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    Last week some of you may have heard about the auto collison under west seattle bridge about 330 am. A man in his van had spun out of contol and was pretty badly injured. My friend and i wrre the first ones to notice this van. To give u an idea the metal gard rail went up through the grill of his van all the way up under the steering wheel. Neither my friebd or i had a cell phone on us and at 330am there isnt many places open. So in a panic i try to wave down some of the passing cars thininking someone will see the horrible accident next to me and stop to help but no… Not one person even slowed down. So after about 3 or 4 mins of doing that i notice some flashing yellow lights over by the on ramp so i run over thinking i can for sure get some help from these guys( 2 Seattle public utilities workers) as i run over and very quickly explain that i need them to call 911 about an accident with a man being hurt. The two just kinda look at me and say they dont see any accident and refused to cross the road so they would be able to. Then start to question me about why i cant give an adress and without one they cant help me.

    At last i finallly found soneone to call it in as they drove by. 20 mins after the accident had happened. My question is is a city worker allowed to refuse to call 911 if some one asks? And if you saw a young woman waving saying help next to a vheical that is obviously in an accident wouldnt you stop and atleast ask if shes ok?
    What is this world coming too???!!!



    a good question.. i suspect fear has overcome our common sense and decency



    That is maddening and scary. Society is degrading. People are either too scared for their own safety to help others in need, or maybe scared they wouldn’t know how to help, or maybe just negligent indifference, maybe too in a hurry to be bothered. Whatever it is, it is a sad story about the state of our society these days. I hope that the person in the accident heals okay and glad at least you cared enough to try to help. Thank you for trying.

    It reminds me of an incident I had several years ago where I dumped my motorcycle in a slick curve and was blocking the road. I was shaken up and bruised, but was able to get up and lift my bike up and move it out of the road. There were several cars that had to stop while my accident was blocking. Not a single one of the drivers even made the smallest effort to roll down their windows and ask if I was okay or needed any help. They all sped off as soon as they were able.

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