FOLLOWUP: No arrest yet in Alki Avenue murder

(Saturday night photo by WSB’s Christopher Boffoli)

On the second day after the murder along Alki Avenue SW, near Luna/Anchor Park [map], no arrest yet – and no new (public) information from Seattle Police. The victim was stabbed around 10 pm Saturday night and died at the scene. Along the Alki Trail, where his body remained for hours while investigators worked the scene, a memorial that started with a few flowers by Sunday evening grew today – including extensive tagging on the trail/sidewalk.

Police won’t say anything more than describing the investigation as “active and ongoing”; as noted in our Saturday night coverage, they don’t believe it was a random killing. It’s the second murder in West Seattle in less than a month, after the deadly shooting of 44-year-old Lorenzo Marr at West Seattle Stadium on May 8th, also still unsolved. The Alki victim’s name has yet to be released; police described him as in his mid-20s. If you have any information, you can call the SPD tip line at 206-233-5000 – or 911.

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  • Arlene Roth June 4, 2018 (4:25 pm)

    Extensive tagging – as in gang tagging? Wouldn’t that be helpful to the police?

    • WSB June 4, 2018 (4:41 pm)

      Hopefully someone has reported it already. Most tagging isn’t gang-related but I’m no expert. We’re adding a photo though per our general policy not showing most of it; we first heard of it via a reader photo from this morning and it was still there when we went by after publishing this.

  • Quora June 4, 2018 (4:54 pm)

    Oh come on; you better believe there are people that know things and aren’t talking. They are aiding the dirtbag that did this and keeping the perp at large.Come down hard on whoever did this, and take those down that think it’s OK to protect and harbor this type of activity. Down with gangs and violence in our community. This is getting out of control.

    • Alki resident June 4, 2018 (6:42 pm)

      Gangs don’t typically snitch, they retaliate.

  • Lacey June 4, 2018 (5:46 pm)

    Anything to do with the tagging that appeared on the wall mural at Genesis and Delridge I wonder?

    • Lacey June 4, 2018 (8:25 pm)

      So sorry, autocorrect— I meant Genessee & Delridge

  • ScubaFrog June 4, 2018 (6:49 pm)

    After every West Seattle murder or death (Suicide etc.), I always feel numb, and then sad.  How senseless and sad.  Another family robbed of a life with their loved one, and another life cut short in his early 20’s.  It’s nauseating.  Suddenly loud cars don’t matter so much when there was a young  man being stabbed to death a mile away from home.  It was all so quiet  :(My condolences to the young man’s family and friends.Kudos to the SPD and SFD

    • Quora June 4, 2018 (8:33 pm)

      I’ll start giving “kudos” to the SPD when they start solving these crimes.

      • KBear June 5, 2018 (11:29 am)

        I’m sure SPD appreciates your vote of confidence, Quora. Do you naturally assume that anytime a crime goes unsolved, it means the police weren’t doing their best?

      • steve June 5, 2018 (8:58 pm)

        This isn’t minority report. These things take time. Quora!!!

  • T Rex June 5, 2018 (12:32 pm)

    Hope you or your loved ones never need the police Quora.  It’s people like you that cause the hatred towards police and in the end scare the crap out of younger people who are taught that they are not honest, fair and very brave men and women.  It is well known that these type of thugs do not rat people out, the murder at Alki last year will probably never be solved and there were MANY witnesses. Look at Chicago, the killing keeps happening, people know who did it but the refuse to help the police, after a murder for goodness sake. Shame on you. Hatred for cops is a lot like racism, sometimes it is taught.  

    • level June 5, 2018 (2:32 pm)

      Unexamined hatred for cops is only as bad as unexamined veneration of cops.Cops aren’t evil any more than they are automatically “honest, fair,” and “very brave.”  They are just people, generally with woefully inadequate training.psRather than excoriating people for not trusting the police maybe you should ponder why they have that fear and mistrust in the first place.

  • MJ June 5, 2018 (2:12 pm)

    I hope the SPD finds and arrests the assailant(s) that committed this heinous crime!And after they catch and arrest the culprit(s) a second crime against the taxpayers will likely result with the court assigning a attorney to the defendant, this attorney then requesting experts also at taxpayer expense claiming the defendant was not mentally competent et al.  We have all seen this drill with other crimes committed in WS.People who commit crimes need to held accountable!

    • WSB June 5, 2018 (2:14 pm)

      Providing defense lawyers for indigent defendants fulfills a Constitution-guaranteed right.

    • Peter June 5, 2018 (3:24 pm)

      Everyone has a right to a vigorous defense. Everyone. I’m sorry you find that objectionable. Maybe you’d be happier moving to a country without our constitutional right to legal defense.

  • T June 5, 2018 (4:24 pm)

    The pro and the con with Alki Beach is, it’s free and anyone can go.

  • Helpful June 5, 2018 (11:35 pm)

    As a gang member, isn’t this the objective..?this is what one gang does to another gang, then other gang retaliates, and repeat.. Meanwhile, members of this community suppress information. It boggles my mind that anyone would blame any of this on police. 

  • Todd Anderson June 6, 2018 (8:26 am)

    Alki is a place where disorder is allowed to run rampant on any sunny weekend evening. Loud cars and motorcycles driving recklessly and drag racing on Harbor, Alki and Beach drives; gang graffiti found nearly every morning from Don Armeni ramp to Alki beach; cars continually cruising up and down the beach creating dangerous traffic jams and pedestrian safety issues; rampant public marijuana usage and RV campers creating other hazards. All of the activities listed above are illegal and in fact there are signs posted to that effect up and down those same streets.  So when people get upset at others who feel like the police could do more have to explain why the police aren’t expected to at least make an effort to enforce existing laws.Is murder more serious than RVs dumping trash all over Harbor Ave? Of course, but the disorder that comes with the lack of any enforcement encourages those that would commit murder to think Alki is a great place to settle a score given the likelihood they won’t get caught.Alki is a gem for the community and especially for families and anyone who enjoys a beautiful walk along the seaside. Isn’t this worth preserving by increased enforcement of existing laws?

    • Helpful June 6, 2018 (12:07 pm)

      Todd, I certainly agree with you that the laws should be enforced, and those smaller actions would incrementally change the big picture of how alki is used. Unfortunately, the powers that be in Seattle are far more concerned with maintaining it’s twisted sanctuary mantra, no matter how damaging the effects.  Dare we oppress drug addicts from their liberty to steal, score, use and OD. Dare we create an inhospitable atmosphere for gangs to proliferate, intimidate, and retaliate.  Meanwhile, our once naturally beautiful crown of a city, with the jewel of alki beach, has become a frightening, festering, toilet. Thank Seattle city leadership for disabling any law enforcement efforts- and it’s only going to get much worse. 

  • MJ June 6, 2018 (6:11 pm)

    ToddYou are spot on in your comment.MJ

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