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UPDATE: Man shot and killed at West Seattle Stadium during track meet

(Video of police arriving, tweeted by Kate)

7:47 PM: Police and fire are converging on West Seattle Stadium for what is logged as a “scenes of violence” response (we had just confirmed yesterday, that’s the new name for what used to be “assault with weapons”). No word yet on the circumstances – scanner indicates at least one person is being sought – we’re on our way to find out more.

(Texted photo)

7:50 PM: Per scanner, at least one witness says shots were fired and then a male in a red hoodie and gray pants took off.

7:58 PM: Also per scanner, a gray Toyota Camry with hood damage might be linked to this. There is a victim who’s being taken to the hospital.

8:06 PM: Police are “shutting down the lower lot,” they’ve said via radio, while the investigation continues. And we should take a moment to say thanks for all the tips and photos.

8:09 PM: SPD says the victim is an “adult male shot several times, rushed to HMC with life-threatening injuries.” Commenters are saying the event at the stadium when this happened was a Seattle Parks track meet.

8:17 PM: Also note that 35th NB is down to one lane by the stadium, with the entrance blocked off, our crew reports. The investigation is concentrated on the west end of the stadium.

8:27 PM: Detectives continue talking with people at the stadium/golf course. No update on victim or suspect so far.

8:49 PM: We’re continuing to await someone who is authorized to brief media. Meantime, a commenter/witness is first to offer an account of what may have preceded the shooting.

9:16 PM: Seattle PD’s on-call public information officer Det. Mark Jamieson tells us he’s on his way to the scene so we should have an update before too long – our crew is still there.

10:01 PM: Police tell us that the victim has died. More from the briefing shortly. (added) Our crew says Det. Jamieson actually had little else to say – nothing about circumstances, no description details. (We’ll add full video of his briefing once it’s uploaded.) They checked out a tip about a possible sighting of a car like the one described early on but it didn’t pan out. If you have any information about the killer, call 911.

10:36 PM: Just listened to the briefing while it’s uploading. Three other things: Det. Jamieson said the victim was a man in his 40s. The shooting happened in the parking lot. Also, the reason they don’t have a good description of the suspect yet is that they are dealing with “conflicting reports.”

11:11 PM: Video added above. Also: This is West Seattle’s first homicide case of 2018. The last one was the deadly shooting of 25-year-old Edixon Velasquez outside his Westwood home last September. Two suspects in that case remain in jail, awaiting trial.

ADDED 8:50 AM: Lots to follow up on today, of course, but for starters, we went by the stadium this morning, and it has reopened; police completed their work at the scene overnight.

9:11 AM: Also, we are pointed to a Facebook post that confirms something we were told last night but couldn’t confirm at the time – the Rainier Beach Track Club, one of the participants at the meet, says the victim was the dad of one of their athletes..

1:05 PM: Police have added this update to the SPD Blotter account of last night’s deadly shooting: “Detectives now believe that the victim in last night’s shooting may have been targeted. Detectives are still working to identify additional witnesses. Anyone with information on last night’s incident is urged to contact the Seattle Police Tip Line at 206-233-5000.”

3:50 PM: We sent Seattle Parks a few questions this morning and just got answers this afternoon. Via spokesperson Rachel Schulkin, they confirm that Rainier Beach and High Point athletes were at the meet when this happened. A meet for North Seattle teams that was scheduled for the stadium today will go on as planned. And as mentioned earlier today, the stadium is open in general Also:

In the wake of Tuesday evening’s tragedy, we are working with the Seattle Police Department and community partners to support staff, volunteers, children, and their families during this difficult time. As a result of this tragedy, we are also working to potentially postpone and relocate upcoming track meets to different locations.

7:23 PM: In comments, Shelley shares a GoFundMe link just set up for the family of the victim, who is identified on that page as Lorenzo Marr.

SPORTS: Rambo Total Pest Control backs Little League teams in two counties – with a West Seattle backstory

If someone in your family plays Little League (or other youth sports), you know it takes a lot of support – the families, the coaches, and the sponsors. One of our sponsors, Rambo Total Pest Control, is sponsoring teams in two neighborhoods – the one down south where they’re based, and here in West Seattle, where proprietor Luke Rambo has deep roots (which is why his company does a lot of work up here, and why they advertise with us). He shared a story about his interest and involvement, and appreciation for what it takes:

This is my favorite time of year. The crack of the bat, the cheering of the fans, the smell of freshly cut grass. Baseball season is upon us, finally! Every Spring since the dawn of time (well, maybe not quite that long ago), the eternal optimism, and hope of spring bring us a new baseball season. This time of year I am reminded of my childhood glory days spent fielding, throwing, hitting, and a little bit of pitching on the Bar-S Fields, followed by ice cream at Husky Deli after each team win.

