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West Seattle Crime Watch: Case of the stolen trapeze boots

(Photo copyright Mark Gardiner)
Upside down on the left, that’s Cathy. She’s hoping you can help her find the custom-made trapeze boots – and other gear – stolen out of her car in Seaview. Her friend John shares this photo of the boots – with the unmistakable red stars:

Cathy says it happened Monday night along 44th between Findlay and Juneau (map). The thief/thieves stole a black lululemon bag with “all my trapeze clothes in it as well as 2 pairs of custom-made leather boots that go with my new act. … They have no heel or toe as they are specially made for trapeze and fit my foot exactly.” Any info, call police – she’s reported the theft.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Searching for a hit-run driver

Eric in Seaview says somebody crashed into his sidewalk planter last night – strewing concrete chunks everywhere – then drove off. Read on for his story, with a photo:Read More

Bicycles mysteriously materialize in West Seattle yard

Recognize either of these bikes, a maroon Nishiki and orange Gary Fisher? If so, get in touch with Seattle Police – they’d planned to pick the bikes up, after a phone call from the WSB’er who says the bikes turned up in her yard near 46th and Brandon (map). And they’re not the first bikes to materialize in the area – in mid-June, she says, a black mountain bike was left by a street sign nearby, and remained there for a week. “I can’t imagine why someone would go to the trouble to steal a bike and then just leave it,” she says (although we suspect it’s similar to those who steal cars and “just leave” them). Again, police were picking these up, but we hear from time to time about stolen/lost bikes, so thought it would be worth publishing the photo – call the non-emergency number at 206/625-5011 if one’s yours.

First the Admiral chickens – now, see the Seaview … frog? toad?

(The chickens are reported to be back home, by the way.) Meantime, if you happen to see THIS critter hopping along the West Seattle shore sometime soon, here’s the story behind it: Maria says it showed up in her Seaview backyard, and isn’t sure whether it’s a frog or toad (we vote for the latter). The silver coin alongside it is a quarter, for comparison. She reports, “We lured the frog into a large paper bag and released it by Lowman Beach! He was a big fella, that is for sure! I’d say at least 6 inches square!!”

Followups: California/Dawson flag basket; Highland Park reservoir

Couple followups. First – hours after our story last night about the long-trashed crosswalk-flag basket at California/Dawson south of The Junction, the couple who reported it, Kim and Efram – who said SDOT hadn’t answered repeated complaints – wrote to say, “This morning we woke up to…..FLAGS AT THE CROSSWALK!! SDOT must’ve come in the night and furtively put new flags in, like elves or something!” We went over to check and got the above photo at noontime (several flags were on the west side; the one in the foreground, east side, had just been carried across). They’re the orange flags that we’ve seen in private baskets, though, not the yellow ones SDOT had originally distributed … hmm.

Meantime, while looking up a link for the Highland Park Action Committee meeting report published this morning, we revisited this video from last fall’s underground tour of the West Seattle Reservoir-covering project:

At the time, Seattle Public Utilities told us the reservoir would be filled “next (this) summer.” Checked with SPU’s Andy Ryan today – and he says it’s actually being filled right now; they’re about two-thirds of the way done with filling the 30-million-gallon covered reservoir. It takes up half the space the old open one did – SPU said they didn’t need that much capacity.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Wire theft, metal thieves, & Burglary #3

Three alerts to share in this West Seattle Crime Watch roundup tonight. First, Lee reports that his neighborhood e-mail group has word of grounding-wire theft on utility poles in an alley near 39th/Stevens (map). This isn’t just costly to utilities, but also a serious risk to worker safety, so they were expected to get fast repairs, but neighbors say they were told West Seattle has seen a lot of this lately. Second, metal thieves in action again in Seaview; from 44th/Raymond (map), Alison reports the neighborhood e-mail group has shared word of a “dirty, dark blue, older-model Toyota sedan” traveling an alley with someone walking alongside throwing items including bicycles and scrap metal into the trunk. The neighbor who spotted them called 911 and gave chase, but finally called it off at a dispatcher’s advice when high speed and wet streets made it unsafe – not before providing police with the plate and description, though. They’re suggesting area residents check their backyard to see if anything’s missing. Finally, from Greta in Gatewood:

I live on Sw. Rose St. between 35th & 37th [map]. We had a flyer left on our front porch today alerting us to a 3rd burglary on our block. I haven’t talked to our neighbors yet, so I’m not sure the details. Thought I’d share this with others in the neigborhood.

Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Benjamin Kinlow has explained at various public forums that these flyers are left if repeat burglaries happen in neighborhoods without a Block Watch – if you want to set one up, check out the info here, and be sure to join up with the West Seattle Blockwatch Captains Network.

Crime Watch: Seaview metal ‘scavengers’; Junction sign theft

If you’ve seen police activity in Seaview the past couple hours, Doug‘s report explains it:

Our housekeeper spotted three people in an old light blue van pull into the alley behind our house this morning. Two of the people got out and came into our backyard. She scared them off and called me. I drove around and found them doing the same thing in the alley near 47th and Findlay [map]. I got the police on the phone and followed the van for several blocks throughout the Seaview neighborhood until police arrived and stopped them in an alley off Graham and 46th. They told the cops they were looking for scrap metal, but officers are running their names to check for any warrants. As always, please report any suspicious vehicles to police. There have been far too many home burglaries in the area lately.

Not long after Doug’s note, we also heard from Gary, who said that a tow truck has since shown up to take the van away. We’re checking with police to see if that means there were arrests involving the three people who were in it. SECOND CRIME WATCH REPORT: Bob at Seattle Integrated Martial Arts in The Junction says a sandwich-board sign for his business and co-housed Limber Yoga was stolen from 42nd/Alaska on Sunday night – if you’ve seen it anywhere, let them and/or police know.

West Seattle coyotes: Seaview sighting

April 24, 2010 11:52 pm
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Erin sent this tonight:

Just saw a coyote walking and then running between 48th and 50th on Graham St. [map] He disappeared into a private yard. Just wanted to send out the warning to small-pet owners!

Yes, we know they are relatively common, and certainly no cause for hysteria – here’s info on “coexisting with coyotes” – but every so often, it’s worth the reminder, for newcomers, or people who just haven’t heard about it before. (Then there’s the occasional cautionary tale like this one from Shorewood, too.)

2 door-to-door alerts: “Matching funds,” black trenchcoats

Two door-to-door alerts tonight – again, soliciting is not against the law and those who are reported may be perfectly legit, but those reporting the sightings wanted to be on the safe side and share the info – read on:Read More

Followup: What caused the water/gas double trouble in Seaview

March 16, 2010 12:18 pm
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Talked with Seattle Public UtilitiesAndy Ryan a little while ago to follow up on the Seaview water break that turned into a gas-line break (as chronicled here last night). First we asked about the timeline and response, since commenters had wondered about that: Ryan says they got the call at 11:05 am yesterday, “water in the street.” It was “logged as priority 8” – one step down from level 9, which requires response within an hour; in this case, he says, it took a crew two hours, and they arrived at 1:03 pm. One commenter wondered about furloughs (the city is requiring some because of budget cuts); that had nothing to do with it – it was a union crew, and they’re not affected by furloughs. As for what broke the water main – it’s a 71-year-old line, which is not old by SPU standards; it’s cast iron and they can last up to 200 years. Ryan says it appears a rock got lodged between the water line and a sewer line running right beneath it. So why did repair crews wind up rupturing a gas line? “A new gas main had been placed there but wasn’t accurately marked on the map,” Ryan says, “so our crews found the old one, but the new one wasn’t where it was supposed to be – and got ‘nicked’. Our maps are usually pretty good.” Again, as we reported at 5:30 this morning, the repairs were complete and water service restored in the early-early-morning hours. (Monday evening photo courtesy Doug B)

