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    Hey there!

    Are you looking for a leadership role at a small family-owned business in West Seattle? If so, you may be interested in our newly available position as a Team and Operations manager at a tight-knit family coffee shop!

    Here at West Seattle Grounds we love to be working with someone who is driven, fun and innovative and LOVES coffee (or tea too)! We love to serve our community with a great attitude and with great locally-based products. Our team is a small group of intelligent & driven gals who love to support each other and are always inspiring to work with. Our customers are some of our favorite people to serve & chat with. And the owners are a wonderful duo that allow for lots of creativity and professional expression in the workplace.

    If you love the sound of that keep reading…

    As the Operations Manager your duties include:

    Finding new ways to make the customer experience excellent
    Updating menus, creating specialty beverages and deals
    Studying the clientele and finding new products that they will love
    Using the shops space and outreach to help local community nonprofits
    Finding new local artists to participate in the West Seattle Art Walk
    Making sure there is enough stock of the fundamentals of the shop
    Maintaining an exceptional relationship with the community we serve
    Updating hours on social media, websites & public postings.
    Installing and maintaining COVID protocols to keep staff & guests safe

    As the Team Manager your duties include:

    Hiring and training new staff or current staff on new protocols
    Maintaining a positive team environment with communication & fun activities
    Creating the shop schedule on a monthly basis
    Resolving team questions and conflict
    Getting along & creating supportive relationships with the team
    Encouraging growth & responsibility to the team
    Planning team meetings & events (when COVID protocols allow for it)
    Having fun being the leader to your team!

    Benefits include:
    A flexible schedule
    Free coffee & drinks for yourself plus a discount on food items
    Tips when working behind the bar
    Health Insurance (flexible)
    Freedom on new ideas to make the shop ethical & efficient
    Part of a loving community

    Job Requirements (OK to be negotiated):

    Must be 18 or older
    Graduated High School/received a GED
    At least 1 year of Coffee/Barista Experience
    At least 1 year of Management or Leadership experience
    Must be able to work day shift
    Must be able to work weekends when required
    Have a positive mindset & passion to support their coworkers
    Preferably living in West Seattle or near the shop (North Admiral)

    The team at West Seattle Grounds is super-friendly and an inspiring group and oh-so wonderful to work with. We are so excited to be welcoming a new leader & friend to the team. Please leave your resume in our email ( wsgcoffee@gmail.com ) stop by the shop & drop a paper copy off & grab a coffee! See you soon!



    This position has been filled. Thank you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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