I grew up in West Seattle and played in West Seattle Little League for the Laporte Eide Indians.  Some of my best childhood memories happened in those few short formative years between 9 and 12 years old down at Bar-S Field.  Our coach was a young up and comer named Vince Ormiston.  Some of the guys I played with were Sean and Ryan Wooten, Scott Olsen, Brian Pena, Andy Coghill, Jarrett Trail, and quite a few others, some of whom I went on to play ball with at West Seattle High School.  We shared some great times there at Bar S and I know the same is true for many others. 

In my early 20’s I moved with my wife to Puyallup, and we now have an 11 year old son and an 8
year old daughter.  Our son plays for South Hill Little League (majors) White Sox, and I get to
be one of the coaches on his team.  This is another special group of young men, working hard to
play well, have fun, and develop their own passion for the game of Baseball.  It is a pleasure
working with these players, our coaches, and the parents. 

With my increased involvement in Little League these past few seasons, I came to realize how much effort goes into keeping these organizations alive.  From the many decisions and strategy sessions run by the Board for each local league, to the late nights setting lineups by the coaches, to the team moms busily collecting donations for raffle items at the league fundraisers, to all the thousands of parents, siblings, grandparents, and neighbors who support these players in their development.  The moving parts that keep these leagues together are amazing to watch! 

Considering everything I have gained personally from my own involvement in Little League, as well as that of my family and friends, we decided to have our company Rambo Total Pest Control become an official sponsor of West Seattle Little League and South Hill Little League.

We hope to give back and help out in a small way to keep the spirit of Little League alive and well for the next generation.  Our sponsorship will help contribute to things like field
maintenance, uniforms, equipment, and baseballs.  Look for our banners at Bar-S Field by Alki – photo above – and the Fruitland Grange in South Hill this season and seasons to come! Thank you to the many volunteers who keep these leagues running!

Respectfully, Luke Rambo

And if you need pest-control services, you can reach them at 866-540-RAMBO7262), or (Disclosure – besides being a longtime WSB sponsor, Rambo is also our pest-control provider … they’ve helped us keep away those pesky little ants in recent years.)

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Hit-run help needed; two found bicycles

Three reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

HIT-RUN: The photo is from Poy, who says his car – the white one – is undrivable after being hit by somebody in the red one on Harbor Avenue near the 7-11 on Monday. The photo is from his neighbor, who says the two men were seen walking away after the crash. Poy doesn’t know how the other car left the scene – driven away, towed, or … – but if you have any information, here’s the incident #:18-162204.

Now, news of two abandoned (therefore most likely stolen/dumped) bicycles:

FOUND TODAY: The photo and report are from Tom: “I found a bike on my commute home. It was found at the West side of the Low Bridge in West Seattle around 330-345. Police have been called. The bike is currently being watched at Ounces on Delridge. It is a silver Windsor Wellington 4.0.”

FOUND MONDAY: From L: “A BMX-style bike was found over the embankment near Chief Sealth High School. I guess a decent description or the serial number from someone losing a bike would suffice its return. Please call Liz at 206.604.5618. If no one claims it, then it’ll be donated to a good cause.”

4 DAYS AWAY! West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day on Saturday

May 8, 2018 3:55 pm
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Four days until one huge day of buying, selling, trading, and mingling all over the peninsula – we are proud to again present West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day on Saturday, May 12th. Official sale hours are 9 am-3 pm, but some are starting early and/or ending late, so be sure to browse the map (clickable and printable versions here) to get all the fine points.