Update: Gas leak and water main both now fixed in Seaview

(Photo by Doug B, added 7:43 pm)
6:38 PM: Thanks to our friends at Illusions Hair Design (WSB sponsor) for the tip – a water break at 49th/Brandon in Seaview is affecting traffic and neighbors. Brandon westbound is closed at 48th, and 49th southbound is one lane at Brandon, where crews are working. Not sure how many homes are without water, but we just got a note from Steve at 49th and Findlay who says it’s out at his house (that’s a block south of the break). 7:41 PM UPDATE: There’s also a gas leak in the area (49th/Canada), and one commenter says it is related to the water-line repair work. So if you don’t have to go through this area – stay away TFN. (Thanks to the neighbors who are posting on-the-scene updates in the comment section.) 9:39 PM UPDATE: We’re at the scene – it’s a 16-inch water line that’s broken. At least one TV crew (KING5) is there too. Working to get the latest info. 9:51 PM UPDATE: SFD says the gas line work should be wrapped up in an hour. Here’s one of the pieces of heavy equipment that just arrived:

10:25 PM UPDATE: We’re heading back out there to check again, but while there a short time ago, SFD stressed that while the smell is bad, the gas that leaked is NOT at anything approaching a dangerous level. 10:42 PM UPDATE: From the scene – the gas line is fixed. Now the water work resumes, and that’s expected to take all night. Water is out from Brandon south to Graham, though we don’t have a count of how many homes are affected. We do know seven homes lost gas service, according to SFD Captain Mike Milam:

5:30 AM: As Wsguy also confirms in the comments, the water is back on – we just went down to check on the situation; one crew is left, filling in the hole:

West Seattle Crime Watch: Wheel-stealers strike again

Lightning may not strike twice, but crime can, as Jim in Seaview just found out.

Overnight someone stole all four wheels off our Honda Fit in Seaview. This is the second time, first time it happened in October 2008. It was the exact same pattern – Sunday night / Monday morning, car up on concrete blocks, lug nuts left behind, no other damage to the car.

We published Jim’s 2008 report here. (A few months later, a similar theft happened in Sunrise Heights, and that car’s owner sent a photo.)

Neighborhood alert update: More Seaview “scavenging”

A new sighting this morning from Jonathan, following up on the reports shared by BB two weeks ago and by Renae three days ago– details ahead:Read More

Neighborhood alert: Seaview scavenger

From Renae in the 6000 block of 45th SW (map), a sighting she wanted to share – read on:Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch: Watch out for suspected metal thief

Out of the WSB inbox, from BB in Seaview – a description of someone who appears to be searching for metal to steal – read on for her report:Read More

Checking: Overnight police search in Seaview

November 29, 2009 12:35 pm
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Several people have reported seeing/hearing this — multiple police cars and officers, reportedly including King County Sheriff’s Office as well as Seattle Police with K-9, involved in a search in Seaview overnight, between 2 and 4 am. (Phone-cam photo at left.) We’ve received reports from several spots along 49th SW (map), including this post in the WSB Forums. No official information so far but via Facebook, Deirdre – who was in the search zone, and says officers told her to stay inside – says she finally got a dispatcher to tell her that it was a case of someone running away after “a traffic stop,” and says they told her someone had been taken into custody. We may not be able to get any official details before early tomorrow morning but will update, whenever we do.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Delridge harassment; hydrant vandalism

First, from, a Delridge man has told police he’s being harassed – with his truck repeatedly egged, and a swastika drawn on it. Second, a vandalism report from the WSB inbox tonight, sent by Shannon:

I wanted to report some new activity in our area. When we woke up this morning we noticed that someone had spray-painted some type of graffiti on the fire hydrants in bright orange paint. On the way to work, I realized the graffiti was on all the hydrants along 48th Avenue between Brandon and Raymond [map]. We made a police report – hope this isn’t signs of more to come. I park on that street and will definitely be bringing everything in from my car tonight – CD player, CDs, etc.

