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    I am about to toddle off to bed, but it looks like both the democratic and republican campaigns are still an open race. Who would have thunk it?

    Perhaps our caucus is still going to make a difference.



    JoB: Are you going to caucus? I’d love to see you there as I find you very persuasive.



    I haven’t made up my mind about the caucus yet.

    That much stress isn’t good for this tired body.. but we will see. i haven’t felt this strongly about something for quite a while.



    ok.. i haven’t felt this strongly about something political for a long time now:)



    We encourage everybody to caucus.

    It really is a great experience and doesn’t take that long.

    Which reminds me, I need to find out how to get results of how West Seattle ‘voted’ once it’s all said and done on Saturday!



    Which candidate are you calling a horse?




    my candidate is riding a democratic horse.. and i am declared for Hillary.

    As for the republicans, i don’t know who is riding who in this race:)



    oh Keymaster

    In the past there has been a meeting at the machinist hall where people gather to watch the results as they come in from various parts of the county and state. This year it might be just CNN.

    I have not heard anything about it for this year but I will send out some questions.



    WS mom.. ken has convinved me.

    i will be at Denny Middle School. Is that where you will be?

    I’ll try to take a nap first so my mind is sharp:)



    Oh well, I’ll be at Madison Middle School. We’ll have to compare notes after. A nap sounds good!



    i posted this on the main page.. but it is important enough to post here as well.

    Our democratic candidates are both coming to town and holding events just across the West Seattle bridge.

    I just registered at both candidates events… There is a link to do this on the home page.. buried in the comments just above those beautiful campaign photos.

    Our national press has been creating our impression of these candidates one soundbite at a time. Obama is still a relative unknown… he simply hasn’t been around that long. Hillary has been regularly attacked now for 12 years. They (our televised press) spend more time telling us what to think about the the positions these days than they do reporting them.

    We have an incredible opportunity to hear both candidates, back to back. They will each have two hours to tell us why they are the best candidate. and we will have time to think about their similarities and differences before we caucus.

    We democrats will be supporting one of these two people in an incredibly critical election. It might be good to get to know them both.

    anyone want to come with me?

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