We promised some custom lists culled from among the 330 sales. First one – the benefit sales:

#5: 9410 Delridge Way SW – Fresh Flours is raising money for HONK! Fest West
#19: 8403 9th Ave SW – Girl Scouts
#46: 4853 42nd Ave SW – Veterans’ Administration health-care system
#51: 4321 SW Charlestown St – hurricane survivors
#60: 2306 42nd Ave SW – Friends of the Seattle Public Library pop-up shop
#83: 3855 48th Ave SW – Girl Scouts
#94: 4107 42nd Ave SW – Seattle Lutheran HS Girls’ Basketball
#102: 4142 47th Ave SW – Breast cancer
#141: 4918 SW Dakota St – Urban Homestead Foundation
#148: 2645 California Ave SW – Lafayette Elementary PTA
#176: 3003 61st Ave SW – Log House Museum (Southwest Seattle Historical Society)
#177: 3000 California Ave SW – West Seattle High School Senior Night
#229: 9037 35th Ave SW – YAY Children Preschool
#246: 5637 42nd Ave SW – Mount Hood Kiwanis Camp
#249: 5032 41st Ave SW – Take This
#253: 8436 Fauntleroy Way SW – DKG-funded scholarships for women educators
#330: 10404 34th Ave SW – Westside School Parent Association

More to come!

BIKE TO SCHOOL DAY: Genesee Hill Elementary also participating tomorrow

May 8, 2018 3:08 pm
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One more reminder that tomorrow (Wednesday, May 9th) is Bike to School Day, so be extra-careful, especially in the morning, whether you’re driving or riding! Yesterday we featured the plans for Alki Elementary and Louisa Boren STEM K-8. Today, David Cagen shares the plan for West Seattle’s most populous elementary, Genesee Hill, including this map of potential routes that neighborhood groups of riders will be using:

Roll your way to school with family and friends as Genesee Hill celebrates national Bike to School Day tomorrow Wednesday, May 9!

Just a few logistical reminders to help make this event as successful as possible:

· The front parking lot will be closed to all vehicles. The students will be storing their bikes here.
· Handicap spaces will be designated on Dakota near the intersection of 50th Ave SW
· Staff – reminder to use the lower parking lot on all days.

Come join in the festivities and a huge thank you to Mr. Cudney and all the volunteers for helping to coordinate a return of this tradition!

(“B” marks the school entrance.) Though some rain is expected overnight, the forecast for tomorrow morning is currently just “cloudy.”

Up early to celebrate the Senior Center of West Seattle

May 8, 2018 1:25 pm
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(WSB photos)

One week ago today, the Senior Center of West Seattle was honored as Nonprofit of the Year at the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce Westside Awards breakfast. This morning, it was another early day for the Senior Center at its own breakfast event, the annual fundraiser, with ~150 people (added) raising more than $47,700 at the Masonic Center in The Junction.

County Council Chair Joe McDermott, above with Senior Center executive director Lyle Evans, was keynote speaker for the breakfast, themed “Joy is in the Journey.”

One of the joyful moments of the event was a spotlight for Bettie Williams-Watson (above) of Multi-Communities – whose story we told here on WSB just last week. She explained that her small nonprofit relies on the SC’s computers to get a lot of work done! Meantime, the center detailed its 2017 “impact,” including serving more than 4,000 seniors, with more than 50 programs and activities, 7,000+ lunches via the Junction Diner, 2,100+ salads sandwiches, and soups via Margie’s Café, 25,000+ delivered meals, and more. It also provides meaningful community involvement for longtime volunteers like Ross Goldman (below right with brother Peter Goldman, as they invited attendees to be part of a special giving opportunity:

This was the 11th annual breakfast for the Senior Center, with major sponsors including WSB sponsors Quail Park Memory Care of West Seattle and Verity Credit Union. This year’s catering was by Luna Park-headquartered Duos.

P.S. Couldn’t be there but want to help the center (which is at 4217 SW Oregon in The Junction and the home of many community events beyond its own programs and services)? You can give online, here.

DOOR-TO-DOOR ALERT: Local nonprofit warns of fraudulent solicitor

It’s door-to-door-soliciting season, A few notes have arrived in the WSB inbox, and we were making plans for the periodic “here are the city laws” reminder, when this suddenly made things more urgent. From Lily Mabbott with the Boys and Girls Clubs of King County:

We have had a couple people contact our organization because at least one man (there may be more than one) is posing as a door-to-door magazine salesman claiming to collect donations for Boys & Girls Clubs. He is not affiliated with our organization and magazine sales is not a way that we fundraise.

