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    I keep my hummingbird feeders up year round. But this spring they are going to town. They have ate a cup of sugar water in one week, and maybe more by the end of the day. Has anyone else noticed this type of consumption at their feeders? Are there more hummers around? Just curious.



    I fill mine with a cup of sugar water each week. If they don’t eat it all, I dump and replace with fresh solution. Most of it’s gone by the end of each week. This is average for my feeder. I have the kind that is more plate-shaped where the hummers can sit and feed for a while, instead of hovering while they sip, so maybe they eat more of it.



    We have two feeders.. one in front and one in back .. and they are eating like crazy at both..



    Ours are eating a ton too. Nesting season? Feeding babies?



    We also have one feeder in front and one in back and they’re eating like crazy right now along with our Salvia plants, which they love!
    A few times we have seen 6 at the same time on our front feeder and then yesterday saw one really small hummer which I think is a new baby!!! :)


    Michael Waldo

    We have a feeder outside the kitchen window and watched them feed daily. There were two and they fought over it, chasing one another away. About a month ago, they have stopped visiting. Change it regularly. Nice to hear Waikikigirl that your birds share. I was thinking maybe they have enough flowers now, they didn’t need it anymore. So I am curious that you all still have them coming around. I miss mine.



    The hummers emptied the 2 cups of solution themselves, and I would guess are starting on the next 2 cups…Thanks for the advice.



    We also have a bird feeder at home. We placed it too outside the kitchen window.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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