Bicycles mysteriously materialize in West Seattle yard

Recognize either of these bikes, a maroon Nishiki and orange Gary Fisher? If so, get in touch with Seattle Police – they’d planned to pick the bikes up, after a phone call from the WSB’er who says the bikes turned up in her yard near 46th and Brandon (map). And they’re not the first bikes to materialize in the area – in mid-June, she says, a black mountain bike was left by a street sign nearby, and remained there for a week. “I can’t imagine why someone would go to the trouble to steal a bike and then just leave it,” she says (although we suspect it’s similar to those who steal cars and “just leave” them). Again, police were picking these up, but we hear from time to time about stolen/lost bikes, so thought it would be worth publishing the photo – call the non-emergency number at 206/625-5011 if one’s yours.

1 Reply to "Bicycles mysteriously materialize in West Seattle yard"

  • Jim July 2, 2010 (11:01 am)

    This might be related to nearby crime.

    A few weeks ago my neighbor had his car stolen. The next morning a neighbor saw a suspicious-looking guy show up in my back yard, dig out a bike that was hidden behind my garage, and ride off quickly.

    It’s possible that people are riding bikes into the area, hiding them (poorly in some cases), attempting to steal cars, and then coming back later for the bike.

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