The caller I spoke with lives in the Fairmount Park area, zip code 98126. She described the person as late 20s/early 30s tall black man who was well dressed and has a well-groomed beard, carrying a clipboard.

Now, the rules. First, note that they don’t apply to those seeking charity solicitations – legitimate ones, anyway. Otherwise, from the Seattle Municipal Code:

*Door-to-door (residential) selling is allowed between 8 am-9 pm.

*The entity for whom the seller is working has to have a license, and the seller (agent) must have ID showing the license and the agent’s name: “All licensees and agents shall conspicuously display on their outer clothing their residential sales license or residential sales agent licenses when selling.” If you choose to open the door, ask to see it immediately: “Each residential seller or agent shall, immediately upon contacting the prospective buyer, disclose to the prospective buyer his/her name, company, and the product or service represented.”

*Solicitors are required to honor a “no soliciting” sign if you have one. Whether you do or don’t, they’re also required to honor this part of the code: “If requested to do so, (the agent) shall leave the premises immediately.”

Read the full set of rules by going here.. And note the city says they don’t apply to sellers of “newspapers, or fresh or perishable food items.”

What’s ahead for your West Seattle Tuesday

May 8, 2018 10:17 am
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Thanks to Ted Johnson for yet another reminder that it’s waterfowl-family-crossing season on roads in West Seattle and elsewhere (did you see last weekend’s video?). Now on to the highlights for today/tonight from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

NURSING INFORMATION SESSION: Interested in studying at South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) to become a nurse or nursing assistant? Stop by today’s information session, 11 am-1 pm in Cascade Hall Room 201. (6000 16th SW)

SOFTBALL PLAYOFFS: West Seattle High School plays Nathan Hale HS in a Metro League tournament game, 4 pm at Southwest Athletic Complex. (2801 SW Thistle)

DROP-IN CHESS: Kids and teens are welcome to stop in and play at High Point Library, 4:30-5:30 pm. (35th SW/SW Raymond)

TUESDAY TUNE-UP: Come to Salty’s on Alki (WSB sponsor) 6:30-8:30 pm, enjoy the piano music of Victor Janusz, and Medearis “MD” Dixson on saxophone, and learn about/support SANCA, as explained here. (1936 Harbor SW)

SOUTH DELRIDGE COMMUNITY GROUP: All welcome, all ages, at the monthly SDCG meeting at 2 Fingers Social, 7 pm. (9211 Delridge Way SW)

FAUNTLEROY COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: All welcome at the monthly FCA board meeting, 7 pm at Fauntleroy Schoolhouse. (9131 California SW)

NEW SERIES OF DANCE CLASSES: 7 and 8:15 pm at the Senior Center of West Seattle – learn swing and/or waltz. Call to register, and then start dancing tonight! (4217 SW Oregon)

MICHIGAN RATTLERS: Live free in-store performance at Easy Street Records, 7 pm, all ages. (California/Alaska)

GEEKS WHO DRINK TRIVIA: 7:30 pm at Whisky West (WSB sponsor) – see recaps here. (6451 California SW)

LOOK INTO THE FUTURE – the rest of today, and beyond, via our complete calendar!

West Seattle scene: Why there’s a line outside Hiawatha Community Center

Thanks to Amy for the photo. She explains that the guy in the foreground outside Hiawatha Community Center is her husband, “taking a vacation day from work to wait in line with many other working parents for a chance at a spot in Seattle Parks and Recreation’s after-care program!”

As verified by this post on Seattle Parks‘ blog-format website Parkways, today is indeed the first day to sign up for before- and after-school care offered next year. This one-sheet has specifics, including Hiawatha’s programs at not only the center itself, but also at Genesee Hill and Lafayette Elementaries, as well as the former Schmitz Park Elementary. In our area, Alki, Delridge, and High Point Community Centers have programs too.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday watch; California Way tree trouble

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

6:02 AM: We start this morning’s traffic watch with a photo and report from Al:

That’s a tree blocking California Way downhill from Hamilton Viewpoint Park. Otherwise, no incidents in the area so far.

6:12 AN: Metro has sent an alert that the blockage is likely to cause delays on Water Taxi shuttle Route 775.

7:47 AM: SFD is checking out some kind of fuel spill on the NB Viaduct at Western.

10:45 AM: Went by California Way – still closed.

4:45 PM: Finally got to check back a short time ago, and it has since reopened.