WHALE-WATCHING: Orcas in Elliott Bay

Thanks to David Hutchinson for sending photos from orcas’ visit to Elliott Bay on Thursday evening.

These were transient orcas, not the Southern Residents.

Unlike the resident whales, transients’ food sources include other mammals – seals, sea lions, even other whales.

David’s photos were taken from Duwamish Head and the Alki promenade.

10 Replies to "WHALE-WATCHING: Orcas in Elliott Bay"

  • Kersti Muul July 3, 2020 (11:53 am)

    These were the T37s and T36as(Matrilines)

    • WSB July 3, 2020 (12:58 pm)

      Thank you!

  • Jim Herrmann July 3, 2020 (12:27 pm)

    About what time was this?

    • WSB July 3, 2020 (12:57 pm)

      I am not sure what time David took the photos – he sent them late last night -but we got one text while we were covering the gunfire investigaton near Holy Family, 6:30ish?

  • Mj July 3, 2020 (2:27 pm)

    Nice photos, at first I was confused with time of the post and brightness in the photos.  

  • David Hutchinson July 3, 2020 (2:59 pm)

    Photos shown were taken between 6:40 PM and 7:30 PM on Thursday 7/2/20.

    • Chris W July 4, 2020 (11:33 am)

      Dave, we’re in Maryland now and still enjoy your photos. Thanks for sharing them! -Chris W & Laura V

  • Ellie Garto July 4, 2020 (12:40 am)

    These whales just can’t catch a break from the paparazzi in boats. The Southern Residents have all but disappeared, now it’s on to the transients. *sigh*

  • Derek Lowe July 4, 2020 (11:15 am)

    Re: Ellie et all,The first picture shows a vessel which is definitely not abiding by the speed restrictions around sea mammals. …and most likely the distance restrictions.

  • Hannah Lindell-Smith July 4, 2020 (11:45 am)

    Is there any way to get notified when orcas are in the area? (called, texted, etc.) I always see the bulletins too late. #SaveOurSouthernResidents

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