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    To the owners of the seven dogs being walked by a middle-aged woman in North
    Admiral, and to dog owners in general- please scrutinize who cares for your dogs. Walking seven dogs simultaneously is unmanageable and she demonstrated that well. The dogs were all well behaved but her communication skills gives them no way of knowing what she wants. She yanked their leashes and kicked one dog even though they were behaving very well. Neither are techniques encouraged in the professional world even if a dog needs guidance. A dog can’t understand why they are suddenly getting yanked, or kicked, especially when they are merely standing and it’s aversive to them. She is also putting them in danger when she can’t stop them far enough away from a curb to keep them out of the street because she’s got seven dogs. When hiring someone, ask what their training philosophy and background is and only hire free-free, positive reinforcement professionals who only walk a dog or two at a time. Notice how your dog greets the dog walker. If you see behavioral changes in your dog, ask a lot of questions.

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