our website and Facebook page under Events and at

REPORT #1: West Seattle 4th of July Kids’ Parade 2015

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10:16 AM: Just a quick note to let you know – in case you’re not already here – that the West Seattle 4th of July Kids’ Parade has just begun, traveling through part of North Admiral, starting at 44th/Sunset (map), heading west, then south, then east along Atlantic, across California, and finishing at Hamilton Viewpoint Park. Immediately post-parade, that’s where you’ll find fun family games (sack races, etc.), concessions, and more. Traffic reminder: Police stop vehicles on California while the parade crosses, so be aware of that – we plan to update when the parade gets to that point. Until we’re back at HQ, watch for photos on the WSB Twitter and Instagram feeds. Happy 4th!

10:39 AM: California just reopened at Atlantic – the parade has finished crossing. Now it’s on to the post-parade festival at Hamilton Viewpoint.

(Above & below – guest emcees for the sack races included City Council District 1 candidates Shannon Braddock, above, and Chas Redmond, below)

12:10 PM: Just back from the festivities – added a few of our social-media clips/photos here; report #2 will be up later today with video of the entire parade, before/during/after photos, and more.

West Seattle 4th of July 2015: What you need to know

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(Photo by Yuri Levchenko, shared via the WSB Flickr group)
Again this year, we have your 4th of July info all in one place – the West Seattle 4th of July page. That includes the 10 am Kids’ Parade (bring diapers for WestSide Baby!) and noon Log House Museum picnic (including the 1 pm Homestead photo), plus today’s transit changes, and a few notes about watching fireworks tonight.

(Photo by Ann Anderson)
WEATHER & WATER: The National Weather Service still has a “heat advisory” in effect; Delridge, Hiawatha, and Lincoln Park wading pools are open today, as is Highland Park Spraypark – see the hours and addresses here. Also open: Outdoor Colman Pool on the shore at Lincoln Park – see the schedule here. (Indoor Southwest Pool is NOT open today.)

UPDATE: CR-V flips after driver hits parked pickup on Delridge Way; crash caught on passing car’s dashcam

July 3, 2015 at 11:18 pm | In Delridge, West Seattle news, WS breaking news | 8 Comments

(Thanks to Andy for the photo)
11:18 PM: A multiple-vehicle crash in the 6500 block of Delridge Way SW (map) is drawing a sizable police/fire response right now. One of the cars is reported to have rolled over.

11:27 PM: Police are diverting traffic on Delridge at the scene. No serious injuries reported, so far.

11:41 PM: Thanks to Merissa for this photo:

Meantime, WSB’s Christopher Boffoli is at the scene now and sent this:

(This photo and next two are by WSB’s Christopher Boffoli)
Christopher reports police are taking one person into custody, the driver of the flipped CR-V, who hit the parked white pickup that you see in Christopher’s photo.

11:49 PM: Police tell Christopher the driver is in custody for investigation of DUI.

He was alone in his vehicle and unhurt.

Meantime, a tow truck arrived quickly and got the CR-V right-side-up. The scene likely will be cleared before too long.

1:28 AM: The crash was captured on the dashcam of a car whose driver was headed in the opposite direction – southbound – when it happened. That driver, Paul Hamaker, uploaded the video to YouTube and sent us the link. It is briefly in view – mostly the CR-V rolling, debris flying onto the street – about 2:20 into the three-minute clip he posted from the dashcam he says he bought less than a week ago. The clip ends after he pulls over, so we asked what happened next; he said he “stayed at the scene for about 10 minutes and talked to the driver and a few witnesses, glad that everyone is OK. Was quite startling to see that happen in front of me.” He also said, “It was great to see many folks come out of their houses and run to the scene to help.”

FOLLOWUP: Congratulations to AMNO & CO for big win at international ROV competition!

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They’re back, and they won! The local trio AMNO & CO, who’ve been sharing their stories of international marine-tech competition here for the past few years, won first place in their division this year. Alex Miller (above right) – who’s one-third of AMNO & CO, along with (from left, above) Nicholas Orndorff and Clara Orndorff - shares the details, and a challenge:

We are pleased to let you know that at last week’s Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) International 2015 Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) competition, AMNO & CO received first place in the Ranger (predominantly high school) division.

This competition included 31 Ranger teams from over 10 different countries.

The international venue at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland in Canada was very unique in that were three different tanks, including a flume tank with current, a tank with waves, and a tank covered with a layer of ice. In each of these tanks, there were a set of separate mission tasks, faced by scientists and industry professionals working in the corresponding extreme environmental conditions in the Arctic.

While AMNO & CO had practiced extensively in swimming pools, piloting in the unusual competition conditions posed unique challenges. In the ice tank, the team had issues with buoyancy due to an EGADS solution (ethylene glycol, aliphatic detergent and sugar) which was dissolved in the water. In addition, bubbles stuck under the ice sheet, as well as the ice sheet itself, obscured visibility.

In the flume tank, the team struggled to keep their vehicle in their designated station, as the ROV with its large surface area was greatly affected by the current. Despite these difficulties, the team used quick problem solving skills and well-practiced driving in order to confront the issues.

High scores in AMNO & CO’s poster, presentation, and technical report were also important contributors to their winning overall score. This communication element of the competition serves a very important role, honing speaking and writing skills as well as allowing teams to connect with members of the industry, who serve as competition judges, getting a feel for what a marine-technology career really entails.

In addition to the overall first-place Ranger division award, AMNO & CO also received awards for excellence in safety, and design elegance.

For the team, this was the culmination of six years participating in the MATE Pacific Northwest Regional event and four years competing in the MATE International Competition, which is held at a different location each year.

AMNO & CO would like to encourage other teams to get started in the Seattle area: MATE is a great competition that fosters independent thinking, creativity, and a diverse fusion of different branches of engineering which must be integrated individually. Feel free to contact AMNO & CO at or for more information.

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