LAST CALL! 4 more chances to pick up your ‘Reunited’ T-shirt if you pre-ordered one

As noted last week, people who ordered the “Reunited” T-shirts commemorating the upcoming reopening of the West Seattle Bridge were asked to pick them up these past few days – but not everyone was able to, so there are four more chances, at a different location, this week. If you still need to pick up your T-shirt, you can do it at the West Seattle Junction Association office (4210 SW Oregon, Suite A, immediately east of Shadowland) these days/hours:

Monday (today) 12-3 pm
Tuesday (September 13) 3-6 pm
Wednesday (September 14) 3-6 pm
Thursday (September 15) 3-6 pm

Please bring something confirming your order, such as the confirmation email. If you didn’t order one but are interested in getting it, we’re told the community volunteers who organized this are working on the possibility of a second order.

2 Replies to "LAST CALL! 4 more chances to pick up your 'Reunited' T-shirt if you pre-ordered one"

  • AIDM September 12, 2022 (4:28 pm)

    Hope you all are finding lots of wood to knock on whenever you pick up, touch, or, god forbid, wear these shirts. Sacrilegious to have even ideated these shirts without prior visual verificiation of an actual car successfully driving over the actual bridge. Let me pause for a moment to throw salt over my shoulder… None the less, it will be good to see how people have faired on the mainland since we’ve been gone. Will be good to see how they solved the homeless problem, how Russell does leading the Seahawks this year, whether SPD passed Merrick Garland’s police assessment and successfully staffed up, and how Durkan’s second term is coming along ;-)

  • waikikigirl September 12, 2022 (5:19 pm) Reunited hey, hey!

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