Mystery Seaview Samaritans: Possum rescued from the road

Out of the WSB inboxDeb Barker tells the story:

We had a bit of drama on 48th Ave @ SW Graham this afternoon with a sick or wounded possum lying in the middle of the busy roadway. Two strangers stopped to tend to the critter, getting it into a box, duct taping the box together and getting it into my car. (I was running back and forth setting up traffic cones, calling animal control, fetching gloves, tape, etc). I am hoping that my fellow rescuers read the West Seattle Blog so that they know that the critter was delivered to Seattle Animal Control on 15th West, and they were going to have PAWS take it. (I offered to take the possum to Lynnwood, but it sounded like PAWS was enroute anyway). Also, I have the sweatshirt and blue strapping ties that the rescuers left behind.

But most importantly, I want to thank both of the rescuers for taking time out of their day to stop and offer comfort and aid to a small creature. I’m sorry that the drivers along this street were mostly idiots who couldn’t be bothered to slow down while you crouched in the middle of the street protecting the possum. You are my heros – I am so honored to have met you – THANK YOU!!

Let me know if you’d like your belongings returned – the Blog will know how to reach me.

And indeed we do – e-mail us at (other contact methods here).

West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 burglary reports

Read on for two reports that came in Friday but involved break-ins earlier in the week:Read More

West Seattle traffic alert: Seaview sinkhole at 48th and Graham

Thanks to Nick for e-mailing to share the news that this sinkhole has opened in the middle of the Seaview straightaway section of 48th SW, at Graham (map). As you can see, it’s been blocked off, but this is right smack in the middle of a 2-lane, 2-way arterial, so best to be forewarned to slow down if you use that road.

Update: 2 people hurt in early morning fire near Lowman Beach

(photo added 8:44 am)
A man and woman were taken to the hospital from the scene of a duplex fire that happened around 4:30 am in the 6700 block of 48th SW (map). No word yet on its cause; Fire Department spokesperson Dana Vander Houwen says firefighters had it out within about 20 minutes of the first report. As of 8:30 am, investigators are still on the scene; the front of the duplex is heavily damaged. Vander Houwen says the two who went to the hospital got out through a window. No update on their condition so far.

ADDED 10:53 AM: One other photo from this morning, looking southwest toward Lowman Beach, to show even more clearly where this is – barely a block uphill from that waterfront park (which itself is just north of Lincoln Park):

SATURDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: LD reports in comments:

The couple have been released from the hospital and are doing ok. They are receiving help from friends and the American Red Cross and doing as best they can under the circumstances.

9:24 PM UPDATE: SFD says the fire was accidental – caused by “combustible material too close to a baseboard heater” – with damage totaling $150,000.

Neighborhood alerts: Mail theft; suspicious security soliciting

Two items to share this afternoon – first, from Keri:

Just wanted to send out an alert for my area neighbors (Morgan Junction area at Mills Street) that in the last two weeks I’ve had mail stolen from my mailbox and a package taken from my front porch. This is the first time in the year I’ve been here that this has happened

Second, from Corey:

I live in the Seaview neighborhood. Two teenage girls came to my house in the evening last week inquiring if we have ADT. I asked them what they were looking for and they were kind of vague. I mentioned this to a neighbor and they had visited them as well. My neighbor had called ADT asking if they were sending people around concering their systems and they said no and that they would not send people around in the evening. These girls are targeting houses without security systems and if anyone encounters them they should call the police so they can at the very least investigate.

At the bottom of the WSB Crime Watch page, you’ll find resource links for both deterring mail theft and dealing with solicitors.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Another rack ripoff

Out of the inbox, from Greg in Seaview:

Sometime during the night of Feb 12 or daytime Feb 13, a Yakima roof rack was stolen off of my car parked in the 5000 block of 48th Ave SW [map]. The car was damaged by the thieves and this was the third car theft we have had in the past three months.

Less than two weeks ago, we had multiple rack-theft reports in this story and the ensuing comments.